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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, August 29, 2021

    I Found a Younger Guy


    The Mrs here. About a month ago now I had foot surgery and I’ve pretty much been on the couch ever since. I'm told I have to stay completely off my foot for 2 months so I basically have a month to go. That said I've been incredibly horny this past week and opened an ad online for someone to come over that I'd suck their cock if they'd lick my pussy.

    A guy, Jordan, that turns out to be a neighbor kid (19 I confirmed) had one of the sexiest replies and a hot cock. In minutes of relying to him he said he could come right over and within 30 minutes in came a very young guy but also very hot. He was really nervous admitting he'd never done anything like this but was very into the idea.

    I said, "Ok Jordan. We're going to take this nice and slow. So just relax ok?" He walked up next to me as I was on the couch. His tent was now at my eye level and I could tell he was about to burst right through his pants unless I did something immediately.

    Jordan gasped as I reached out my hands to his belt, undoing it. His cock sprung at me like a cobra."Wow! It's really big!" I said, giggling. I held his eight inch monster cock lovingly in my hands as it hardened even more.

    I purred, licking his cock head all over. He moaned as I eased my mouth over it trying to deep throat. I tickled his balls with my long fingernails as I looked up at him with big wet eyes. I spit on his dick and slurped it up like ice cream before putting him back in my throat. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 25, 2021

    My Girlfriend and my Chubby Friend


    My girlfriend and I started dating when I was 21 and she was 19. Junior to me in my college, we both didn't have any prior serious relationships.

    We were pretty much fucking at any chance we got soon after we started dating. Mine was the first cock she ever had and enjoyed it pretty much. We used to send a lot of nudes to each other and sext almost the entire night.

    We would often watch porn together and I would specifically choose porn vidoes for her with a guy having a huge dick. I have discussed all this cuckold stuff with my gf after I saw how excited she got on seeing a big dick in one of porn movies that we were watching.

    She admitted that even though it's not a fantasy, but she would definitely wanna try someone huge, just to see how it feels, and only if I participate too. And this got me hard AF again because I somewhat wanted to see her being used by another guy.

    I'm somewhat a bi myself and she knows about that, and we even went on to discuss if I wanna suck another dick as soon as it's done fucking her pussy. The thought of it really turned me on. Our next problem was finding that person. So we continued to watch porn and fantasize for a few years until I thought about a mutual friend we had with whom we talked quite a lot.

    He's almost 6 feet and a little chubby. But we were not sure on how big he was, though I knew from my swimming days that he was bigger than me. So we casually brought the topic of how intresting the idea of a threesome with another guy is and he was soon participating in our conversation. ... READ THE REST HERE

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    Sunday, August 22, 2021

    My Wife Humiliated Me


    One night my wife and I were fooling around, drunk, and we got on the topic of fucking other people. Now, we have been together for many years, and when we were younger, we dated and broke up and dated again, so we both know other people we have been with. However, there was one time that stuck with me.

    There was this night, way back, when she texted me to come to pick her up outside of some bar. While we were "off" at that time, obviously, we still fucked. So I go to pick her up, and when I get down there, she is rather cold to me, and next thing I know, she turns and tells me goodbye in a tone and manner as if I am a total stranger.

    I am utterly dumbstruck at this behavior as I watch my beautiful wife (then girlfriend), dressed in the highest heels and the tightest black dress (that I bought her) that showed off her ass walk over to this shitty car, with some guy standing next to it who had to be a clear 6'3" all muscles. I can hear him ask who she was talking to, and she said: "Oh no one, now come to take me home and fuck me, Stud."

    That moment of humiliation has stuck with me for many years, and a few weeks ago, I asked her about that night.

    Like all the best women, she first acted like she had no idea what I am talking about. But eventually, she opened up and told me about it. She was on the two-seater couch chair in our bedroom when she did. Her legs slightly open, one leg on the arm of the chair and the other sprawled out. She was slowly playing with herself as she started to tell me about it. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 18, 2021

    My Asian Girlfriend and our Landlord


    My girlfriend Amy and I both graduated college earlier this year and we were lucky enough to get jobs working remotely. Given the freedom of remote work, we were able to settle down wherever we wanted. We chose a smaller coastal town in California because it had a laid back atmosphere and the housing was relatively affordable.

    I'm white, skinny, and a bit nerdy. I'm lucky as hell to have a girlfriend like Amy. She's asian and incredibly beautiful. She had been very shy at the beginning of college but gained a lot of confidence over the years and grew into a very outgoing and fun loving personality. We found a small house we could rent together in the town. It only had a single bedroom but it was in a nice area and next to a pool since it was technically a pool house. An older guy named Frank owned the larger adjoining home and rented out the pool house for extra money. Frank helped us move in and definitely took notice of Amy's good looks. I'm used to the attention that Amy gets from other men so it didn't really bother me that much. She is incredibly sexy and I can't fault a guy for appreciating the view. After we moved in, Frank told us the rules of the property. Basically, the pool house was all ours, the big house was all his, and the pool and hot tub in between were shared. We thanked Frank for his help and settled into our new place.

    The first couple weeks in our new home were quiet. We got acquainted with the town and found a good local coffee shop. We barely saw Frank at all since he worked in an office most of the day. One thing I noticed, however, was that it was pretty easy to see into our living room from the pool area, especially at night when our lights were on. I caught a good view of Amy changing while I was taking out the trash. I told her but she said not to worry since nobody would ever be looking. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 15, 2021

    Watching Porn got us into Cuckolding


    I wanted to describe my burgeoning cuckold experiences over the past year with my girlfriend Lauren. We are both in our late twenties and have a unique relationship. I say unique because Lauren loves to torment me. She teases me endlessly and also is a big fan of pranks. There is no intentional malice on her part. She just gets a lot of enjoyment goofing around and she approaches almost every situation like it is a game. We have a great relationship otherwise and have lived together for almost a couple years now.

