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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 30, 2008


    How She Got Me Hooked

    I found this site by accident and I'm glad I did. I've always been turned on by the thought, first, and than the actual watching of my girlfriend/wife getting fucked.
    It started innocently enough after we met and started dating.

    It was a blind date and we had a great time and ended up at my house drunk and started taking about how many people we had slept with. I told her about 10 different girls and she asks me if 25 guys is alot. I thought she was joking and laughed. We ended up fucking that night and it was awesome. She sucked my cock great and I licked her shaved pussy. After we fucked I asked if she really had fucked that many guys and she told me she thought it was around that many and started counting them by name.

    I found myself getting really turned on so I would ask if he was a good fuck and she would tell me all about him, how big his cock was or wasn't if he was a great kisser, how good looking he was and so on. I couldn't quit asking her questions about the different guys and pretty soon she asks if it was making me horny talking about all the guys she has fucked as she reaches over and starts stroking my already hard cock. I told her I couldn't believe it but I was so fucking turned on that I wanted to hear all about it. We started making out and she starts asking me if I like that she gets fucked alot, telling me that she can't get enough cock and so on.

    I start fucking her and while I'm pounding her pussy I asked her who was the best fuck she ever had and she told me about Gary who was her boyfriend's brother. She had just broke up with this boyfriend right before I met her so this was very recent. I asked her to tell me about it and she told me that while her boyfriend was at school his brother stopped by their apartment and they got high together and she got super horny and started flirting with him and before long they are making out and she tells me that when she reached down to rub his cock she couldn't believe how big his cock was. I about came when she told me this and told her she was a little slut and said, tell me how big his cock was, she told me he was the biggest cock she had ever seen and couldn't wait to have him fuck her.

    This is her boyfriend's brother! Did he fuck you could I asked and she told me she came 3 times before he came in her... I heard that and I had the best orgasm ever. After that she would tell me about different guys when we fucked and I was becoming addicted to her stories. One night after we got high she told me she had a real hot story for me but hoped I wouldn't get mad. I said why would I get mad, you've been telling me about all these guys that you fucked and I love hearing it. She tells me about the night that her boyfriend, the same one, was working the late shift at the bar and she had gone over to his brother's house, the same brother, to watch movies with him and his girlfriend, who never knew he fucked her. I need to tell you that these brothers played college football at this time.

    So she goes over and when she gets there one of the brother's friends and teammate happened to be there also. They sat around smoking pot and drinking beers and then settled in to watch the movie. The past fuck and his girlfriend are laying on the floor in front of the TV and she and this friend are on the couch behind them. It is dark except for the Tv screen light and they start the movie. She starts getting horny from the pot so she grabs a throw blanket and puts it over her and the friend. She told me that she looks at the guy with her come fuck me look, licks her lips and smiles. He smiles back as her hand starts rubbing his bulge and they keep watching the movie as not to draw attention to themselves. She is telling me how big and thick his cock his and about how he had his hand down her shorts and was slowly fingering her.

    After the movie ended he said he had to get going and she said she had to leave also, so they say goodbye to the hosts and leave at the same time. At this point I'm between her legs eating her pussy like I was starving to death. She continued with her story telling me that they went right to his dorm room and as soon as the door closed they were all over each other. I asked her to tell me what he looked like, tell me everything baby. She tells me what a great kisser he was, nice soft lips, great muscular chest, big arms and the biggest "BLACK" cock with big low hanging balls. I look up at her and say, he was BLACK, ya he was black. Does that make you mad that I had a big black cock in my mouth, in my pussy? Do you think that makes me slutty?

    I climbed right on top of her and started kissing her so passionitley and deep thinking about how this small white chick had taken this huge black cock and now I'm fucking the same pussy and how it turned me on more than I could imagine. Tell me how he fucked you baby, did his cock feel good? She told me how she sucked his cock first and how big and hard it got and then she told me how he bent her over his bed and teased her pussy lips with the head of his before sliding his big black cock inside her and she told me how she reached under to play with his big balls everytime he plunged deep inside her, she told me about him telling her that she was now a black cockwhore and that he was going to shoot his black seed as deep as he could. Just as she told me about his last thrust inside her before he came I pulled out and dropped a huge load of cum all over her belly.

    As we layed there exhausted she looked at me and said " that really turns you on doesnt it"? Fuck ya it does, I said. We then started going out and checking out guys and she would tell me which ones she would fuck and which ones she thought were hung. We would go home and fuck and dirty talk about the guys we saw that night.

    Pretty soon the conversation about if she would really like to fuck these guys came up and she said if I wanted her to that she would but she really liked me and didn't want it to ruin what we had. We hatched a plan to finally try at least some flirting with a guy we knew that she found very hot. We invited him over for some beers and on purpose didn't have enough beer in the house. After some beers and pot smoking she started flirting with him when I wasn't in the room to see how he would react to the situation, which was just like a guy, and he was very interested. We run out of beer and she says lets go to the store and get some guys. I said I would stay home and you 2 go.

    The store is about 5 minutes away so we figure she had about 10-15 minutes to make something happen. They got back in about 15 minutes and she met me in the kitchen with the beer and smiled at me and gave me a wink. She told me she had a nice story for me tonight. The rest of the night she kept flirting with him in front of me and we would meet in the kitchen and kiss and touch each other but she wouldn't tell me what happened. Anyway, he leaves we and we start making out and I need to know what happened. She told me that as soon as they left they started kissing right by the door and she grabbed his crotch and told him they only have a few minutes for her to suck his cock so they better get going.

    She told me about sucking him as he drove to the store and that he came before they got there. He was saying how he would love to fuck her and I asked what she said and she told him they would definitly fuck soon but not tonight. I kissed her deep and she asked if it turned me on to be kissing her after he had cum in her mouth and all I could do was moan. I asked if she really wanted to fuck him and she said she would love to fuck him, he had such a nice cock and his cum tasted so good baby. Would you let me fuck him, please, I really need his cock in my pussy. I said yes, I finally said it out loud, I want you to fuck another guy and then tell me about how great he pounded your pussy and how he fucked you in the ass, I want to hear everything baby. I want to eat your pussy after he cums inside you and I want to fuck your used pussy.

