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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, March 29, 2020

    She was Dared to give a Coworker a BlowJob


    My girlfriend and I have been almost 1 year in this lifestyle. She fucks mostly with her ex. But, about 2 months ago I convinced her to start a point system. It is somewhat complicated and a bit arbitrary so I will not try to explain it so as not to waste time. It turns out that she owed me "1 big and a little one or 4 little ones". The little ones could be things like "flirt with a friend of yours" "kiss some friend of yours" 1 big would be "give oral sex to a stranger at a party" although I have to admit that until now I only charged small one, no big one.

    But she owed me already 1 big and 1 little one. It turns out that she works in a car assembler (she is an engineer) and as my luck would have it an old classmate of my high school is her boss (He and I were classmates almost 10 years ago). He is not the main boss, general manager or anything like that. He is only in charge of that area, there is not even much difference in salary or responsibilities, but he is her boss. The guy was never for me especially good or bad. It was a relationship of fairly neutral schoolmates.

    We never had a fight but we never shared a beer either. He was just a school partner. I proposed to her that she could pay me 1 big one by giving a blowjob at work to the guy. I know there is a lot of downtime in her work and many private places without cameras.

    At first she refused to do an acquaintance of mine (supposedly my acquaintances, friends or family members are forbidden, more than anything for her) but I kept insisting and told her that I did not care that it was an acquaintance of mine. It should be noted that the guy knows that she and I are a couple. They are on Facebook and sometimes he says hello to me when I drop my girlfriend off to work. After a few days I convinced her, the difficult part of the matter was how to make it happen. I told her that she could pay me 1 small if she let me send him a message on WhatsApp from her cell phone. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    Having the Neighbor Twice


    Wife Jeny is getting fucked harder by my neighbor Chris. Today I was in my room staying alone, my wife was in the kitchen cooking. She was in a hurry to see Chris. She quickly leaves the house to see Chris to take her some good food she made.

    Jeny is very good with our male neighbor and she gets horny every time she sees him or meets Chris. Then when she comes home to me, she tells me what happened to her at Chris' house. Quickly she jumped on him in bed and sucked his dick, then only takes off her clothes halfway. Panties are taken off, then climbed onto Chris to fuck her well in her super wet and hot cunt.

    Where this happens in Chris's bedroom, she sits in the doggy' style position, on the edge of the bed and Chris fucks her with lust and lots of sperm, slowly he ends up in Jeny's pussy with lust.

    Then quickly she jumps to take her panties fully off, throws them on the floor in a hurry and is ready to come home without them. She dresses and quickly gets home to me, then comes into the bedroom slowly. Finally comes to bed, and then a knock at the door ... Chris. She invites him in with us to stay.

    Finally, what follows is a creampie threesome. I invite Chris to our room to play pc games. All of a sudden we both go to bed where Jeny was hot all over and horny. Then I undress her slowly and beautifully. Chris looked with great lust knowing he was going to have her again. And I get Sloppy Seconds Creampie. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 22, 2020

    Trying a DP for the First Time


    Our new neighbor Chris is 30 years old, and I Aden am 27, have an average dick of about 17cm. In the evening we decided to call Chris over to dinner and play.

    After we all had dinner, I went with Jeny to the bedroom alone where we started to undress and she would suck my dick hard and eagerly. Chris stayed in the living room alone watching TV.

    After a few minutes we decided to call him to the bedroom where we were having sex, and then have him join us into our bed, my wife and I decided to do a dp.

    I'm like, "You want to call Chris now!? ... Hmmm... My wife didn't stay much of what was on her mind but she was hot, super eager and wet.

    He stepped into the bedroom, and we told him to undress and put his dick in Jeny's pussy that was burning and she was super silky.

    Wow the feeling of a double penetration was wet and sloppy. I was down and Chris was on top behind Jen's back. She started to feel great and moan, wow :"How good is it baby, what a big dick, I like it, yes, yes, yes I want..."

    Then I stopped to have her suck my dick slowly and with my craving while Chris fucks her in the cunt with his big, juicy dick. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    I like Sloppy Seconds


    My wife likes to fuck neighbors when I'm at work. She loves sloppy seconds and hot cum. Wet, silky pussy. It's a March 2020 evening, my wife Jeny (170cm. 55kg. slim) and I are home preparing for guests over. We're a cuckold couple at first.

    Some friends arrived at our husband and wife's house, and then they stayed to relax, my wife went up to my neighbor Chris to invite him to dinner to stay with us.

    Then I stayed with the two guests in the house. My wife Jeny was late for about 10 minutes at Chris' house, (her alone), and I was starting to make my plans for sex. The two guests stayed in the kitchen and my wife arrived with our neighbor Chris. Then they sat for a while for dinner, and after they went to the living room.

    I called my wife to the bedroom where I started undressing her then I see she's wet. All of her pussy is soaked and the sperm flows out of her cunt easily. Jeny's cunt was all sloppy from fucking Chris in his bedroom. Wow! All I wanted: sloppy seconds creampie, wow!

    She turned her back and then I started enjoying the moment of pleasure, my wife's cunt was full of cum inside.

    She had a protectionism under her bikini to not let cum out. Then she sucked my dick with lust. My dick was hard and big and eager. I put it in her wet, full cunt. I gave her sloppy seconds after our neighbor came inside my wife. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, March 15, 2020

    Brett & Wife - "I Love Sundays"


    My wife has found a new kink in going home with couples and it's been a lot of fun. On the past two Sunday nights, I've dropped her off in a part of town that's known to have some action at several bars, specifically for service industry workers (bartenders, servers, etc). A week ago she went home with a couple hipsters and they fucked her for an hour before I picked her up at their house.

