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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 30, 2008


    How She Got Me Hooked

    I found this site by accident and I'm glad I did. I've always been turned on by the thought, first, and than the actual watching of my girlfriend/wife getting fucked.
    It started innocently enough after we met and started dating.

    It was a blind date and we had a great time and ended up at my house drunk and started taking about how many people we had slept with. I told her about 10 different girls and she asks me if 25 guys is alot. I thought she was joking and laughed. We ended up fucking that night and it was awesome. She sucked my cock great and I licked her shaved pussy. After we fucked I asked if she really had fucked that many guys and she told me she thought it was around that many and started counting them by name.

    I found myself getting really turned on so I would ask if he was a good fuck and she would tell me all about him, how big his cock was or wasn't if he was a great kisser, how good looking he was and so on. I couldn't quit asking her questions about the different guys and pretty soon she asks if it was making me horny talking about all the guys she has fucked as she reaches over and starts stroking my already hard cock. I told her I couldn't believe it but I was so fucking turned on that I wanted to hear all about it. We started making out and she starts asking me if I like that she gets fucked alot, telling me that she can't get enough cock and so on.

    I start fucking her and while I'm pounding her pussy I asked her who was the best fuck she ever had and she told me about Gary who was her boyfriend's brother. She had just broke up with this boyfriend right before I met her so this was very recent. I asked her to tell me about it and she told me that while her boyfriend was at school his brother stopped by their apartment and they got high together and she got super horny and started flirting with him and before long they are making out and she tells me that when she reached down to rub his cock she couldn't believe how big his cock was. I about came when she told me this and told her she was a little slut and said, tell me how big his cock was, she told me he was the biggest cock she had ever seen and couldn't wait to have him fuck her.

    This is her boyfriend's brother! Did he fuck you could I asked and she told me she came 3 times before he came in her... I heard that and I had the best orgasm ever. After that she would tell me about different guys when we fucked and I was becoming addicted to her stories. One night after we got high she told me she had a real hot story for me but hoped I wouldn't get mad. I said why would I get mad, you've been telling me about all these guys that you fucked and I love hearing it. She tells me about the night that her boyfriend, the same one, was working the late shift at the bar and she had gone over to his brother's house, the same brother, to watch movies with him and his girlfriend, who never knew he fucked her. I need to tell you that these brothers played college football at this time.

    So she goes over and when she gets there one of the brother's friends and teammate happened to be there also. They sat around smoking pot and drinking beers and then settled in to watch the movie. The past fuck and his girlfriend are laying on the floor in front of the TV and she and this friend are on the couch behind them. It is dark except for the Tv screen light and they start the movie. She starts getting horny from the pot so she grabs a throw blanket and puts it over her and the friend. She told me that she looks at the guy with her come fuck me look, licks her lips and smiles. He smiles back as her hand starts rubbing his bulge and they keep watching the movie as not to draw attention to themselves. She is telling me how big and thick his cock his and about how he had his hand down her shorts and was slowly fingering her.

    After the movie ended he said he had to get going and she said she had to leave also, so they say goodbye to the hosts and leave at the same time. At this point I'm between her legs eating her pussy like I was starving to death. She continued with her story telling me that they went right to his dorm room and as soon as the door closed they were all over each other. I asked her to tell me what he looked like, tell me everything baby. She tells me what a great kisser he was, nice soft lips, great muscular chest, big arms and the biggest "BLACK" cock with big low hanging balls. I look up at her and say, he was BLACK, ya he was black. Does that make you mad that I had a big black cock in my mouth, in my pussy? Do you think that makes me slutty?

    I climbed right on top of her and started kissing her so passionitley and deep thinking about how this small white chick had taken this huge black cock and now I'm fucking the same pussy and how it turned me on more than I could imagine. Tell me how he fucked you baby, did his cock feel good? She told me how she sucked his cock first and how big and hard it got and then she told me how he bent her over his bed and teased her pussy lips with the head of his before sliding his big black cock inside her and she told me how she reached under to play with his big balls everytime he plunged deep inside her, she told me about him telling her that she was now a black cockwhore and that he was going to shoot his black seed as deep as he could. Just as she told me about his last thrust inside her before he came I pulled out and dropped a huge load of cum all over her belly.

