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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, May 31, 2020

    Reclaiming her Felt Great


    It started with a text from my girlfriend saying, "I donít know how you want me to say this but I am probably going to at least hook up with him tonight."

    We discussed her hooking up with a male coworker at her new job that she has who is 23 years old. He lives out of town and my girlfriend was visiting friends in that area that weekend and I was at home hours away. I was so nervous.


    So it happened and then some. Before I get started I hope you like these pics of her as it does give you a visual of what her "friend" had at his place.

    Before the text I was so nervous and looked around and read other stories to calm myself down. I was so nervous and honestly thought I was going to have an anxiety attack but the cuckold stories and accounts people wrote seemed to say that what I felt was normal and that helped me get through.

    My heart didn't stop racing until she got home the next day! As soon as I saw her and she kissed me all my anxiety melted away. It was an amazing feeling. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Our Neighbor Threesome


    My quarantine story. I was at home with my wife Jeny in the afternoon. It was 2:00, my wife was cooking in the kitchen, she decided to call Chris to attend breakfast with us at home. I stayed in my room, then Chris comes over. My wife was hot and looked forward to the moment. I left those two in the kitchen to be able to come back at the right time.

    I get excited. Then I showed up in the kitchen, and I took Jeny into our bedroom alone. Chris comes after us easily, slowly we start playing more sexually hot games. I kiss my wife, then Chris my neighbor starts getting a big erection. After a few moments I stick my finger in my wife's panties, in her super wet pussy, and tell her it would be better to go with Chris to his room and fuck her.

    She then goes to Chris and takes his hand and leads him to his room, where they close the door and gently undress Jeny, only after she quickly undresses Chris. In her panties, she starts sucking his dick on the edge of the bed. I stayed waiting in my room...

    The "Sloppy seconds" moment...

    The two were satisfying each other. I ran out of patience and walked in on them where Chris was sitting on the bed, and Jeny was sucking his dick, just before getting into her dripping pussy. Then I grab her hips and I start putting my dick in her pussy, with the position "spitroast" doggy, style... on the edge of the bed. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 24, 2020

    I Mind Fucked my Husband


    This is a story about a little Cuckold mindfuck I did to my husband that people mind find interesting (and maybe want to try at home for yourselves!). A way of getting the cuckold/hotwife experience without having to deal with the baggage afterwards. (Bear in mind, I wouldn't do any of this without consent to mindfuck (or at least knowing your partner very well), because I could imagine this causing some trauma if done to the wrong person. And always use a safeword!)

    My husband and I have been doing occasional little Femdom style sessions for over a year. I know my husband had a bit of a fantasy about cuckolding, though neither of us had any real inclination to actually make it happen for real (sometimes, the fantasy is more interesting than the real-world reality). He's probably a little more into the fantasy than I am. So, a few times during these sessions, I've gradually introduced elements of this fantasy into our play.

    It started with simple things such as telling him about past sexual encounters with other guys whilst giving him a handjob, to tying him up and making him help choose an outfit for a "date" I was going to go on that night. There was one time that I even left the house to go on this "date" (I just went to the beach and watched the sun set). The more real I made it seem, the more of a thrill he got out of it.

    However, in the most recent incorporation of this fantasy into our play, I decided I want to ramp it up. To really make it feel real, and to give him an experience he would never forget. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    My Wife became very Demanding


    So my wife has been cucking me for a few months. Before last night she had been with 3 other people, 1 of them (well call him Jeff) semi regularly. So anyway when I got home from work she told me she's going to Jeff's house and she's getting pot from him...among other things.

    She's never gone to Jeff's house and she's also never got pot from him. I didn't think anything of it. I helped her get ready, told her how beautiful she looked, and she was on her way. She was sure to remind me that I'd be expected to clean up after him when she got home. Keep in mind I've been locked up for about a week at this point. And while the idea of her fucking Jeff isn't a huge turn on (only because I know she doesn't enjoy it as much as some others she's been with), she left me in a very horny state for sure.

    So she texted me when she got there. I told her have fun and be safe love you all that stuff. She responded with, "I'll text you when I want to give you an update but you're not allowed to text me first." She's never said anything like that to me but honestly I loved it.

    So about an hour and a half later she texts me and says she's having an amazing time and he's really fucking her good, and that she's lost count of her orgasms. At this point I'm ready to burst out of my cage thinking of all the ways this guy is fucking my wife.

    So she says she's on her way home and of course I'm waiting patiently at the door for her to arrive. From the second she walked in I could tell that he fucked her good. She just had this smile on her face that I know well. She just got some good dick. So she immediately says she has something to tell me but that she'll do it as I'm licking her ass. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 17, 2020

    My Wife Opened a Dating Site Account


    I have told my wife for many years that I wanted to see her with another man. She was never into the idea. Finally after 10 yrs of marriage she got into the idea. She opened an account on a dating site and posted some pics. She was hit up by a younger guy who was into our situation.

    We didn't know how far it would get. We agreed to meet at a local coffee shop. Once we met we hit it off and invited him back to our place. Since we have never done anything like this once we got to the house we started drinking some beers. After chatting for about 45 min he excused himself to use the restroom.

    I should mention she wore a dress with no panties per my request. Once he left to the restroom I made my move by starting to kiss her and rubbing her ass. When I heard him coming out of the restroom I pulled up the bottom of her dress exposing her round ass to him when he walked out. We continued to kiss and he sat across from us watching.

