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I asked my Wife to check out his Dick!

My Girlfriend Naked as she likes Flirting at Work

By: Max & Molly


I worked as medic and my colleague and I became good friends due to the odd hours we worked, sometimes after a shift we would have a couple of beers at my place.

My wife (Fiancee at the time) Molly is pretty and gets looks a lot. Bob was slightly taller than me and he was skinner, the biggest difference between us was he had a much larger penis, the only reason I knew this is because at one work function, all the drunk medics where chatting and Bob got into a heated debate with another colleague about his size, the colleague asked him to prove it and he pulled it out.

We had a long shift one day and I asked Bob if he wanted to come over for beers, we finished really late and it was around 8:00pm.

Molly would wear PJs with people she was comfortable around especially that late at night, we got to my house and started having a few beers, Molly was having wine, and general conversation, and I'm not sure what changed the conversation but we ended up talking about sex.

As we were talking I noticed Bob had a boner and it was clearly visible through his uniform, and with out even thinking I told Molly to look at the size of his penis, she looked at the bulge and said, "I thought that was just his hands in his pocket."

Bob took his hands out and the buldge was still there, we carried on chatting for awhile and I noticed my wife couldn't stop staring at the bulge. Bob went inside to fetch us some more beer and wine. I spoke to Molly and asked her if she liked what she saw, she nervously looked at me and said no.

I told her she could be honest with me and I really didn't mind her looking. I stuck my hand down her PJ pants and under her G-string and felt that she was super wet, she whispered in my ear, "Does that answer your question?"

I just gave her a big kiss and said yes. Bob came back out and asked what we were talking about, I said to him, Molly would really like to see your dick. They both looked at me shocked, and Bob being Bob just uzipped his zipper and pulled out his dick.

My wife couldn't believe what she was looking at, while staring at Bob's fully erect dick she said to me 'that thing is huge'.

I whispered to her, "Take a closer look if you would like."

She hesitated but with a little more encouraging she went down on her knees and took a closer look. When she got close enough I told her to touch it, she told me 'no that's going too far', I said 'baby I know you want to, just touch it.'

She grabbed his dick and held it just staring, I asked her if she liked what she was seeing and she said yes, I pulled my dick out and stood next to Bob. She grabbed mine with her other hand.

I told her to look even closer. She moved forward so her lips where really close to the head of his penis, I knew she wanted to and she gave me one final look and I gave her a wink. That's all she needed. She opened her mouth and slowly slid Bob's penis into her mouth. She was still holding onto mine but I think she was too focused on Bob's big penis to do anything other than hold it.

After few minutes of this Bob lifted my wife up and tried to put his hand down her pants. She stopped him and said she would like to shower first, we both looked at each other and couldn't understand why this was so urgent, Molly went in and starting showering, I went in to ask if everything was OK.

Molly didn't like having a bit of hair and because it was winter and we been in a relationship so long sometimes she would let her hair to grow, but now that Bob was involved she felt uncomfortable and wanted to shave.

I went out to Bob and made a joke and she is just getting ready for you.

We chatted a bit my wife always felt insecure about her pussy and I was explaining this to Bob.

Molly came out again this time just in her G-string, Bob said well let's see what all the fuss was about, my jaw dropped as her G-string went down and her bare pussy was on display. Bob gave her some compliments and moved forward, his hands started to move to her boobs and then worked their way down.

He started to finger her and she was so wet you could hear it. Next thing I knew she was bent over and Bob was beside her. I took my spot in front of her and she put my dick in her mouth. Bob slowly started to slide into her pussy and she gave out a gasp.

As he started pumping his huge dick in and out, she didn't really focus on me any more, my dick slipped out of her and she didn't even attempt to put it back in. I put it back in a few times but it kept slipping out.

Bob started pounding harder and harder, Molly had both her hands on my legs using me as a support. He slapped her ass hard a few times and she would let out a moan.

After awhile we swapped places. I tried to get my dick in but I was struggling, eventually I gave up and my wife laid down on the bed, to which I went in missionary.

Bob went to the front and stuck his dick in her mouth again. She was more focused on this huge dick and seeing her suck him off like that made me cum so quick. I filled her up with my cum and couldn't keep going.

I stood up and not long after Bob was in, he was fucking her so hard, she kept saying harder, I stood there watching him fuck her, her tits were bouncing and she kept moaning, eventually his body stiffened and he came deep inside her.

She said don't stop keep going, he did and they kept fucking for awhile, while I stood there and watched the pleasure she was getting. Eventually he pulled out and she laid there with her legs spread and cum oozing out. I sat next to her and started playing with her clit, she started moaning and with one final twitch she came.

We spoke about it afterwards and she told me that she came twice with Bob in her. She also told me how much she loved him stretching her out. We did try do it again but not sure if he was uncomfortable afterwards about it because of our friendship. These 2 pictures are from the 2nd time.

Max & Molly

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