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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, January 29, 2009


    Submissive Hubby (Me)

    I was always a submissive person, bullied at school, my boss would make unreasonable demands. I guess ive always known it, I am a cuckold. I had become a regular reader of this blog quite a while ago, I had mentioned the idea to my wife a couple of times but she always refused to. I kept coming online here, reading the storys, etc.

    One day I arrived home from work at 5pm, it was summer and a lovely day, I got my keys out of my jacket pocket, opened the door and went into the hallway. Shutting the door behind me I heard my wife call my name from upstairs, as I took off my jacket and put my briefcase down on the floor I hurried up the stairs. As I opened the door, I could see her , she looked as good as she had ever done, black Basque and knickers and black stockings with suspenders.

    I thought I knew what was coming, she said, 'tonight im going to make every fantasy of yours come true'. impossible I thought, she didn't know about my cuckold fantasies, she told me to strip. I did quickly and at this point I was rock hard (only 5 inches). 'Lay yourself down on the bed and close your eyes' I did what I was told, then I felt something grab my arm and clamp around my wrist. I opened my eyes to see my wife securing a set of restraints to the bedpost. Mmm, a night of kinky sex, great. She straddled me and got out another restraint and attached my other wrist to the other bed post.

    After my arms were secure she got of me, my cock was solid at that point and was really looking forward to seeing her bounce up and down on it for the evening, she crouched under the bed and took out another set of restraints, this time for my ankles. As this was going on, not a word was said. She secured my ankles to the bars at the end of the bed, then winked at me. This is going to be great as she got a pair of knickers out of the washing basket, straddled me again, and gagged me with them.

    It was at this point I noticed an unusual smell and taste. Thinking, is that cum, it smells like it. My wife got off me and strangely picked up the remote control for the TV and DVD player. I had decided 3 months previously that we needed a big plasma screen for the bedroom, after around 9 in the evening we watched most TV in bed, so as I lay facing the screen I caught my wife smirking as she pressed play on the dvd.

    For a minute I just couldn't believe what I saw, she was sat on the bed staring into the camera in the same lingerie she was wearing now, only there were 2 very big muscular black men, one sat either side of her, they were both naked and had huge cocks of around 9 inches, my wife had them in each hand, wanking them slowly., she spoke to the camera. ' hey darling found out what you were looking at on the computer on that blog, isn't this how you wanted it?'. I couldn't believe it I froze, didn't know what to do, but looking at my restraints told me I was here for the long haul.

    I watched the video go on, lots of talking about how I couldn't satisfy her. Then the scene cut and she had a cock in her mouth and more surprisingly for me one in her arse. Anal was a no-go area for me, I couldn't believe that this hung fucker was getting anal off my wife when I couldn't get it, my wife stopped sucking face the camera and said that's right hunny, men like Darren can get anal off me, but tiny wimp dicks like you are never going to get it. It was then to my horror that I noticed the camera was shaking, fuck, someone else is in the room.

    A quick camera cut and my worst fears were realized, the camera man wasn't a man, it was a woman, it was my boss, she laughed at the camera. My wife must have gone through my private journals online too! I was horrified, these guys were doing stuff to my wife that I would never get away with. They came on her face and then into a glass, I knew what was coming. My wife took the glass out form under the bed and poured it all over my face, took the panties out my mouth, and poured what remained into my mouth. She put the panties straight back in my mouth and forcefully said 'swallow'. which I did. My boss was also collecting it in a glass, she faced the camera and said .'tom, you know that coffee I bought you today at 3 o'clock, did it taste funny' she winked at the camera and my wife laughed.

    At this point my wife spoke, she came up close to my ears and whispered, im off out now babe, but don't worry, its on a loop so you get to watch it again and again. With that she left an my home and work life were never the same. This is her picture as her face can't be shown. - Tommy


    Monday, January 26, 2009


    Cuck Advice

    I will start, by stating emphatically, this is a true story, and any input from you blog webmaster, will be much appretiated. Especially if it is from an experienced perspective. Let me say, this is both our second marriage, and my wife, was a very close friend of my first wife. We are in our forties, and very sexually active.