    She called this friend a few days later and arranged to meet him and told him that I could never know about them and he said cool. She dressed in a short skirt and tight blouse and came over to my house before meeting him. She looked so hot and slutty that I wanted her right then but she said no, you need to wait your turn and smiled at me. She told me they were meeting at a bar that we never went to so nobody would see them and she would call me during the evening to let me know how it was going. My cock hurt it was so hard as she kissed me and walked out the door. She called about 2 hours later and was tipsy and asked how I was doing. I told her I thought about jacking off but wanted to wait to fuck her real good when she got home. She told me that they got a booth and how he had been playing with her pussy and she really wanted to suck his cock right in the bar, but thought that wasn't a good idea. She asked if I was still cool with this and I asked what she wanted to do and she said that I'd know when she got home, laughed and hung up.

    She got home about 1 am and gave me a big hug and told me she had a surprise for me. I followed her to the bedroom with my heart pounding. She took off off her skirt and blouse and told me to get on the bed, it was story time. I layed down and she crawled on top of my and straddled my face. Her pantied were soaked and she lowered her pussy down to my mouth and I sucked the juice from her like a starving man. She asked if it tasted good and I said she she always tasted good. she asked if it tasted alitle different tonight, can you taste his cum baby. I fucked him right in the parking lot of the bar baby, he came in me about 20 minutes ago, can you taste him cum baby. I couldn't even talk I was so busy sucking her panties and pinching her hard nipples.

    She told me that some guy saw them fucking in the car and that he watched for awhile and that she like him watching and how she wanted to have him fuck her also. She asked if I thought she was a bad girl, do you think I'm a bad girl cuz I love to get fucked by other guys, that I crave having other men fuck my tight pussy. I slid her panties to the side and licked and sucked all his cum from her used pussy. I loved it and I was hooked on it.

    I have many more stories but need to tell them later. We also started going to male strip clubs and she would get table dances while I sat there and many guys let her suck their cock right at the table, that was fun because I could finally see her with another guy. - Len


    Monday, October 27, 2008


    Recent Cuckold

    Below is my story;

    I have recently been part of a cuckold situation for the first time. I've been seeing my girlfriend, jenny, for about 2 years, we both go to different uni's so we don’t get to see each other very often but we have a good relationship, well I thought we did. About this time last year I went down to stay with her because her and her friends were having a party. The day started off well and she seemed really happy to see me, we spent most of the day doing some shopping in town and I had a really good time. The trouble didn’t start till later that night at the party. I don’t really know any of her friends so I didn’t have many people to talk to. At first she stayed with me and was introducing me to people so that I wouldn’t be so alone. I noticed all the while that she kept looking at this one guy who was about 6'2' and black and who she introduced me to as Darren. When she was talking to him she seemed to have a strange look in her eye that ive not seen before. Anyway I thought nothing of it and said hello and we moved on.

    As the night went on she spent less time with me and more time with her mates, and it was when I was sitting by myself that I noticed she was talking to Darren. She kept on giggling touching his arm, this worried me a little as she had always talked about being curious about black men but I thought she was just trying to turn me on. I was about to get up and go and sneak her away when one of her friend ran over and started to chat to me. I started to talk back to her as I noticed jenny walking out with Darren, she glanced over quickly as if to see if I noticed and then left the room. I was trying to get away from her friends conversation without being rude but she just kept on talking and asking questions and didn’t really give me the chance to leave. Eventually after about 20 minutes I made up an excuse about having to go to the bathroom and finally got away.

    I searched in the kitchen for jenny but she was no where to be seen so I thought maybe she had got tired (she'd has a lot to drink) and gone to bed so I made my way to her bedroom. What I saw next shocked me like never before, I opened the door and to my horror I found jenny bent over the back of a chair totally naked taking Darren’s huge cock from behind. She looked up startled and shouted at me to close the door. I quickly slammed it worried someone would see what was going on. I thought she would be ashamed and embarrassed but she looked almost angry at me for breaking it up. She told me that unless I wanted everyone to find out that she had to fuck someone else to be sexually satisfied that I would keep my mouth shut. I didn’t know what to say so I just agreed and said I wouldn’t say anything. Next she said that if I was ever going to get to put my cock in her sweet pussy again I would have to watch how a real man works. She started to move off the chair, slowly sliding Darren’s dick out of her pussy. I was amazed at the size of it when it was fully out; he had to be at least 8 inches long.

    She turned the chair around and told me to sit down, I did as she said whilst she went to her wardrobe from which she took out some scarves. She handed them to Darren and told him to tie me to the chair by my wrists and my ankles. I was a bit worried about what she was planning but more worried that people would think i was a loser for not keeping her happy. Darren was very strong and he managed to really tie those knots tight, i tried to move my wrists but i couldn’t. Darren stepped back and she looked at me with a smile, Take off his trousers and pull down his pants she said. I was horrified but before I know it Darren had undone my belt and removed my trousers and my boxers. I felt so embarrassed especially when I saw how my own cock compared to his. She laughed and grabbed my pecker and balls in one hand, now your going to watch me get what I need, a nice big cock.

    She squeezed my cock and then let go as she led Darren by his huge cock to the bed. She lay down with her arse raised in the air and started at me. Fuck me she screamed, and I watched the look in her eyes as he slowly eased his thick cock into her pussy, her eyes bulging with the initial entry. He then slowly pushed more and more in and began to pump away at her. He wasn’t even going fast but each stroke seemed to send a shiver of ecstasy down jenny’s spine. It was only a matter of minutes before she was screaming and begging him for more. I was so caught up in what was going on I hadn’t even realized that he hadn’t put on a condom. He began to slow his trusts so that each one went in right to the base of his cock, the look on jenny’s face and the sounds she made were immense. He finally released a huge load into her pussy and as he pulled out you could see it beginning to drip from her. She looked up at me, exhausted, and said that until I was able to do that to her she was going to fuck a different black guy each week whilst I watched and learnt. It’s been a long time now and many different guys but she’s still not let me have sex with her, but who can blame her when’s she’s getting fucked like that!

    S -


    Friday, October 24, 2008


    Still Stunned

    This happened quickly and I am still stunned.

    Just 2 weeks ago while fucking my wife in a heated moment I blurted out the words "I'd love to see a black guy fuck you!" and she was shocked. But, I KNEW deep down, that she loved hearing that from me. She started fucking me slow and very sexy. I mean, the best in 15 years. I knew she was showing me what she'd do to a black lover.

