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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, June 28, 2020

    Her Ex Boyfriend gave her Intense Orgasms


    My girlfriend recently confessed she continued to fuck her well-hung ex into the first few months of our relationship (before we were "committed" - 2 years in now) and that she was more or less addicted to his big thick cock and the devastating orgasms it gave her. Not only am I not upset, but it really turned me on. Last night we took it a step further, as she stroked me and told me about the things she loved about fucking him, and I feel like this blog crowd would appreciate the highlights: He could take a lot of oral work to get fully erect, and she loved every minute of it, slurping up his copious and sweet precum. After her first or second orgasm, her pussy would be open enough for him to cram his monster all the way to the hilt from behind, stimulating a deep spot near her cervix, triggering massive full body orgasms that would turn her into a soaking wet rag doll. She could feel his heart beating all the way through her body with his girth stretching her walls. He shot massive loads and almost always deposited them as deep in her pussy as he could, leaving her with cum dripping out for the rest of the day. She would fuck him reverse cowgirl all the time because his cock was the perfect shape for grinding it deep from that angle, and could cum from it - she almost never fucks me like that even though it's my favorite because it doesn't feel good for her with me. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    The Origin of my Cuckold Nature


    I've been a long time lurker on this blog and finally decided to create a submission and write about how I first got into cuckolding.

    It started in college my freshmen year. I followed my high school girlfriend, whose name is Paige, to Texas Tech. I've always been a quiet guy, very anti-social, but have done well with the ladies regardless. Around Halloween, she went with her sorority sisters to a Halloween party. I was invited, but figured she'd have more fun with her sisters rather than having to babysit me the entire night to make sure I wasn't too uncomfortable. The night passed, I thought nothing of it.

    Later that weekend was the infamous TTU vs UT game where Crabtree won in the last second. Such a great game. I digress. After the game, she told me we needed to talk. She confessed to me that she had kissed a guy she met at the party and felt awful about it. We nearly broke up, but I forgave her and we moved on.

    Within a few weeks, I went from being ripped apart by her confession to finding myself turned on by it. We had already established a sexual dynamic in our relationship where I was submissive, and she was dominant. I went down on her almost every day, usually more than once, and she probably went down on me <10 times over the course of our 3 year relationship. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 21, 2020

    My Wife needed to be sure I wanted This


    I recently turned 40 and my wife Jane was 38 this year and she still has a sexy body that is almost like what she had when we met at 18. Jane has always been quite sexually adventurous and would entertain most sexual kinks or fantasies I have put to her. My fantasies first came about after having a couple of threesomes with a friend of mine before we got married which unfortunately remained a pre-marriage thing as Jane wouldn't entertain further threesomes or wife sharing, although happy to indulge in role playing while in bed and promising to think about it when ever I suggested something or even when I confessed my cuckolding fantasies.

    About 10 years ago we moved to a bigger house and discovered we had very nice neighbours with the closest fortunately being a very friendly older than us single guy living on his own (widowed early on in his marriage). His name is Kevin and he is 20 years older than me, Kevin and I have become very good friends and often share beers in each other's back gardens which are connected by a gate. Kevin has regularly joined us for barbecues and various things. Jane and Kevin have always flirted with each other and can become quite touchy feely if no-one is watching but despite my urging things have never gone further than cuddles and a little light kiss on the cheek or lips. Jane has confessed he is quite attractive but wasn't interested in doing anything. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    What I Discovered on my Girlfriend's Phone


    I think I'm starting in this fetish, but I don't have this cuckold thing just yet fully anyway. However, I think I might need to learn to have it if I want my life to continue as it is. So prepare for a fucked up story and who knows what's going to happen going forward.

    Last Christmas (2019) my family organized a joke gift exchange (like when someone just wraps a rock or two socks in different packages, that sort of thing). So my gf and I attended. My dad was supposed to give her a gift. What did he give to my gf? A yellow thong. I don't know if that's a tradition elsewhere too but here in my country superstitious people wear yellow underwear during new years eve so as to attract money for the new year (or red for love). Due to this tradition everybody just laughed it off and that was it. Fast forward a couple of months and now my dad's old Motorola phone became full storage-wise. He is not good with tech so he asked me to free it up for him.

    So I of course went through his messaging history and found his conversation with my gf. It was the usual, asking for me, checking if we were coming for dinner, that sort of thing. So I decided to use the search to find a keyword: "thong". And there it was, the nightmare. We got pretty drunk on New Year's Eve, and so when we finally went home, my GF messaged my dad to let him and my mom know we got home ok. He then asked the question: "did it fit you?" My slightly drunk girl replied with a laughing emoji and said "yeah, thanks". To which he said "I don't believe you, it was way too small for your big butt". Then my girl swore it did fit and proceeded to prove it by sending him a mirror selfie in her underwear, just a yellow bra and the infamous yellow thong. Truth be told, it indeed was too small for her perfect behind. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 14, 2020

    My Hung Friend came over for my Girlfriend


    I asked my hung friend if he wanted to double team my girlfriend ...he said yes. So, this happened a few years ago when myself and my girlfriend were home from college for the summer. I just found this blog & figured it might be appreciated here. At that point I had been dating my girlfriend (we'll call her June) for several years at that point, and we had talked about fantasies and things of that sort, but this was the first time anything actually happened. June you can see in the pictures. I'm just under 6', athletic, with an above averaged dick.

