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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, October 27, 2008


    Recent Cuckold

    Below is my story;

    I have recently been part of a cuckold situation for the first time. I've been seeing my girlfriend, jenny, for about 2 years, we both go to different uni's so we don’t get to see each other very often but we have a good relationship, well I thought we did. About this time last year I went down to stay with her because her and her friends were having a party. The day started off well and she seemed really happy to see me, we spent most of the day doing some shopping in town and I had a really good time. The trouble didn’t start till later that night at the party. I don’t really know any of her friends so I didn’t have many people to talk to. At first she stayed with me and was introducing me to people so that I wouldn’t be so alone. I noticed all the while that she kept looking at this one guy who was about 6'2' and black and who she introduced me to as Darren. When she was talking to him she seemed to have a strange look in her eye that ive not seen before. Anyway I thought nothing of it and said hello and we moved on.

    As the night went on she spent less time with me and more time with her mates, and it was when I was sitting by myself that I noticed she was talking to Darren. She kept on giggling touching his arm, this worried me a little as she had always talked about being curious about black men but I thought she was just trying to turn me on. I was about to get up and go and sneak her away when one of her friend ran over and started to chat to me. I started to talk back to her as I noticed jenny walking out with Darren, she glanced over quickly as if to see if I noticed and then left the room. I was trying to get away from her friends conversation without being rude but she just kept on talking and asking questions and didn’t really give me the chance to leave. Eventually after about 20 minutes I made up an excuse about having to go to the bathroom and finally got away.

    I searched in the kitchen for jenny but she was no where to be seen so I thought maybe she had got tired (she'd has a lot to drink) and gone to bed so I made my way to her bedroom. What I saw next shocked me like never before, I opened the door and to my horror I found jenny bent over the back of a chair totally naked taking Darren’s huge cock from behind. She looked up startled and shouted at me to close the door. I quickly slammed it worried someone would see what was going on. I thought she would be ashamed and embarrassed but she looked almost angry at me for breaking it up. She told me that unless I wanted everyone to find out that she had to fuck someone else to be sexually satisfied that I would keep my mouth shut. I didn’t know what to say so I just agreed and said I wouldn’t say anything. Next she said that if I was ever going to get to put my cock in her sweet pussy again I would have to watch how a real man works. She started to move off the chair, slowly sliding Darren’s dick out of her pussy. I was amazed at the size of it when it was fully out; he had to be at least 8 inches long.

    She turned the chair around and told me to sit down, I did as she said whilst she went to her wardrobe from which she took out some scarves. She handed them to Darren and told him to tie me to the chair by my wrists and my ankles. I was a bit worried about what she was planning but more worried that people would think i was a loser for not keeping her happy. Darren was very strong and he managed to really tie those knots tight, i tried to move my wrists but i couldn’t. Darren stepped back and she looked at me with a smile, Take off his trousers and pull down his pants she said. I was horrified but before I know it Darren had undone my belt and removed my trousers and my boxers. I felt so embarrassed especially when I saw how my own cock compared to his. She laughed and grabbed my pecker and balls in one hand, now your going to watch me get what I need, a nice big cock.

    She squeezed my cock and then let go as she led Darren by his huge cock to the bed. She lay down with her arse raised in the air and started at me. Fuck me she screamed, and I watched the look in her eyes as he slowly eased his thick cock into her pussy, her eyes bulging with the initial entry. He then slowly pushed more and more in and began to pump away at her. He wasn’t even going fast but each stroke seemed to send a shiver of ecstasy down jenny’s spine. It was only a matter of minutes before she was screaming and begging him for more. I was so caught up in what was going on I hadn’t even realized that he hadn’t put on a condom. He began to slow his trusts so that each one went in right to the base of his cock, the look on jenny’s face and the sounds she made were immense. He finally released a huge load into her pussy and as he pulled out you could see it beginning to drip from her. She looked up at me, exhausted, and said that until I was able to do that to her she was going to fuck a different black guy each week whilst I watched and learnt. It’s been a long time now and many different guys but she’s still not let me have sex with her, but who can blame her when’s she’s getting fucked like that!

    S -


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