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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, April 29, 2020

    My Fiancee has been Cheating on Me


    Hello everyone. I'm an international student in a graduate program at university. It's my first year in the US, and while I'm already engaged, I don't bring my partner here because she still has a job back home and we're not married yet. We're already in this relationship for 5 years, including engaged for 1 year. Some days ago, I found out that she has been cheating on me with her friend. I found out about it by deliberately looking at her messengers. I don't know the reason why they're using them, but maybe it's not the important thing. The cheating apparently already occurred for some months, and I found out that they are often going on dates and having sex in his apartment once in a while.

    Actually, I met this "friend" of hers before I started my studying. He was a friend of hers friend back then, in which all of them often hang out together. I know that he's a good guy, and he surely knows about her engagement with me. I don't really know what started the affair in the first place, but I assume it's related to his attraction to her. Aside from his art-related works (which my partner really likes), he used to work out a lot, and he has a muscular body. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 26, 2020

    My Girlfriend Lied, but I Love it Now


    Thought I would share my story, just a month ago I would have never have imagined myself to be in this position. It's all I've been able to think about recently and I had to share it with someone. Sorry, its a long one, it starts off boring but gets better.

    My entry into cuckolding might be a bit unorthodox as it involves a lot unconsented cheating at the beginning... my girlfriend of 8 years (and mother of our child) hasn't got the best track history when it comes to being faithful. In fact in the 8 years she has cheated on me on a few occasions.

    The first time I caught her I was devastated, but at the same time strangely aroused. She did not know I knew at this point, and the first thing I did was ate her out, the idea that another man's cock had been in this pussy recently was somewhat of a turn on. The next morning I confronted her, pretending I had only just found out. She begged and pleaded for me not to leave her, making various excuses. I forgave her, reluctantly. I still loved her and didn't want to leave her.

    Fast forward a couple of years, we are still together, now with a ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    My best Friend made her Orgasm


    Our dynamic is so hot and I love it. It started off as my gf being attracted to our friend. One night at a party that I didn't go to, they hooked up and had incredible sex. It was a surprise to me but it was insanely hot. She couldn't stop sleeping with him. They continued hooking up as often as they could. He knows that I know about them but he thinks I'm just open to this. I never get to watch. So there is some awkwardness when we're all together.

    I'm submissive and so is she so I can only really please her by going down on her. After she cums I put my dick in her but within 10 seconds I cum as well. So her lover is a welcome addition to our sex life.

    Until lately she's always gone to his house to sleep with him. They have sex 2 or 3 times a night and she comes home feeling amazing. He takes charge, throws her around, fucks her the way he wants and she just loves it. Being submissive I can't give her this.

    Because we recently moved away, she sees him less and less. But now she'll go home to visit him for 3+ days at a time and she has constant sex. For the week leading up to her weekend with him, she's off limits to me. She doesn't let me touch her. She builds the excitement for herself and when she sees him she has the most passionate sex. She tells me the next day how amazing it was. I masterbate 5 times a day when she's with her lover. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, April 19, 2020

    Shopping and bringing Home a Creampie


    Today the last day of March 2020, my wife went shopping, and I stayed home alone to relax. My wife Jeny 23 years goes shopping alone in the city. It seemed a little suspicious that she was getting dressed on the sexy side, sexier than usual, then she kissed me and left. I had a feeling she was going on a date with a boyfriend.

    That's why I looked forward for her to come home to satisfy me and with a full pussy. Finally after 40 minutes, she quickly came back, she was wet and had wet panties. She undresses and slowly starts to come into my bedroom. I'm looking forward to getting my seconds.

    Then she starts pushing me on the bed, and climbs on top of me, urges me to check her pussy, wow super wet, and silky. Then she asks me, "Do you like that yes!? ... You want me now!?"

    I say yes wow Yes!. Then she climbs on with her pussy on my mouth and started to rub the lips of her pussy filled with foreign sperm.

    Then she puts me lying on the bed and sits with the pussy pushing the sperm into my mouth. Manly dick smell in her pussy, loaded well.

    Wow. I like it a lot. I ask Jeny, where she was, and then she says, "Somewhere... To someone... Fuck me."

    That was sensational. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, April 12, 2020

    Wife Jo goes too Far


    I have written about my hot and beautiful wife Jo before. We had moved down to Florida for the sake of our marriage as we were having problems, mainly sexual due to her wanting far more sex than I could give her. I am several years older than she is. Soon after arriving in the sunshine state, Jo was approached by a German photographer who wanted to shoot glamour pictures of her for a German magazine and website. I had been against the idea but wasn't in a position to say no to her. I also thought that glamor pictures would mean bikini, and bra and pantie type pictures which it was, but of course it went much farther as Jo was posing naked with her legs wide apart also which she loved. I never realized that my wife was such an exhibitionist and after these "shoots", which were once a week and on the weekends, Jo would come home as horny as hell and want fucking immediately. I guess I should have guessed how she was as she loved to dress up as a schoolgirl, a French Maid, Call girl, that type of thing when we had sex and loved the idea of being sexually used.

