My Wife and My Father


My Wife and My Father - After 17 years in the military, I received orders for a one-year, unaccompanied assignment overseas. We were stationed in North Carolina at the time, even though all of our family and friends lived back on the west coast. I didn’t want to leave the family so far from home for a year by themselves, so I made the decision to move them all home until my tour was over and we could move on to our next base after that.

I wasn’t sure where to move them, when my step-father – who was really the only father I ever knew and raised me until my parents split – offered to let the family move in with him. He had a big house that he lived in by himself. The house had plenty of room, and it would save us a ton of money on rent and other living expenses while I was away.

My wife wasn’t too sure about it at first, simply because although we saw my Dad once every other year or so, he and I were never very close. He was short and stocky with a big gut, in his mid-50s, and very set in his ways, so our visits to his house were often awkward. He had not been in a serious relationship since my mother had divorced him, so he’d been living by himself for a long time.

I talked my wife into it, reminding her it would only be for a year and would save us money, and I moved everybody in just before I had to departure.

The house has two bedrooms upstairs and the master bedroom downstairs. The room my wife was to use had an older (hard) mattress on the bed, which my wife thought might be a problem. This was alleviated when my Dad told her he could use his bed on the nights he is gone. He drives long-haul trucks for a living, so he is gone between five-and-six nights a week and for all intents and purposes, it would be her bed. My wife figured that would be better than having to be on the crappy old mattress every night, so she agreed.

Everything went smoother than expected. There were the usual issues with kids messing up the house and such, but other than that, there wasn’t anything of significance to report for a long time.

According to my wife, all that changed one night when my Dad came home earlier than expected. Rather than wake my wife, he just slept on the couch. My wife slept in late that day, and my Dad was eager for a shower, so he quietly went into his bedroom so he could access the master bathroom (the only one downstairs). My wife woke up with the sound of the shower turning on, but before she could get up and leave the bedroom, my Dad came back into the bedroom real quick to get a towel.

My Dad had already stripped naked, and he had to walk about 10 feet to the linen closet and back for his towel. My wife lied there petrified, not knowing what she should do. He walked quickly and quietly across the bedroom to get a towel, unaware that my wife was watching the whole thing from only a few feet away.

My wife lied there – frozen – and couldn’t help but to look (even though she knew closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep would be better). The thing she couldn’t help to look at was my Dad’s penis.

Below his flabby gut hung what was, in her estimation, a penis that was longer and thicker soft than my penis is when it’s hard. It swung back and forth as he snuck across the room, and she couldn’t believe the size of it. On top of the enormity of his penis, she also noticed he had very large, low-hanging balls. The whole moment was over in about 15 seconds, but my wife had his dick on her mind whenever she’d be around him from that point forward.

That was just the start. The event that would lead to the affair would happen a few weeks later.

My Dad was home, and my wife had a sore back, so in the middle of the night – with her mind still buzzing about the size of his cock – my wife crawled into his bed with him. He was snoring and fast asleep, so he was unaware that she had joined him. She told herself that she only wanted to be in the best bed in the house and didn’t want to disturb him, but she knew her real intention was to get another look at his dick.

As she lied there, she said she couldn’t sleep. He was lying on his back and in a deep, snoring sleep, so she thought she would reach over and see if she could possibly touch it without him noticing.

When she reached over, she moved her hand slowly under the sheets until she made contact. He had a nocturnal erection so his dick was actually coming out the top of the waistband of his briefs! She couldn’t believe her luck. She felt his cock head, moved her hand up and down the part of the shaft that was exposed, and gently squeezed it, trying to size it up some more.

All of a sudden, he stopped snoring and opened his eyes. He didn’t move, and my wife – having what she said felt like a small heart attack after being caught with her hands on his dick – didn’t move either. He moved a little to one side, and lowered his underwear the rest of the way giving her full access to his dick. My wife took that as a green light to keep playing, which she did.

She continued to stroke and squeeze it, marveling at how large it was compared to mine, especially in thickness. She said it was like comparing an “A” battery to a “D” battery.

After a few more minutes of stroking, she thought “This is a guy who hasn’t gotten any in a long time. I should give him something to really make his day, beings that I’ve already gone this far.” With that, she lifted the covers, moved over next to him, and lowered her mouth on his cock.