    Lauren is incredibly sexy. She has a bit of a naughty girl next door look with big boobs and a great butt. Our sex life is great too but definitely has become less frequent and passionate during our time together. I think we just fell into a routine living together and lost some of the spark we initially had. It doesn't help that Lauren is very pro-masturbation, both for herself and for me. There are many nights when she suggests that we both just masturbate next to each other rather than having sex. I will often cum on her at the end which usually drives her over the edge and she then orgasms while I watch.

    We started incorporating porn into our masturbation sessions as well recently. Lauren brings her laptop to bed and scrolls through porn sites before settling on a video to watch with me. We've watched lots of different categories of porn but Lauren's favorite videos are typically casting type videos. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 11, 2021

    My Girlfriend at the Adult Store


    Hey. Long time fan of the blog. I recently had a super kinky experience with my girlfriend and I wanted to write in about it.

    So I'm white and my girlfriend is half white / half mexican. Her name is Maria. She's short with a curvy body and cute face. She's a bit of a tomboy and has male friends almost exclusively. We live together in a rather crappy apartment across the street from a strip mall. We have a neighbor named Javier. Javier is Mexican. He's a bit of a jerk to me but he's nice to Maria. He's also close to our age.

    Everybody else in our apartment complex is older or has families. And during the quarantine when we were not going out much and seeing people, Javier was the only person we'd see regularly. He'd occasionally invite us over to his apartment for drinks or to a football game. These were never my favorite experiences but Maria enjoyed them. She was getting a bit antsy spending all her time in the apartment and would take any excuse to even go just down the hallway and back. Javier definitely had some ulterior motives though and definitely took every opportunity to pay her complements and flirt with her.

    During the quarantine, most of the shops in the strip mall across from our apartment went out of business. One shop in particular was an adult store. We had never been in it but it had a bunch of lights and signs so it was kind of unavoidable when you drove past. After it shut down, Javier's uncle bought it and was planning to make it into a restaurant. However, he had trouble pulling all the money together to do the retrofit. After a few months, Javier convinced his uncle to let him take over the adult store and run it so they could make a bit of money on the side until they were ready to do the retrofit. Quarantine restrictions were easing up at this time and people could come back into stores again. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 08, 2021

    My Girlfriend invited her Ex Over


    Hi guys. This happened 2 months ago but I thought I will share with you. In forward sorry for my grammar, I am not a native english speaker. So I tried various methods about our situation and cuckolding but I seemed like it will not happen.

    One day when I was not suspecting it, my gf's ex wrote to her. He just said : I am horny. They talked only a little, exchanged address and phone number and he was on his way to her place.

    I knew about everything because I had her Facebook logged in. He was there for about an hour from 9pm till 10pm. After the deed was done, she messaged a pic about her used pussy ( we agreed that I will only get notified after it was done because I kept asking for it every minute).

    It was my wish that if it happens she should take a pic about it. So after that I asked a lot of a questions. ( If needed I can write down exactly what I asked and her asnwers but its not in english so I have to translate it) So she said that it was really good.

    She didn't cum but enjoyed it a lot. She said it seemed really fast but she is still not sure if it was 5 mins or 15. After a little talking they started to make out. She sat on his lap and made out for a min or two. ... READ THE REST HERE

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    Wednesday, August 04, 2021

    I Passed out while my Wife ...


    This weekend me (50) and my beautiful wife (35) were having friends over for a pool party. Since I work in construction alot of my friends are single young guys (20s) and big drinkers. As the day day goes on I can see my wife staring at their wet swimsuits and the outlines of some good size cocks.

    She has on a super sexy bikini and a perfect ass. Some of my friends aren't shy and were pawing at her ass and giving her little swats which since she was getting buzzed from the booze and smoking a joint makes her horny.

    So fast forward to were I was drunk and 3 of my coworkers couldn't drive home my wife setup some bedding in our rec room downstairs, I went right to bed and must have passed out because I woke up to moaning coming up from our heat duct.

    I sat up in bed and could hear my wife begging to be fucked harder, harder and men's voices urging her on. I could hear my 3 coworkers taking turns all night long and all I could do was listen and jack off upstairs.

    Around 2AM she finally came upstairs with the help of one of my buddies cause she couldn't walk straight. I was laying on my side of the bed pretending to be sleeping when she laid down then I hear her whisper ok and my friend climbed in with her and started to fuck her in the spoon position right next to me. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, August 01, 2021

    A Big Cock changed my Life


    I've been with my husband Chris since high school and have never been with another man. I've always thought his cock was prefect size but little did I know how small he actually was.

    One night I had a girls night and we all had fun at a bar. The more we drank the more we talked about sex and the more interested I got. My friends would always talk about their boyfriend's big cocks and how they orgasm in the doggy position which I am never able to do with Chris.

    This thought continued to linger in my mind for a bit. Fast forward to a couple months later, we were hosting some friends over our house and all drank by our fire while playing truth or dare. I was dared to rub my friend Haley's bfs (Owen) cock.

    I looked at Chris to see if he cared but he left it up to me while my friends cheered for me to do it. At this time I placed my hands inside his pants and over his jeans where I felt my first cock ever other than my husband's.

    The cock felt a lot longer and thicker than my husband's and to be honest; turned me on a lot. To make matters worse the boys were all dared to flash their cocks and my husband had the smallest cock by far. All my girlfriends laughed at how small his cock was and that was the first time I realized how small his cock was. ... READ THE REST HERE


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