    I had asked her several times if I could attend a shoot but she thought I would cause a problem so wouldn't agree to it. In the end I promised her I wouldn't cause a problem under any circumstance so she said ok although I think she had reservation about it.

    The following Sunday around eleven am, we arrived at a beautiful home that Burt the photographer had arranged the shoot at. The home was owned by a wealthy attorney who met us at the door. He was obviously impressed by Jo as his eyes almost shot out of his head when he saw her but he introduced himself as Chuck and showed us into the house where Burt the photographer was waiting for us. He guided Jo to a bedroom which she could use to change in and do make up after which I went out by the pool where Chuck offered me a beer. Chuck was about 6'2', big built and ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 08, 2020

    She Fell for a Frat Guy


    Last summer, I met a girl (we'll call her Ash) on a dating site for a hookup, and both of us were looking for FWB. The thing is: she was 23, just about to go to college as she didn't have the money before, and I was 31. She seemed to think it was kind of novel to hook up with an older guy though, so it worked out. And she was so damn cute, a little thing with a fiery personality.

    We hooked up a few times toward the end of summer, and it was just an awesome, fun relationship. We had great banter back and forth, and I loved spending time with her. The only thing is: I never actually got to have full-on sex with her, just oral. I have pretty severe performance anxiety, so I can barely get my cock up as it is sometimes. She definitely wanted me to wear a condom, and that would just further deflate any half-erection I had going on. Once I've been seeing a girl for a while, it usually works out, and we probably would've ended up having sex if she had stayed.

    Unfortunately Ash ended up going to college, which was only about an hour away, but it was still enough that we wouldn't really get to see each other much. Before she left, we had gone on things that were pretty close to actual dates. I wanted to try to ask her out for real, but I knew I was probably way too old for her, even though she was definitely into me at the time. And now I'm still kicking myself for it. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 05, 2020

    Her Boyfriend in Houston


    My wife Em made it back home last night after spending a few days with her boyfriend in Houston. I did not receive any real time updates all weekend which is usually how it goes. Since they've been together, they have been going at it like bunnies when they are together. This weekend was a little more dialed down and they actually spent a lot of time outside the house meeting up with his friends and being out.

    It is her fertile time right now and they both knew it. Didn't stop them from fucking. Didn't stop them from letting whatever happens happen. He came in her pussy 3 times over the course of the weekend and her mouth once. The one time he came in her mouth was the first time they fucked and she actually did have some self control and as she was fucking him, he said he was about to cum so she hopped off of him and immediately started sucking him to completion.

    But then the next morning they started to have morning sex and he was on top and took control of things. She said it was more of a love making session because they were kissing the whole time and it wasn't about thrusting or pounding into her.

    She knew he was close so she wrapped her legs around him and said "come on baby" and a a couple more minutes of sliding in and out of her he came inside her. She said that it was one of the more deep and connected orgasms she has ever felt. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 01, 2020

    It Started by buying a Big Dildo


    This is a story about the first time my girlfriend and I had a threesome with another guy.

    Let me start off by telling you a little bit about the two of us. I'm Caucasian, about 6 feet tall and in pretty good shape. I don't have a perfect 6 pack by any means, but I also don't have a beer belly either. My dick is above average in length, about 8 inches hard, and about your average thickness. I've always tended to think of myself as a pretty decent looking guy too, which I assume is how I was able to pull off my crazy, sexy girlfriend who we will call Hope. I won't describe her as these pictures will give you all you'll need to know about her.

    This all began after about two years of us dating. We got moved apart by about two hours due to work and school and what not, but that was never really a problem because we would make arrangements to see each other about every other weekend. With her not being as close as she used to be, that meant I wasn't getting as much as I previously had been, so I did what every other guy does, jack off. I would watch porn probably every other night, and after a while I began to get interested in a certain category. I loved seeing women get stuffed by these guys that have monsters in their pants, and before I knew it I started to picture Hope in the girl's positions in the porn video. This was frightening at first, because I had never really considered myself bi or anything, but just the thought have Hope getting drilled by one of these got me so hard! So I set out on a mission to get her to have a threesome with me and one of these guys who was packing some heat. ... READ THE REST HERE


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