She could only get the head and a couple inches inside her mouth, but she sucked him for all he was worth, and he immediately started moaning and telling her “this feels so incredible.” She really enjoyed the fact that she was doing him this huge favor, and at the same time being able to play with a strange cock for the first time since high school.

After only a few more minutes, he moaned really loud and began to shoot cum in my wife’s mouth. She said he came very hard, and came a lot. She swallowed what she could, but because of the large amount, most of it ran out of her mouth and onto his belly and pubic hair.

My wife initially thought that would be the end of it, but she noticed he stayed hard after cumming. She wanted to have sex with him, but wasn’t sure how to ask, especially considering that he was my Dad, and while blowing him was not morally an OK thing to do, having sex would be something a lot more serious and would be more like cheating, in her estimation.

So, she leaned over and said to him “I really want to have sex with you, even if it’s just this one time and nobody ever has to know it happened.” She didn’t have to ask twice.

She quickly removed her pajama pants and panties, and he rolled over on top of her and got into position to mount her. She said that the weight of him on her was something to get used to, and she thought it might be a problem, but in the end she convinced herself that his weight was just part of the package – he was a bigger man with a bigger cock and the whole experience would be different than one she had ever experienced before.

She was extremely wet, but even still, she knew it was going to take some effort for him to get his cock in her. His initial attempts to enter her were unsuccessful, with only the very tip of his cock head making any headway. She warned him to be gentle, as told him his dick was much larger than mine. She said that seemed to turn him on, as he frantically started pushing at her with his cock head until it finally popped inside of her.

My wife said it felt like losing her virginity again – instant pain. With that initial burst, he really started trying to work the rest of the length in her. His thrusts were powerful, and he was making progress. With each stroke, she said she could feel pulling on her clit like never before. She said his penis was so thick, it was tugging on her clit and sending shivers up and down her body. After a few more thrusts, he was all the way in her, and she said that at that moment, she lost all control and had a massive orgasm, the biggest she’s ever had.

She hadn’t even stopped moaning from her orgasm yet, when he began fucking her in long, slow strokes. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, how full she felt and how in the span of five minutes this was already the best sex she’d ever had. She had another orgasm, and then another, and all the while, he never stopped thrusting in and out of her like a slow, deliberate jack hammer.

They never changed positions, and she never once got a look at his face, as he kept his head to the side of her, probably to avoid looking at her and having to think about who she was – his son’s wife.

They continued fucking for another 45 minutes or so, but my wife is not sure how long they did it. She knows she had six orgasms – the most she’d ever had – and by the time he came, she was very sore. She said when he came, he was as quiet as a mouse other than his thrusts slowed down, got deeper and she could feel his cum shooting inside her body, a sensation that brought about that sixth and final orgasm. She could feel his dick expand slightly, jerk and shoot every one of his cum jets into her body, again something she had never felt before, and she said it was like a hose had gone off inside her.

At that point, guilt must have set in for my Dad, because he rolled over and went immediately to sleep without saying a single word (my wife thought he would at least say “thank you”).

My wife said when he pulled his dick out, cum oozed out of her, and she had to sleep in a very big wet spot the rest of the night. She said her body continued to tingle for several minutes after he’d already gone back to sleep. She felt bad about doing it, but the overwhelming pleasure she felt seemed to override any feelings of guilt she might have had.

The next day, they briefly discussed what had gone on the night before. My wife, having felt pleasure like never before, didn’t want to stop fucking, so she asked my Dad if they could continue fucking until it got close to the time I would return. They both pledged to never tell anybody, and to keep their get togethers as discreet as possible, so the kids would not notice anything.

They continued fucking about twice a week for the next three months, my wife claiming it was the best three months of sex she’s ever had. She said the sex was so good, she actually considered letting him get her pregnant as a kind of “reward” for giving her so much pleasure, but decided in the end that a pregnancy would be hard to hide from me and she was probably a little old to be having more kids.

She confessed all this to me years later, after a huge fight. Of course, she didn’t think the story would turn me on and I’d be begging for details every waking hour over the next several days.

Now that she knows I am turned on by it all, she said the next time we visit my Dad, she’s going to sneak down into his bed one night and fuck his brains out and let me listen from the doorway. I can’t wait!

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