    To make things short. We found a guy online and hitched up 2 nights ago. He was a black 28yo with a VERY thick 10" cock that was a site to behold. I showed the pic to my wife and her knees went weak. Got a luxury hotel room with a king sized bed. Wife dressed up in sheer black negligee, black crotchless panties, stockings and pumps. Made herself up into the hottest thing I've seen actually. Why didn't she do that for me? Hmmm.

    We waited in our room. He called us on his cell and we told him our room number. The door knock came within minutes and my wife was worked up. He came through the door wearing silk t-shirt and silk sweat pants. He must have been about 6'3" and running back type build. My wife was eyeing him over and so was he. I put in a porn movie of interacial stuff. Set the mood. Within 2 minutes my wife called him over to the edge of the bed. She sat on the edge and pulled his pants. down. I just watched. He had on red bikini briefs and the bulge was immense. He was half hard. I offered him a 50MG Viagra for an "extra fun time" and he ate it up. My wife felt his cock through the briefs and looked over at me "YOU OK WITH THIS HONEY?" "Sure....go ahead and let loose on him honey!"

    Then it began. She pulled out this black cock that was immense. I am talking Lex Steele type cock. She wondered if it would hurt but, he assured her he would have her taking it all. Man, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I was rock hard watching my gorgeous 40 yo wife hungrily slurp on this guys cock. She then stood up and they began to kiss. I never figured on that but, watching them kiss was more of a turn on than watching her suck his cock. So hot! They both lied down on the bed sheets and he went down on her. She looked so hot in her lingerie! Writhing. Moaning, Wiggling her ass around. It took all of about 10 minutes and she said she wanted to cum with him inside her. So, he slowly climbed between her legs and was soon over her. His arms were bulging with veined muscles. My wife held onto his arms as he inserted the head of his condom clad cock into her. I had to stand at the bedside by her head so I could look down at this. I didn't want to miss it. And man oh man was it hot. Better than the fantasy. She started to cum when he was only half way into her. "I love those crotchless panties baby" he said. She just moaned "keep it coming!" as he slowly put in his last half of black pipe. It was beyond hot.

    She was taking fully and fucking him back like a porn star. She was grabbing his ass and pulling him into her deeper. "You like that honey?" I said. "Yes! I want him to cum in me!" I said to go for it and he puled out of her and pulled the Magnum condom off. He put it back into her and told her she was going to get a weeks worth of a load. This drove her crazy and I was stroking my cock hopng I wouldn't cum just yet but, man, I was ooozing already. She grabbed his ass, kissed him and he started to grunt and spurt his load into my gorgeous wife. She was cumming at the same time too. Unreal. I got down to the bottom of the bed and could see cum all over the ass bottom. The panties were now all cum covered around there. The hottest thing I've ever seen actually.

    Things continued to the point that we both did her together. I had no intention but, my wife was on top of him riding him and asked if I'd like her ass. I had NEVER been able to get into her ass in 15 years! I climbed up and my balls were touching his cock buried in my wife. I could feel his huge cock on my cock's underside and it was too much. My wife was fucking both of us like a total madwoman now. I mean, I never saw such a change! She was a true porn star now. I came in her ass within minutes. I pulled out and saw my cum on his cock. He continued to fuck her. All told. He emptied his load into her 5 times that night. Remember, he is 28. Viagra helped and he loved it.

    My only regret is not beng able to tape it. My wife wouldn't let me even bring a camera. Now? She told me she wished she did. She'd love to see it. We are in the process of another get together with "Guy" and will film this one.

    This was absolutely the best sex I have ever seen, much less participated in. WOW!


    Sunday, October 19, 2008


    Married 14 Years

    My wife Donna and I (I'm Lance) had been married fourteen years. You could only describe her as hot. Great legs, and a perfect ass (see the pictures). Her best features though are her tits. After fourteen years I still get an instant erection every time I see her naked.

    We had settled into a pretty routine sex life, 3 or 4 times a week. We did all of the standard things that couples do to keep it interesting. We had sex on our secluded front porch. I had even talked her into going out in public and doing a little flashing. We both got extremely turned on after these times. Once I convinced her to give me a handjob at the local pub while she was letting half her tits hang out. We came home to wild sex that night.

    She kept trying to get me to eat her out after we had sex, but I couldn't do it. I had the best of intentions, but as soon as I shot my load, the best of intentions went away. That was soon to change.

    We had a friend staying at our house for a while. One thing about Donna is she loses her inhibitions when she has had a few drinks. We went to go swimming in the afternoon. To my surprise she put on a skimpy bikini. It left nothing to the imagination once it got wet. Our friend John seemed to really like it. I had an instant boner the first time she got out of the pool in it. You could clearly see her nipples and they were nice and hard, from the cold water I am sure.

    After we were done with our swim we went inside to chat for awhile. Everyone changed out of their wet things. Donna came out of the bedroom in a short blue satin robe. She got us all drinks. I noticed as she bent over to give John his beer he almost swallowed his tongue. When she gave me mine I figured out why. As she bent over I had a perfect view of her tits. After we all had our drinks she sat on the couch next to me. I noticed John kept staring between her legs. I also noticed he was getting a sizeable tent in his shorts.back

    I excused myself to walk around the other side of the room to get a glimpse of what John was staring at and did I get an eyeful. Donna was sitting there with her legs slightly spread, giving me a clear view of her bald pussy. The three of us continued drinking, with Donna "accidentally" letting her robe slip open from time to time. Of course every time it opened she gave John a perfect view of her naked body. I thought I would be jealous, but instead I was just horny. I didn't know how far she planned on taking this, but I didn't really care, I was up, literally, for anything by now.

    I was a little disappointed when Donna announced she was tired and was going to bed early. As she stood up her robe opened again, so she took it off right in front of John and I as she walked towards the bedroom. John mumbled something about wanting a piece of that as she walked away, giving us a view of that perfect ass. I told him I was going to get a piece of it.

    I was shedding my clothes as I walked into the bedroom. When I got there I dived between her legs and started lapping at her cunt like it was my last meal. After a few minutes she had one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen her have. I got a mouthful of juice. Talk about finger lickin good!! I gave her a minute to come back down, thinking I was about to get laid. Instead she announced she was hot and was going to lay on the couch to cool off. (We had a ceiling fan in the living room). She got up naked and walked into the living room, leaving me with a hard cock and no place to put it. I was about to join her when I saw John leaving the bathroom naked with the biggest cock I have ever seen standing at attention. I thought things were about to get interesting.

