My Wife with a Younger Man


My Wife with a Younger Man - A few years back I was working with a young man named Mark.

He and his wife enjoyed our company as couples and they were often spending every weekend together with us. We decided to install a spa in the family room bathroom, and Mark volunteered to help. They came over and we worked so late, that they wound up spending the night.

They were oblivious to the fact that we could hear them making love and it encouraged our love making. Mark was a bit shorter than me and was much lighter than me. His wife was a bit plump compared to mine. They were about 10 years younger than us.

The next day the wives made breakfast, and after breakfast we finished up the install Then we cleaned up our mess, and cleaned out the spa. it was almost 6:ooPM before we got to filling the spa. it was almost 8 before it was to temperature.

We decided to get some champagne and shrimp cocktails and mark and I surprised the wives by buying some lobstertails as well. We ate and got into the spa with the champagne. Mark and his wife sat on one side and my wife and I on the other. with the bubbles going you can't see what is happening, but my wife told me mark was playing footsy. He also had his foot between her legs and she had to spread them a little as he was shoving his toe up into her pussy. She was obviously enjoying it. Mark then surprised us by asking if the 10 o'clock rule was in effect. I knew what he meant and said oh yes it's after 10, no suits allowed. Mark and I stripped off our suits and then my wife did too, it took a little coaxing from my wife and I for his wife to remove her suit.

Once we were all naked, Mark asked if anyone wanted another drink of champagne. we all agreed and he said he would go to get another fresh bottle. he got up from the spa and stood showing his cock towards my wife, it was on a slight hard curve downward, sort of semi hard. he stood and wiped his eyes. then he swung a leg over the spa and pointed his ass and balls toward my wife. I could see how nicely hung he was and how his balls hung so big and low. I knew my wife got an eyeful.

When he came back in he did the same manueuver in reverse. My wife squeezed my leg. He was now hard. His wife said Mark, have you no shame. He grinned and said 'what its natural?' She had to use the bathroom, so she got out and then she asked if we would mind if she stayed out as she was really flush from the heat. We all said ok. After a bit of horseplay between Mark and my wife, I excused myself to use the bathroom. I finished and went to check on his wife. she was passed out on the spare bed. I figured I would go let them know she was out. as I stepped back into the spa area, I saw my wife going down on mark. he didn't see me so i stepped back out of sight but looked through the door crack. I was so hard watching them. I jacked off. she sucked him off and then she said she better see how i was doing. as she got out, mark stopped her and licked her pussy. she slowly kept going. i sat down in front of the tv.

Mark stayed in the spa. Peggy told me what happened and I asked if she wanted to fuck him. She said she was worried about his wife. I told her she was out cold. She went back in and told mark where we were at, and mark immediately got on top of her and fucked her for a good 20 minutes. She came and he followed her. They were unaware of my watching again and I jacked off too. Mark came out with peggy both naked with towels around them but mark removed his in front of me and began wiping himself down. it was then in the brighter light i realized he was bigger than me and much thicker even though i outweighed him and had a good 4 inches taller. His cock was big. She removed her towel and was wiping herslef down as well showing mark all her wares in front of me. mark said you know doug you shouldn't leave your naked wife in a spa with another guy it might give him ideas. they both laughed and i said what would be wrong with ideas. then we all laughed again.

I told them I wanted to go to sleep, and went to our room. they stayed in the family room and I checked on them about 2 hours later. they were fucking again.

Mark had her on all fours and was fucking her doggy style. she loves it like that. I walked in and stood out of sight and jacked off again. then checked on his wife. she was still out and snoring slightly.

I figured I better make it obvious I was up and made some noise. They got decent, (wrapped towels around their bodies) and she came in to the kitchen. I said maybe we better get to bed so she doesn't happen to wake up and catch them. Peggy said ok. We went back in and mark had his towel open in front and was hard again. he didnt bother to close it in front of me. I licked my lips. peggy said she was going to bed and leaned over to give Mark a kiss. He pulled her to him and made it obvious that he was frenching her in front of me and then she grabbed his cock and he pulled her towel off and reached up and drove a finger in her pussy. I turned the light off and said make sure yvonee doesnt catch you two.

I went to bed. a little whle later she came in and straddled my face. I ate her out and then we fucked for a while. we both fell asleep. in the morning, yvonne said that all the nakedness must have gotten mark horny cause he came to bed and all he wanted to do was fuck all night. We laughed and said yeah it had that effect on us too. mark said yeah i bet you got real horny and ate that shit, didn't you. I said hell yes. we all laughed. The next day she didnt want to go in the spa and they had an argument.

That was the first of many arguments.

We went to their apartment one night and after a late night of cards. yvonne passed out drunk. I was lying on the couch and peg and mark made love on the floor in front of me. I was about to join in and mark said he better get to bed, cause yvonne doesnt sleep real sound when she is drunk. he left and she straddled my face again. I looked up and saw mark wanking as he watched me eat her pussy full of his cum.

These visits kept up for a few years, and then she decided she wanted out of the marriage, and kicked him out. Mark called and asked if he could come stay with us for a while. We told him we would love to have him. he came over and we all got into the spa naked and he was soon making out with peg. he got on her and was shoving his cock into her and I reached under and felt his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

I soon was fingering her while he fucked her. mark said oh yeah that feels good.

I sat up and was soon feeling his ass and balls and then slid a finger into his ass. he came in a second. they calmed down and he wanted to watch me fuck her. i sat her on the ledge and ater her and then fucked her. mark was shooting cum all over my back and sides. this got him off real quick. peggy was soon tired and went to bed. I told mark he could sleep with her while he was staying with us. i slept in the family room. he stayed with us for 6 months and during his time there he spent most of the nights in our bed with her. she would co0me out to straddle my face and mark would come to watch then they would go back to the bed room.

Mark moved to florida and moved in with his mother and dad while he found a new job. once he got settled in peggy went down to visit for a week. they lived like husband and wife for the entire week. She even sent me this picture (attatched) of them by email.

After she got home she would often tell me how good he made her feel, I would love hearing it. She would often call during their sex sessions and tell me what he was doing to her. They even got the pizza boy to stay one night after he was done delivering. she liked that too.

I had to go down on business to Orlando and took the plane back from fort meyers where he was. The night i was spending there with him he said he never told anyone this but the night i slid my finger in has ass he really got off on it and I was the only guy he could tell that to. he wanted me to fuck him. I was honored. he told me to go to the bedroom and get ready. i got naked and got under the covers. he came into the bedroom totally naked and strutted aroudn the room a bit making sure all the drapes were shut, and then he brought the wet bottle out and sat down next to me. we kissed and fondled each other and he said he was waiting for this for 2 years. Mark was now 23 and he bent over and I grabbed his skinny little ass and poured some wet on my cock and his ass and then fingered him with one then 2 then 3 fingers unitl he was ready. I then slid muock back and forth along his ass crack. I slowly slipped the head in and he groaned a bit but then he said oh yeah give it to me now. I drove forward slowly and he speeded it up. i was fucking ihs ass likce a plow. man he was tight. i came a bit too fast and collapsed on the bed. mark was dissappointed and asked if i could get hard again soon. I said yes with a little relaxing and some stimulation. he began rubbing my cock and balls and then fingering my pooper, then he bent over and sucked me off. I was almost ready to cum. he said he never did that before but always wanted to try it. I was no0t rock hard again and after some priming again he was ready and we fucked for a good 15 minutes before i came. Mark however came once and was hard again but i came and since he was still hard, I sucked him ogff. I called peggy and told her about our adventure. she said she is going to cum back in a few weeks and wants me to fuck him in front of her.


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