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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Humiliation and I Love it


    My wife Marilyn has opened her gorgeous legs for 49 different men in the last 5 years! Since her first act of infidelity at the age of 44 with a stranger on a beach in Spain, she has kept a written account of every single guy she has fucked. She keeps a leather bound journal under our bed in which she describes every detail of every experience!

    Taking one entry at random, for example, she has written:

    Tonight I was very naughty again! Will stayed in and I went out with the girls from work. He asked me to wear my shortest mini skirt and boots and told me not to rush home! I knew exactly what he meant! Pulled a young guy, Nathan in the last pub, 21 year old; lovely lad. I ended up behind the pub with him. Nice sized cock; it felt so hard to wank! Gave him long blow job. He fucked me hard against the wall without a condom and spunked loads inside me! Great sex 8/10! Will was asleep when I got home at 1.30am.

    There are 48 other similar accounts, some describing good horny ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Fuck Buddy for My Wife


    After a long wait to continuing having sex with other men we found a very willing friend to enjoy our extended sexual experiences.

    We started by driving to interesting regions, sharing dinners and exploring wineries and sight seeing within a few hundred kilometres from where we live.

    We normally start our sex adventures as soon as we arrive at our destination and book in at either the bed and breakfast, apartment, hotel or cottage.

    At first it was after we had arrived to the accommodation after dinner.

    Soon after we would walk around naked and advancements came from any of us three and at any time where we felt the urge.

    Vee has exhibited herself in high rise apartments, met the pizza delivery man in her hot red g-string, has given people in nudist beaches excellent show while she sucked us and ... READ THE REST HERE


    Thursday, April 22, 2010

    My Wife's Affair with My Father


    After 17 years in the military, I received orders for a one-year, unaccompanied assignment overseas. We were stationed in North Carolina at the time, even though all of our family and friends lived back on the west coast. I didn’t want to leave the family so far from home for a year by themselves, so I made the decision to move them all home until my tour was over and we could move on to our next base after that.

    I wasn’t sure where to move them, when my step-father – who was really the only father I ever knew and raised me until my parents split – offered to let the family move in with him. He had a big house that he lived in by himself. The house had plenty of room, and it would save us a ton of money on rent and other living expenses while I was away.

    My wife wasn’t too sure about it at first, simply because although we saw my Dad once every other year or so, he and I were never very close. He was short and stocky ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Cuckolded by Her Dance Teacher


    I have been a bartender at a country music club for 9 years. I have my regulars that take care of me, and I take care of them. One of my regulars Randy comes in every couple of weeks, and always leaves me a very generous tip. A few weeks ago I told Randy that my wife was coming down the following night, and if he would come in and teach her how to dance.

    The following night when Randy got there, I introduced them and gave them a couple of shots of Patron, and left them to talk while I served other guest. After about half an hour later my wife asked if it was ok if they went to dance? I said No, go and have fun. They danced and drank throughout the night, and by closing time my wife was drunk. I asked Randy to take her down the street to Dennys and get her something to eat, and I would be down when I was done closing in about 25 minutes.

    After we ate, Randy said he had sobered up, and suggested we go back to his place to continue drinking. After a few drinks back at Randys, I tell my wife that after ... READ THE REST HERE


    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    My Wife's Old Boyfriend


    We went to my wife's old school friend's wedding last spring. She like my wife is in her middle forties and never been married before. She had invited her relatives and some old school friends. After the ceremony, the reception meal was held back at her friend's house, a 2 bedroom cottage in a couple of acres of land mainly woodland. After the meal, everyone started to mingle, I noticed my wife talking to a bloke for quite awhile. I went over to talk to her and find out who he was. She saw me coming towards her, she moved away from him and came over to me.

    She explained he was an old school friend and actually the bloke who took her virginity. I asked her how and when he took it. She said in her bedroom in her parents house. They were in ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Sharing My Wife


    My wife finally has been with another man. It all started shorly after we were married. I have always hinted to her my desire to watch her with another man, but she always hated the idea unless she was drunk. If she had been drinking, she would BEG me to let her fuck other men.

    After several years of getting no where, I tried to just ignore my wishes and not mention this desire of mine to her ever again.

    Several years went by. She began working in the local E.R. here in our town. (she is an RN). We live in an upscale neighborhood here, and several nice "gentlemen" live near us. One happens to be a single man, who also happens to work with my wife. He is a P.A.

    My wife came home from work one day and suggested that I go out quadding (ATV) with this guy who lived near us, as he was a very nice guy and she thought we would get along great. Oh how right she was! We took off the next day out into the wilderness near my home. We were ... READ THE REST HERE


    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    My Wife with Barry


    A few months back my wife finally let me have my wish of watching her with another man. I was so excited that I joined some meeting sites online and stayed up most of the night looking for someone. The lucky guy was named Barry and the first night was pretty vanilla as we were all so nervous. But our second time ...

    Barry came to stay with us overnight. Debs my wife wanted her usual rough sex with both of us if he was into it and for the ocassion decided to by some kinky PVC and rubberwear along with some thigh length boots. We knew what time Barry was arriving so in order not to waste valuable time she dressed up ready for him. As if on cue, the front door bell rang and Deb answered the door and let him in. His face was a picture when he saw her standing there dressed like a real horny slut. We wasted no time and went straight up to the bedroom. Debs lay on the bed and told us that she wanted it rough and hard and we could do whatever we wanted to her. We tied her legs and wrists to the bed and began the task ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    My Wife with a Younger Man


    A few years back I was working with a young man named Mark.

    He and his wife enjoyed our company as couples and they were often spending every weekend together with us. We decided to install a spa in the family room bathroom, and Mark volunteered to help. They came over and we worked so late, that they wound up spending the night.

    They were oblivious to the fact that we could hear them making love and it encouraged our love making. Mark was a bit shorter than me and was much lighter than me. His wife was a bit plump compared to mine. They were about 10 years younger than us.

    The next day the wives made breakfast, and after breakfast we finished up the install Then we cleaned up our mess, and cleaned out the spa. it was almost 6:ooPM before we got to filling the spa. it was almost 8 before it was to temperature.

    We decided to get some champagne and shrimp cocktails and mark and I surprised the wives by buying some lobstertails as well. We ate and got into the spa with the champagne. Mark and his ... READ THE REST HERE


    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    My Wife's First Group Sex


    This is a story about my gf at the time and our first group experience. She is by far the horniest person I have ever met. In fact before this little event occurred she started sharing fantasies with me where she was the center of attention for multiple guys. For now I'll keep her name confidential and refer to her as K.

    It was a Friday night and me, k, and my two roommates, (lets call them J and B) were just coming home from a wild Kegger (for those of you who don't know its a party with a keg(s) of beer). We started walking home and K remarked that she was cold so I put my coat around her shoulders and put one hand around her. She being the sneaky devil that she is used the coat as cover to rub my cock through my pants so that it wouldn't be too obvious to my roommates what she was doing. Well I couldn't let that stand so in my inebriated state I started to rub the front of her belly with my fingers making the occasional foray into the front ... READ THE REST HERE


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