    We have been together 9 years, of which 2 of those, we have been married. Aproximatelly 2 years into our relationship, Janet, my present wife, asked me, during an intimate moment ! "Why have you never asked me, to screw someone else". [ Obviously my ex and her, had spoke about my fantasy] I suppose I had badgered my ex for a 3some, but it never came to anything. My reply to Janet was "would you" she imediately said "no way" but the question, opened up a new dimention to our relationship I would often mention it to Janet, whilst making love, and with the same reply "no"

    Ocasionally, we would go for a walk in the woods, and sometimes we had sex, alfresco. I met a guy, in a chat room, who lived 30 miles from us, I told him of my fantasy, and eventually came up with a plan. I would tell him, when we were going out for a walk! I told where we had sex and he could watch, and if he liked, he could ask us if he could join us. Which is what hapened. Janet froze, she told him to fuck off, but he had seen her, partially clothed and me with my head between her legs. As we got back to the car, I told her he had left his email address, on a piece of paper, under the windscreen wipers, and maybe I would contact him. Over the next 2 months, leading up to our marriage, I would speak to him, sometimes with Janet in the room, he would tell her how much he wanted to join us, also her lovely tits, and trimmed pussy looked great.

    We married September 2004. On our return from the honeymoon, I resumed the friendship with James, on the net. To cut a long story short, I had to make concessions, as she said she could not do it with me present, So by the end of November, both Janet and James were screwing in our bed, with me outside listening, on a monitor. This was the start of a fantastic 12 months. After the first time, she relented, and allowed me to be present,with the second guy. We both screwed her, for a couple of hours, but it was not as good as it was when she was with James. The reason for that, was not my presence, but the fact that the other guy, was a lousy lover.

    We tried a third time, again, he was not very experienced, concequently, a bad time was had by all. Although, I did find the experiences electrifying.

    Janet agreed to try once more, with a bit of persuasion, from me. All the guys we have saw, we initially met, on an internet site. This time, I approached it in a different way, Same as James, we chatted with him for quite a while, before we agreed to meet him. His name was Peter, in his twenties, and well endowed, the pic's he sent us, showed him very presentable. Finally, we agreed to a meet. He lived in the same vicinity as James, but without transport, so I had to drive, which meant stayimg sober "yuk" We met him, and had a few drinks, me on soda, Peter and Janet, hit it of from the start, there was something between them, from the start.

    When Peter excused himself, and went to the loo, I asked Janet, "shall we take him home with us tonight" She replied "if you want" Shortly after he returned, Janet went to powder her nose! I asked Peter if he would like to spend the night at ours, and I would bring him back in the morning, "yes please" So we left the pub, and headed home. As I got into the car, I locked the front passenger door, so Janet had to ride home in the rear , with Peter. They were making out, all the way home.

    When we arrived home, Janet opened a couple of cans, I had a whisky [a large one] She excused herself, and went upstairs. After a minute or so, she called down "are you two, staying down there all night" He didn't need a second invitation. I stayed in the background, as I watched Peter undress Janet, playing with her ample tits.

    Then her skirt and briefs came off. She was naked, and he was undressing himself. The first time he entered her [after going down on her for maybe 30 minutes] The size of his cock, entering my wife, was electrifying. We fucked all night. Yes, I joined them, and it was daylight, when we eventually went to sleep. Three of us in the same bed, I awoke, with the 2 of them making out again. Eventually, around 10am, I took him hime. Janet was a bit tired to do the journey [haha] We did meet Peter again, and it was also a great evening, but I had to be awake early the following morning, so we only had a few hours screwing before I had to take him home. I am certain she enjoyed Peter the best, although James was her first, and she enjoyed him also.

