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Hey, wife and I have been married for 10 years, we are both in our 30s. She is so fucking sexy, I mean after 10 years when I see her panties, those cute tight panties anchors her tight hips and nice supple ass.....I still get hard, instantly. We have been in and out of the life, started with some girl girl, foursome soft soft, more ffm threesomes, and one full swap.

Now even though this was a fantasy for some time the idea took some getting used to, watching my wife get fucked. Her long hair, beautiful body and face, tittles and ass all with a little cute outfit that showed her right body. Her pussy Is THE best, I mean it is still so fucking tight she makes me cum in about 2 minutes most of the time.

Watching her fuck another guy for the first time was so hot, watching him hung his big cock hang over her, rock hard as he lifted her little panties off her hips and down her ankles. Her long tight, tanned body writing with anticipation, and the naughty look she gave me when that thick 9 inch cock split through her pussy, omg.

He slowly put all Of his cock in her hungry, wet pussy and wow did she love it. Her face contorted with pleasure as he fucked her first slowly, then to a rhythm and finally with her legs spread wide open. He fucked her so good, way better and much longer than I could last and she was talking dirty the whole time.

She was telling me how much she wanted that big cock and how much better it would be, she told me about all those girls she had let me fuck that it was her turn. I’ve learned to stay hard throughout, I wouldn’t dare cum before she was done and what is the fun in that? She kept talking about how she was ready for the others, they were going to go one after the other, leaving her pussy stretched and pussy a mess with cum. The other 2 guys couldn’t wait, they came over to her face and she started jacking them off like a fucking expert.

Sucking these big cocks, and getting fucked was making me so hard I couldn’t stand it. Luckily she inserted her boulbous butt plug into my right little ass, it was the only relief I had as I watched my wife be fucked She made me show her my butt plug, turn around and show her so she could see....they all chuckled, she thought it was so funny. I was embarrassed but I didn’t care, it felt good as my right little ass squeezed around the smallest end, the end that hid the big part we had worked in.

As one guy finished, the other guys flipped her over and started fucking her and feeding her cock. She looked so fucking hot, her tight ass up in the air being pounded by a huge cock, way bigger than mine. I asked her if she liked it but all I could hear was a muffled sound coming from around the big cock in her mouth. The cock in her pussy took long, deliberate strokes as she rocked back stretching her pussy to the max.

The big man in her mouth took his big fat cock out just as she was slightly wondering and making the sexiest sounds. As her lover fucking her got under her and started to ride, he was lubing up his big cock. Now, she loves a finger in her ass when she’s about to cum or the occasional anal but a DP?

We had discussed it but more of a fantasy, I honestly didn’t think her right holes could handle it but he was able to slide his big lubed cock in her ass as he grabbed her small hips and sunk in balls deep. She fucking loved it. She was cussing, and telling them to fuck her, she told them to fuck her like I couldn’t.

I could tell she was about to have one of those earth shattering orgasms that she has, the skin between her ass and pussy stretched to its limit when the first guy who had fucked her came around and fed her his massive cock, it was so wide it could barely fit in her mouth. She looked at me, DP’d, cock in her mouth that naughty little look. She knew I was rock hard, she knew the plug was making me squirm, which it was when she motioned me over.

We had talked about how hot it would be for me to be close while she was being fucked, maybe have her lay on me or hold her hand while her pussy was taken by another stud. But she made me come over and get the full view. She wanted me to take pictures and like a good cuck and I did. I took pics close to her pussy stretched with cum dripping out and down her legs. I took pics of her right ass gaped as he took it out only to shove it back in. I took pics of her being fucked this way and that, airtight and split roast like a good little slut.

The guy in front with the fat cock exploded into her mouth, she gaged but took all his cum as some dropped on her lip. I picked up her panties, wet with her own juices and shoved them into her mouth, she loves that. She came a second time tasting her own juices, so fucking hot. Just as she was cumming the two guys dutifully fucking her right ass and pussy both came, shooting loads of cum into her ass and pussy. Om fucking god, seeing her take those loads coming off of an orgasm made pre cum drip from my hard cock, now in full blue balls.

First her ass then her pussy was free, she looked at me with a look of pure bliss. I was so happy for her and also proud, she drained 3 huge cocks in all holes for a good 40 minutes. The guys were wiping their now sagging cocks and giving her little thank you kisses, her tanned body splayed out, I wanted every picture of her stretched holes I could.

She looked at me impatiently with a quick eye that reminded me to clean her up. I came back with a small rag and she looked at me and said “now you aren’t going to wipe mamma you’re going to lick me clean you bad little boy.” I looked slightly terrified most likely but she wasn’t having it.

She sat up on the bed and like a good boy I lapped up her pussy, swollen with her own essence with lots and lots of cum. It tasted salty, but she reminded me what I was here for, and if I was lucky I’d get to cum too, and maybe even fuck her. I finished her pussy and then her ass, making sure to clean up my food little hot wife to her satisfaction. Lastly I missed her, making sure to get all the cum from her lips, it was humiliating but exhilarating.

They had taken pics of me cleaning up their cum, and I hate to say it but they are hot. Listening to my good hot wife and helping her clean after being fucked so hard is my pleasure. I pleaded with her to please please please fuck her pussy, she knows I love to fuck her creampied pussy, sloppy seconds or thirds, so warm and stretched.

As usual I was about to come but she made me pull out! She made me cum in my hand, and she told me if I didn’t she would humiliate me even more next time. So like a good cuck I did, As I came finally she slid her hand under and pushed hard on the plug, this sent my bony into spasms.

I helped her get her panties and made sure she was comfortable, she said she was going to take a nap and that I could only after I had thanked my guests and cleaned up the area. I thanked them all, thanked them All for Fucking my beautiful hot wife and saw them out.

Hey if you liked it let us know! We have more too. We wanted to post some pics, and they are amazing but we’re able too. Feel free to Email us, tell us if you’re a horny girl, guy or couple and we will Make sure you are happy. We love to hear about how hot she is and what you would do to her, so let us know! :)

Me and Her - rbc407@yahoo.com

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