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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, January 30, 2022

    My First Time as a Bull


    Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent ;)

    I've not had many cuckolding experiences - or rather experiences as a Bull - in my time - but the few I've had have been pretty stupendous.

    I'd been interested in swinging for quite a while - ever since myself and an ex girlfriend got it on with a few couples and singles at random times thoughout a 4 year relationship - my biggest turn on (and hers too) was always when me and another guy fucked the living shit out of her - the MFF threesome while still great never lived up to the ultimate male fantasy that it is supposed to be for either of us - all of the experiences however were very much of a share-and-share-alike kind of nature - nothing close to cuckolding at all.

    Anyway, when the relationship broke up I was still interested in swinging so started using the internet to try and hook up with couples - which I thought would take ages - so imagine my surprise when one day I got a very positive response to an email I had sent a couple.

    The couple were in their mid-late 20's (about my age) - and the wife (Kate) was an absolute peach - see pics - just my type (well one of them anyway ;) ).

    Her husband (jason) had penned the email, and he explained that they wanted to act out a fantasy that they had been thinking about for some time. ... READ THE REST HERE

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    Wednesday, January 26, 2022

    Wife was Fucked Three Times


    Hi Readers of the Blog. This is about my ex wife Barbara:

    Although she had sex with a number of men after she finally made me a cuckold - we'd been married 18 years before it happened and was something I'd long wanted and fantasised over, as I'd guessed correctly had she - the best of her lovers was Dave, a man I'd written to by email after she'd picked him out, along with three others, from a personals site.

    In the first and most important place, Dave was exactly her physical type and she admitted to me that she fell in love with him sexually. He was also about the only one who was really well-endowed, about eight inches plus, and he was also a very good lover. For example, she would bring him to orgasm orally, yet immediately, even though he'd just come, he would return the favour before then fucking her. From my point of view as the willing cuckolded husband, though, he was far and away superior to all the other men she had during those last four and very erotic years of our marriage. He was the only one - this occurred on the morning after their first night and time together - who on the phone asked me what fantasies I'd had over the years about her having sex with other men and how he'd make them come true. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Felt like a Hot Poker went into my Stomach


    I am 31 now but just a few years ago I started dating a girl a couple years younger than I. She was 22 and surprisingly (she's really good looking) was a virgin when we met and it wasn't long before we started having sex. She had an extremely high sex drive and enjoyed trying something new all the time. It was a dream come true for a guy like me.

    Now, here's where the story begins. My best friend never seemed to have very good luck with girls. My girlfriend set him up several times with friends of hers but he could never seem to get lucky.

    One night at my place we had a few beers and after a while I took my gf into my room to bang her. After we finished we talked and I dared her to walk out into the living room completely naked in front of my friend and get my beer off the table. The dare excited her and she readily jumped up opened the door to the room and walked out. I peeked around the corner and my friend's reaction was priceless. He didn't know what to do. My gf walked up to him and she bent over right in front of him and got my beer, said hello and walked back to the hallway. My friend commented by saying nice ass.

    My gf and I found that very exciting.

    Not long after that my friend was driving us someplace and I decided to tit fuck my gf in the backseat of his car. He got a very good look at her tits the whole time he was driving. There where a few other instances like this. The next time he came over, the three of us watched ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 19, 2022

    Encroaching on another Man's Territory


    I'm in my late 30's and when I was 18 years old I encountered my first love. I had already had sex with two girls, but neither of them were girls I was hot for, you know, the kind you really really want to fuck. Well, my first two lays were more to get the whole thing done and get experience but this girl was different, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen.

    Not only myself, but my closest friends as well, thought her to be the cutest girl around. We all lived by the school and each day we would see this group of party girls walking by and talking to ourselves. Well, very soon after we saw each other, friends talking, who knows and who can really remember, but we hooked up and we were both really happy to be together. We fucked only a few times and it was very young love, but the disappointing thing was, love hadn't had it's chance to blossom yet, and there was mostly animal lust between us, and after only a few times spending time together, she had to go to another school, and I lived too far from her to visit her home, not yet having a car even.

    So, We never really saw each other for a while.

    Then one day, a few years later, we saw each other again, but both of us were in relationships and we could not pursue anything together, although I admit I would have tried if given the chance. I have never been one to regard the boyfriend as much interference if the girlfriend is willing. But in this case, I had too much respect and care to even try and so I went my way and she went hers. I must also admit that part of me is a bull. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 16, 2022

    My Wife Loves Younger Men


    I'm going to be honest here—I can't remember the details of the first time my wife Connie brought another man into our bed. I can't describe that evening in detail because it was all such a blur to me. I was running the gamut of feelings that night: nervous, excited, jealous, proud, and almost every other emotion.

    He was a 22-year-old college student, she was 37 at the time. Suffice it to say he fucked her like she hadn't been fucked in years. It seemed like she was having one continuous orgasm—she must have cum seven or eight times in a couple of hours. Afterward I felt relief—relief that she enjoyed it and wanted to keep doing it on a regular basis.

    Over the years since then she's developed quite a taste for young guys, and it's amazing how much they're attracted to her. She says she likes their staying power and their quick recovery time. And they like, well, I guess there are a lot of young guys out there with older woman fantasies, especially when it's an older woman who still looks as good as Connie does.

