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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, May 28, 2007


    Emails From Mike & Dawn .... & her with Friend David!


    I'll have a story to post on your blog soon about my wife Dawn and I. We recently found a new partner, David. He's been through our "approval process", and he and Dawn have done a little making out at a club last Saturday night while I sat and watched gleefully. But tonight after she gets off of work (2 1/2 hours and counting!!) is our first, full, everything goes play session together. I'm hoping things work out with him (it seems they will) as Dawn thinks he's hot, and the thought of seeing the two of them entwined together has been rambling around in my mind ALL week. Well, gotta start getting things ready. I hope not to get much sleep tonight. Here's a picture of her. I'll send another when we're done. - Mike


    **Thanks Mike. Is it your first time? I look forward to it! - Webmaster

    Next Email from Mike: It turned out to be a fun and interesting night. And sure, we've had a number of MFMs before. We always involve a single guy with us for an ongoing cuckold 'relationship', which can last for several months or more. But back to last night.

    I had already taken a shower before they got home. David seemed a bit nervous and/or anxious, but hey, he's only 22 and my wife is in her mid 30's. While I got snacks and drinks together, I suggested they take a shower. After I had gotten the food and drink laid out, I noticed the shower wasn't running yet. I walked into the bathroom to see both of them naked, and Dawn on her knees giving him head. I stood there and watched for a minute, with my boner completely obvious through my shorts. Then they got into the shower. As I left the bathroom, it was obvious they were going to wash each other, so I took the snacks into the bedroom and laid on the bed waiting for them to meet me there.

    After about 10 minutes, a naked Dawn and still still rock hard David came into the room, hand in hand. She had a huge smile on her face, but he still seemed a tad bit nervous. I asked them if they had fun, but Dawn didn't comment, just kept smiling. David simply said, "Uh, yeah!" I told them I wanted to see some of the fun they had. I picked up my glass of Asti, and sat on the side of the bed while Dawn went down on him for a couple of minutes. David was desperately trying to reach her pussy, so I motioned for Dawn to move her rear closer to him and his finger found its target. Dawn loves to give head, and throated him quite easily. But Dawn couldn't take much more, and got on top of him. I moved down to the end of the bed so I could watch him enter her. He's about an inch longer than me, which is what we like. Then the only disappointing moment of the night happened. He shot his load in her after about 30 seconds. But what a load!!! I have never seen so much cum come out of her before. Long story short, the three of us started at about 12:15AM and didn't finish up until a little after 4AM. He came about 6 or 7 more times (though not nearly as much as the first load, and his last time he lasted a good 8-10 minutes or so), and I must have cum about 4 or 5 times. In between, they took another shower together, then all three of us showered at the end. David and I washed her throughly, then she washed each of us, stoping only to go down on us. David left around 4:30, then Dawn took a hot bath (see picture), and then she and I went back at it until around 5:30AM. All in all, I'd say it was a very good night. David called this afternoon before he went in to work, and said he had a lot of fun. He asked if we could get together again. I reminded him of our conversation last weekend that if things went well, this would become an ongoing thing. I told him, "I think things went very well, don't you?" He laughed, and I knew he finally got over his anxiousness. We're set to hook back up Thursday or Friday night, depending on Dawn's work schedule.

    **Sounds like you guys had a great time!! Thanks for the picture of her. Let me know when you guys do it again. I'll post your pictures and story soon. - Webmaster

    cuckold wife dawn

    Yeah, I think he's going to work out just fine. David was off Thursday and spent the afternoon with Dawn until after I got home. She said he came a lot the first time again, but lasted a bit longer. I got home just in time for his last time inside her. I got her on top of him, with her back lying on his chest as he entered her. Dawn LOVES to get eaten out while being fucked. I finally got the rhythm right, and a few times my tongue touched him, but he didn't seem to mind. Dawn came like crazy at the end. You could tell he was surprised, but I wasn't too sure about how he felt about being "touched" by another guy. We're supposed to hook back up again tonight if David gets off work early. It didn't seem to deter him from coming back, so I guess he didn't mind. Dawn and I will discuss this with him later tonight (hopefully) when we're together. - Mike