    Since Peter, who incidentally, has moved away from here. She will not entertain anymore. I have asked why, but she just says "no more" She even said, "she will not let me abuse her body anymore" I didn't feel I was abusing her, she did it, of her own free will. It hasn't affected our relationship. The fact is, we both love each other, and she tells me, at least twice or more times a day. I also love her as much as I ever did, and I also tell her. We do show our affection, towards each other. - AdviceNeeded


    Thursday, January 22, 2009


    Third Cuckold Surprise

    Ron came down again to see Ann, she opened the door wearing a dressing gown which unknown to ron was all she had on. Ann sat on the settee and Ron sat next to her I was on the other settee giving me a good view of what was to come. Ron said that he had missed Ann and leaned over to kiss her, Ann put her arms around hs neck and they began kissing slowly but very quickly the tempo changed and the kissing got very passionate, Ron put his hand inside Anns gown and felt her breast, he realised she was naked underneath her robe and quickly undone the belt stood Ann up and pulled the robe off.

    Ann stood naked and she looked so sexy her lovely bald pussy was just starting to open in anticipation, Ron sat Ann back down knelt betwen her legs and started to rub his hand over her pussy and leaned forward to suck her nipples. I sat and watched as Anns pussy opened further the more Ron stroked it and when he knew it was ready he slowly inserted his index finger deep into my wifes wet vagina, Anns legs opened a bit wider Ron knew she wanted more and slowly added two more fingers to the one already entering Anns pussy.

    Ann had her head thrown back and was giving out low moans of pleasure as Ron slowly but firmly drove three fingers in and out of Anns wide wet pussy, Rons fingers moved faster and harder Anns breathing got faster and shallower, then her body stiffened, she let out a low deep moan and had what was obviously a really strong orgasm. Ron pulled his fingers out lowered his head into Anns groin and started to lick Anns juices from her pussy.cuck

    Ron stood up to take his clothes off and I took the opportunity to kneel between Anns legs to get a taste of her juices, when Ron was naked I moved away and again was surprised at the size of his cock Ron had told Ann it was just over eight inches long and at the thickest part was over six inches in girth, looking at it standing erect I had no reason to doubt the dimensions. Ron pulled Ann up and lay her on the floor, he tipped baby oil all over her body then began massaging the oil into her breasts, Ron massaged slowly down Anns body until he came to her groin, then he put pressure on the inside of Anns thigh Ann understood what he wanted and opened her legs wide Ron tipped more oil onto Anns pubic bone and slowly rubbed it all over her groin finally entering three oil soaked fingers deep into her pussy.

    Ann was loving everything Ron was doing to her, Ron withdrew his fingers and lay full length on top of Ann and started to kiss her slowly and gently, Ron was rotating his hips rythmically and Ann was moaning and had her hands on the back of Rons head rubbing him while they were kissing, I moved to sit at Rons feet and was amazed at what i saw Rons big fat cock was embedded fully into my wifes vagina, the first time Ron had entered Ann (see previous story ) he had to go very slowly due to his size.

    Ann obviously loved the size and was now relaxed enough for Ron to enter her in one thrust. I watched as Ron used the full length of his cock to pleasure my wife, Ann knew I enjoyed watching Ron fuck her and she just relaxed and enjoyed every deep thrust, Ron withdrew his cock and rolled ann over lifted her hips and entered her pussy in one long stroke giving her the full length doggy style, Ann came again as Ron thrust quite hard and deep, Ron fucked Ann doggy style for quite a while before withdrawing from Anns pussy.ann

    I moved into position and slid my cock into my wife I didnt take long to leave my seed deep in Anns pussy I pulled my cock out and Ann lay on her side, Ron reached for her uppermost leg and lifted it up until her knee was nearly touching her nipple putting her in the prone position he the straddled her bottom leg held his stiff cock rubbed the tip of his cock around Anns pussy then drove the full length of his cock into Anns vagina.

    Ann let out a loud squeal as Ron entered her fully Ron held his cock fully in Ann and gave a series of short jabbing thrusts to ram his cock fully home, each thrust brought a loud gasp from Ann, Ron then started to fuck ann fast and hard, the noise coming from Ann could only be described as animal as Ron thrust hard and fast, Ron stopped pulled out of Ann leaned over her body and ejaculated over her face Ann turned round greedily grabbed Rons cock put as much of it into her mouth she could and gently stroked the rest of his seed from his cock.