    I whispered in her ear to go upstairs to change into the lingerie she picked out earlier in the week. She sent me a text once she was ready and I invited him uptstairs into our room. Once we got there she came out of the closet wearing her outfit and he was totally into her. She came to the bed that I was laying on and bent over showing her ass in a tiny g string to him as she bent down and started to kiss me and rubbing my cock with her hand.

    We had placed a chair next to our bed which he was now sitting in and after I broke the kiss I asked her if she wanted to touch him. She agreed and he walked over to her and she took off his pants and reached into his boxers to fish out what only the 2nd cock she has touched. He was uncut which was new to her, as soon as she took it out she didn't hesitate and started to suck his uncut cock. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    The Connection to her Ex


    When I first started dating my ex, she had a decent sized arrangement of toys. Several different style clit vibrators, like 6 dildo/vibrators, plugs... the works.

    Most of her toys were, higher end silicon and glass. Pretty expensive stuff. She had a few older things that we never used, but she loved one specific toy.

    No matter what happened, however "toy time" started, it always ended with this older style, raggedy old dildo. I'll be fair, it was pretty wide and thick (much more so than me), a few deep veins and a perfect fat head. But hey, you can make "the perfect dick" (her exact words) when you have a team of engineers choosing anything they want.

    Well, after a few years the battery compartment broke and she was devastated. I felt bad because I knew she loved that toy, but I mean, "It's just a dildo". She was adamant it could not be replicated or replaced. I told her just buy the same one. What company made it. She insisted again this wouldn't be possible.

    I never put two and two together until a few weeks later. She was still bummed about the toy and we had had a few drinks. We were getting a ride back to our place and we were passing a shop. I said we should get out and go get a "new favorite toy". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 10, 2020

    Cuckolding with the New Neighbor


    Good! I'll tell you my story on the evening of Friday, 2020.

    Cuckold Creampie with my neighbor Alyna's wife. One day I was on the street, entering the block where I live, meeting my new neighbor who had moved three months ago into the new apartment. He helped me bring home some luggage to climb the stairs with them. Then when I was done, he told me to stop by his house because he had a problem with his internet connection. I said I'd be down in 10 minutes to wait.

    Then I finished the chores and I went to help him. I walked into his apartment where his wife Alyna, the beautiful, brunette, green eyes, was undressed in a bikini in the living room and drinking alone. I solved the problem with the internet connection wire in 5 minutes, then my neighbor offered me a soda and I'd stay at his place to talk. So I said yes.

    So we sat together at the dining room talking about our lives. After about 30 minutes my neighbor closes the door then goes to the bathroom undresses and calls me into the kitchen to talk to me something. That's where he told me he liked me and if I could do him a favor. So I realized what he wanted and that I'm the perfect guy for it. I felt it. The guy was a cuckold. So I accepted with pleasure and impatience. Then we both went back to the living room to his wife who was hot and waiting for something.

    So he slowly started kissing her and putting her to bed next to her, then she puts her hand on his dick and starts stroking her. So he gives me a sign to go to bed next to them. So I do, I got naked and I started getting into the game. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 06, 2020

    I Tried to Secretly Record my Wife


    My wife and I have been in a non-monogamous relationship for a while. She knows I have a bit of a voyeur interest and we've agreed I can film her without letting her know before hand with certain safety precautions.

    A while back we had an out-of-town experience with a new bull. Now, with a new bull we always agree that I should be in the room for the first time, at least the first little bit of the first time because that makes my wife feel safer. We were meeting at a hotel, and the plan was that my wife and I would sit separately at the bar, and she and the bull would chat and make sure everything felt comfy, and if it did she would go with him to check in, drop of a key to me, and then I would follow up in a bit. The bull had previously said he was okay with pictures and videos, so I was pretty excited.

    So this all happens, I get the key, and I'm sitting at this bar rock hard thinking of what they're doing upstairs - trying to wait long enough that when I come in they'll be busy enough that I won't be interrupting. It's hard to wait, my heart thumping in my chest. I decide to look at the clock after what feels like forever, and give them ten more minutes, figuring that means they will have at least had 15 minutes! ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 03, 2020

    The Moment my Hotwife came Alive


    My wife was very confused when I first confessed my desire to watch her with a dominant man. She was reluctant when I asked her to lock me up in chastity for the first time. She laughed when I asked if she would be ok with me wearing women's panties. But she always kept an open mind.

    It's crazy but it happened. My friend who recently broke up with his gf has been hanging out with us a lot lately. Yesterday we all got a little wasted and played strip poker. My wife is terrible at poker. She was down to her panties and bra quickly. My friend and I still had our pants/underwear to go when he lost a hand. That moment is when I saw my hotwife come alive.

    She stared at him as he proudly showed off the bulge in his boxer briefs. She turned to me and with the most mischievous look I have ever seen, asked if I wanted to play truth or dare.

    We make our way to the living room and my wife goes, "It's not fair, you still have your pants!" I turn bright red at the thought of taking them off. I of course knew it was a possibility my friend would find out about my panties/chastity cage. The thought drove me wild. But it was real now.

    I shyly slid down my pants and revealed my red silky panties, clinging tightly to my chastity cage. I tried to act like it was nothing unusual. My friend looked very confused but smiled at me. My wife giggled uncontrollably. ... READ THE REST HERE


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