    Friday, May 25, 2007


    My Wife Tina and Best Friend

    Hello all,
    I posted a pic of my wife awhile ago and the rresponse to her was so great I thought I would post a couple more. She has been cucking me with my best friend for about 3 yrs nows. Please let me know how much you like her at kurt5675 @


    hot wife

    My wife Tina and I have been married for 12 yrs now and like most men who frequent this site I have always fantasized about watching her with another man and had told her this many times. unfortunately the answer was always "no!"Tina does like to flirt however especially with my best friend Matt.
    One night while we were drinking at our house and Tina was being extremely playful I decided to take the opportunity to see how far I could take things. I began rubbing her breast in front of him and soon had her top off. My friend could not believe his eyes and just stood admiring her. After a few minutes of this Tina turned to and said, "O.k. if this is what you really want Let's see if you can handle it".
    With that she walked over to Matt and started kissing him. He seemed a little nervous at first but once she unbuckled his pants it was obvious he was more than happy. As Tina released his cock she smiled and told me to notice how much bigger he was than me. Then looking me in the eyes she started to slowly lick around the head before taking him into her mouth.
    That night I watched my best friend fuck my beautiful wife. once he finally rolled off her she grabbed my head and pushed me down between her legs. Not realising he had cum in her I happily began licking for all I was worth. It didnt take long to notice the difference in taste and Tina laugh as she held my head in place. She asked if I like the taste of his cum and by that point I was so turned on all I could do was answer yes and keep licking.
    That was 3 yrs ago and we have repeated that scene many times.

    Monday, May 21, 2007


    My Wife on Vacation with Her Lover

    My wife has a lover that she's had sex with for 8 years. They get together 6 or 7 times a year for a few hours of fucking and sucking. He has no idea that I know about him and my wife and their longstanding liaisons. I never get to watch obviously and never see pictures although she does show me 'vacation' pictures at times. This picture is of her having her picture taken by him while they were cruising on a boat.

    She looks so happy and I can only imagine how he must have taken her on it. I just love the tension of waiting for her to return home after a session or weekend get-a-way. It's like a whole body vibration on an atomic level. When she gets home she shows me her soaking wet panties, we go to the bedroom and I slide my cock into her cummy pussy and shiver with delight as I stroke her while hearing about her adventure of the evening. After a good long stroking I climax in her and hold her close.

    I'm always so contented and relaxed the next day. I'm good for a while now until she tells me that she's going over there again when the tension begins anew. - Darius


    Thursday, May 17, 2007


    My Cheating Wife

    cuckold wife
    Here is a picture of my wife in our room masterbating and telling me how much she wants me. It was when we first met. My wife is from Danmark and a year ago, I saw her from my bedroom window kissing a guy in car who used to bring her home from work. I was so upset but did not say a thing.

    I set up a video cam in my living room the next night because I was going to be away for the night and I suspected she was going to bring him in.

    Well on the cam it was a wide view of my living room I could see him and her kissing in the doorway and his hand in her shirt. Next thing I know they are laying on the floor and she is spread eagled and he is eating her out! I couldn't take this! She then gave him a bj and they screwed HARD!

    I asked her the next day if she ever cheated on me. She said 'of course not' and I then put on the tape for her.

    Her jaw dropped and she became hysterical. She cried and said she was sorry. We worked it out and everything is fine now. By the way I still have the tape and at the time I was so mad yet I wasn't too mad and didn't know why. But now I do and I really enjoy the hell out of the tape at least once a week. - Allan


    Monday, May 14, 2007


    Hot Wife Driving Hubby Crazy

    We have been married for over 10 years. I know my wife has been unfaithful on several occasions. I can make a good guess as to who 3 or 4 of her lovers have been. The problem is she simply denies it. I would love to know who, when, where, what it was like on so on. I frequently fantasize about her affairs and it really turns me on.

    How can I persuade her to tell me all and even maybe let me watch her next time?
    Please help a frustrated cuckold!!! (**Responses can be posted

    I mean there is even alot much evidence that my wife had an affair with her boss including having sex in our bed but she denies anything has ever happened (even though they acutally went out on a date -dinner & movie but she claims it was for work). Although I had/have confessed how much this sort of thing turns me on she denies it and I believed her till another woman told me that she really doubted my wife would ever admit to it but I was kind of dense to think she didn't sleep with him when I told her all the clues.

