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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, October 31, 2021

    She asked for a Birthday Threesome


    I am a long time lurker and masturbator here at this blog, first time poster. I’m 56. My wife is 44. We've been married 12 years. We have been unable to have kids. I have put on about 50 pounds over the course of our marriage, and I honestly believe my dick has gotten smaller over that time too. It wasn't that big to start with, about six or so.

    Our love life is practically nonexistent, although my wife does try to initiate sex pretty often. I just haven't been that horny lately. Before my birthday last year we talked about spicing things up in the bedroom and I said how about a three-way with another girl. To my surprise my wife was down with it. One condition: that she get a three-way of her choice on her birthday.

    We looked online for a while but couldn't really connect up. She said her friend Marie might be into it. I didn't think she would be, but then she did. She's really cute, nice bod, in her 30s, recently divorced, one kid. I didn't think it was real. I started jacking off like crazy thinking about it.

    Then on my birthday I had too much to drink cause I was so freakin nervous and when we started fooling around I lost my erection. I had both Marie and my wife naked in the bed, and Marie wanted to get fucked in the worst way. I just couldn't get it up for anything.

    When I'm soft like that my dick is tiny like a baby's, literally. She kept trying to suck it and jack it and push it into her pussy but it just wouldn't work. I apologized. She sighed a really long sigh, got dressed, and left. Jeez I felt like a loser. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 27, 2021

    My First Time as a Bull


    Hello! Bull here!

    I wanted to relay a story to everyone and bring up an idea I had.

    The first couple I ever experienced was extremely fun! They were pretty religious and so they didn't have a whole lot of experience with others as far as sex was concerned.

    In fact, they had only ever had sex with each other.

    However, one day it was brought up that before they met she had made out with a guy and he had touched her boobs. Never saw them, but went up her shirt and played with them. He got annoyed with this, since she was the only one he'd ever done anything remotely sexual with, and it led to several fights between them over the next few months.

    Over time he realized he couldn't stop thinking about how there was another guy out there that knew what his wife's boobs felt like. It was a mix of emotions, anger, jealousy, etc. But the one emotion that he just couldn't get rid of was arousal. Every time he thought of this he would get more turned on. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, October 24, 2021

    My Wife the one time Porn Star


    My wife Amanda and I are in our early thirties and live together in Los Angeles. She is super hot and turns heads whenever we go out in public. Her flirty and fun loving personality doesn't help either. I was never afraid of her cheating on me though. It was more inconvenient than anything... getting stopped by guys everywhere we went and having to wait as she laughed at their jokes and carried on prolonged conversations.

    Over time, it became a turn on for me watching her get hit on and I could even start to discern the guys she really liked from the guys she was just being nice to. It wasn't a physical attribute though. Rather, it was 100% confidence. She loved when a stranger walked straight up to her and shot his shot.

    One experience that was quite memorable was when we were in a boutique clothing store. The owner brought out several and made Amanda try them all on. As she cycled through the outfits, he told her that she was gorgeous and that he had designed the dresses specifically for a woman like her. He got handsy too and took every opportunity to fondle her body to check the fit of his dresses. He asked Amanda if she'd have dinner with him later that night but she politely declined. She was a bit embarrassed but I could see that she was turned on too. At the end, the owner gave her his personal cell phone number in case she ever wanted to model for him in the future. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 20, 2021

    My Submissive Humiliation Fetish


    It's been awhile since me and my gf have been kinky, it's mostly been just vanilla sex for a few months. Even with that being said the last 2 weeks we haven't really even fucked so I've been horny constantly.

    With this madness in the world, the other day during the weekend she had the fun idea of doing something different when we were both home from work. In the early morning she woke me up with some head which was a very nice surprise but didn't let me finish and made me get a shower. After coming back I saw she had layed out a bunch of our bondage stuff all over the bed and some of her toys. Obviously I was very down for whatever she had in mind. She told me to undress and lay face down on the bed.

    She started off with a nice back massage, she slowly started to strip and continued to massage my back. It felt great to feel her naked body rubbing all over mine. As I layed there relaxed she reached over and grabbed the ropes she had on the side and started to tie my wrists to the corners of the bed.

    At this point I was laying facing the bottom of the bed with my feet at our pillows. With my wrists tied tight she moved to my feet lifting up the pillows and tieing my ankles to the other corners of the bed. I layer there barely able to move as she pulled my dick down so it stuck out below me and no longer under my body. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 17, 2021

    Our First Cuckold Experience


    A few weeks ago, I had my first cuckold experience with my girlfriend Amy. We're both in our mid twenties and have been dating and travelling around the country together since we graduated from college. Amy has an outgoing and carefree personality. She can be a bit mischievous too sexually.

    We drive around a lot on our travels and she has found several ways to tease me on the road. My favorite obviously is when she gives me a blowjob while I am driving. One time a trucker driving next to us caught her and she was so embarrassed at first. The driver honked his horn a few times and motioned for her to flash him. WIthout much hesitation, Amy pulled up her shirt and held her boobs up to the window while laughing. The driver then gave us a thumbs up. I then sped up and drove away.

    Amy is definitely a bit of an exhibitionist. Being on the road so often, there are numerous occasions when she has to go to the bathroom or change clothes on the side of the road. She always gets a thrill that someone might see her. And after the experience with the truck driver, she's become even more adventurous than usual. On one of our trips a couple months ago, she sunbathed naked on the edge of a lake and there were a couple of fishermen who noticed from their boats. This turned her on a lot and we had sex on a towel behind some trees after they drifted out of sight.