    I waited a few minutes to see what would happen and then snuck into the livingroom. As I peaked around the corner, there was Donna licking that monster cock. She was trying to wrap her hand around it, without much success. She is an excellent cocksucker, and she had half that thing down her throat in no time flat.

    As I said, I didn't think I would be the type that would get off on watching his wife sucking someone else's cock, quite the opposite, I thought I would kill them both. But there I was standing watching her suck the biggest cock I had ever seen, and not wanting to leave. I was so horny my cock actually hurt. I watched as Donna laid on her back, spread her legs and grabbed his dick. As she started rubbing his monster dick on her pussy, I just stood there and shot a load, without even touching myself. I just sprayed cum all over the wall. To my surprise I just stayed hard, watching John push his cock in her cunt. After a few strokes she started to cum, screaming at him to fuck her hard. He was pounding her when he stiffened up and shot a load in her pussy. I could see the cum running down her ass before he even pulled his cock out of her.bent

    I hurried up and went back to the bedroom before they saw me watching them. Donna was back in bed right after, which I thought a bit strange as she had not cleaned herself up. Little did I know what she had in mind. When she got back to bed she climbed right on my face and started rubbing her fucked cunt all over my face. I couldn't help myself, I just started licking and sucking her pussy. I was getting a mouthful of John's cum. Within seconds she was having another giant orgasm, and more cum just kept flowing out of her cunt.

    There was so much cum I was having a hard time swallowing it all. I did my best however, as I didn't want to miss any of it. Soon she was getting off of me to lay down and spread her legs again. I was on top fucking her. I could still feel cum squishing around as I fucked her hard. While I was fucking her she asked me how I liked her little creampie. She told me how she just got fucked and I ate his cum. She told me to get used to it because I was going to be eating a lot of cum from now on. When she told me that, I couldn't help myself, I blew another load of cum in her pussy. After I cam inside her she got up and left to return to the living room. Now I am the one sleeping on the couch while her and John fuck like animales in our bed. - Lance the New Cucky Hubby


    Thursday, October 16, 2008


    Her Telling Me About It

    Early in our marriage my wife and I would get into stupid arguements and would end up going out separately. So one morning after a night out alone I woke up to find that my wife had not come home at all. I called the inlaws to see if they'd seen or heard from her. They said "We thought she was with you last night" and I said "I had not been with her all night". So then later that day about 6 pm she showed up at her parents.

    I finally got hold of her on the phone and said I'd be over and talk things over. I was nervous to find out what she had been up to. That night I drove up in my car and as she got in I noticed she had love marks on her neck. I immediately asked her to give me details about what happened. She told me that she had gone to a party and had talked with some guy she met there and that they went outside to his car to smoke weed. Later on they decided it was time to leave and she went over to his place and then proceeded to go to his bedroom where she sat on his bed and then he sat next to her and they started to kiss.

    By then, I was getting a hard on, listening to my wife explain her infidelity. She then said that they both laid back on the bed and he then lifted her dress and put his hand on her pubic mound and his finger in her pussy. After some finger fucking, he helped her out of her panties and lowered his head down her pussy lips and tongued her clitoris. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! He then asked her if she had ever had her clit tongued and she said that she did not know what her clitoris was or where it was.

    I knew I had never played or tongued her clitoris. She continued telling me that he helped her undo her dress and then removing it along with her bra exposing her completely naked. He laid on top of her and sucked her tits and soon he too was undress and helping himself to her.

    I had to ask her while shaking slightly if she saw his cock and if so, was he cut or did he have skin. She said that she did see his cock and that he did have skin. He place his hard dick near her pussy and she helped guide his cock in. He then fucked her and sucked on her tits and neck. Leaving marks on her breast and neck. She said that his cock was nice and was a tad bigger than mine but almost the same. By this time I had started to kiss my wife and was rubbing her pussy and kneading her breast.

    I leaned her inside against the door of the car and she undressed herself and I peeled my clothes off as fast as i could. I reached between her legs and felt her moist pussy. All this time she kept looking at me not sure what was going on. I imagine she was surprised at my not being angry and that I was touching her so. I then leaned into her and entered her. She felt incredibly hot. I said to her if his cock felt like this as I pumped into her. She said it felt better. I asked her if she liked his cock. She said she loved it.

    I slowed my pace and stayed buried in her and I asked her how it finished. She told me that he fucked her for a long while and then he pulled out his cock and came on her stomach. I couldn't help myself after hearing this I started fucking her again and then soon afterwards shot my cum inside her pussy. Later on I found out that since she did not come home till that evening. She had spent the night with him and the next morning they woke up and he continued fucking my wife all that day. She told me in details how she had sucked his cock to get him hard again after a good fuck session. And how she got on top of him and rode his cock. I'm still with my wife after 10 years. And she did go back to him again to have him one more time. - Pete


    Monday, October 13, 2008


    From Swinging to Cuckolding

    cuckold couple

    My wife, Michelle and I, have been enjoying the stories in this blog for a year and I just convinced her to allow me to write about some of our experiences. We have been swinging for six years but over the past four years, we have confined our swinging activities to wife watching and gangbangs. Like many swingers out there, it took a long time for me to convince my wife to swing but once she tried it, she couldn't stop. In fact, she wore me out with the number of partners that I am now content to just watch. This is the story of her first threesome.

    Four years ago, while living in the San Francisco Bay area, we contacted a new couple in a swingers magazine. After meeting them for drinks, we decided that the four of us were compatible and planned to meet the following weekend. A couple of hours before Don and Anne were to arrive at our house, Don called to cancel saying that Anne had come down with the flu and couldn t make it. I suggested that Don come over alone if it was all right with Anne. Anne didn't have a problem with it and I didn't let Michelle know that only Don was coming over.

    We had been swinging for two years now but we had confined ourselves to wife swapping and had never had any group sex. The idea of Michelle taking on a couple of cocks at once appealed to me but I could never get her to try it. This may sound weird but even though we were swingers, we were pretty conventional in our sex with other couples. When Don showed up alone, Michelle was a little put off but waiting for Don and Anne all day had made her extremely horny so she decided to go along with it. While Michelle was fixing us drinks, I told Don about my fantasy and I suggested that we spend extra attention to her needs as she might call it off if she felt any more uncomfortable. For the next couple of hours, we spent the time flattering Michelle, slowly caressing her, and generally treating her like a princess. Pretty soon, Michelle was stripped down to her panties and was so horny that she couldn t have stopped if she wanted.

