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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007


    Remember Rhonda?

    Rhonda's First Submission was about a year ago and you can read it HERE. Since then alot has happened and she writes in:

    "Well we have evolved into a dedicated cuckold couple, with the help and guidance of a master bull. I actually became pregnant by one of the young bulls that had been using me for ... read the rest here."

    Monday, March 26, 2007


    My Wife and Her Rituals

    PUSSY My wife's hairdresser (a male) comes to clean or sometimes trim her pussy hair every fortnight. When she's finished she takes a shower and then he tests her pussy area's smoothness with his dick. He doesn't charge for his job. Then they take shower together. After a good fuck she also sucks his dick or he fucks her ass in the shower. When he comes Sunday afternoon I don’t ...

    Friday, March 23, 2007


    Getting My Wife Into First Threesome

    My story is 95% true. I had to change some facts and alter the picture a bit out of paranoia that someone I know will see this post. The best parts are all true, though.

    Some years ago, I had been trying to get my wife to at least take part in a threesome. She was interested, but more than a little scared. I figured it would never happen, but it made a good fantasy while I was fucking her. She got off on my graphic descriptions of another man's dick stuffing her pussy. She did cheat on me a couple of times; that's how I found out she could be a slut. I sent her to take the car to a mechanic and she fucked the guy. I was away on my job and she brought the guy to my house and screwed him silly. That's when she found out that dicks came in bigger sizes. We almost split up, but came to terms with it. Then one day...

    My wife and I went down to a club in the early evening for a couple of drinks. When we left to go to another club, we ran into a guy I knew from work. Didn't know him well; he and I sometimes talked at lunch. This guy really put on the charm with my wife--and it was clear that she loved every second of it. There was an electric charge between them and I knew I had to get them both back to our place for the evening. At home, I waited till he had to go piss, then whispered to my starry-eyed spouse, "Is he the one for our threesome?" She looked away, blushed and said "I think so!" When he got back, I got him off to one side and came right out with it: "Would you like to fuck her?" He looked shocked and excited "hell, yeah!"

    My wife (a redhead) blushed bright red as we sat down on either side of her and opened her blouse for some tit-sucking. After only seconds of this, my friend was on top of my bride, rubbing bellies; their clothing were scattered from one side of the room to the other. I couldn't believe how turned on I was when I realized what was going on. Just beside me, a man I barely knew was doing the missionary position on my wife, and he was using a dick that put mine to shame! He was black and boy did it show! He let me cut in after a while and I loved the wide-streched feel of my wife's cheating hole even better than when tight.

    I pulled out before coming and my buddy sat on the sofa and pulled "Marcie" over on his lap facing him. She sat down on his gleaming rod and moaned. I positioned my face only inches from the point where his cock met her hole. They moved to the floor and I got my cute little dickie sucked while my spouse "rode the horse." She wasn't on birth control, so I asked him not to ejaculate into her snatch. He didn't like this, but I got to see him pull out and empty onto her belly at least three times that night. I wanted to lick it up, but didn't know how he'd take that.

    I got my rocks off more than once, too, it got harder and harder to hold back as her cunt go looser. I also realized at one point, that he hadn't pulled out in time--she was creamed (gave birth 9 months later, but the baby turned out to be mine). I sat out the rest of it; I sat smoking cigarettes and pulling my pud while my wife moaned and groaned just three feet away, being fucked by a guy she'd just met (she was a virgin when we married). Just before the sun came up, he had to leave and get ready for work. The relationship between me and him didn't last much longer. He waited until I was gone and came back for some more pussy a few nights later and I couldn't handle that very well. That was our last threesome. Well, a few years later I did see my wife sucking another friend's cock, but that's another story.

    I have recently been feeling my wife out about adding another man to our sex life, especially since I don't get the urge as often (we've been married 30 years). My wife acts a little cool to this, as if she wouldn't do such a thing, but we know better. I can tell when a guy is talking to her whether she'd fuck him or not. When Marcie gets flirtatious and "hands-on friendly" with a guy, it usually wouldn't take much for her legs to fly open. She doesn't rule out a threesome, but would like to really "cuckold" me this time; I know I can handle it now. I want to try sitting at home while some guy "slings meat" with her. She wants to go to a motel with a man and have her "horizons expanded." I just hope the flavor lasts until she gets back to me. She has a "boyfriend" now, but says she's never had sex with him. He has kissed her a couple of times, though, and let her know he wants some pussy. My wife wants to, but this guy is married and his wife would not go along with such. We'll see. I have attatched a picture of my "Marcie" with the guy we had the threesome with. - Adam

    Monday, March 19, 2007


    Waiting For My Wife's Phone Call ...

