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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, October 09, 2008


    Black Cuckold Origins


    I will continue with the evolution of our current status. My wife is aware that I found this forum and now gets off from hearing about others' escapades. She did comment on the fact that it does seem to be black bull, white wives and white cucks and she said, that there are plenty of white guys that want black women and vice versa. The past two weeks we have been busy, but a few mornings she has let me jerk off between her ass cheeks or smothered me with her ass. When I do fuck her and we talk about what scenarios she likes, she invariably describes getting fucked by "a long, thick, hard white cock".

    We posted ads on Craigslist, but nothing came in that we wanted. But sometimes the things we want are closer than we think. As in our earlier stories, we live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex. Nice neighbors, quiet place. One Saturday morning, I was going to the gym and to run errands, my wife staying in and tidying up a bit. The following is her recounting:

    Sean, the guy who lives right below us and whom we thought was gay for sure, came and knocked on the door. He asked me if I would mind maybe vacuuming a little later. I said sure, begrudgingly. However I did notice Sean look me over. He just wore boxer shorts, apparently fresh out of sleep. With my cleaning on hold, I pottered around, then said screw it and popped in a porn and began to masturbate on the couch. Another knock on the door, I gather myself and go tot he door, concealing myself around the back of the door. Sean again. He asked please to turn down the music and I told him the music was not on. Clearly he was frustrated and I was getting that way too (for him interrupting my flow) and he said he doesn't want to come back up. I said whatever and closed the door. I went to the kitchen and started washing the dishes and putting them away. 15 minutes later another knock on the door, I storm to the door and fling it open. Sean. I said what now. He looked surprised and said I just wanted to let you know I'm up now so you can do whatever you want. I said thank you and we both stood there in an awkward moment. I saw lust in his eyes, he must've seen horniness in mine. I took his arm and pulled him inside and closed and locked the door. A passionate kiss ensued and we were all over each other. No talking just groping. At this time Sean is pulling my clothes off, except for my sportsbra. He spread my ass and I felt his cock rub in my crack. I felt him position the head to enter me and I asked him if he had a condom. He said he was tested. I said but we still need a condom. He told me to shut up and in one swoop stuffed his cock inside me. He was definitely bigger than Eric and I swear had some of the biggest balls I ever saw.cock

    He banged me hard over the back of the couch and spoke to me so harshly I had to submit. He kept on about fucking my big black ass. And that he's going to come up anytime he wants and fuck me. He stuck his thumb in my ass and had me lick it as he continued to fuck me. He got me up and walked me to the bedroom, still engaged. He had me lay flat on the bed and continued to pump away in my pussy. His talk was so hot to me, he was making feel owned, possessed. He asked if Eric fucked me like this and I said no. He turned me over on my back and spread my legs. He entered me again and slammed his whole body weight into my pussy. He put his left hand around my throat and spit into my mouth. I loved it!

    He said he didn't want to cum yet but later tonight he would. He said that he wants me barefoot and naked, just how a black woman should be ready to serve her white king. He just got up and left. I stayed on the bed, spent, until Eric got in. I was still wanting more, and when Eric came in the bedroom...The following is my recounting:

    When I returned, I saw Jacqueline's clothes in the living room and the tv on with a blue screen. I hesitated to call her name and walked towards the bedroom. She was laid out on the bed, sportsbra still on. Her legs were semi-spread and her pussy looked a bit open. She beckoned me over and drew me into a kiss on top of her. I was taken aback by her amorous advances and she slid down my shorts with her hands. She grew more aggressive and wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her. I almost didn't realize I was inside her as her pussy was so loose and slick. She told me to fuck her and I started to, but she said, don't make love to me. Fuck me! I started to pump harder and the whole time, she is telling me to fuck her like I don't care about her, like she is a whore. I did as she asked but it wasn't enough. She had me roll off her and had me watch her masturbate.