    The next time Ann and Ron meet will be at Rons house I will not be there, but Ron will phone me while they are having sex and will be taking pictures of the action. I hope all the English readers enjoy this Blog. I will write again after Ann and Ron's next visit.

    bricca @


    Sunday, January 18, 2009


    Girlfriend to Hotwife

    I guess my marrying a hotwife came about because she was a hot girlfriend first. Marie and I started dating while we were still in high school. I thought that I was the only one in her life and I knew that she was my only girl. She had moved here from a small town about 50 miles away and she and her family would go back to visit on some weekends and of course she would have to go and stay with her grandmother for a week or so in the summer.

    She told me that she just ran around with her girlfriends and listened to music and I had no reason to think otherwise.

    Marie's parents were to be out of town for the weekend and it was our senior year and they said that they were sure they could trust us so she was left alone for the weekend. I told her that I had to work until six on Saturday so I would come by her house at 7:00 and we would go out for awhile. I figured that we would get a chance to spend some time in the house alone. We were both 18 and I knew what I wanted. We had gone all the way, as it was called then, but it was always in the backseat of my car and I was looking forward to having her in her bed.

    I got off early on Saturday so I thought I would go on over to Marie's and see if she wanted to do something earlier. When I was driving down her street I saw a car parked in front of her house and there was a young guy coming out of her house. I figured that someone had just stopped by but it looked like she gave him a kiss as he headed out the door. I drove on by unnoticed by him but I saw that the license plate on his car was from the county she had moved here from. I circled the block and decided to stop and see what was going on.

    When I knocked she came to the door in her bathrobe. She said that I was early and why didn't I go home and get ready while she did the same. I asked her what she had been doing and she said she had just gotten home from the store. She had been out all afternoon, a girlfriend had just brought her home and she hadn't had time to get ready yet.

    I told her that I would like to come in a wait as I was ready and I could help her get ready. She didn't seem to want me to come in but I was all ready through the front door.

    I told her that I thought I saw someone driving off as I was pulling onto her street and she said that it must have been her girlfriend Trisha because that is who she was out with. I told her that it looked more like a guy driving and that the car plates were from South County and she stopped talking and just looked at me.

    She then told me that a guy she knew from there had stopped by to ask her to go out but she told him that she was only seeing me. I told her that it looked like she had given him a kiss as he was leaving and then she froze. I ask her if she had been seeing someone else and she seemed to get a different look in her eyes and then she said yes that he was from her hometown and he had stopped by and visited her for awhile that afternoon.

    She took my hand and we sat down on the couch. When we did her robe gaped open and I could see that she wasn't dressed underneath. I asked her if she was dressed like that when he was there and she just smiled and said that I had caught her changing to get into the shower.

    I asked her if she had dated him before and she said that they had gone out together a time or two when she was visiting back home.

    I asked her if that was their first kiss and she said no that she had kissed him before. I could see a look in her eyes that I wasn't used to. I ask her if she had let him touch her or play with her like we did. She smiled again and said that he had played with her titties and had had his hand in her panties before.

    I then got a little to cocky and I said 'Well what did he drive down here for today, to fuck you'?

    She looked me in the eyes and said that that was just what he came there for and they had just finished. I spouted off the first thing that came to my mind and I said that I hoped he had used a condom.

    She put her hand behind my head and pulled my face to her pussy and asked if I smelled any rubber smell there.

    I couldn't believe what was happening. My face was next to her pussy and all I could smell was her sex. I tried to push away but she held my head tight and started telling me to look close because that was what a well fucked pussy looked like. That if I looked close I could see his cum running out as she hadn't had time to wash up yet.

    She pushed my face against her pussy lips and my mouth pressed against her hair and lips. I still don't know why but I didn't try to push away anymore. She rubbed my face against her cunt and told me that she had just gotten fucked really good and that she was glad I finally knew about her and her boyfriends.

    I pushed up then and looked her in the face and ask her if that meant their had been other guys.

