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Fuck Buddy For My Wife - After a long wait to continuing having sex with other men we found a very willing friend to enjoy our extended sexual experiences.

We started by driving to interesting regions, sharing dinners and exploring wineries and sight seeing within a few hundred kilometres from where we live.

We normally start our sex adventures as soon as we arrive at our destination and book in at either the bed and breakfast, apartment, hotel or cottage.

At first it was after we had arrived to the accommodation after dinner.

Soon after we would walk around naked and advancements came from any of us three and at any time where we felt the urge.

Vee has exhibited herself in high rise apartments, met the pizza delivery man in her hot red g-string, has given people in nudist beaches excellent show while she sucked us and we fucked her amongst trees, in the water, in car parks and tonight we had a few drinks at home and this is what happened.

We agreed to meet and have a drink, being Friday and all and after a very hectic week at work. Vee has also returned to work after two weeks holidays (we had some great escapades). Our intentions were to have a drink and did no plan to take it any further as our kids were coming and going. As we sat having some lovely chilled red and white sparkling our daughter was picked up by one of her friends and the two of them left about half an hour our son was to arrive home from work.

We quickly freshened while Vee stepped into her slutty red shoes and we had the hardest cocks anyone could ever imagined.

Vee quickly got down and started sucking my cock and fondling my testicles as she was lapping up a very hungry and hot tongue in her very smooth and delicious cunt.

After a few minutes Vee searched and quickly found a stiff cock against her leg and decided to give that one a bit of a suck; in what seemed a flash I was parting her pussy lips and sliding my cock into a very wet and horny box.

Vee's wetness was soon oozing out and could feel the warmth of her vagina rising. I managed to hold back from squirting my cum into her pussy and once more we had swapped around. I left the two of them for a quick second to get the camera and take some shots (I like to take some pictures at every single one of our encounters - imagine the number of photos and video clips that I have). I am not allowed to send any photos or video clips where our faces are shown - I am really sorry about that as I would love to share some of the videos as they are amazing and shows what a hot and sexy and slutty my gorgeous wife is.

I got the camera turned it on an only to discover that after less than two minutes of filming the memory card became full. Not wanting to waste time (mindful that our son would be home soon) I gave up the camera and went back to witnessing our buddy pumping Vee's pussy furiously and watching her fingernails squeeze every last drop of our buddy's sperm.

No sooner had he finished filling Vee up I quickly slipped my cock into her. The amount of cum that was coming out of her cunt made my entry very easy and it was such a pleasure to feel the warmth of her cavern that it only took me a few minutes before shooting my load into her, already full, cunt.

We quickly got changed and within a few minutes our son arrived, making out that we had been chatting without a hint or any signs of what had been going. To our, pleasant, surprise our son mentioned that he needed to go over to his cousins house to help set up a sound system and seconds after we heard his car take off we were off with our clothes and continued to fuck Vee for about 45 minutes, managing 6 fantastic orgasms (the first two by herself as that is how, at least, the first one comes and there after the ongoing pounding knocks the engorged clitoris and makes it a lot easier for Vee to cum over and over.

I lapped up Vee's box before I entered her for the second fuck and we finished up the sex romp by having our buddy cleaning up my cum. Our buddy left a few minutes ago (before I started this email) and Vee has gone to bed. I'll sneak into the cot a little later, being careful not to awaken her and for sure tomorrow morning I will feel her gentle touch over my cock and balls and once again filling up her glorious pussy with some extra cream that I will be replenishing as I sleep.

Vee is the hottest, horniest, sluttiest and sex wanting tart I have ever had the pleasure of fucking.

I love watching my wife fucking, sucking cock and exhibiting herself (without a care in the world)

I will endeavour to relate a trip to an adult shop to select a battery operated dildo and the fun we had as the attendant was a female and there we were two guys discussing how we were going to use it on Vee and the show we put on in the shop's carpark - we must have had at least 12 people (some females) watching. Watch this space.

comments are always welcome at:

bob.kingtafmo @ yahoo.co.uk

and now there are three of us who get off on the tremendous comments, keep them coming.




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