My Wife's Old Boyfriend


My Wife's Old Boyfriend - We went to my wife's old school friend's wedding last spring. She like my wife is in her middle forties and never been married before. She had invited her relatives and some old school friends. After the ceremony, the reception meal was held back at her friend's house, a 2 bedroom cottage in a couple of acres of land mainly woodland. After the meal, everyone started to mingle, I noticed my wife talking to a bloke for quite awhile. I went over to talk to her and find out who he was. She saw me coming towards her, she moved away from him and came over to me.

She explained he was an old school friend and actually the bloke who took her virginity. I asked her how and when he took it. She said in her bedroom in her parents house. They were in the sixth form and had come back to do some homework. He had persauded her to strip and was fingering her clit, when she said let me see your penis. She had been out with other blokes at school, but had only let them kiss her and feel her breasts, kevin was the first to touch her pussy and she wanted to see an erect penis.

Kevin stripped off and she was googled eyed, his flaccid penis was 7 inches and about 5 inches in girth hanging down in between his legs. He let her touch it and play with it. She said it grew in her hands to about 10 inches and got even thicker, he told her to wank him. She rubbed him for about two minutes and he came in large spurts over her breasts. In the next couple of months, she had sucked it and he had fucked her silly with it. He then dumped her for another girl and when they left school she never saw him again. Apparently he had gone to the States and tried to get into the movies, but ended up doing porn.

I could see she was drooling and itching to see his prick again. We had a dance, a few drinks and as the night went on I tried to put Kevin and her together out of my mind. I went to get us another drink, when I came back Dawn was not in the lounge where I had left her. I looked all around the cottage and eventually went into the garden. It was pitch black. I heard a noise coming from the rear of the garage. I snuck along behind some trees and shrubs and had a good view of the back of the garage. At the rear of the garage I saw Kevin snogging a woman. Dawn had introduced to me as one of her classmates, Ann. I then saw Dawn on her knees go like the clappers sucking Kevin's giant prick.

Ann, then stopped kissing him and started to remove his and her clothes. I remained in the dark shadows. Ann and kevin were now stark bollock naked, Dawn got up and she too stripped off. Ann then got on her knees and sucked kevin's prick while dawn kissed him. He was rubbing her tits. Ann got up, turned around and bent over in front of Kevin. He started to finger her from behind. Dawn then started to wank him and then guided his 10 inch piece of meat into Ann's pussy. He pumped away and she was moaning. Dawn said something to him and I heard him say "Don't worry girls, I've had years of practice in front of a camera, I can stay hard for about a hour before I come. So I will service you both until you want me to stop."

Ann then shouted out she was coming and gave out a long moan. Dawn then laid on the floor and he got between her and entered her and pumped away. Dawn put her legs in the air and then wrapped them around his waist. He said, "Just like the old days, Dawn". She replied, "Yes,yes, I've missed your fat prick up me, fuck me hard". He pumped away, while Ann was stroking his back. He then said to Dawn, "Do you want to be a porn star" She said "yes". He then got off her and told her to get on all fours. He said "Does your hubby give it to you up the arse".

This one thing Dawn has never wanted to do or let me do. Kevin then started to ease his prick into her arsehole. She started to complain saying it was to big and he would split her. He continued to push it in. I just stood there, it was just like watching a real life porn show. In one way I was disgusted my wife had gone off to be fucked by another bloke, but in another way enjoying it. He fucked her in the arse for about five minutes and then withdrew. He then told Ann to bend over and then fucked her arsehole. Kevin said to her, "Ann your a fucking dirty bitch, your arsehole is quite loose, you've always liked pricks up your arse"

He fucked her arse for about ten minutes, she was moaning and groaning and said she had come twice while he was fucking her. He withdrew, both girls then got in front of him on their knees and sucked his prick. This went on for about 15 minutes. He then told Dawn to bend over in front of him and he entered her pussy one more time. She was moaning and groaning. He was fucking her for about 10 minutes, when she screamed "I'm comimg I'm coming".

She shuddered and let out a sigh. Kevin withdrew his everhard prick and both girls faced him on their knees. He then started to wank his own prick and then shot what seemed gallons of spunk over their faces. Both girls then kissed each other, licking his spunk of each other's face. They all got dressed, I went back into the cottage and sat in the lounge. Dawn came and found me and said she had felt sick and had to go out to get some fresh air.

I cannot believe what Dawn has done. She lets me fuck her shaved pussy and have anal sex, which she enjoys. One day I will tell her what I saw her doing with Ann and Kevin and see if she wishes to try a threesome of a foursome with me someday.



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