    She said after we cleaned up that she wanted to stay in this evening and order Chinese food. I thought that would be nice so as the evening progressed, she asked me to go pick it up. The following is her recounting:

    After Eric left, I went downstairs and knocked on Sean's door. He opened it and I said I would like to be yours again if that is ok. He reached behind me and held my head and French kissed me. There was another guy there and Sean said show him your ass. I looked at him and turned my back to the guy, undid my jeans and slid them down over my ass. Sean grabbed it and mauled it and told the guy he would be back. I started to pull back up my jeans and Sean said that. He was going to have me walk into my apt complex with my ass out. For Eric, I wouldn't but Sean had this effect on me, his words, his stare. So I exhaled and walked out of his place with him behind me and right up into our apartment. He led me into the bedroom again and had me undress except for my shirt again. I laid on the bed as he stood up and straddled my face and dropped his balls into my mouth. They were salty and then he moved up and positioned his asshole over my mouth. In the past while giving head to Eric, I had thought of this and this time I freely did it. After going back and forth between his balls and asshole, he spit in my face and reentered me for the second time today. Again, he was driving all his weight into me. Then I heard the door open.

    The following is my recounting:

    I opened the door and heard Jacqueline from the bedroom. My initial reaction was what the fuck? I put the food on the counter and headed towards the bedroom. What I saw was my wife's legs in the air, and in between them was Sean, slamming into her. She looked out from under him and said this is how she should be fucked. Sean turned and saw me and told me thanks for letting him fuck her again. I watched from the doorway as my wife was literally taken. He choked her while he fucked her, slapped her ass, slapped her face, spit on her and treated her like what she was asking for. I was so hard and kept my clothes on until they told me to join them. While he was doing her doggie style, I slid under her and watched his white cock plunge in her pussy. I opened her up and created a tunnel for him to slide in her and he did right up to the balls. She gasped and breathed deep as he he filled her and stretched her out. I have to admit how sexy it looked seeing her take his cock in. Her pussy was so frothy and creamy as I sucked on her clit and his balls hung low so at first reluctantly I licked them then sucked them one by one and together as he continued to fuck her. Now she has a big pussy but I could see her lips been pushed open. He asked me if I liked seeing him fuck my black bitch and of course I said yes.

    He pulled out of her and told me to move. He got under her and she began to ride him. He spread her ass and told me to lick her asshole. I did and thought wow, look how quickly the roles were reversed. As I licked her asshole, hands on my head moved me down to lick his shaft as it went in and out of her. I was there as a prop, just to assist them and when I was able to look up at her she was gone, succumbed to this. He whispered something in her ear and she said ok. She got up and led me to the bathroom. She straddled the toilet and looked me in my face. She told me to get down and I did. I started sucking her clit and she moaned, Sean stayed in the bedroom. Then I felt a warm liquid and then more then my face was being splashed with her pee. At first I moved away, then embraced it and opened wide and let her urinate in my mouth. From when we dated for 2 years to the 2 years of marriage, we had never even talked of this and now, on this night, all types of barriers were broken. When she finished, she merely left the bathroom and went back to Sean. I went to follow and he told me to stop. So from the bathroom, I watched her on her knees sucking his cock as he degraded her. I don't know who loved it more, me him or her.

    He grew again and then got her up and back on her back she went. He went back inside her and just as before fucked her harder than I ever did. She looked at me while she licked his nipple and grabbed his ass. He said that he was going to cum and she spread her legs wide. I saw his body slow and deliberately drive deeper into her as he grunts signaled that he was cumming inside her. He dismounted her and told me to come closer. I felt squeamish about what I felt was going to happen, but he told me to fuck her. I climbed on top of her, her face dazed and slipped inside. I could feel how loose she was and hot from the what felt like a huge load. I was so horny and ready to pop. Sean moved around the back of her and straddled her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked his balls. With me fucking her missionary, his cock was right in my face. He held my head and put his cockhead in my mouth. I could not believe I was doing this but I could see and feel Jacqueline was thoroughly enjoying it. The combination of fucking her freshly fucked pussy, watching her suck his balls and having my first cock, was sensory overload and I came the HARDEST I ever did. I collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Sean walked out of the bedroom and 2 minutes later we heard the door open and shut. We were both spent and her pussy was practically gaping and full of our cum. I led her to the bathroom all without speaking because I didn't know what to say. We went in the shower and I washed her. I paid close attention to her pussy and stared as cum oozed out.

    Finally after going back to bed, I asked how she was feeling. And she said like a different person. She said today she learned about herself and she is comfortable with it. She said that she loves me but she wants this on a regular basis. And that she is giving me a choice. I looked at her and said she got me. She said from now on to call her by her middle name, because the old Jacqueline is no more. That is how I became the proud Black cuckold that I am.

    [Pics are after Sean, her pussy - my altar, her holding my cock showing the size]

    Black Cuck - cgermaine @


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