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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, September 29, 2021

    Her Secret Flirting Account


    I have always wanted my wife to cuck me out by she has never wanted to do this!! However, other day she left her phone at home while she went on a store run.

    I honestly couldn't find my phone so went to get hers to make my calls. After my calls I accidentally opened Instagram and found that she has a secret account!!!!! An account I had no idea about filled with just pics of her and following lot of guys and smut pages.

    Once I saw this I had to check the DMs and most were nothing and no words except one guy and last message was for her to text him!

    I then went through her messages and found several text messages they have shared! She has sent him sexy pics and sent his friends sexy pics and I'm not sure if anything happened but in the text she says that she will go over to his house with his friends to dance and fuck them!!!

    I wish I had more updates on this but I found it extremely sexy! I'm trying to find out event thinking about making an instagram to try and flirt with her! I found it very sexy.

    Below are the text she sent to the guys. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 26, 2021

    I Watched for Three Hours


    I'd like to tell you all about my wife’s latest date which turned out very very well.

    She'd met him online a couple of months before and they had sent some pretty light but intense messages back and forth. She was attracted by his respectful yet domineering manner, and their shared love of hard fucking.

    Eventually we arranged to meet for a drink at a local bar.

    He was great - polite and respectful, and all the initial small talk was around our respective experiences in the lifestyle. It turned out that he'd never fucked a Hotwife whilst being watched by the husband before - and this would be the first time where we would be trying me just watching, so I guess we were exploring new things together.

    We were quickly back in a cab to our place and enjoying a bottle of wine. He continued to be inquisitive as to what it was that we were looking for, especially me. He wanted to be sure that he didn't cross any lines and that I was really happy for him to fuck my wife.

    It was a good conversation that we really appreciated. I explained that my biggest turn on was to watch my wife be used like a slut, but that I wasn't really into humiliation. Once that was cleared up my wife led him up to the bedroom. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    He Fucked her Bareback


    Bit of background, been with my GF since we were both 18 so hadn't been with anyone else apart from each other before. But 5 years into the relationship and I started getting attention from another girl and eventually got a few hand jobs and blowjobs before fucking her fully.

    Cheating on my girl then happened on the regular for about 9 months before I started to float the idea that we bring a third person into the bedroom with my girl and me. Even suggesting we get her another cock to play with or I watch her getting fucked. She even agreed to a threesome with another girl but it didn't come to anything.

    So fast forward a year or so later, I've stopped fucking this other girl. My gf is on a night out on the town with a few of her extended family, while I'm at home. Her cousin brings his wife along to it who also gets her brother to come drink with them too.

    This guy is a good bit older than us, like early 40s, keeps in pretty good shape, very confident, can tell he just fucks women regularly and just leaves them when he's had enough. Seemingly they hit it off really well and she starts to get more secretive and distant, not answering calls or texts as quickly when we're not together, not being as available as much as she once was.

    About a month passes from that night out she had. She's off for the day (she's a nurse) and I'm at work at my 9-to-5. I get off a little early cos I had an appointment to go to and get told just to take the rest of the day off when it's done. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 19, 2021

    She Worshipped another Man's Cock


    Longtime lurker, but as a gift to you all at the blog and to myself I figured I'd finally indulge and memorialize my favourite cuckold memory in story-form. This degrading memory is one of my top pieces of get-off material.

    At the time of this story, I (19 M then) had dated my girlfriend (20 F, we'll call her O) for about 5 years. I ultimately broke it off with her for several reasons, but at the heart of it I was no longer happy- it had become work.

    She did not handle it well. She intended to marry me, and sent me letters for about the next two months. Some time having passed, we ended up as friends with benefits (a mistake on my end). This seemed to please her for some time, until one day she used her sluttiness to score some dick pics from her friend, J.

    At this point I had been her full-fledged cuck for a couple years, cumming fountains over her fantasy talk of worshiping her guy friends' cocks, though we'd remained monogamous in spite of me permitting her to fuck other men. Prodding her for info, she told me he was about as thick as me, but he was definitely longer.

    She skipped our next meetup so she could rub one out to the pics and sext with him- showing him her tits, talk about choking on his cock and letting him use her. I had turned her from timid girl into unabashed slut across our relationship, but now I was watching her overtake the teacher for bigger and better dick. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 15, 2021

    My Wife and her Loving Betrayal


    My wife (Kim) had a married boyfriend that went to the same church. He was a big bear of a man and slightly older than us. Kim knew his wife, though they weren't close. My wife even taught their daughter in Sunday school.

    I, of course, knew the entire time, but he didn't know that I knew until a few months into the relationship. The entire sordid affair was the hottest thing ever! I was constantly aroused and in a state of cuckold bliss whenever we were at church.

    They met through an online personals ad that I had created for her. My wife knew it was him right away when he sent a picture. Kim sent him a picture that slightly obscured her face, so we weren't sure if he knew who she was at first. He finally admitted that he recognized her after about a month of sporadic online chatting.

