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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, February 28, 2021

    My Wife Transforms when she is Horny


    Although we have not been in the cuckolding scene for a while there were some moments where it brought some flair into our lives. Now just bear with me… this story might jump around.

    These past few months we have had sex every week. Candice just can't stand going a whole week or two without getting fucked. She gets really horny to the point where she demands it. It is really hot to see her this way because most of the time she is very reserved and quiet about it. Literally, a week ago she texted me saying, "I wanna fuck!"

    I don't know why it turned me on but it did. To my benefit sometimes I hold off on sex just to get her to that point. It gets fun and she becomes a different person when she's horny. Like I said she's demanding, aggressive, and a total horndog. She talks a lot during sex now and she even rubs her clit as I am fucking her because she wants to cum. She recently started rubbing her clit. Her shyness goes away when she reaches that level of horniness.

    I personally think it is a turn on seeing her transform in front of me.

    She has humiliated me while we were fucking many times. She likes getting fucked rough and hard. The roughing part I have down. However, fucking her hard is a different story. When she starts talking like that I rarely last 2 minutes. She'll say "fuck me harder cuck." I'll literally try and 8 thrusts later I'm close to busting a nut. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 24, 2021

    What my Wife told me Working the Night Shift


    My wife used to work at a hotel for a third party company, her job was overnight and she just had to bring towels and other things up to rooms when the person at the front desk couldn't because they had to watch the lobby.

    Now this hotel is actually in the city, that being said, they get a lot of crazies coming through.

    I'm talking prostitutes, drug addicted people trying to sleep in a closet. Drunks having sex in the parking garage. You get the idea.

    She always always tells me all the funny things that happened in her night when I get home from work the next day. Usually it's something like kicking so and so out, or a room blanketed with marijuana, and if they had to call the cops on solicitors.

    But one story really stood out to me and she seemed embarrassed to tell me one night.

    A little context, we roleplay. HARD. And we are into pretty much everything, she definitely knows I have a cuckold fetish, so her being embarrassed was a little weird, her cheeks went flush red while telling it, and it certainly was easy to tell she got a little wet thinking about it.

    So here's how it goes as she told me.

    She was having a super uneventful night until last night at midnight when a certain room made a call up for towels. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 21, 2021

    Long Distance Cuckolding


    Just to start off I want to say that I'm not the best writer (I think) but I really want to share my story with you guys on this blog!

    I honestly can't believe I'm finally able to post here and share a story, so many stories I've read here and just wished it was me, so here goes mine.

    So about two or so months ago I was getting really desperate to find a girl who liked being a dom, I was just sending messages like crazy to everybody everywhere and lucky enough (my now princess) responded, we did some normal kink stuff for awhile, just texting and then a phone call, literally the second phone call I brought up cuckholding.....

    From there it blossomed, she invited a "friend" over that week and got fucked hard by him, then to tell me all the details, that's when I truly felt like the cuckholding was really beginning.

    Now unfortunately we live in different states (I think we probably will meet up one day) but I don't think that has dampened anything, we have an extraordinary amount of fun (at least I do. I can't fully speak for her.)

    With that given information though I will say we also are not dating BUT I feel like it's getting rather serious on the sexual aspects, I now have rules, and rules for stuff we can't even do yet, but they are there. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 17, 2021

    Getting my Wife a Sexy Birthday Present


    This has been a fantasy of mine for several years, before I even knew my wife. I did not admit it to her until about a year ago, but more under the guise of swinging. She admitted always being curious about swinging and being with other people, but was always reluctant to do anything about it, for several reasons: STIs, not being sexually attracted to women, and because of ruining or creating problems in the relationship.

    I respected what her concerns were and did not push it. However, we both began incorporating it into our dirty talk, she talking dirty that another woman would be riding my face while she's sucking my cock; and I using dildos on her having her imagine a much bigger guy would fuck her.

    During one very hot session a few months back, we got talking about her concerns. I told her that we could easily ensure the folks did not have STIs and I assured her that whatever play and fun we had would be just that. I loved her and her only and we would only keep it to a dual-participation endeavor.

    After some deep conversation and admission, she finally let it fly: "Well, I have always imagined being with two guys at the same time." I tried to contain my excitement and assured her that I thought it'd be incredible to experience this with her. We agreed to continue to talk about it and both be sure this is something we wanted to do. She did never clarify whether I was part of those two guys, however; and I honestly assumed that's what she meant. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 14, 2021

    My Wife talked me into a Sex Deal


    I sold my company in early 2019, something my wife had been pushing me to do for years. The company had been in my family for three generations so I struggled with letting it go, but the hours and the traveling were starting to take a toll - on me, and on my relationship with Jane (not her real name). Even though we didn't have kids, things were starting to get tense at home, so I decided there was no longer a good reason to keep it. The months leading up to the sale were a blur, but by February I found myself unemployed - and rich. For the first few months, Jane and I were on a pink cloud - we bought new luxury cars, ate steak or sushi for almost every meal, and fucked like newlyweds. We were in our forties, but living like we were retirees. Life was beautiful.

