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Cuckold Site was started by John Smith after a free adult club called originally 'cockold club' a little joke of his, was deleted when 'excite' deleted all its adult clubs and boards, because John had had such a good response to the club with 1000's of members he decided rather than let it disappear he would start a proper cuckold site up, this was back in mid 2000 sometime.

This site has proved so popular that it attracts over a million hits a year and rising, all for a very low cost to the viewer! The only complaint John ever gets about Cuckold Site is that the older content disappears, and that is purely because of hosting limitations, so the only way forward was to start a mega archive site, which is how was born. is a site in its own right, and has developed into a cuckold community rather than just a 'porn' site. For all the reasons outlined on the signing in page John has had no choice but to make this site a proper membership site. Things got further complicated, when many AVS systems and providers started shutting down over the past few years. Cyberage has stayed around and Cybersex, hence the two sites have not merged further.

In the original Cuckold Site, you have a lot of photos, these are updated once a week. There is also a smaller CyberAge/Cybersex version of the site as well, all accessable from the same log in area. Within the log in area are links to other Cuckold sites which we have set up which you can log into using the AVS password. For a small monthly fee you can access all the weekly updates, and cuckold content within the sites. has remained a seperate 'bigger' site, with just 'normal' membership. You join the site and only that site, but it is a big one! There is content added daily, with thousands and thousands of cuckold photos and lots and lots of film clips!

Plus there are articles on Cuckolding, manuals on how to be a cuckold, how to suck black cock with lots and lots to see and read and watch. Plus we never delete anything, or rotate content, so the site just keeps getting better and better value all the time. Plus for every month you stay a member on the membership fee drops a dollar till it is just half! So thats another great reason to stay a member. We hope you like and enjoy both sites, which each have a slightly different feeling to them and cum back to them time and time again.

- John Smith 'Founder'

**To join CLICK HERE and then scroll down until you get to a blue link that says "Sign in Now!". On'that page click on , "Click here to join" and you will then have access to the 'Mother of all Cuckolding Sites' with literally TONS of cuckold content. - Webmaster


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