    They would message each other in church, which got me super hard because of how taboo it was. Kim would show me the conversation as it was happening, and oftentimes we could see him sitting with his family across the large sermon hall.

    One time his wife and kids went out of town, and he invited her over for a massage, as, apparently, he was an amateur masseuse. It was risky for her to go to his house, since there was a danger of people seeing her, but their house was somewhat secluded. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, September 12, 2021

    My Wife saves BlowJobs for Bulls Only


    So my wife has been playing with me using porn for the last 45 minutes or so. She has been slowly jerking me off to all of the recent cuckold blowjob videos and telling me she has completely decided to never suck my cock again, even on my birthday.

    She told me with a straight face that at this point in her life, she sees blowjobs as a slutty thing she does for her bulls and that she can't imagine a time again in her life where she will want to give me one.

    We were reading comments on a video where a cuckold said he can tell the difference when his wife sucks him versus when she sucks her bull, and she literally said to me, "It makes me so mad when cucks on porn sites talk about getting blowjobs."

    I moaned and asked her why and she said, "Because! What's the point of even having a bull if he doesn't get special privileges? He's just an extra hot fuck or what?'

    I told her I agreed haha and she started kissing my ear and whispered so sexily, "If I'm going to cuck you I'm going to do it right." Fuck I love this woman.

    I asked her what was wrong with cucks getting blowjobs and she laughed and just said, "Baby, you're not getting a blowjob." ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 08, 2021

    My Girlfriend's Family even Knew


    I pushed my gf for months to find a lover. She didn't want to...she's always been really monogamous. Until a friend hosted a party that I didn't attend, she cheated on me with that friend.

    Her whole family knew something was up as a few times they went missing at the party together, and she was the last one there when they all left.

    They fucked 3 times that night/morning. He came in her each time. Then she wouldn't stop. I accepted it and eventually got to watch them in bed.

    She has never been that wild with me. I laid beside them masturbating as she rode him. She kissed him passionately almost the entire time she rode him. She was moaning so loud as she breathed heavily into his mouth as they pressed their lips against each other. I sometimes worried her family would hear.

    Even after he came in her (no condom) she crawled down and laid on his chest like she was in love. They continued kissing each other as if I wasn't even there. She had so much adoration for him and his perfect uncircumcised dick. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 05, 2021

    My Girlfriend told me to Leave


    Me and my 35 year old girlfriend have been dating for about three and a half years and open for about three. We have a mutual friend she's been fucking, let's call him Ash. We are having Ash and some other people over for games, and the night runs its course. Everyone leaves except Ash and me and my girlfriend Natalie and him are all hanging out kind of talking and watching stuff on Youtube.

    Finally I hear Natalie go, "um…can you like, go? To bed? Aren't you getting tired?" I look up and Ash is kind of silently laughing and covering his mouth with his hand a little. I kind of just say "okay, sorry," and walk towards the bedroom. I hear her go "and turn the lights off on your way out," so I do. The bedroom is just around the corner from the couch, so I walk inside and shut the door and lie down.

    First there's talking for a little bit, then there's silence for a while. I'm guessing they've started to make out. I hear her start to moan. I know he's started to eat her out. They start every session with him eating her out for a really long time, they both love it.

    Then after a time I start to hear her moan more rhythmically. She's way louder with him than she is with me because his dick is about twice as long according to her, and it gets her into a dirtier mood too. I can hear her saying "ooo, yeah, fuck me Ash." I hear the occasional slap, slap, slap of naked skin. It continues on for a while and I start to get bored and hungry to be honest, but they just keep pounding away. I figure if they were gonna shut me up for this long I might as well take a peek. I open the bedroom door and peek around the corner. The glow of the TV lights up. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Wednesday, September 01, 2021

    My Girlfriend took her Top off for Him


    This is a true story.

    My girlfriend and I went on a road trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras a few years back. We were so in love. She was super sexual and super good looking. We were both very early 20s and she was more sexually experienced than I was. In fact, she was the first girl I had slept with.

    We were so sexual with each other. On the road trip on the way down for example, she could not stop sucking my dick. 3 days of driving (we took our time) and at least 5-6 blowjobs - that's how sexual she was. (I could never cum while driving. Would have to pull over to have the actual orgasm).

    It got hotter as we got further south. For the blowjobs on the last day of driving, she insisted on being topless and even let a trucker see her tits. I had these weird feelings of jealousy but they subsided when she went back to sucking my cock.

    When we were at the Mardi Gras I couldn't help but think about how these truckers had seen her tits. As we saw all the girls around flashing their tits for beads my cock kept getting harder and harder. As the afternoon wore on (it was still daylight at this point) and my girlfriend and I had more and more drinks, it seemed like more and more guys were asking her to show her tits, even though I was standing right there and holding her hand. I was so too scared to tell them to back off and she had to. But I could tell she wanted beads like every other girl had and I could tell she was probably going to do it. ... READ THE REST HERE


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