    Sensing that she was ready, we sat her on the couch between us and I began to french kiss her while stroking her left tit with hand. Don began to nibble her ear while fondling her right tit. My fingers slowly found their way into her panties and I stuck a finger inside her pussy. It was dripping wet! I put two more fingers inside her and began to finger fuck her. Don soon joined in and began rubbing her clit while I continued to finger her. After a few minutes of this Michelle stopped kissing me and threw her head back. We knew that she was cumming so we both quickened our pace. Michelle grabbed my hand as she came. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

    Don and I both got off the couch and began to strip. Michelle looked at both of us with a glazed over but come fuck me look. Don was naked first and went down on my wife. She loves to be eaten as she wrapped her thighs around Don's head. I climbed on the couch and presented my cock to my wife. Michelle grabbed it with her hand and brought it to her mouth.

    She began to lick the pre-come off of my cock and finally engulfed the entire length. Michelle gives great head. She attributes this to her strict Catholic upbringing. When she was in high school and college, she was actually saving her virginity until she got married but the nuns never said anything about oral sex so she got real good at it. Anyway, Don must of been doing a number on her pussy because she began to move her head faster and faster over my cock. I couldn't take any more of her oral attention and soon shot my first load of the evening down her throat. I pulled my cock out and she let out a scream of pleasure that has burned
    itself in my memory. Don continued working on her until she came again.

    Michelle pushed Don's head out of the way and panted as she came down from her orgasm. Don and I both feared that she would hyperventilate so I got her a drink of water. After finishing her glass of water, Michelle looked at us and smiled a devilish grin. She spread her legs and said, Which one of you guys is going to fuck me! Don and I looked at each other and I gave him the honors. Michelle got on her back as I threw Don a condom.

    Don put it on and mounted my wife in one fluid motion. It was not the first time I've seen my wife with another man but this time it was different. Knowing that I did not have to take care of another woman at the same time gave me the opportunity to truly watch my wife enjoy herself. I started to get hard again and joined them on the floor. I started to fondle my wife s tits as I licked her nipples. I could hear
    Don grunting above me as he plowed my wife furiously. Michelle wrapped her hand around my cock and started to pump me until I was rock hard. Don's strokes became more ragged and with one push, he came inside my wife.

    As Don got off, Michelle looked up at me as said Fuck me! I put her on her hands and knees and entered her doggie style. We fucked for a few minutes when, I noticed Don positioning himself in front of Michelle's face. Michelle grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. The two of us sawed back and forth for at least fifteen minutes, when we decided to switch positions. Don got on his back and Michelle straddled him. I couldn't believe that she was fucking him without a condom but I guess the both of us were so horny we didn t care. I got up to put my cock in her mouth when she stopped me. She said that she was having a hard time concentrating on fucking Don to properly give me a blowjob so I sat back to watch. Michelle moved up and down at lightning speed while Don fingered her clit. Don s face was contorted in pleasure and I knew that Michelle was squeezing him like a vice. My wife loves aerobics and I know what she could do with her cunt muscles. Don couldn't hold back and shot another load up her pussy.

    By now, I was getting a serious case of blue balls and was beating my meat like crazy. Michelle got off of Don and crawled over to me. She grabbed by cock and said Let me take care of that for you and put my cock back in her mouth. After a few licks, I flipped her back on her hands and knees and fucked her like a madman. Since I was so close, it only took a couple of minutes before I came again.

    We all sat on the floor for a few minutes having a drink when Don said that he had to go. Michelle asked him to stay the night but was disappointed when he said that he had to go home and take care of Anne. He said that Anne would be jealous over all of the hot action she missed. After Don left, Michelle and I jumped into the shower and talked about what had happened. Just thinking about the events earlier in the day made me hard again and I tried to enter her in the shower. Michelle said that both her mouth and pussy were sore but she wouldn t leave me in such a state. She soaped up my cock and proceeded to jerk me off for my third orgasm of the night.

    That was our transition into the world of cuckolding. We have some pics of Michelle for the blog and by now have had a few more threesomes and hotel meet-ups with me just watching. We never met with Don again but we'll always remember him as the best time since it was our first. - Crave


    FREE VIDS - CUCKOLD CREAM - It's free while still in testing mode. You need credit card verification for age (like ebay did) and then you get instant access. HERE to see them. - webmaster

    Thursday, October 09, 2008


    Black Cuckold Origins


    I will continue with the evolution of our current status. My wife is aware that I found this forum and now gets off from hearing about others' escapades. She did comment on the fact that it does seem to be black bull, white wives and white cucks and she said, that there are plenty of white guys that want black women and vice versa. The past two weeks we have been busy, but a few mornings she has let me jerk off between her ass cheeks or smothered me with her ass. When I do fuck her and we talk about what scenarios she likes, she invariably describes getting fucked by "a long, thick, hard white cock".

    We posted ads on Craigslist, but nothing came in that we wanted. But sometimes the things we want are closer than we think. As in our earlier stories, we live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. Nice neighbors, quiet place. One Saturday morning, I was going to the gym and to run errands, my wife staying in and tidying up a bit. The following is her recounting:

    Sean, the guy who lives right below us and whom we thought was gay for sure, came and knocked on the door. He asked me if I would mind maybe vacuuming a little later. I said sure, begrudgingly. However I did notice Sean look me over. He just wore boxer shorts, apparently fresh out of sleep. With my cleaning on hold, I pottered around, then said screw it and popped in a porn and began to masturbate on the couch. Another knock on the door, I gather myself and go tot he door, concealing myself around the back of the door. Sean again. He asked please to turn down the music and I told him the music was not on. Clearly he was frustrated and I was getting that way too (for him interrupting my flow) and he said he doesn't want to come back up. I said whatever and closed the door. I went to the kitchen and started washing the dishes and putting them away. 15 minutes later another knock on the door, I storm to the door and fling it open. Sean. I said what now. He looked surprised and said I just wanted to let you know I'm up now so you can do whatever you want. I said thank you and we both stood there in an awkward moment. I saw lust in his eyes, he must've seen horniness in mine. I took his arm and pulled him inside and closed and locked the door. A passionate kiss ensued and we were all over each other. No talking just groping. At this time Sean is pulling my clothes off, except for my sportsbra. He spread my ass and I felt his cock rub in my crack. I felt him position the head to enter me and I asked him if he had a condom. He said he was tested. I said but we still need a condom. He told me to shut up and in one swoop stuffed his cock inside me. He was definitely bigger than Eric and I swear had some of the biggest balls I ever saw.cock