    Hi - I am sending you a picture of my wife and her first ever bull. He is a friend from work I convinced to come back and 'share' my wife with. She loved it right off the bat! He was agressive with her and fucked her how he wanted to making her scream several times while I got to sit back and watch. But I am writing you now about today!

    EMAIL #1

    My wife called me a little earlier from her hotel in Arizona. She said she had been flirting with a guy in the pool and discussing how even though she dyed her hair it was only back to its orginal color. Since her original color is close to his she says she is going to his room where they will compare her undyed hair to his to prove this to him. She told me she fully expects to get her hair tangled with his and isn't going to ask him to pull out. I am to consider where his sperm might be swimming tonight! I am so nervous, my stoamch is is knots waiting for her to call and imagining what she is doing. Until now I have always been present while she was with her lovers. If anything happens, I'll send you another email.

    EMAIL #2

    I got the report on last night!! Things took an unexpected turn for my wife. When she went to the guy's room it turned out his wife was there too. Generally my wife is not turned on by women, she has done fmf with me and a friend but that was a favor for us. When she does have sex on the road she is really in it for herself and that does not include extra females. Anyway, she went to his room wearing only a bathrobe having taken her swimsuit off. She was greeted at the door by the wife, who was into women and was naked. The wife undid my wife's robe, gave her a big tit to tit rubbing hug and tongue kissed with her. The guy watched for a while from the bed. They ended up with my wife in a 69 position with the woman (my wife on top) with the guy fucking my wife doggy style. She told me he pounded her for a good 20 minutes non-stop!! The woman was licking my wife as she was fucked but my wife did not reciprocate except by fingering the other woman's pussy. The guy came finally and my wife sat her slit down on the other woman's mouth. My wife was now dominating his wife and making her eat the creampie!! I almost came when she told me this. Then, she got up, thanked them politely and went back to her room where she got on the phone with me to tell me how much she enjoyed getting pounded by another man.

    I hope you put this on your blog with my first email. It was one of the hottest experiences for me and I hope the readers will like it too. - Nick

    Friday, March 16, 2007


    My Hot Girlfriend Finally Let Me Listen ...

    hot girlfriend
    I have known my girlfriend for 10 years. She is now 28 and I am 32. We were together for four, and then she has been cuckolding me for the last six. During that time, I knew that she had had sex with a few guys (OK – more than a few) and recently, I knew that I’d have to accept that. Actually, the thought of her with another guy while I watched excited me, and I told her so, but she was really hesitant about being with another guy while we are together. Occasionally she acted like she may do it, but I honestly thought that this would remain a sexual fantasy unfulfilled. The closest I ever got to my fantasy was seeing pictures of her taken by the guy she was fucking WHILE he was fucking her!! I have wanked off to them so many times I lost count. One of them is attatched. You can see the guy's massive cock going in her as he is taking the photo. I have no idea who the guy is or what his name is as the pics she gave me are all of her.

    Recently, she went to an annual conference for work, a conference where I know there is a lot of sex at night, especially for her. Her attitude going into the conference was that if the opportunity arose, she would take advantage of it, but that it would be a private affair despite my repeated begging for her to call and let me listen. We talked every night and she told me that there was a guy that was interested in him but she probably wouldn’t do anything with him. I was a little disappointed, but I had tried my best.

    The last night of the conference, I get a call and my girlfriend quietly says, “Would you like to listen?” I found out later that she invited this guy up and they were making out. When she called me, she was naked after letting him suck on her nipples and play with her pussy. She set the phone to the side and I got to hear her moans and his grunts of pleasure from the actual penetration. After he finished and left, I got to hear all of the details of that night. To say I was aroused is an understatement and that thought of what she let him do to her made for a great round of sex for BOTH of us the next night. Needless to say, she thinks that sex with other men is not such a bad idea. We haven’t had an opportunity for her to do it again, but hopefully that is just a matter of time. - Bill

    Monday, March 12, 2007


    Miami Mark Sends in 2 More Stories and ...

