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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, December 29, 2021

    I got Cuckolded by my Boss


    I got cuckolded half a year ago and I'm finally ready to write about it.

    I'm a tall, skinny, white guy in my late twenties. I have a beautiful girlfriend named Anna who is also white and in her late twenties. We met a couple years ago and moved in together relatively quickly. Then quarantine hit and we were kinda stuck together. Not that we didn't have a good relationship. It was just that it would have been near impossible for either of us to move out, both financially and practically.

    Soon after we started living together, I told Anna about my fascination with cuckolding. She was perplexed at first and didn't believe me. I stayed firm though and she eventually took me seriously. She had lots of questions which I tried to answer as best I could.

    In the end, she didn't commit to doing anything. At the time in quarantine, we weren't sure how to meet people in the first place. But she did say she'd think about it and said if she did do it, it had to be 100% her decision for who, where, when, and how and there was nothing I could do to stop it once she made her decision. I agreed to her stipulation without a second thought.

    Over the next few months, Anna assumed a more dominant role in our relationship. She made me do all the chores around the house. She also made every decision for where to go eat or what to watch on TV. Sexually, she didn't let me fuck her anymore and she wouldn't give me blowjobs or handjobs. Instead, she enjoyed long sessions of me licking her pussy and I was allowed to masturbate afterwards if she thought I did a good enough job. I loved it though and she seemed to settle into the role naturally. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 22, 2021

    Cuckolding in Secret


    HIM- My wife and I figured out how she could have sex with her boss, my boss, his two brothers, my four brothers-in-law and a few of his friends and no one could ever tell.

    If you want to know how email me. We also love having guys send us a face pic and I send them vids I took of her and all we ask is to keep to yourself ... shhhhh. Wife's name is Carol.

    HER - This is Carol now speaking. Also how I would let my two neighbors, oh and the guy behind our house all see me naked. I kept the bathroom window open when showering or undressing in the bedrooms.

    I also worked on a loading dock and would let the guys use me at a house a friend of ours owned which we watched for him while he lived in China.

    Also worked for a taxi service as a dispatcher same with them, but always with rubbers on unless I knew they were safe. Husband loved it.

    Also, I used to leave the state beach and guys would always ask if I wanted a ride. Most of the time I let them see me naked and jerked them off. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 19, 2021

    Cuckolded during a Cabin Retreat


    Hey. I never thought I'd really become a cuckold but it finally happened last week. I can't lie... it's been a fantasy for most of my adult life. I just never thought my girlfriend would actually do it.

    My girlfriend's name is Sara. We're in our late twenties and have been dating for a few years now. She has a skinny body, small boobs, and dirty blonde hair. She's cute with a girl next door type appearance.

    Before Thanksgiving, we decided to join some friends for a trip to a cabin in the snowy mountains. In total, there would be five people at the cabin. There was me and Sara, John and his girlfriend Amy, and then Chris. We were good friends with John and Amy but we didn't know Chris that well. It was his family's cabin though and he was gracious enough to host us.

    It was a long drive to the cabin up some narrow mountain roads. Sara and I arrived in the afternoon. Chris was already there and showed us inside. An hour later, we got a call from John who said they had some car trouble. They were getting a tow back into town and wouldn't be able to make it to the cabin until the following day. This left Sara and I alone with Chris for the night in the cabin.

    Chris was tall, attractive, and very confident. Both Sara and I are on the shorter side and he towered over us while giving us a tour around the cabin. The cabin was beautiful though and we were excited to stay there for a few days. Once we got situated in our room, we all ate dinner together and drank some beers. It was a bit awkward with Chris as the third wheel to me and Sara but we were having a good time overall. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 15, 2021

    Becoming an Exhibitionist Hotwife


    Hi. Not too many stories here from the female perspective so I thought I'd add my recent experiences to the mix. My name is Tina. My boyfriend Ted and I met in college. I'm asian and he is white. We're a bit nerdy, both in terms of personality and physical appearance. Neither of us were ever popular or outgoing growing up but we've made an effort to be more adventurous recently after spending the majority of a year stuck in quarantine together.

    I guess I appear shy and unassuming in public but I have always been a bit kinky. I love to read erotic stories. It started with fifty shades of grey and then expanded to more x-rated stories online. That's how I first stumbled upon this site actually. Ted knows I read a lot of stories and I share my favorite ones with him.