    He banged me hard over the back of the couch and spoke to me so harshly I had to submit. He kept on about fucking my big black ass. And that he's going to come up anytime he wants and fuck me. He stuck his thumb in my ass and had me lick it as he continued to fuck me. He got me up and walked me to the bedroom, still engaged. He had me lay flat on the bed and continued to pump away in my pussy. His talk was so hot to me, he was making feel owned, possessed. He asked if Eric fucked me like this and I said no. He turned me over on my back and spread my legs. He entered me again and slammed his whole body weight into my pussy. He put his left hand around my throat and spit into my mouth. I loved it!

    He said he didn't want to cum yet but later tonight he would. He said that he wants me barefoot and naked, just how a black woman should be ready to serve her white king. He just got up and left. I stayed on the bed, spent, until Eric got in. I was still wanting more, and when Eric came in the bedroom...The following is my recounting:

    When I returned, I saw Jacqueline's clothes in the living room and the tv on with a blue screen. I hesitated to call her name and walked towards the bedroom. She was laid out on the bed, sportsbra still on. Her legs were semi-spread and her pussy looked a bit open. She beckoned me over and drew me into a kiss on top of her. I was taken aback by her amorous advances and she slid down my shorts with her hands. She grew more aggressive and wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her. I almost didn't realize I was inside her as her pussy was so loose and slick. She told me to fuck her and I started to, but she said, don't make love to me. Fuck me! I started to pump harder and the whole time, she is telling me to fuck her like I don't care about her, like she is a whore. I did as she asked but it wasn't enough. She had me roll off her and had me watch her masturbate.

    She said after we cleaned up that she wanted to stay in this evening and order Chinese food. I thought that would be nice so as the evening progressed, she asked me to go pick it up. The following is her recounting:

    After Eric left, I went downstairs and knocked on Sean's door. He opened it and I said I would like to be yours again if that is ok. He reached behind me and held my head and French kissed me. There was another guy there and Sean said show him your ass. I looked at him and turned my back to the guy, undid my jeans and slid them down over my ass. Sean grabbed it and mauled it and told the guy he would be back. I started to pull back up my jeans and Sean said that. He was going to have me walk into my apt complex with my ass out. For Eric, I wouldn't but Sean had this effect on me, his words, his stare. So I exhaled and walked out of his place with him behind me and right up into our apartment. He led me into the bedroom again and had me undress except for my shirt again. I laid on the bed as he stood up and straddled my face and dropped his balls into my mouth. They were salty and then he moved up and positioned his asshole over my mouth. In the past while giving head to Eric, I had thought of this and this time I freely did it. After going back and forth between his balls and asshole, he spit in my face and reentered me for the second time today. Again, he was driving all his weight into me. Then I heard the door open.

    The following is my recounting:

    I opened the door and heard Jacqueline from the bedroom. My initial reaction was what the fuck? I put the food on the counter and headed towards the bedroom. What I saw was my wife's legs in the air, and in between them was Sean, slamming into her. She looked out from under him and said this is how she should be fucked. Sean turned and saw me and told me thanks for letting him fuck her again. I watched from the doorway as my wife was literally taken. He choked her while he fucked her, slapped her ass, slapped her face, spit on her and treated her like what she was asking for. I was so hard and kept my clothes on until they told me to join them. While he was doing her doggie style, I slid under her and watched his white cock plunge in her pussy. I opened her up and created a tunnel for him to slide in her and he did right up to the balls. She gasped and breathed deep as he he filled her and stretched her out. I have to admit how sexy it looked seeing her take his cock in. Her pussy was so frothy and creamy as I sucked on her clit and his balls hung low so at first reluctantly I licked them then sucked them one by one and together as he continued to fuck her. Now she has a big pussy but I could see her lips been pushed open. He asked me if I liked seeing him fuck my black bitch and of course I said yes.

    He pulled out of her and told me to move. He got under her and she began to ride him. He spread her ass and told me to lick her asshole. I did and thought wow, look how quickly the roles were reversed. As I licked her asshole, hands on my head moved me down to lick his shaft as it went in and out of her. I was there as a prop, just to assist them and when I was able to look up at her she was gone, succumbed to this. He whispered something in her ear and she said ok. She got up and led me to the bathroom. She straddled the toilet and looked me in my face. She told me to get down and I did. I started sucking her clit and she moaned, Sean stayed in the bedroom. Then I felt a warm liquid and then more then my face was being splashed with her pee. At first I moved away, then embraced it and opened wide and let her urinate in my mouth. From when we dated for 2 years to the 2 years of marriage, we had never even talked of this and now, on this night, all types of barriers were broken. When she finished, she merely left the bathroom and went back to Sean. I went to follow and he told me to stop. So from the bathroom, I watched her on her knees sucking his cock as he degraded her. I don't know who loved it more, me him or her.

    He grew again and then got her up and back on her back she went. He went back inside her and just as before fucked her harder than I ever did. She looked at me while she licked his nipple and grabbed his ass. He said that he was going to cum and she spread her legs wide. I saw his body slow and deliberately drive deeper into her as he grunts signaled that he was cumming inside her. He dismounted her and told me to come closer. I felt squeamish about what I felt was going to happen, but he told me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her, her face dazed and slipped inside. I could feel how loose she was and hot from the what felt like a huge load. I was so horny and ready to pop. Sean moved around the back of her and straddled her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. With me fucking her missionary, his cock was right in my face. He held my head and put his cockhead in my mouth. I could not believe I was doing this but I could see and feel Jacqueline was thoroughly enjoying it. The combination of fucking her freshly fucked pussy, watching her suck his balls and having my first cock, was sensory overload and I came the HARDEST I ever did. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Sean walked out of the bedroom and 2 minutes later we heard the door open and shut. We were both spent and her pussy was practically gaping and full of our cum. I led her to the bathroom all without speaking because I didn't know what to say. We went in the shower and I washed her. I paid close attention to her pussy and stared as cum oozed out.