    One day over breakfast, out of nowhere, Jane told me she wanted to move to the beach. For all of our time together, we never even discussed moving to another city. I was born and raised in this city and never had a desire to leave. She knew that when she married me. I don't know what it was, but that morning I agreed without hesitation. It could have just been the timing - our newfound wealth had us feeling more and more isolated from our friends and family, our house was overdue for a renovation, and we were starting to run out of new restaurants to try - but I welcomed the fresh start. Two months later, we were handed the keys to our elegant and far-too-big-for-us beachfront home in Sullivan's Island.

    It was Jane who first introduced me to Eric. He was spending the summer with his aunt and uncle who lived three doors down from us. Eric was riding his bike past our house ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Wednesday, February 10, 2021

    Finding her Bull through Swinging


    The story I'm about to tell all on happened a few years ago and was our first-time encounter.

    During the summer months of 2015 we were on the lookout for a couple to join us for our first soft swing experience no full-on sex just oral. With my partner being bi sexual who's not real name of Sue we shall use for this, mine doesn't matter lol, we did manage to find them and arranged for a week where we were to meet and what the rules were, you know how that story goes.

    Any way, we managed to arrange for a Friday night and we were both so horny about the meet that we were utterly disappointed when they cancelled at the last minute, in fact just as we were getting in the car. Anyhow I logged into an online swingers site and decided in my highly aroused state listed a meet for 30 mins time whomever contacted us we would meet if we liked the look of them.

    Twenty Five mins passed and some guy messaged us, who we will call "S". He was just as desperate as us having been let down himself he pleaded to meet us as he and his woman were ready to go. We accepted, and made our war to our pre-arranged site in a car park on the coast. We arrived and made chit chat, everyone hit it off and we suggested them jumping in our van and seeing what happens.

    Our van had privacy glass, we could see out but no one could see in, it was perfect, hahaha so the fun begins, me nervous as fuck, my baby sat opposite me next to S and his woman D sat next to me. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, February 07, 2021

    My Ex Girlfriend and how we Started


    This is a story about Sara who was my girlfriend during my late twenties. These events took place around 2010 or so.

    Sara was a beautiful girl: super skinny, blonde, with perky breasts and puffy nipples. She was also a bit of an enigma sexually. She dressed sexy and knew how to flaunt her body and attract men. She watched porn and would masturbate too. But despite having many boyfriends in the past, she was still a virgin. She wasn't prude by any means. She had done nearly everything else sexually that a girl can do except actually having sex. In particular, she really enjoyed giving blowjobs. I think she grew accustomed to giving them to her boyfriends in high school and college in lew of having sex. But over the years as she gave more and more, she grew to love them and get incredibly turned on while giving them. Sara was the only girl I ever met who could orgasm without touching herself while sucking a dick. And though I'm sure every guy she was ever with wanted to fuck her, it's hard to complain with an unlimited supply of great blowjobs.

    We met shortly after graduating college. We lived on the same floor of an apartment complex and met in the elevator one day. I helped Sara carry some boxes from the elevator to her apartment and somehow worked up the courage to ask her out for coffee. We hit if off after a few dates and quickly moved in together. Unfortunately, we had both signed year long leases so Sara still had to keep and pay for her apartment while living 95% of the time with me. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Wednesday, February 03, 2021

    My Wife Confesses to Cheating while we Dated


    I grew up with a conservative, strict, and traditional dad. I wasn't allowed to play sports or any after school functions like dances or graduation trips so naturally I wasn't cool and didn't make it with the ladies but always watched friends with their girl friends and heard stories of getting head behind the gym during dances from a random girl, or fucking girls in their moms bed, head in the car and so on. I did watch a lot of porn but I never felt a woman's touch until my senior year when I joined the football team.

    One night I got in an argument with dad about football and went for a drive. I ended up at a fast food drive thru where I met Melissa working the window. I put on my best flirting face and used all the tips my friends gave me to pick up chicks. I laid out some solid flirting game and won her number.

    Melissa at that time was 5'8 brunette white girl and I was 6' 280 7 inch dick. She wasn't popular or well known, and came from a single mother working two jobs house hold so she had no limits or rules. So I called her and asked her on a date and all I wanted was a girlfriend and I got one plus a whole lot more.

    It was September 2007, I took her on a date to the movies. During the movie I felt her hand running up my inner thigh. I thought she was looking for my hand so I held her hand and ... READ THE REST HERE


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