    As we layed there exhausted she looked at me and said " that really turns you on doesnt it"? Fuck ya it does, I said. We then started going out and checking out guys and she would tell me which ones she would fuck and which ones she thought were hung. We would go home and fuck and dirty talk about the guys we saw that night.

    Pretty soon the conversation about if she would really like to fuck these guys came up and she said if I wanted her to that she would but she really liked me and didn't want it to ruin what we had. We hatched a plan to finally try at least some flirting with a guy we knew that she found very hot. We invited him over for some beers and on purpose didn't have enough beer in the house. After some beers and pot smoking she started flirting with him when I wasn't in the room to see how he would react to the situation, which was just like a guy, and he was very interested. We run out of beer and she says lets go to the store and get some guys. I said I would stay home and you 2 go.

    The store is about 5 minutes away so we figure she had about 10-15 minutes to make something happen. They got back in about 15 minutes and she met me in the kitchen with the beer and smiled at me and gave me a wink. She told me she had a nice story for me tonight. The rest of the night she kept flirting with him in front of me and we would meet in the kitchen and kiss and touch each other but she wouldn't tell me what happened. Anyway, he leaves we and we start making out and I need to know what happened. She told me that as soon as they left they started kissing right by the door and she grabbed his crotch and told him they only have a few minutes for her to suck his cock so they better get going.

    She told me about sucking him as he drove to the store and that he came before they got there. He was saying how he would love to fuck her and I asked what she said and she told him they would definitly fuck soon but not tonight. I kissed her deep and she asked if it turned me on to be kissing her after he had cum in her mouth and all I could do was moan. I asked if she really wanted to fuck him and she said she would love to fuck him, he had such a nice cock and his cum tasted so good baby. Would you let me fuck him, please, I really need his cock in my pussy. I said yes, I finally said it out loud, I want you to fuck another guy and then tell me about how great he pounded your pussy and how he fucked you in the ass, I want to hear everything baby. I want to eat your pussy after he cums inside you and I want to fuck your used pussy.

    She called this friend a few days later and arranged to meet him and told him that I could never know about them and he said cool. She dressed in a short skirt and tight blouse and came over to my house before meeting him. She looked so hot and slutty that I wanted her right then but she said no, you need to wait your turn and smiled at me. She told me they were meeting at a bar that we never went to so nobody would see them and she would call me during the evening to let me know how it was going. My cock hurt it was so hard as she kissed me and walked out the door. She called about 2 hours later and was tipsy and asked how I was doing. I told her I thought about jacking off but wanted to wait to fuck her real good when she got home. She told me that they got a booth and how he had been playing with her pussy and she really wanted to suck his cock right in the bar, but thought that wasn't a good idea. She asked if I was still cool with this and I asked what she wanted to do and she said that I'd know when she got home, laughed and hung up.

    She got home about 1 am and gave me a big hug and told me she had a surprise for me. I followed her to the bedroom with my heart pounding. She took off off her skirt and blouse and told me to get on the bed, it was story time. I layed down and she crawled on top of my and straddled my face. Her pantied were soaked and she lowered her pussy down to my mouth and I sucked the juice from her like a starving man. She asked if it tasted good and I said she she always tasted good. she asked if it tasted alitle different tonight, can you taste his cum baby. I fucked him right in the parking lot of the bar baby, he came in me about 20 minutes ago, can you taste him cum baby. I couldn't even talk I was so busy sucking her panties and pinching her hard nipples.

    She told me that some guy saw them fucking in the car and that he watched for awhile and that she like him watching and how she wanted to have him fuck her also. She asked if I thought she was a bad girl, do you think I'm a bad girl cuz I love to get fucked by other guys, that I crave having other men fuck my tight pussy. I slid her panties to the side and licked and sucked all his cum from her used pussy. I loved it and I was hooked on it.

    I have many more stories but need to tell them later. We also started going to male strip clubs and she would get table dances while I sat there and many guys let her suck their cock right at the table, that was fun because I could finally see her with another guy. - Len


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