Cuckolded by Her Dance Teacher Instructor


Cuckolded by Her Dance Teacher Instructor - I have been a bartender at a country music club for 9 years. I have my regulars that take care of me, and I take care of them. One of my regulars Randy comes in every couple of weeks, and always leaves me a very generous tip. A few weeks ago I told Randy that my wife was coming down the following night, and if he would come in and teach her how to dance.

The following night when Randy got there, I introduced them and gave them a couple of shots of Patron, and left them to talk while I served other guest. After about half an hour later my wife asked if it was ok if they went to dance? I said No, go and have fun. They danced and drank throughout the night, and by closing time my wife was drunk. I asked Randy to take her down the street to Dennys and get her something to eat, and I would be down when I was done closing in about 25 minutes.

After we ate, Randy said he had sobered up, and suggested we go back to his place to continue drinking. After a few drinks back at Randys, I tell my wife that after all Randy has done for us (financial = tips) the least she could do was flash him. And like that her top was down and her perky tits were out. I told randy to go ahead and fill them. After a few minutes with my wifes nipples now hard she raised up a little and put her nipples in his mouth. She was really getting into it, and started to moan, when she grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs so he could play with her pussy. He stopped and gave me that look, and I said," Enjoy Randy! This is my tip to you!"

Randy was playing with her pussy through her pants, after a few minutes she stood up and took off all of her clothes. As she sat back down on the couch, Randy pushed her back and got down and started licking her pussy. He slipped his finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she started to cum. Randy stayed down and lapped up all of her juices as she came all over his face.

Randy let her enjoy her orgasm for a few minutes, then he stood up and she went straight for his dick and pulled it out. My wife and I looked at each other in amazement as Randy had a 8.5" dick. She did the best she could do giving him a blowjob, but all she do was get the head into her mouth. I guess that is where they get the term, "giving head"! When she stopped, Randy went a got some condoms, put one on and told her to lay back and spread her legs! He very gently and slowly bagan to push his 8.5" into my wifes pussy. It took a few minutes, but he bottomed out at about 6.5" or 7".

That was all my petite wife could handle. He started slowly fucking her, until her pussy loosened up and adjusted to his dick, then he began to putting in some work on her. I enjoy watching my wife have sex with other men. See cuckold blog July 2009, my latina wife cucked me. This was the first "new dick" she has had, she still fucks her ex-boyfriend regularly, he took her virginity. She got on top of him facing me and started riding him. I took out my dick and started strokin it. They moved into doggy position. When Randy was about to cum, he took of the condom and shot his load all over my wifes ass. I lost it, stood up and also shot my load all over ass. She just laid there, with with both of our loads running down the crack of her ass. It was a sight!

Please let us know if you enjoyed the story, I will repay you with a few pictures.

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