    We were on one of our road trips recently but had some car trouble on the way to our destination. We were in a remote area but luckily there was an auto shop not too far away that we could get towed to. They didn't have the part on hand to fix the car but they said they could get it in the following day. They referred us to a nearby motel and we decided to stay there until they were able to fix the car. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    My Wife Flirts at Clubs


    For a long time, my wife Tina and I have had an arrangement. About once a month, we'll go to a club and she will flirt and dance with other men while I sit at the bar and watch. We typically go somewhere about an hour away from our house to minimize the risk of running into someone we know. Tina takes hours to do her hair and makeup and get her outfit just right. And once we're at the club, she's a social butterfly talking to anyone who approaches her. Given her good looks, she quickly becomes a focal point for all the guys in the club. She loves the attention. After half an hour of speed dating her suitors, Tina will choose her favorite and hit the dance floor. I remain at the bar and watch as a stranger throws his arms around my wife and she grinds her body against him. It's a huge turn on to see her let loose. Sometimes she just dances with the guy but occasionally it goes a bit further. I've caught Tina making out with a guy in the corner of the club numerous times. And depending on the club and how well lit it is, some guys have fondled her boobs or reached up under her dress and touched her butt. That's the furthest it's ever gone though. At the end of the night, Tina will make some excuse to her dance partner and leave the club. I meet her outside and then we drive home.

    We've been doing this for years and we both love it. By the time we get home, we're both so horny that we're typically tearing each other's clothes off before we even get into the front door. I've given Tina permission to go further with another guy if she wants and potentially go home with them after dancing. She always said that she hadn't found the right guy yet but she was open to it if the opportunity presented itself. I guess the rest of this story is about that opportunity presenting itself in the craziest way. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 10, 2021

    My Girlfriend's Fetish for Older Men


    Hey. Long time reader of the site. Wanted to describe the unique ways in which my girlfriend has cuckolded me recently.

    So Lauren and I have been living together for almost four years. She is incredibly beautiful and also incredibly small. She is barely 5ft tall and weighs about 100lbs. Her personality, however, overshadows her short stature. She is incredibly outgoing and the life of the party wherever she goes. I'm a bit more introverted by comparison but we balance each other out and have a great relationship.

    From the beginning of our relationship, I knew that Lauren had a thing for older men... specifically older bear type men with large stature. Her friends knew too and it was kind of a running joke inside their group. They'd be out for lunch and some old guy would walk by and then they'd all look at Lauren and giggle. It was just a funny quirk to Lauren's personality, especially given the dichotomy of her size and their size. It never really amounted to anything early in our relationship. There were maybe a couple times where she was a bit flirtatious with an older guy at a store but that was about it. She was generally flirtatious with everyone to be honest so it was hard to pick out anything unusual in her behavior with older men.

    During the past year while we were holed up together in our apartment, I confessed my cuckolding fetish to Lauren. I described how she was so beautiful and it would be incredible to see some guy with ripped abs and a huge cock have sex with her. Lauren was quite open and adventurous sexually so my fantasy didn't freak her out. She watched some videos and read a few articles about cuckolding to get more acquainted with the idea. Overall, she was intrigued and open to trying it. She started by teasing me a bit during sex and taking a more dominant demeanor in general. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Wednesday, October 06, 2021

    I Snuck out to take a Peek


    My name is Aden 30 years old, I am 183cm tall, blonde, normal complexion, and sporty. I live with my wife Eva 22 years, 162cm, small and brunette, in the apartment. I had long suspected my wife would have something with my neighbor. He liked it, maybe secretly, I suspected that they also had protected and unprotected sexual contact.

    All this until one day when I decided to invite my friend to have dinner together in the afternoon. I had some beer, some drinks and whiskey. After dinner we moved into the living room the three of us. I knew that my friend was still taking my wife's car from work when I was at work. After 30 minutes, I went to the bedroom, to see how things were going there in the living room between the two of them.

    I returned after 15 minutes, my wife was a little drunk, and I opened the door slightly, slightly, and I saw my wife in his arms, kissing passionately, while he lightly placed his hand on her pussy.

    I got hard.

    I was watching with excitement and impatience through the door. I noticed that her black bikini had been taken off. She began to suck his dick, his strong, and lusty cock. Horny, all of my wife's pussy and legs were wet and she longed to fuck him. I knew she had fucked him many times by the way they were together. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 03, 2021

    Found Help in Pleasing Her ***Updated


    My girlfriend Sara and I have been dating since college and living together for the past few years. We're now in our late twenties.

    Sara is incredibly beautiful but never cared too much about her looks until recently. She was a huge feminist who went to marches and helped organize various women's events in our area before the pandemic. She never wore makeup and went entire months without shaving her legs. I wouldn't say she dressed conservatively but her outfits were anything but revealing. She wore baggy jeans and oversized sweatshirts most days that completely hid her figure. I don't think she owned a skirt and she only had one dress for weddings or other formal events.

    Before the pandemic started, I got promoted at my company. It was a great opportunity but it also came with a lot more responsibility. Specifically, I work at a company that coordinates a lot of work overseas. In my new position, I had to work night shifts most days to be aligned with the time zones of our factories. They were intending to hire another person to help balance my workload so I didn't have to work late every day but those plans ended when the pandemic hit.

    Working night shift wasn't so bad at the start but it did start to affect me over time. I had to go into the office for the teleconference equipment but I was the only person there each night. In between moments of extreme stress solving random problems, there were long periods of complete and utter boredom. I also began to have trouble sleeping, especially on weekends when trying to adjust to normal times to be with Sara. ... READ THE REST HERE


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