    She said that she had been dating everytime she went home and some had come up here to see her. She then reached up and wiped a string of cum from my upper lip.
    I stood up like I was going to leave and she looked at my crotch and said that it looked like I had enjoyed hearing about her. I looked down and I had a raging hard on. She put her hand out and rubbed my crotch and told me to sit down because she wanted to tell me all about her love life and it looked like I wanted to hear it.
    I sat back down and she told me to take my cock out because she wanted to see it and hold it while she talked. I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out. It was so hard that it hurt. She rubbed it and said that she thought I liked knowing she fucked around.

    When she said fuck my cock jumped and she noticed it. She was stroking me as she told me about how she had been fucking and sucking the whole time that we had dated. She said that she had gotten back from dates in the afternoon and I had picked her up and she had fucked me that night.

    I asked her if I had been fucking in another guy's cum and she said that it had happened sometimes but usually I had eaten her first so most of his cum was in my mouth instead of her pussy. My mind went back to all of the times her pussy was so wet and sticky but I thought I was just so good that I was making her that wet.
    She told me to stroke my cock while we talked so that she could watch me and see how I liked knowing I was dating a girl that liked to fuck as much as the guys did.

    I asked her why and how it had started. Had she never been faithful to me.
    She said that when we first started going steady she had not dated anyone but me, but she was out with her girlfriends in South County and that they told her that a guy from their school had been asking about her. His name was Bobby and he was what her girl friends called really hot. She met him and they hit it off and she ended up going out with him but she said that at first she felt guilty but the more he kissed and felt of her the less she thought about me. He had stripped her down to her panties on the first date and had played with her titties and she had rubbed his cock through his pants.

    She wouldn't let him go any farther on the first date. (I didn't get to play with her tits until about the fourth date.) The next night they went out and he stripped her completely and she said that she sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. When she said this she looked into my face and smiled. I was jerking off so hard I thought my cock would come off.

    Later that night he fucked her and she said that it was wonderful. He was a great fuck. He had fucked her doggy style and held her tits while they fucked. He even liked to spank her ass while he was fucking her. (This was something she had asked me to do a few times and now I knew where she had gotten the idea.) She said that she never had him wear a condom because she loved the feeling of his hot cum as it would shoot up into her pussy. He liked to have her lay on her back and he would rub his cock up and down her pussy lips and against her clit and she would flood his balls with her cum.

    Being stupid I had to ask if he was better than me and bigger than me. She said that he was a much better fuck and that his cock was about the same size as mine but he knew how to use it better.

    Marie had let her robe open up completely and she was running her finger up and down her slit. I could see the cum being pushed up into her pussy hair and it the cum was getting thicker the more she worked it. She then put her finger to her lips and licked it and said that Bobby had been great but the one that just left was Phil and he was super and that she loved the taste of his cum.

    I couldn't help it. The cum just poured out of my cock and onto my hand and her couch. Marie laughed and said that I never could last very long fucking and it looked like my hand didn't have any better luck than her pussy. She reached over and ran her finger across my cockhead and then put it up to her lips and licked the cum off. She then did the same wipe but put it to my lips and told me to lick. It was like I was in a trance. I did as I was told but then she told me to now lick her pussy so I could compare the taste of my cum to Phil's. I stared at her and said no and she told me not to be like that because I had eaten alot of it before and if I ever wanted any more of her pussy I would do as I was told.

    I gave in and started licking her pussy, from her asshole up to her clit. She even arched her back up so I could get to it all. I sucked it cunt clean as she hunched my face. I was completely pussy whipped.

    When I was done I sat back up and she left her robe open so I could see her cunt and tits. She ask me if I wanted to know more. I ask her to tell me where Phil came into the picture. She said that she had dated other guys but always came back to fuck and suck Bobby. She had done a few of them and all had played with her but Bobby was her favorite fuck. Then she saw Phil and there was just an attraction that she had to have him. She knew he was going to fuck her before she ever spoke to him. She dropped Bobby and everyone else and just saw Phil. When she went to visit she fucked him or he would drive down and take her out.

