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Finally someone Came on my Girlfriend's Face!

My Girlfriend Naked as she likes Flirting at Work

By: Imperfect G


My girlfriend took the plunge finally. Been getting off to it for two years (my idea) and finally found a guy she's really attracted to. They went to the gym together and were flirting lightly, touching each other every so often.

She saw his dick print through his shorts and she said she couldn't stop staring and that he probably noticed. We didn't plan on her doing anything the first day but he invited her to come back to his apartment after the gym. She texted me telling me she was in his room and this was the last chance I had to tell her if I didn't want it, I told her I wanted her to then she told me not to text anymore until she was done.

She was at his place for an hour and a half when I got a snap from her. It was a selfie with cum all over her face. I couldn't believe it and I got so hard thinking about what a cuck I now was. When she came back she told me about it, how she kissed him so passionately and he had his hands all over her. The guy is much bigger than me in every sense which contributes to the humiliation because I feel like less of a man when she tells me how small and feminine she feels looking up at him.

She's said she's become more attracted to the stereotypical bull like a tall, really built guy with big hands and arms. I feel like she's always liked that but since it's the opposite of me she never admitted it. I also feel like that's the kind of man she wants to use her because she definitely sees me as a cuck and not as dominant as before and I know she wants a strong man to pick her up and use her while I watch.

Unfortunately she was on her period so she couldn't fuck him but she really wanted to. She sucked his dick for a long time which was hot because she doesn't really enjoy giving me head all that much or at least doesn't care to put much effort in which I don't mind because I feel inferior to her anyway. He fucked her face and made her get on her knees while she touched herself through her shorts. She opened her mouth and let him shoot his cum all on her face and into her mouth.

She said his cum genuinely tasted good and she was surprised cos she hates my cum and always spits it out. I always say I prefer the truth than her exaggerating so I know that's a fact, along with that being her favourite time giving head to someone. I'm her first everything so go figure lol. She said, "I've never worked so hard for it."

Overall I enjoyed it, especially how easily she did it without a second thought. We also mentioned on how it didn't really sink in like it was meant to happen. I did mention wanting to do something similar with another girl solo (me not her) but she said she's not ready for that and said she could put her stuff on hold if I felt it was unfair. So far, I feel like I'm addicted.

Imperfect G

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