My Wife Humiliated Me by Cuckold Means


My Wife Humiliated Me by Cuckold Means - My wife Marilyn has opened her gorgeous legs for 49 different men in the last 5 years! Since her first act of infidelity at the age of 44 with a stranger on a beach in Spain, she has kept a written account of every single guy she has fucked. She keeps a leather bound journal under our bed in which she describes every detail of every experience!

Taking one entry at random, for example, she has written:

Tonight I was very naughty again! Will stayed in and I went out with the girls from work. He asked me to wear my shortest mini skirt and boots and told me not to rush home! I knew exactly what he meant! Pulled a young guy, Nathan in the last pub, 21 year old; lovely lad. I ended up behind the pub with him. Nice sized cock; it felt so hard to wank! Gave him long blow job. He fucked me hard against the wall without a condom and spunked loads inside me! Great sex 8/10! Will was asleep when I got home at 1.30am.

There are 48 other similar accounts, some describing good horny fuckings she's had, others telling of dire experiences of guys with small cocks unable to satisfy her!

We'd been reading her sex journal in bed together a couple of weeks ago. Marilyn reads out her best experiences aloud to me and it hardens my cock instantly, knowing that so many men have been inside her! 49 men, amazing! She then said that she'd better make her 50th encounter very special as it would be a landmark fuck for her! I agreed and told her I would arrange something different for her, provided I could watch!

I'd seen on the web a group of black guys in Birmingham advertising their services for 'Greedier Girls'! They called themselves The Black Knights and held gangbang parties at an exclusive apartment in the city centre. Incredibly in her horny experiences to date, Marilyn had only ever been fucked by white guys. It was about to change!

I exchanged a number of emails with Dermot, the guy who organises the parties and he explained that they liked to have two willing women at the parties to be shared between about 10 black guys! I was hard just thinking about her in that situation! She'd love it!

I told her nothing other than we were going to Birmingham for some real fun and she'd better dress particularly sexily! She did! I waited downstairs as she got ready and she blew my mind when she came down! She was wearing white stilettos, an incredibly short white mini skirt which barely covered her pants and a tight, tit hugging, low top which showed off her 36D tits wonderfully. The tops of her hold-ups were clearly visible below the hem of her tarty skirt. Deep red lipstick completed her transformation into a whore!

Our drive to Birmingham was exciting with Marilyn continuously asking what I had arranged! We arrived an hour an a half later and found the apartment easily in the city centre, parked up and went up to Dermot's place.

My heart was pounding as Dermot answered the door. Marilyn's face lit up as she realised that she was going to get her first blacking! But she didn't know the full story yet! Dermot told her that he hoped she was as horny as she looked as he had a treat lined up for her!

We went through to the large lounge where there were 8 more black guys and another girl, a blonde who was introduced as Emma. Emma seemed to know them all well and was already sitting on one guy's lap, kissing him.

Dermot fetched us a drink and we stood for a while just chatting to the guys for a while, getting to know them. By this time, young Emma already had a mouth full of black meat and another guy was fingering her! I could see Marilyn was turned on by the girl's slutty behaviour!

It was Marilyn who made the first move, kneeling down in front of Dermot, unzipping his jeans and releasing his huge, thick, black cock! She had to stretch her mouth to fit the fucking thing in, and like a true whore, she sucked him like there was no tomorrow! Immediately there were hands from all directions, touching her, undressing her! I went to sit out of the way as five black bulls stripped my wife down to her hold-ups and white stilettos! Other than that she was naked!

They laid her on the lounge floor, each taking turns with her mouth, feeding their thick black cocks between her red painted lips! It was the fourth guy who shot his load all over her face, leaving spunk in her hair and running down her neck! She looked a real slut and was loving every second of it!

Dermot was now between her legs, his face pushed tight against her bush, licking her cunt. All of the time the bitch was groaning in delight!

As Dermot plunged his unprotected black cock deep into my wife's cunt, Emma was being fucked too!

I watched intently as Dermot fucked her, taking the slag through two loud climaxes, before spunking deep inside her! As Dermot pulled out, another of the Black Knight Crew took his place, fucking her frantically and adding his spunk to Dermot's!

There were hard black cocks all over for a couple of hours, fucking the two tarts, or being sucked or wanked! Spunk was literally oozing from each woman! It was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed!

Dermot asked us to stay the night to save a long, late drive back. Of course Marilyn was only too pleased to accept, and ended up sleeping with Dermot in his bed, while I kipped on the settee! She told me he was hard all fucking night!

I guess my average, white cock will never satisfy the dirty slut again! What a way for her to clock up her 50th cock!

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