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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, November 29, 2020

    Sleeping with my Husband's Enemy


    My boyfriend (now husband) and I were exclusive all the way through college and while I had fucked other guys, he hadn't been with anyone but me and wanted to get to experience that, so he suggested an open relationship. I love him, but he has a 4.5 inch cock so I easily said yes, lol.

    As soon as we became open, the first person I knew I had to call was a guy we both knew from college, named Greg. I wouldn't say he was a friend of my boyfriend's, they actually never got along at all. I had, however, heard rave reviews on his sexual abilities from friends of mine who had fucked him, as he was a bit of a player.

    Although I was honest about the situation, being in an open relationship and all, he definitely got a specific kick out of fucking me since he and my boyfriend butted heads so regularly for years. I remember the first time I saw his cock, gasping as how huge it was, he laughed and started making jokes about how my husband's must not be very good.

    This is when I started to realize my cuckolding fetish: I was unbelievably turned on by this big cocked stud mocking my husband. At first I kept this as an internal fantasy only, as I did still love my husband and felt pretty bad that I'd constantly tell his "enemy" that he fucked me better than him. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    My Girlfriend's Big Surprise for Me


    Last night was the most intense night I have had as a cuckold. Earlier in the day, my GF said she had a really big surprise for me. I had no idea what it would be, but was very excited. The surprise was something that I never would have expected, and now I don't know what to do. I've never felt like more of a cuck or a beta male after what happened.

    It was one of my girlfriend's friend's birthday yesterday, and she had rented out the back room of a bar for her party. We had been there for about 30 mins, when I saw my girlfriend's bull walk into the bar. I asked my GF if she had invited him, and she said that this was my surprise. She said that she was getting tired of sneaking around/lying to her friends, and just wanted to get everything out in the open with them.

    I had no idea what to do, I was so pissed. She saw that I was getting angry, and told me that I could leave if I wanted to, but that this was happening.

    She introduced him to her friends as her other boyfriend, and gave them a brief explanation without going into all the nitty gritty details, but just enough for them to understand what was going on. Her friends reactions were very mixed.

    Some looked at me in disgust, others found it hilarious, and a few said they were jealous and would love to talk to her more about it to see if they could get their BFs to allow them to sleep with other guys. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, November 22, 2020

    My Wife Surprised me in the Middle of the Night


    My wife and I are in our late 20's early 30's and have been exploring cuckold/hotwife fantasies for about a year now. About a year ago we were talking about our fantasies and she asked if there were any that I had never told her about. I admitted that the idea of her sleeping with another man really turned me on.

    Luckily she was not weirded out by it! However, she had all the typical questions for me. I explained to her that it was just a fantasy and we could leave it like that and that I would never push her to do something she didn't want to do. Over the next few months we talked about it more and would occasionally role play it in bed. Sometimes when we were out in public she would even jokingly point out guys she thought looked hot.

    Flash forward to a few nights ago and I get woken up by her stroking my cock in the middle of the night. I'm barely half awake as I feel her get on top of me and slip my dick into her already soaking wet pussy. I was laying back enjoying the late night ride when she leans forward and whispers in my ear:

    "I wish you were watching me get fucked right now."

    After this I knew what kind of night I was about to have. I started to play along and told how that would be hot and asked what he would be doing to her. Things got pretty interesting after that because she started to get really into it. I mean REALLY into it. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 18, 2020

    Cuckolded by another Couple


    My wife and I have a very sexy couple who we have played with 4 times. We met them on AFF and they were interested in meeting a female or a couple with a guy who would just want to watch- which fits my wife and I exactly.

    We've had multiple single guys join us and this was our first couple. The wife is bi sexual, although she definitely prefers cock, but the opportunity to play with both provided a great scenario for us. The first couple times, we met out for drinks and I would love watching them seduce her with all three of them sitting together on one side of the table while I was seated opposite them. Easy for anyone who was watching to know what was going on.

    I felt the thrill of having the bartenders and servers know that I was not part of the obvious threesome that was in the works.

    My wife absolutely loves fucking him. Not only is his cock long and thick, it gets so hard and he can cum multiple times. And the amount he cums is enviable. It's always thick ropes of hot white spunk. Truth be told, she would fuck him all the time even by himself if she could. Nobody has made her cum as hard and as many times as he does when we get together.

    Last night things got switched up. We met them out as we have before. But this time, my wife sent me home early and said they were going to have another round and I was to go home and get the room ready, lighting candles, set up the music, etc... when they got back to the house about 45 minutes later, I fixed drinks for everyone and we settled in the living room. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, November 15, 2020

    My Wife Degrades me and it's Satisfying


    Greetings everyone! Long time lurker of this blog and after careful consideration, I have decided to submit a post and share a story of mine. I hope you guys appreciate this and wondering if I inspire any couples here to replicate a personal story of mine about cuckolding and degradation involving my wife. Btw this is my first post here.

    Well, here it goes. I'm a cuckold and I love every moment of it. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be married to an incredible wife who is able to separate "love" and "sex" as distinct entities, hence the reason why I have never been worried about my wife leaving me for someone else. She has an active sexual life and the details she narrates to me about her escapades fuel me passionately just before our steamy sex sessions.

    But as we grew older (she's much younger than me), the sex has been gradually decreasing and we mostly resort to what we a call a degradation session she verbally degrades me while giving me a blowjob or handjob. As I've steadily lost interest in sex due to my age, I consider a periodic blowjob or handjob accompanied by her abuses of degradation (she calls me names and says that I'm sexually incompetent and what not) the next best thing.