    Finally after going back to bed, I asked how she was feeling. And she said like a different person. She said today she learned about herself and she is comfortable with it. She said that she loves me but she wants this on a regular basis. And that she is giving me a choice. I looked at her and said she got me. She said from now on to call her by her middle name, because the old Jacqueline is no more. That is how I became the proud Black cuckold that I am.

    [Pics are after Sean, her pussy - my altar, her holding my cock showing the size]

    Black Cuck - cgermaine @


    Monday, October 06, 2008


    A Very Confusing Situation


    This is basically how it started for us.

    My husband must have suspected I was cheating and my not paying attention to details is what got me caught one night after being with my lover. When I came home I was so tired from his fucking me that I took my clothes off and laid them a chair instead of hanging them up.

    I awoke the next morning to find my husband holding the pantyhose I had worn the night before close to his face has he was looking at the crotch area. My skirt was on the bed next to him. I usually put my pantyhose in the hamper so he would not see them on the nights I am with Brad. My husband has a pantyhose fetish so him touching them didn't faze me but what I saw next made my pussy tingle. The legs of my hose were draped over his hard cock and he started licking the crotch of my pantyhose.

    "Like the taste" I asked him. He looked over at me somewhat stunned blushed and replied "I was horny for you". "Really, well lick my juices out of the nylons then while I go shower". He then grabbed me and held me on the bed and asked why there was so much crust in the crotch and why I was so late again coming home and what is going on. My mind was racing ... what do I say:

    Hmmm #1 tell him that I was out fucking Brad, or #2 tell him Brad cums so hard and so much that it leaks into the crotch of pantyhose when I put them back on or #3 do I just laugh it off and tell him I discharged more than usual ... hmm let's see ... I chose number 3.

    I left to go shower. When I returned to our bedroom to get ready for work there was my husband standing there holding my nylons with a raging hard on. I walked over to him looking at his hard cock and for some reason I wondered why is his cock was so hard, is it my tan pantyhose that I know he loves or is it he is actually turned on or wants to know if I am having an affair. Puzzled, I ignored him as I went over and pulled out a pair of sheer tan pantyhose to put on to go work.

    My mind was confused I was wondering how he knew, I hadn't quit letting him fuck me in fact I probably was letting him fuck me more so he would not suspect anything, now here he is with my cum stained nylons in his hands questioning me, damn I thought how sloppy of me. I took a deep breath and decided I would carry this out to see where it would lead.

    I saw him out of the corner of my eye as he watched me intently putting my nylons on. I purposely took my time I enjoyed the fact that I knew I was teasing the hell out of him and my pussy tingled knowing what I was doing to him (later he would share with how turned on he was). When I was done I walked over and put on the heels I was going to wear that day and then sat at my make up table to finish getting ready. As I finished up my thoughts drifted to Brad about how he would have never let me get this far teasing him like I was to my own husband. I thought about how if Brad was in this room he would have literally threw me on the bed by now and been savagingly fucking me, I was really confused by all of this after all here is my husband watching his wife get ready in front of his eyes he has a raging hard on and he doing nothing I mean nothing about it.

    He was still hard and now getting somewhat mad at me demanding answers but I also noticed a trembling in his voice.

    When I had finished my make-up I was getting a little miffed with him so I walked over grabbed the legs of the nylons he was holding and gently rubbed his hard cock. I pushed him down to the bed and started to masturbate him with my stained hose. I started to talk to him in a soft sexy tone to calm him down. "Yes I am having an affair, I have been for several months, and yes my pantyhose are crusty, crusty with his wonderful manhood". My husband's eyes bolted open and then moaned with his eyes closed. I was surprised by his reaction then he said "tell me more". I was a little taken back by this. This was uncharted territory for us in our 10+ years of marriage.

    I kept rubbing his cock with my nylons then I went for it. "Well, I do give him blow jobs and I do swallow". That did it, hubby exploded cumming hard, spurting his cum into my hose. I rubbed his cock and gently urged him on "yes that's it dear hubby get it all out, yes does that feel good when you cum into my nylons"? Hubby moaned, smiled and said "YES" I decided to go for one more thing. "Does me having an affair turn you on?" "YES" I was still gently touching his twitching limp cock then I said " do you like watching me get ready"? "YES" "would you like to watch me and help me get ready for a date sometime"? "Oh God yes Sandi ohhh" I did something I had only done previuosly with my lover.

    I bent over and licked the excess cum off his cock and sucked his cock to get any remaining cum. His cock had come back to life so I sucked him hard then lifted my head looking at and seductively licked my pink glossed lips and smiled. "you really liked it didn't you, you like the fact that I am fucking someone else don't you". I couldn't believe myself that I had actually said the word fucking to him and that I had admitted to an affair.

    By now I was turned on and I wanted to be fucked. I stood in front of him and demanded I "tear a hole in my crotch so I can fuck you while I tell you about him". He trembled has he fumbled to tear open a hole ... finally I pushed his hands away, stuck my long polished finger nails into my the of hose and ripped a hole. "Brad would have already had the hole there and been fucking me by now". I pulled his head to my open area of the hose and demanded "lick it, lick my pussy, the pussy that my lover fucks regularly". My husband licked like never before. I finally pushed him away and told him to lay down.

    I climbed on top stradled him and put his cock on me. I sat up moaning as I fucked him. "Your cock may be in me but my mind is on Brad". My husband moaned as I continued my verbal assault until he had cum again.

    When he was spent inside of me I moved my pussy up to his face. He looked surprised and mumbled about having to get ready for work. "Oh so that's it huh, just fuck me and it's over well I don't think so lick it, I want satisfaction, now lick my fucked pussy till I am satisfied." I pushed my pussy onto his mouth and soon I felt his warm tongue inside of me. I sat there wondering what kind of man let's his wife fuck other men-and enjoy it and what kind of husband licks his own cum out of his wife.

    Soon I was cumming and it felt good grinding my pussy into his face. I smiled thinking about how I would have him lick Brad out of me someday. We both called in sick that day and explored our sexualty. I found out things he has always kept inside but that's another story for another day. Now we both get what we want. See 2 pictures he took of me and Brad in the email. - Sandi


    Friday, October 03, 2008


    Cuckold Custom Video Episode TWO

    Hi All,

    The Cuckold Custom Video Episode Two done!