    ... A PIC of his Wife Cindy.
    If you have read the cuckold stories then you would have read MiamiMark's postings about his wife Cindy. After a few months he found some more stories that he had written down about Cindy that were not yet shared. So he emailed them along with a sexy pic of her.


    Creampie Pic Sent In ...


    I am a 39y male. My wife is 28y, blonde, pretty and very hot.

    I decided 2 be cuckolded when I had seen your blog.

    I still imagine that 8 years ago, I told her and she agreed 2 do that with my best freind. We had threesome .. I feel somewhat uncomfortable but we had very nice night. - am30


    Friday, March 09, 2007


    Christmas Cuckolding with Girlfriend

    Something happened over Xmas. I had some friends round for a few drinks. My gf got really drunk, not like her at all. She was flirting with my friends & messing around with them the whole evening. I knew they wanted her but I didn't know quite how to make it happen. Anyway she got so drunk she was tipsy and couldn't walk straight. I got the guys to help carry her upstairs. Of course while carrying her they were 'inadvertantly' feeling her body off. We set her on the bed and she was a giggling monster. She said, "Wow, 3 guys in my bedroom, you better not take any pictures of me (wink wink)". I didn't even think of that! So I got out the camera and took some pics of her posing with them. Then the pics got racier and racier. I have attatched my favorite one for your blog. It's of her mock-fucking my 2 friends. That almost blew my top! Then they helped me get her completely undressed. I got a real hard-on seeing them strip her off. I think they knew I was getting off on it & I could tell they were turned on . They stripped her right down naked, she was just lying there giggling. I wanted to tell them to fuck her but I didn't have the courage. In the end we threw the duvet over her and went down stairs. Next morning she was embarassed but didn't seem to mind too much. Wish I'd got them to fuck her now, but when the opportunity was there I chickened out. Maybe next time. - Mike


    Monday, March 05, 2007


    Girlfriend Enjoys Humiliating Me

    Hi, my name is Lee Przybylowicz.

    Me and my girlfriend have been toghether for almost 3 years now. She's REALLY into humiliating me! She's always making me show my small penis to her friends so they can laugh at me! She also loves to take pics of me naked in public places! Not to mention, I've had to watch her with many different men! It usually ends with me cleaning her out with my mouth! Here is a picture of her kissing me right before I get to watch her fuck another man! - Lee

    Friday, March 02, 2007


    Start of a Cuckolding Relationship?

    True story.

    My gf Maureen is short, hot, classy 21 year old. I'm 32, met her when I tutored her for some college classes. We started as friends who talked about everything, and she confided in me that she had a 25 y.o black boyfriend (call him Greg. He is kinky and the sex is great, she even showed me pictures he took of them having sex. But she didn't like him personally. She asked for my advice on how to orally please him better. I guessed she was submissive, and I told her to stay on her knees, keep her teeth off his cock, and learn to deep throat him. she said she could get about half his cock into her mouth. She also said he liked her anally, but didn't bother to lube her, and it hurt that way. I told her to keep lubed when he was around.

    Some time later, we became attracted to each other and had sex for the first time. She took my cock in her mouth all the way to the hilt, and I screwed her. She admitted to me that Greg's cock was bigger and harder than mine, he was more aggressive, but she felt more comfortable with me. She moved in, and I could tell she enjoyed the sex for about 2 weeks, but after a while I could tell she was faking it. Meanwhile, I found the thought of Greg screwing my gf with his big cock very exciting.

    We talked about it and she admitted she had started seeing Greg again "just for the sex" and asked if I still wanted to stay with her. I hid my true cuckold feelings, told her I loved her, and left it at that, but my short cock was hard as a rock, and when she went to sleep, I jacked off at the thought of Greg fucking my Maureen.

    A week ago, she came home late, and I put my mouth on her tender, stretched pussy. I tasted their hot mix for the first time, sucked and swallowed every drop and jacked off while doing it. She came several times as well. This has happened every night since then, and she is beginning to understand it. The only sex between us is oral at this point.

    I'd like to take it to the next level. I'd like Greg to fuck her right under my nose, any time he wants. I'd like him to humiliate me and my small cock right in front of her. I'd welcome any suggestions on how to get there, and still maintain the relationship. (**Please post them in the FORUM area)

    Thanks for reading and posting this to your blog. These pictures are of her and Greg, the ones she showed me before we went out together. - 5Inches

    Hotwife janice HotWife Janice
    I spend alot of time online chatting with and then meeting other men

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