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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 16, 2008


    Her Telling Me About It

    Early in our marriage my wife and I would get into stupid arguements and would end up going out separately. So one morning after a night out alone I woke up to find that my wife had not come home at all. I called the inlaws to see if they'd seen or heard from her. They said "We thought she was with you last night" and I said "I had not been with her all night". So then later that day about 6 pm she showed up at her parents.

    I finally got hold of her on the phone and said I'd be over and talk things over. I was nervous to find out what she had been up to. That night I drove up in my car and as she got in I noticed she had love marks on her neck. I immediately asked her to give me details about what happened. She told me that she had gone to a party and had talked with some guy she met there and that they went outside to his car to smoke weed. Later on they decided it was time to leave and she went over to his place and then proceeded to go to his bedroom where she sat on his bed and then he sat next to her and they started to kiss.

    By then, I was getting a hard on, listening to my wife explain her infidelity. She then said that they both laid back on the bed and he then lifted her dress and put his hand on her pubic mound and his finger in her pussy. After some finger fucking, he helped her out of her panties and lowered his head down her pussy lips and tongued her clitoris. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! He then asked her if she had ever had her clit tongued and she said that she did not know what her clitoris was or where it was.

    I knew I had never played or tongued her clitoris. She continued telling me that he helped her undo her dress and then removing it along with her bra exposing her completely naked. He laid on top of her and sucked her tits and soon he too was undress and helping himself to her.

    I had to ask her while shaking slightly if she saw his cock and if so, was he cut or did he have skin. She said that she did see his cock and that he did have skin. He place his hard dick near her pussy and she helped guide his cock in. He then fucked her and sucked on her tits and neck. Leaving marks on her breast and neck. She said that his cock was nice and was a tad bigger than mine but almost the same. By this time I had started to kiss my wife and was rubbing her pussy and kneading her breast.

    I leaned her inside against the door of the car and she undressed herself and I peeled my clothes off as fast as i could. I reached between her legs and felt her moist pussy. All this time she kept looking at me not sure what was going on. I imagine she was surprised at my not being angry and that I was touching her so. I then leaned into her and entered her. She felt incredibly hot. I said to her if his cock felt like this as I pumped into her. She said it felt better. I asked her if she liked his cock. She said she loved it.

    I slowed my pace and stayed buried in her and I asked her how it finished. She told me that he fucked her for a long while and then he pulled out his cock and came on her stomach. I couldn't help myself after hearing this I started fucking her again and then soon afterwards shot my cum inside her pussy. Later on I found out that since she did not come home till that evening. She had spent the night with him and the next morning they woke up and he continued fucking my wife all that day. She told me in details how she had sucked his cock to get him hard again after a good fuck session. And how she got on top of him and rode his cock. I'm still with my wife after 10 years. And she did go back to him again to have him one more time. - Pete


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