    She's 42 now, looks more like 32, and fucks like 22!

    The foreplay is always as big a turn-on to me as the actual fucking. In the early days Connie used to be fully dressed when she met the guy, and wear her sexy lingerie under her clothes. It was fun watching them undress her, but now it's even better, because when we meet them at our home she usually greets them wearing just a little silk robe over her undies. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 12, 2022

    Massage Therapist Cheating Girlfriend


    My girlfriend and I are in our late twenties. Her name is Emma. She is a professional massage therapist. She works at an upscale place and makes good money giving several massages each day to a wide swath of regular clients. When we first started dating, I was worried about her working as a masseuse knowing all the seedy things that can happen at massage parlors.

    Emma put my fears to bed though. She explained that she had given some handjobs early in her career before she met me to make some extra money. However, since she got her official license and started working at the upscale location, she's only given normal body massages without any happy endings. She said some guys ask for more occasionally but she just says no and that's the end of it. And if they are ever pushy, they get banned from the place.

    Emma is quite attractive so I have no doubt most of her clients dream of getting more from her. To be honest, I dreamed about it a lot too. I had always been curious about the cuckold fetish and my relationship with Emma set the fantasy into overdrive for some reason. Emma is a very sex positive person but I was still a bit nervous to tell her about the fetish. When I eventually did though, she took it in stride and wasn't freaked out at all. I explained that the thought of her caressing the naked bodies of other men drove me crazy but in a good way. Emma laughed and joked about how that was in fact what she does every day while giving massages. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 09, 2022

    Husband Set me Up for Big Fun


    As I have said previously, I am a wife (cougar). Travel agent. My husband set me up to meeting three guys one night in a kinda of seedy side of town. He dropped me off and they said they would call to pick me up when they were done with me.

    They wanted me dressed like a hooker. So I wore red stockings and garter short skirt and low cut top. I parked my car and stood on the corner. My husband put a tracking device in my purse just in case.

    I stood on the corner for about ten minutes when a van pulled up and a guy leaned out and said, "Slut get in the van," the door opened and in I got. But there was not three guys but five.

    They gagged me and tied my hands, then drove for about twenty minutes. I did not see where we were going I was in the back. I did not expect this and could not tell husband. He only knew where I was headed.

    Anyway we ended up at some warehouse. They dragged me in already had ripped off my top and skirt all I had left was garter and stockings. They made me drink water so I wouldn't be dehydrated. Anyway they started using me making be blow them and stuff, but at first did not fuck me. ... READ THE REST HERE

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    Wednesday, January 05, 2022

    Cuckolded while on Contiki Tour


    This is a true story of when me and my GF had gone on a European Contiki for under a month back in 2018 and we struck up a really good friendship with a guy from Brisbane and I started to notice he was quite flirty towards my GF.

    I originally dismissed it, thinking it was just his personality... but during one very drunken night in Greece I noticed he was getting handsy and I don't know if it was because I'd been drinking since 11am, or what but I wasn't overly phased.. if anything it intrigued at his gutsiness.

    I know he knew I was aware.. as it was very directed at me, and she too kind of went with the vibe.

    I ended up going back to the villa/room to make a phone call back home (I did this every couple days.) I was only gone for a good 20-25 minutes and when I came back to the bar, I couldn't find my GF anywhere so I went for a walk around the seats on the beach and that's when she called out to me, she was roughed up.

    And she just said it was due to the heat/weather and that the sand/stones made her fall, she went to the bathroom and she came out looking a bit more collected, we continued to drink and dance and she was obviously turned on and our friend "Tim" was just watching us with a subtle smirk. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 02, 2022

    My Goth GF turned into a Hotwife


    My girlfriend Kate and I started dating in our mid twenties. She was very cute with a slightly alternative goth look. She wore dark eye makeup and baggy clothes almost every day. She had a great body but you'd be hard pressed to notice while she was wearing her favorite oversized xxl hoodie.

    After a few months of dating, I told Kate about my cuckolding fetish. She thought it was silly and teased me about it but it never went further than that at the time. Kate, on the other hand, was a big fan of dress up and roleplay. Her favorite holiday was halloween and she had tons of costumes accrued from over the years. She liked to sneak into the closet sometimes, dress up like a slutty elf or pirate, jump on the bed, and then beckon me to join her. It was super hot and we had great sex any time she did it.

    I got a job as a bartender at an upscale bar attached to a larger hotel. Kate wanted to visit and see it but I told her she couldn't just show up in her normal oversized hoodie. She'd need to dress up. Kate took the challenge and eventually found a short black dress from her college days.

    She tried it on and she looked incredible. She smirked and asked if the dress would be acceptable for my fancy pants bar. I said yes and added that every guy there would be hitting on her. Kate laughed and said that I would like that if so. I agreed and suggested she wear some jewelry to complete the look. I took out a gold bracelet she had and said that she should wear it on her ankle. Kate asked if that would make her an official hotwife if she did that. I said it would make her look like one but she'd have to actually hook up with another guy to obtain official hotwife status. Kate agreed to wear the dress and anklet but was skeptical that she'd receive any noteworthy attention during the evening. ... READ THE REST HERE


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