    This was very fun, but last night was even better. I dropped her off around 9 and texted her around 10 to see if there was any action. I didn't receive a reply until 11 which is a good sign that she's having fun and engaged. She sent me a pic of her and a young girl and said she found some new friends. My wife has an excellent body and had decided to wear black jeans and a thin white T-shirt w no bra.

    The nipples on her large C-cup tits were clearly visible and she looked super fucking sexy! I asked if her new friend liked her boobs and she replied that both her and her boyfriend had both felt them up at the bar and they did indeed love her tits.

    Around midnight she said they were going to stop by another bar and she'd be home afterwards. I fell asleep and was awoken by my phone at 2:30 when my wife FaceTimed me. I was groggy but woke up immediately when I saw my wife kissing the other girl and then look at the screen to tell me she was being fucked and just wanted to let me know. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 11, 2020

    It Started with Fantasizing about Big Cocks


    It all started with fantasy conversations while we were at the height of sex. When I asked Meg what turned her on more than anything else, she said she always turned-on by seeing and handling big cocks when she was in nursing school, and that she had never mentioned it because she didn't want to upset me. I told her by reaction and by words that just the thought of her with another man, especially one who was well hung, drove me crazy and I loved the thought.

    Meg initially presents herself as the typical prim and proper wife, one that would never be interested in anything sexual except to please her husband. She is mid 40's with a perfect 35C-25-36 figure and legs that go all the way up to her ass, and speaking of ass, she has one that is curvy and ripe. When she walks into a room, every man in the place turns to look at her even when dressed as a conservative wife.

    For at least six months after the initial conversation, the topic always came up, and when I bought some video tapes that involved men who were really hung and fucking another man's wife, you could tell she was totally captivated. As time passed, she asked if I had ever shown any of her early photos to other men, and if so what was their reaction. I told her that I had and that many responded either wanting to fuck her in person or in other cases they had masturbated to her pictures, spilling their cum on her. She could not believe men would do such a thing. I told her again that she was a very beautiful woman and every man who had seen her both in person and in photos wanted to fuck her. This seemed to turn her on, especially when I mentioned really big cocks. ... READ THE REST HERE

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    Sunday, March 08, 2020

    I Tasted him on her Breath


    Hey everyone, this is going to be pretty short since I'm just on my lunch break but I'm about to explode with the suddenness of it, especially because it was all my wife Hollie and I should have been there.

    In the past we had always used the gym at our complex but we ended up getting a membership at a nearby gym when Hollie's schedule changed. Ours is pretty decent (it's three identical little separated rooms and we pretty much always had one to ourselves when we used to go in the morning). When she got to her earlier shift though she decided it was too early to get up and we tried going at night but there were always people there and it felt crowded so we decided to get memberships at a nearby gym.

    Hollie has plans tonight though so she was going to go this morning instead. She mentioned it last night and asked me if I wanted to wake up early with her and I told her I would. When she woke me up this morning though, I didn't feel like getting up and I told her to have fun and that I would go tonight. She did give me some shit and told me I was being lazy. She hit me with a pillow and stuff and then finally got up and went by herself.

    I went back to sleep with plans to wake up and cook breakfast in an hour but I woke up with Hollie on top of me in bed wearing her work out clothes (tank top and yoga pants). I didn't think anything of it as she pulled me onto my back and sat right above my stomach. I woke up and smiled to see her, and she leaned into kiss me and shoved her tongue into my mouth and licked my tongue. I swear I tasted it haha, cock does actually have a taste on her breath I've found. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 04, 2020

    Found Porn on my Wife's Laptop


    I have had huge trust issues as a younger man even though it was me who would always cheat in my many relationships.

    I decided that the only way to remedy this would be to allow my partner to sleep with men that she found attractive.

    My wife was not really interested so I had to convince her to try.

    This started off with me sending her pictures of other guys and ordering her to cum over them. She was not keen on this either so I asked her to watch porn with a single woman surrounded by guys taking turns with her.

    This made her more interested and especially when it came to watching built men fuck smaller women. She clearly had a fetish for built men so the next step was to get her in a room fucked by other guys.

    I know this is a control issue but my wife was actually interested in trying it out as I checked her laptop history and it was full of porn now. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 01, 2020

    We Met a Guy Online


    So yesterday I had my first threesome with my girlfriend, we met a guy from an onlinde adult dating site and he was the only one that told us to meet him, the rest just wanted nudes or to fuck my gf by themselves (which I didn't have a problem with, but my gf wanted me to be there). We met the guy at the local mall, we chated for a little bit and then went to my apartment.

    We were all nervous so we continued to talk in my apartment for 10 minutes until my gf wanted to start. I started kissing her neck and tits, the other guy did not wait so long to join in and when he started kissing my gf's neck with me, I saw that she was loving it. I ate her pussy and fingered her while the other guy continued kissing her and sucking her nipples, in one of those moments I saw her rubbing his hard cock and it was so hot to see that she was craving it.

    There was problem though, my dick could not get hard and I didn't know why, it was probably the nerves.

    After this, she started sucking both of our cocks. She sucked mine while the other guy fingered her and, after a few minutes, we switched. After seeing that I couldn't get hard, I told my gf to start fucking the other guy instead while she sucked my cock. I layed on the bed and she bent over all wet waiting for someone to fuck her good, and she got fucked real good. ... READ THE REST HERE


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