    I seriously consider degradation a vital part of the cuckold lifestyle and being degraded by her is extremely satisfying to me. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 11, 2020

    Early Exposure to Cuckolding in my 20s


    This was back in 2000/2001. I'd recently graduated from architecture school (Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn) and I'd been working for a small design firm for about a year. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 1-1/2 years when I moved in with my friend and his new girlfriend. They had a spare room they needed to rent out and I was looking for a new place.

    I would never pursue a friend's girlfriend, so I never even thought about her sexually. But one day, after living together for a few months, she told me about a dream she had about me. I don't remember what it was. I just remember it was sexual. I didn't take this as an advance, necessarily. I honestly didn't know how to take this. Why would she tell me this?

    [Before continuing, let me just say this: I was pretty shy & insecure. I wasn't great with girls. I'd had my moments, and I was definitely getting better. But I was pretty inexperienced. Girls just really weren't that into me. And the girls that were into me ... I wasn't that into. In fact, the relationship I just got out of .... How I got in to it was, basically, we were dating for a little while. We had hooked up a few times in college, previously. One day, at a party with a group of friends, she introduced me as her boyfriend. I was totally caught off-guard. And I was afraid of the weirdness that negating her statement might cause. So I just ... let it go. I guess I was her boyfriend then. We were together for a little over a year.]

    Cut back to living with my friend (I'll call him 'H') and his girlfriend (I'll call her 'S'). ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 08, 2020

    My Girlfriend Confronted me on my Penis Size


    I've been with my girlfriend for about a year and she's the perfect woman for me, we share very similar interests, values, tastes etc., and I can say she's my soul mate. Unfortunately I'm not the most well endowed guy in the world and although my girlfriend says the sex is fine I could always tell it disappointed her and she wanted more.

    I'm 26 years old and I've been best friends with "Brady" since grade one, things have always been great between us and he's the best friend I ever had. The thing is Brady and my girlfriend used to be FWB for 3 years. They stopped because my girlfriend was looking for a relationship and he wasn't what she wanted, this was a while before we got together for clarification.

    I brought it up with my girlfriend seeming like she was unsatisfied with our sex; she was brutally honest with me and said while she loves me, she does have a problem with my penis size and sometimes it doesn't get the job done for her. I asked about Brady and she was very reluctant to talk about it, although after a while she mentioned that the sex with Brady was incredible and his dick was 3x the size of mine... she said that while she misses his dick, she doesn't want to ruin the relationship for it and she loves me.

    Next time during sex I started talking about Brady, she was moaning and told me to keep going. She orgasmed harder than she ever had previously and apologised because she felt bad... the thought of Brady fucking her with his huge cock was so hot for me, I knew it was wrong but the fantasies were too hot and I couldn't stop thinking about it. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 04, 2020

    My First Older Girlfriend Made me a Cuckold


    This happened about 10 years ago.

    My GF at the time was very sexual and older which made 18y/ naive me very happy and she would of done just about anything I wanted but unfortunately I was too inexperienced to know her full potential.

    She'd often talk about having a threesome and little did I know she was about to change me forever.

    One day we finished a day in the park with my gf and best friend, beers, cocktails and music in the sun. My gf was starting to show an interest in my friend who we'll call Joe. Joe is 6ft 3 and well built, asking if I'd have a threesome with him and how she was horny. 18 y/o me had never thought of a threesome never mind have a gf that wants one. We head into town and find a nice vibe club and the more and more we drink at the club on the evening the more she pushes it.

    So I ask my friend what he thinks and he's unsure but we all keep drinking, eventually it's time for a cab home so we flag one down and jump in, Me GF and Joe. My gf says she's going to tease Joe and runs her hand over his cock and makes him hard, he's enjoying it but unsure.

    Eventually we get back to my bosses apartment who kindly let us use it for the night and Joe is staying for more drinks before home but GF decides it's best for him to stay and she said we should do the threesome so I'm very uneasy, not sure what to think but I was like okay? She's went off and got changed into what is basically a see thru nighty and asked if I'm ready, I said soon but not yet, let me have another drink. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 01, 2020

    My Ex Girlfriend Feminized Me


    When my ex and I were first journeying down this path, she was afraid to do much. We started out with both of us going to night clubs where we'd both get drunk and then I'd tell her to go dance and flirt with some guys to get free drinks. Opening her mind up to having fun with somebody else. Eventually this led on to us getting kinkier in bed. I'm super into the humiliation part of cuckolding and I knew she enjoys playing with toys so I bought a cock sleeve off of amazon.

    Whenever we'd start having sex I would put the sleeve over my cock (which basically tripled my size). She absolutely loved it. I was getting off so much on her body and screams when the sleeve was on while fucking her, it was crazy. The best part, after she had cummed a few times, I would take it off and fuck her normally. She literally couldn't feel me at all. This was the sexiest fucking thing at the time (we're still pre-bull at this time.) I'dd pound her pussy and she would lay there looking me in the eyes laughing and saying things such as "are you seriously in me?", "I can't feel a fucking thing hahahaha".

    After a month or so of playing with our sleeve and talking about cuckolding during sex, she finally agreed to giving head to someone that night. We drank all day long while she looked online through her dating profile looking for the right guy. She was looking for a good looking guy with a bigger cock than mine (perfect for me to get off to). After about 2 hours of scrolling, she found him, exchanged photo's and she told him she did have a boyfriend but that I was into it and wouldn't be in the room during the time she would suck him off. He came over that night and I just hid in the closet ... READ THE REST HERE


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