    Also, I found out that my wife went out with the girls one night to a strip show {for the ladies}. I was insane with curiousity, and bugged her for weeks to tell me about it. Finally, she began to admit little bits out, {which was a turn on in itself} little by little, until she admitted that the girls at the table, including her, licked whipped cream off the cocks of the strippers! Now I know the ladies that she went with, and I bugged her to admit it if they all did it too. They did! As you might guess, I was in bed with her while we talked, and I couldn't help but pop a nut. There's much more these naughty ladies did that night, but won't go on except to say that it has become the center of my sex life. Just so you know what she looks like I have sent a picture of her. This is the best I could do as she'd kill me if she found a picture of her nude with her face showing online. This at least gives you an idea of what she looks like and how sexy she can be. - Dortman


    Thursday, May 10, 2007


    Alan's Wife Cuckolds Him

    HOT WIFE Im Alan, my wife is JoAnne. We have been married for 22 years. Recently my performance in the bedroom had been lacking due to blood pressure medication, prostrate problems, and a few other interfering factors. I knew that I was not giving ... READ THE REST HERE.


    Monday, May 07, 2007


    My Girlfriend 'Almost' Did!

    Hi all,

    My girlfriend is a fine looking blonde, 26 years old. We've been together for about 4 years now. I've been open about my fantasies from the start. Then she thought I wanted her to be unfaithful just so I could be it myself... but the last year or so she started to understand I was being serious about it... Her sexual record is quite thin since she had a really long relationship before me. And this makes it even more arousing for me... She has a super body & I enjoy watching other men watch her...

    But she's not the kind of girl who sleeps around. There's been one guy so far... they've never fucked but... slept in the same bed three times after parties... he were touching her ass, she was kind of shy about it so she told me she pretended to sleep... cute! I asked her if she liked it & she smiled and said of course... I was encouraging her to have some contact with this guy & the last time they were out partying they slept at a friends house, sharing a bed & they kissed & he felt her ass & breasts, but she didn't want to go all the way... Then at a party after that I was there too and with them and we all crashed in the same room. We had gotten my wife naked and I was showing her off to him knowing that he'd seen her before but he didn't know I knew. That was hot and this picture you see is of my wife and my finger touching her in the same way I showed her off to him. But, nothing happened that night either. Now he has a girlfriend and so it is not on anymore.

    More interesting a new guy has entered the scene and she really likes his looks... He's ok and is really good looking... Anyway the only thing that has happened is that he spent one night beside her in our bed... nothing happened but we started to talk about this and I said it was ok for her to fuck him... So now I figured I'd try some dirty talk where I tell stories where him & her fuck and she really seems to enjoy it... Once I also told her to pretend I was him & she came very fast (me too...), now I know that lately she's been thinking about him when masturbating & confessed to a girlfriend of hers that she's interested in this guy...

    I'll be away most of June & I've been wishing for some action and she seems very into it as well... She asked me the other day if I really mean it... That's a good sign... I bought her some condoms and now she keeps them next to her bed... also a good sign! I'm gonna buy her a brazilian wax right before I leave, and she told me yesterday that she found some really sexy panties that she would like to have... I'm GOING to buy those. Also she told me that she'd bought a jasmin herb bag that she keeps in her drawer with undies to make them smell irresistable... I really hope that it's going to happen this time! - Jake


    Thursday, May 03, 2007


    She Cuckolded Me From the Backseat!

    My wife and I were at a BBQ one afternoon and a good friend of ours was having relationship problems and was arguing with his girlfriend on his cell while he was in his car. It was really getting him down and so after an hour, my wife went over to talk to him. The property was pretty big so they were away from everyone else at the BBQ. It was quiet out but I was still able to catch a glimpse of them as she was stand next to him, while he's in the back seat. Then she looked around and went inside the backseat with him! I'd never would have suspected her to do anything like this. I noticed that she would look around alot and his head was back on the ledge. I went into the house we were at and looked though a dining room window looking down on the side of his car. I couldn't believe my eyes! My wife was stroking him with his pants open and his cock standing straight up. She continued to look around. His eyes were closed. That's when I decided to get a picture with my cell as evidence if ever I accuse her. I was mad and yet wanted to watch so much. I snuck around outside to the back of his car and waited until I was sure they wouldn't see me. My heart was racing at 200 bps! I got one picture (see attatched) that wasn't great but it was enough. But then instead of leaving I stayed to watch a bit more. After about 2 mins, she would bend over and lick the head of his dick a couple of times. Then the lick turned into a little sucking. After about a minute of this, he shot his load all over her hand (and back of the driver's seat). She then walked away licking her hand. She never mentioned this to me (it's been 2 years) and he never acted any differently towards me. I kept saying to myself that I'd confront her but I enjoy the fantasies I have re-living that moment in my head every night. I'm afraid if I expose it then it will ruin my fun and thrill. He has since moved. But you always gotta wonder was there anything else between them. - Jeffrey


    Hotwife janice HotWife Janice
    I spend alot of time online chatting with and then meeting other men

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