    It all started one night when me & her we're drinking a bit, started getting sexual, and ended up putting on some porn. I put on a video of a girl being gangbanged by some pretty big dicks. I really just wanted to see how she would react to it. She got really into it and we started talking dirty. She started telling me she would like it. I was a bit surprised and but kept it going. I started asking her if she wanted to do this. With no hesitation she says "yes". I told her if she really wanted to I would text my friend - we'll call him Joe. She asks "why Joe" and I go to tell her because he has a really big dick. She moaned and said to do it. I texted Joe and asked him if he wanted to come over the next night to, "chill & have some drinks. And by the way June wants to have a threesome."

    So, come the night of, me & June are drinking a bit at my place waiting for Joe to come over. She decided to wear a pretty low cut shirt and a really short skirt. Joe gets there and we all 3 start taking shots / downing liquor to help calm the nerves because none of us really knew how this was supposed to go. We began playing some card games, and me & Joe would make up rules that if this, or that, happened then someone had to take off a piece of clothing. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    The Power she had over Me


    Years ago my ex got me into this kink. We ended up breaking up when she had to relocate for work and I had to stay. We stayed in touch and are still good friends. I was up in the north east this weekend and after a few texts we decided it would be fun to grab a few drinks.

    I ended up meeting her and her new room mate (we'll call her Sally) out in their yard for a few drinks. They were a little tipsy by the time I got there (got caught up returning emails). The usual banter began. "How are you" "What are you up to" "hows city life" blah blah.

    While we were chatting and drinking my ex was fiddling around with her phone and talking about how it'd been a long time since she got laid (her boo and her broke it off a few weeks back). Sally joked about how I was quite cute and since we already had hooked up I should just make a move.

    My ex and I both laughed and kept dodging the questions. About an hour into it and we were all having a good time. Sally and my ex were wasted and I was catching up quick. We decided we should head to Sally's place but the girls wanted to stop and grab their coats since it had gotten colder.

    We all went back to her place which was right around the corner and while my ex was in the bathroom Sally said she should just go and "leave us to it". My ex walked out at this point and we both awkwardly laughed again. Sally noticed this and kept at it. My ex avoided the questions and finally I just looked at her and gave her "the nod". ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, June 07, 2020

    My Husband Begged me to do This


    My husband has begged me for this for four years, it finally happened yesterday.

    I'm so ecstatic about the whole thing I just had to share with you all on his favorite cuckold site.

    When I say he's begged, I really mean BEGGED. He's tried every way to make me comfortable with the whole thing.. But nerves always got the better of me.

    We always wanted the same thing, a big cock for me to play with. I was just so nervous I'd be rejected.

    We're back at work officially but still with some time at home at the moment, and we decided to look online. Just to see who was out there. After messaging countless guys and having lots of messages about the racy photos I decided to post (see attached) I finally found a guy I liked, let's call him Rick.

    Rick was exactly what I'd been looking for, he held a good conversation, he made me laugh (and bonus, he's super fucking hot) after chatting for a few hours the conversation got pretty hot and heavy.

    Then he sent me the photo, the photo that drove me nuts. His magnificent cock! I couldn't believe my luck, that the guy I finally considered fucking also turned out to be huge! I couldn't contain myself anymore, I finally asked if he'd like to meet. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 03, 2020

    I like when other Men see her Pussy


    Ok so I am a major cuckold. The sheer thought of my woman with someone else gets me so turned on to the point I just need to have her right there and then.

    I haven't done much research on it, but it came about one day during foreplay. She accidentally mentioned a hot guy she saw and said she wanted to fuck him. Surprisingly at the time, this turned me on so much our sex that night was amazing.

    Ever since then, we always play with that fantasy (her hooking up with random people, telling me how good it feels). For me, the thought of "showing off" her pussy and rewarding her for being so amazing was I guess my rationalizations for loving it so much.

    Well about 5 years ago, she cheated on me. I pretty much knew at the time and it turned into this weird transition of catching her and then going along with it (picking out her sluttiest outfit, eating her out to get ready) she couldn't contain how excited she was.

    Well a couple hours later she came back from the motel and yes they did have sex...and I just I was just so happy someone else could experience her and that she could have fun. We did have sex that night, and the way she felt, very swollen and still wet, made me even more turned on. ... READ THE REST HERE


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