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How I Shared My Wife - My wife finally has been with another man. It all started shorly after we were married. I have always hinted to her my desire to watch her with another man, but she always hated the idea unless she was drunk. If she had been drinking, she would BEG me to let her fuck other men.

After several years of getting no where, I tried to just ignore my wishes and not mention this desire of mine to her ever again.

Several years went by. She began working in the local E.R. here in our town. (she is an RN). We live in an upscale neighborhood here, and several nice "gentlemen" live near us. One happens to be a single man, who also happens to work with my wife. He is a P.A.

My wife came home from work one day and suggested that I go out quadding (ATV) with this guy who lived near us, as he was a very nice guy and she thought we would get along great. Oh how right she was! We took off the next day out into the wilderness near my home. We were several miles into the mountains, and stopped for lunch. We talked about bs stuff, the weather etc.

Soon the conversation turned to work. He was talking about his frustrations and the stress of the ER. I told him that my wife felt the same way about such a high stress environement. Thats when he asked what she does for stress release. S I told him that she likes to have sex to unwind.

He was taken back a bit by my bluntness. I told him not to worry that I find her sexiest and most attractive when she is having sex. He began to ask questions about her. He obviously had been thinking about her for some time. I told him that the best way to find out about her was to get to know her better. I told him how I would love for him to become sexual with my wife, and that i would love for him to fuck her as often as he could. He just kind of smiled.

I told him to begin going over to our house when i was out, and only she was home. strike up conversations, and get to know her. This will turn her on, then be a man and fuck her brains out. Just one thing i told him. "dont tell her we talked like this. She must think its all behind my back or she wont do it. Also, you need to tell me all the detials."

He readily agreed and has been talking to my wife when im out for a little over a week now. Just this morning, he called me and told me of yesterdays events.

He came over to the house like he usually does. They began talking and the subject turned to sex. He told me how she told him that she doesnt really enjoy sex with me anymore, and that its become to routine. at this, he said that he started to get hard, and she noticed. She complimented him on his hardness, and asked if she turned him on. HELL YES, he said. She then began to tell him how she loved to turn on guys, and that she didnt feel attractive anymore because i (her husband) havent had sex with her in months. At this, he moved over to her on the couch, and began kissing her neck and lips, and feeling her body all over.

He told me that she was beyond soaked. This went on for some time. lots of oral he said, lots of kissing. They moved to the bedroom, where they both took their time taking of the others clothes. He said that when it came time for the main event, that he pushed his cock into her, but forgot the condom. He said they were so into it, that it got skipped.

Anyway, she came in 10 seconds he said, and she was soaking his entire pubic region with her cum. He lasted a bit longer, but was so worked up that he blasted inside her massive amounts of cum. He said that they just lay ther for 10 mins, cuddling and kissing, with his cock still in my wife. Soon he began to get hard again, and they started up again. This time when he came, he pulled out of her pussy and came in her mouth. She swallowed it all (something she refuses to do with me).

He left soon after. I got home about one hour later. My wife was showered and the house cleaned. Who knows? Maybe this will happen lots and lots if I play my cards right. I really hope it does. Its hard pretending I don't know about it though. I also icluded a pic of her from a few years back when we were having regular sex.


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