    We occasionally watch porn together too, usually after drinking a bit. One day while watching a video of a girl in a threesome with two guys, Ted told me about his cuckolding fetish. I wasn't frightened by the idea. I had definitely read some stories with cuckold themes in the past so I understood the appeal. I wasn't too surprised either. Ted and I rarely have sex. He is quite submissive sexually and usually just cums into his hand while watching me masturbate. He'll go down on me whenever I ask too, even though I never give him blowjobs. We've been dating for almost four years now and I think I've only sucked his dick twice ever. My dick is just below average 5 inches long, but pretty thick. I've told women it's average before and they believe me. Liza you can see in these pictures. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 12, 2021

    My Mind Raced with another Man's Cock in Her


    This happened not too long ago and is a vivid, hot memory in my mind. My girlfriend and I were in our sophomore year in college. We had been dating since our senior year in high school. She had joined a sorority while I was living just off campus in an apartment. She quickly made friends and became really close with her sorority "twin". Her twin, we'll call her Chloe, was pretty wild and had been teaching my girlfriend, we'll call her Liza, a lot of things about sex prior. For example, Liza learned how to deepthroat from Chloe.

    Liza would ask if I thought Chloe was hot, and I would admit that I did think Chloe was. I didn't think much of it until one day the two of them approached me and asked if I would be willing to trade partners for a night. I acted hesitant, but I agreed. I had heard stories about Chloe and I'd be lying if I thought I didn't think about fucking her.

    Chloe expressed her sexuality in her dress. During the springtime, Chloe would always be wearing a different sundress everyday. Almost always lowcut to show off her C ups and short enough to accentuate her legs and ass. I thought her breasts were larger than Liza's, but found out later it was just because of how she 'presented' them. She had a really nice body. She was pretty tan as well.

    My dick is just below average 5 inches long, but pretty thick. I've told women it's average before and they believe me. Liza you can see in these pictures. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 08, 2021

    Big Toys are a Gateway into Cuckolding?


    Over the last few years, I've had different 3 LTRs that have culminated in full blown cuckoldry. All of which ended terribly, mostly because of the cuckoldry (or at least improper management of the situations). I love jerking off thinking about them. While I would say my cucking/wife sharing fetish is pretty prevalent for me, it's not a path I've gone down the last few years since I've been with my current wife.

    My wife knows about most of my past and my sexual inclinations. This includes my bisexual predilections and my interest/willingness in allowing/encouraging her to express herself sexually any way she wants. That being said, she's never shown any interest in being shared or adding another person into the mix. It's always been a "I'm completely satisfied, you're enough for me," response from her every time, which I respect so I've never pushed it. We do have a great sex life, I keep myself in shape, I've got a decent cock (6.5" pretty thick) and can give her squirting orgasms from sex, so there's been no need on either of our ends to rock that boat.

    So one day I declared I wanted a new sex toy. We have plenty of clitoral stimulators, a wand (that she loves) and some assorted hard plastic vibrators (that she could never get into). We'd gone toy shopping together many times before and she never reacted well when I would point out the large, soft, life like dildos. I'd always wanted one but she always steered towards something smaller and less "organic" looking. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 05, 2021

    My Friend took my Girlfriend's Anal Cherry


    We had a party one night, me, my girlfriend (we'll call her Brooke for the story) and about three of our friends. We were all drinking and partying, having a blast.

    Eventually though, my girlfriend goes upstairs and crashes on our bed. After about an hour, everyone leaves except my friend Zach. Now, Zach has been caught multiple times staring at my girlfriend's ass, tits, whatever it may be.

    I knew he craved her. I told him I'd go check on her, and that he could come with me it he wanted. He did so, and we walked into my room, only to see she was laying awake staring at her phone with her ass up in the air. Zach bit his lip and got a hard-on almost immediately.

    He walked up to the soon-to-be gift and started groping and playing with her ass to which she looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and she took that as a sign that it was okay. Seeing her okay with it is when I finally started getting hard.

    He then pressed the bulge of his cock between her ass and rolled his hips gently, then looked over at me and asked if I wanted him to stop. I of course, told him no. Brooke would stop looking at her phone in the middle of his grinding, and look back at him.

    Still a bit shy I assume, she just giggled and pulled down her panties, swaying her ass playfully at him. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 01, 2021

    My Wife Dreams of Big Dicks


    I'm very submissive and have femdom and cuckolding fetishes. Wife and I started 24/7 chastity 1 year ago, which she now loves. She's getting more and more comfortable with femdom as she's realizing it's not really hurting my feelings.

    She's aware of my cuckolding fetish and has said it's probably not going to happen, but still gets into the role playing. I'm hoping she eventually cucks me. We have sex 3 times a week and it's always with me wearing a thick 8" or a 12" strap-on which I've gotten her to call them boyfriend and big boyfriend. I'm only an average 5".

    I also sext her random huge dicks almost daily asking her if they look better than her boyfriend's.

    This dream happened last weekend.

    The night before she took an impressive 10" of her 12" boyfriend again and that morning said she was a little sore in her pussy and in her stomach. I asked if it was worth it. She paused, then said with a smile, uh, yeah, it was worth it.

    After that she tells me that she also dreamt about big dicks last night. WHAT!?!?!? HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! ... READ THE REST HERE


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