    What is the
    CuckoldPlace Custom Video?

    - Now the everybody from forum can write the custom
    script elements what wish to see at the next episode and we will try
    to film it! Don't miss this opportunity! From the NOW the CuckoldPlace
    goes more interactive and all our members can participate in the
    Episodes creation!

    The users had request plot turns for episode TWO:

    - start outside the motel at the parking
    - small dick sissy husband
    - asian hubby
    - more dirty and hubby humiliation
    - PASSIONATE kissing
    - Hubby helps to insert dick
    - shoes ON!
    - whole wife's body
    - hubby serve drinks
    - more PRO light
    - louder sound
    - wedding rings
    - hubby clean up

    Please look at the first 4 minutes video before downloading:

    To watch the full episode pls go HERE.

    Thursday, October 02, 2008


    My Girlfriend Was Taken

    My very sexy girlfriend of nine years (shes 43 im 40) and I have been fantasizing about bringing a dom/bull into our bed. Years ago I bought her a dildo (very big - see attached image) and we where playing with it one night. I was holding it to her mouth as we fucked when I began to help her suck it And the heat has never cooled.

    Well we had our first real time meeting Sat! We set up a meeting in a fine hotel bar with a room ready if anyting happened. I had several online chats with a guy named Steve and my g/f had chatted with him also! That was the hottest thing, not knowing what they where talking about. It must have been good becuse if it wasen't good my g/f would have called it off.

    I know her so well. Finally the time to meet was up and Steve e-mailed me instructions. First he wanted me to buy the dress they picked out online, also I had to go to victora secret to get a pair of very sexy underwear that he picked. At 4pm on Sat. she was going to be home and I was to greet her at the door fully nude and have all the clothes ready as well as a bath. Now I knew she was in on this because of her mood. She had a bit of dominence in her smile as she looked at me on my knees. She wisked past me heading right to the bathroom and began to strip. I was right on her heels as I bathed her and served her. I cleaned her ass and washed her back as she shaved her legs and pussy bald.

    It's been awhile since she shaved herself bald actually. I was trying to get info out of her but she just ignored me. After washing her feet I dryed her and she dressed. She did her hair and make-up as I got dressed. When I saw her I was shaking she was sexy looking. We drove to the hotel to meet Steve at 6pm. I was swimming with sexual tention and she was too. We took a table in the dim lit corner of the bar after checking in. I smiled and asked if she was ok and she smiled and we kissed.

    Wow, we were doing this we said to each other. I told her that if at any time she needed to say the word (our safe word) say it ... we reasured each other that we both understood. Then at that moment Steve walked to our table and he asked if we were who we were. I managed to let out a yes. He was more powerfull than I expected with good looks, good shape, and my g/f was wide eyed.

    I went to get us drinks and when I returned they where in a chatty conversation. Seems our friend Steve was an art buff and my g/f loves art. But things moved fast. Steve didn't take long to ask if we where going to want this??? My g/f and I looked at each other and we knew the answer was yes. So I looked at Steve and nodded yes. Ok then very good he said. At this time then I want you to switch places with me he said so I moved to the other side of the table and he sat next to her. At that moment I felt the power of his domination over me and I felt myself becoming a cuckold for real.

    Steve looked at me as he placed a hand on her leg. I want you to go get the room ready CUCK he said directly into my eyes, turn the bed down and lay out what he had in his small back pack he said. I took the pack and headed to the room. I was to return when I finished. I pulled the bed back and lit a candle, then I unzipped the bag and took out a dildo, a strap-on harness, a blindfold, leather cuffs, butt plug and nipple clamps. After setting these things out I headed back to the bar. Finding Steve and my g/f in a close nose to nose conversation. His hands where all over her and later I lerned that he felt her up good. Is the the room ready cuck he asked ??

    Yes Sir I said. Very good then let's go. We all headed to the room. The minute we shut the door Steve ordered me to strip. I took my clothes off and asked him if he wanted me on my knees. He smiled and looked at my g/f and asked her if she wanted me on my knees she smiled and nodded. I fell to my knees looking up at them. Steve told me to get into the bathroom and don't come out until he said...!!! I went into the bathroom and waited. Later I found out that Steve took her into the room and made out with her. She told me he was very dominating to her and she liked it also he was sexy the way he handled her. When I was called out to the room I crawled nude from the bathroom and turning the corner I looked out to see Steve was sitting in the chair dreesed but his cock was sticking out of his fly and he was hard and big!

    But the shock came when I saw my sexy love fully naked sitting on his lap with her legs wraped around his leg her pussy was humping his strong thigh. And she had the base of his cock in her tiny hand. Her nipple had clamps on them with a chain linking them. It was so hot that my dick felt like it was going to just cum without control. Steve orderd me to his feet. I saw Steve's hand cupping her nice round ass as he was kneeding the flesh and pulling her ass checks apart. Steve just looked at me as he enjoyed her. My g/f eyes where slits as she humped him and let her ass be his. She stroked his cock slowly as if she was drunk with the feeling of what was going on and I loved seeing this.

    Then Steve ordered my mouth onto his cock. I looked up to see her smile and aim his dick at my mouth. My mouth was watering and I just relaxed my lips opening up and allowing as much dick into my mouth as I could. Taking him deep I choked then lifted off only to take it again. She held it and placed a hand on my head. The whole thing was a very sexy loving act. I felt Steve get harder thinking this is going into her pussy soon...!!! I pulled his pants down as I sucked his cock. She took his shirt off and soon he was nude. I was sucking faster now and her pussy was getting his leg wet. She humped him almost cumming at times but just as she was going to cum he grabbed her hair and pulled it telling her no. Then he slapped her ass. Finally he said Cuck stop sucking and help guide my cock into my new pussy so she shiffed herself and got over his cock.

    Then I fed cock to her horny pussy and watched it sink into her pussy lips. I sat back on my knees and looked at her riding him........mmmmmmmmmmmm. I was instructed to suck his balls into my mouth and get them wet. I wasn't able to look up but heard her moan turn to a scream of pleasure that seemed to last forever. He had made her cum harder than I have ever heard her and she was still riding him hard. Then I was told to rim her asshole and repeat this until he came too. I didn't cum until we got home but I did clean cum from them both. It was the hottest night we have ever had and we just wanted to share it with like-minded cucks like us.


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