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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, October 30, 2016

    MFM at Best Friend's Pad


    My husband asked me to write this since he sucks at writing basically. We're not a novice couple into threesomes but not seasoned either. We've had many MFMs with his best friend Dave. Me my hubby and Dave all decided to go out last night and have some fun go to a local bar and chill talk shoot some pool like any other normal night out, my hubby and I talked before we left and we both decided that we weren't going to do anything strange or freaky just chill all as friends.

    So we went out for a while and we drank and hung out with friends, we shot pool, we drank just like any other normal night. We decided to leave the bar around 2:30am since they don't serve past 2. We went back to Dave's house we always drive ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    We Didn't Expect it to Happen


    My wife (I call her my girl), decided to go out to one of those swinger clubs one night. We have never tried anything with anyone and we stated that we were just going to watch and look around (yeah right!). My girl dressed in a short skirt and matching high heel shoes, looking very hot. She has great legs and I love to see them looking long in a short skirt. Again, we have never done anything like this before and we went in so casually because we KNEW we weren't going to do anything but look and get turned on.

    So we got to the club and it was pretty crowded. People dancing and talking, pretty much the normal scene you'd see at any party, so we headed up the stairs to the balcony that overlooked the dance floor and juice bar. I told her she ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 23, 2016

    I Called Her Semi Bluff!


    Couple of nights ago, while enjoying some foreplay with my wife, she -- completely out-of-the-blue -- asked how I would feel if she fucked another man. (Background: we are an older couple, 45 and 49, whose sex life is pretty darn good and has evolved and matured over the years.

    Nevertheless, she is still has some normal inhibitions -- dim lighting, prefers being on her back, loves receiving oral but doesn't give it. We get it on once, sometimes twice a week (usually with help from Viagra, I don't have any issues but since it produces a really hard erection that she loves, may as well). Anyway . . . out-of-the-blue, she asks how I would feel if another man fucked her. Having, in the past, missed out on a few 'openings' like this, I somehow managed ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    My Hotwife's Bull Birthday Present


    A couple of weeks ago we "friended" this guy on an adult dating site after meeting him in Carlisle. He had worked out that we were "players" and wanted to join us. My wife Meggie seemed quite interested after I told her about the messages he had been sending me. She then spent the next three evenings chatting with him through the site. It was very erotic sitting next to her and reading the messages going to and fro. As it happened the day we were supposed to meet (Meggie's birthday) we could not make it and let the guy know the reasons, etc, and gave him the options of days the following week.

    That weekend he and Meggie chatted more, making ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 16, 2016

    My Most Erotic Memory


    My most erotic memory was feigning sleep while my buddy made moves on my wife. We were hosting a bachelor party for another friend, and my buddy Carl (not his real name) was drunk and high. I was wasted. We asked him to sleep on the floor in our room, while the other 10 or so guys slept in the living room. He had been in watching a movie with the wife, while most other guys were passed out or playing poker.

    I came in to crash, tv still on. I think I put in a porn. Wife likes porn, and we'd swapped and had 3-somes with my buddy before (though never with anyone ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 12, 2016

    My Mom was a Shared Wife


    Its funny how things you see/experience as a child don't sometimes click till you put 1 and 1 together YEARS later... and then its like "WOW... Is that possible???"

    My mom and dad moved to this country when they were both kind of young. Mom was 28 with a pretty decent little body looking at family photos. Long back curvy hair and some very rounded curves! Meditteranian skin and features, used to dress in sun dresses and skirts of those golden 70's era. Dad was shorter, 35 and not much of a "looker". I think it was an arranged marriage from the "Old world". They moved here and did the traditional hard working immigrant routine; long hours, no vacations, little money. A few years later, I came ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 09, 2016

    Her Comments Burned My Insides


    Here goes .. but there is a catch. I am not sure if it is true. I am certain some will throw up their arms and pronounce me an idiot for ignoring the obvious. Others will recognize my sincerity when I say my wife is twisted .. and loves me. But twisted .. twisted enough to do this ...

    We are watchbing tv one night (know that we found a guy for her online once and she slept with him while I recorded it, but just once) and she is talking to me and giving me an incredible handjob. I start to badger her "I know youve fucked him since the video!". Now, understand, at this time I was 100% cretain that she did not fuck him since the video ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 05, 2016

    Business Trip Cuckolding


    I once anonymously posted about my wife fucking another guy a long time ago. I forget what the site was called but I just realized I never told anyone about the second time my wife fucked another was a couple of years (last year) after the first guy, and she met him in Austin for a business trip!!!

    When she finally said she would have sex with another man, she said there were only two old boyfriend from high school, and an old friend from high school who she had a crush on. She started talking to both of them, and told them both indepedently what I wanted them to do to her and that I was OK with it. They were both totally into her and wanted what she was offering. When I asked her which one she ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 02, 2016

    Wishing She Would do it Again


    My wife cucks me period. It all started soon after we first met at universerity. Marian was interested in me and she went after me. I liked her. She was a pretty, perky and a sweet girl. We ended up in bed and she gave me an amazing blowjob, she was okay when my load rushed into her warm mouth. It was the first time ever she did this all the way, what talent!

    But at the time, I was a actually seeing another girl and I wasn't quite ready to commit. So I suggested to Marian that she also messed around a bit before she got into another relationship. I said this only to avoid hurting her feelings. I liked her, it was just that I had just planned a trip to Paris to see another ... READ THE REST HERE


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