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My wife and I are 36 and 34 and have been partners for over twelve years. She has model sizes (I’ll have to use European measurements here, I’m afraid… ): a size 36, 1m71 and 55 kg and gorgeous curly blonde-brown hair. She looks really good, and regularly gets attention from men, but she always waves it off as if it means nothing. The picture above is from a few years back, but you can see, she’s a little hottie!

Over the years I noticed I often looked up the same type of porn. Only after a while I noticed the same keywords coming back like ‘cuckold’ and ‘hotwife’ and decided to do some research on them. After gathering more information, I knew these ‘labels’ fit my fantasies. I had cuckold fantasies.

She wasn’t horny very often, so only three years back, I carefully inquired her feelings about the mere possibility of her having sex with another man? She seemed rather appalled by the idea, and probably also distrusted it as an excuse for me to have sex with other women. It has to be said, our relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes there seemed more ‘downs’ than ‘ups’ in our relationship.

Nothing happened, and the topic moved to the background. Sometimes I raised the topic again, but more often in vein, merely to spice up our sex for my own benefit. She never reacted to it, and just let me have my little fantasy if it made me happy. She made it clear before: it wasn’t her thing and it wasn’t going to happen.

After a while she got fed up with contraception and wanted to stop with the pill. I didn’t want to get sterilised. She got a small Gynefix-spiral as contraception, and it turned out to be a gamechanger in the bedroom: her libido was clearly higher than before. Her hormonal profile totally changed. Occasionally I popped my question again, and only last November 2017, I got a surprising answer, “But how do you see that working? Which rules or boundaries do we play by if I go on a date?” A bit overtaken - while I was taking her doggy style - I mumbled: “well, not a common acquaintance of both of us, eh”

“Just write out the rules in an email,” she said as she terminated the conversation. I blew my load fast, merely because she finally seemed to consider the idea to finally have sex with someone else.

Two days later, I wrote this email:

“Subject: Dates

Rules for the first time(s)

- you alone

- not with a common acquaintance

- not in the house

- safe

Of course you don’t have to do anything where you don’t feel comfortable by, or unsafe!

love, Greg ”

While the days passed by, I wondered who was the lucky guy? One day, she laid down her cell phone on the kitchen counter, while taking care of the kids, and I noticed a text message of a guy named John on her screen.

I couldn’t recall a colleague of her by that name, and got curious. Later that night I got up, because I knew her gmail-account was on the tablet, and I searched for ‘John’. An email wishing her a Valentine with a card, from. February 2017. Suddenly my stomach twisted. surely I couldn’t have been so blind not to see it if my wife was having an affair?

It was sent from his work-account to hers, and she later forwarded it to her private email. On the one hand I tried to convince myself it was probably nothing, on the other hand I couldn’t help wondering why she found it necessary to forward it to her private email and not just delete it, if it meant nothing?

Two other emails also popped up to an email account with a funny name, but with nickname ‘john’. One said nothing special, but in the other one, she sent a pic of herself in her bikini, showing off her long sexy legs, while we were on holiday in Austria! With a subtext, ‘Can only send pics from my phone with my gmail, but if you reply, reply to my DT-account."

God damn, now I got really suspicious! I tried to rewind the film of the past months, and she had been really busy on her phone while we were on holidays! DT were initials, but I couldn’t retrieve the full name. She had a secret email account, I knew nothing about. To send sexy pictures to a guy, I didn’t know about.

I said nothing for days, but couldn’t sleep at all. On the one hand, I always fantasized about my wife making love to another man, but on the other hand, I didn’t want her to fall in love with another guy. I wanted her to have just ‘raw’ sex, not candles by moonlight. I felt threatened and didn’t know what to make of it.

A few days later I decided to confront her with it. She first denied the whole thing, but when I got to the DT-account, she admitted something was going on. First she waived it off as some innocent flirting and after a while she described it as an infatuation, she had feelings for a colleague though she said she didn’t know what to make of her feelings for him.

Admittedly, our relationship had known difficult and bad moments the past few months, and another guy making courtship, had led her into temptation, although she assured me nothing physical had happened yet.

But obviously she was preparing for the next step, hence the inquiry about the ‘dating rules’ ...

On the other hand, I felt guilty, since a few years ago, I also fell in love with a girl from theatre school, and I did - once - let it become physical.

After several deep and long conversations, we both more or less came to the conclusion that in long term relationships, after a few years, it’s not unusual to develop feelings for someone else. Question is what you do with them: suppress them in a choice for your partner, or explore them?

I told her, she could explore hers, if she could assure me, I would remain “number 1” for her, since I felt a bit threatened by the fact she was gonna take it a step further with a man for whom she also had strong feelings.

In December, they both took a day off from work, to have their first ‘real date’. I was at work that day, and luckily it was busy, so I got enough distraction. But honestly, when I looked at the clock, I didn’t wonder if they were holding hands, I was hoping she was getting fucked real good.

When I got home that evening, our eyes met, she smiled as if she had done something naughty, and I smiled because I knew she had! And I loved it! We had to wait until the children were off to bed, but afterwards we cuddled up in the sofa. She told me she had a good time, but it also felt right to come back home to me now. She had thought about both of her men during the day.

We kissed and caressed each other, while removing each other’s clothes. When our bodies were naked and entangled, and she was slowly stroking my cock, she told me how they went to a hotel room in the afternoon:

“John took my hand and pulled me towards the bed. As we sat on the edge, we started kissing more passionately. His hands moved under my top, and I felt up his skin under his shirt. We kicked off our shoes, and he started to unbutton my trousers. He took advantage of the extra space around my waist, to slip his hands down my jeans, underneath my string and squeeze my bare cheeks. I started to unbutton his shirt, and he pulled my top over my head. He pulled off my jeans and pushed me down on the bed. As he crawled over me, I unbuttoned his jeans, and slid my hand down to feel the bulge in his boxers. As he worked off the rest of my lingerie, he started going down on me, sucking on my nipples and making his way to my moist clit. He started licking me and worked in two fingers at the same time. It felt real good, I was gasping heavily and near coming. I removed his jeans and boxers, and saw his cock for the first time. It was shorter than yours, but much thicker. I blew him for a while, and then put on a condom. When he slid it into my pussy, I moaned. I liked how his thick cock stretched my pussy. He started pounding, and every now and then, we switched positions. Once with my head off the side of the bed. Once with my knees on the bed and my hands against the wall, while he was taking me from behind, I came several times, before he finally shot his load.”

While she continued to tell her story, I slid inside her and we started fucking. I got really aroused from my lifetime fantasy finally becoming reality, and it didn’t take long before we both came. While we cuddled, I asked her if she liked the idea of being a hotwife, and she nodded.

One week before Christmas, they had another date. This time it wasn’t a romantic walk in the fields, but a little city trip just over the German border. She dressed up real hot with her knee-high boots, stockings and a miniskirt. I’m sure she got a lot of looks on her city trip! In the afternoon, they rented another hotel room.

I thought that was it for 2017, but only later in January, I learned they also had a quickie during lunch in the bathroom of University. I was frustrated, because she had never done such things with me and we had a fight about it. But on the other hand, I couldn’t help getting aroused by the idea she was so horny she let him fuck her in the restroom. I jerked off to it, like a good cuck. Later she told me they got naked and put their clothes on the toilet seat. She was bent over, with her hands on the sink, so they could see each others faces while she was taken from behind. That picture made me so horny, I made her promise me, never to withhold another story from me again.

The picture below is of my wife getting fucked by her bull & lover.

Let my wife know if you liked the story:


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