    They never were out that she didn't at least suck him off. Even if it was just a ten minute visit. She told me that I had taken her to a basketball game in her hometown and when she went to the bathroom she really went outside with him and sucked him off outside of the high school. She asked if I didn't remember her kissing me so much at that ball game.

    I had to ask her why she kept dating me. She said that I was convenient there in town and that I gave her someone to be with when she wanted. I paid for all of our dates and showed her a good time and she could still fool around because I was so in love with her that I didn't even think about her and other guys.

    Marie then reached for my cock and said that she would like to keep the same arrangement now that I knew about Phil but she wouldn't have to hide as much. She wanted to still date me but be free to she others on the side. She would do it away from the public so few knew it but she would still tell who she wanted to.
    I asked her if anyone in town knew about her and she said that she had a girlfriend that did because she had fucked Phil at that girl's house and the girl had seem them. The girl wanted to she if Phil's cock was like Marie had said. He is about 9 inches and uncut and Marie or her girlfriend hadn't seen an uncut cock before.
    I told her I would have to think about it. She said not to think to long or her pussy might be closed for ever to me. She then leaned over and sucked my cock softly until I wadded again. She then raised up and looked me in the eyes, opened her mouth so I could see my cum, ran her tongue around in the cum and then swallowed. I was hooked and she knew it.

    I ask her if Phil didn't mind her still seeing me and us fucking. She said that he was open minded and that he knew he could have all of the sex that he wanted with her and that I wasn't hurting her pussy any. I had never stood in the way of them fucking because she had always been able to make an excuse to break a date with me to be able to see him. Now that I knew about it she wouldn't have to hide anything and I might even be able to take her to see him at times.

    I told her that I thought I still loved her but did she love Phil. She said that she still loved me but she just needed Phil for sex. He had a certain animal draw to him that I didn't have but she knew that he wasn't who she would ever settle down with. I was still the one that she enjoyed spending time with but she just couldn't stop having sex with others because she loved it so much.

    This was how I got started with a hot girlfriend. I found that her fucking around turned me on as much as me fucking her did. I found out that I enjoyed watching her because she made me do that a few times before I really enjoyed it. Once I saw her with her lips around another cock or her legs around someone else's waist I was hooked.

    I have just found this blog and so I wanted to sit down and write some of what went on from high school on. We did marry and are still married years later. She is still my hot wife and only stopped while we had offspring, and yes they are both mine. I'm certain by looks and blood types, or as certain as I can be without DNA.

    Will try and write more as time allows. This picture is of Marie with him and I especially love it even though the quality isn't great because it has her ring prominently in the center. It's not her wedding ring but I feel like it is when I see it. I have years of stories and am glad to think back on them and find a place that likes them too. - CuckMe


    Thursday, January 15, 2009


    My Wife Loves Men

    My wife loves men.

    She loves working with them, talking with them, laughing with them, arguing with them, flirting with them.

    She also loves being fucked by them, a lot. And I love that she does.

    You see, my serious, mature, professional, and sexy spouse is a Hotwife and I’m her excited and willing cuckold.

    This wasn’t the case for most of our married life. We’ve been married for 19 years and during the first 18 she was completely monogamous as was I (and I continue to be).

    I always suspected a depth of sexuality in my wife that she had never fully explored and perhaps even avoided. I began to slowly explore this with her over the years through reading erotica, watching erotic movies and fantasy play with sex toys that became increasingly more realistic.

    Then this past May, after a number of years of fantasy and role-play, we agreed to meet with a man twenty years her junior at a bar. We chatted, laughed, and had a few drinks. Then we went to his apartment where we chatted some more.

    After a while he took my wife--a woman who had been faithful to me for 18 years—by the hand and laid her down on his bed. He slowly undressed her and sucked on her hard nipples and then ate her pussy and fucked her to two intense orgasms. It was amazing. From the moment this young man made her moan when he began to suck on her incredibly aroused nipples, to when he made her scream as he began to lick her clit, to when she shook with orgasm as he pumped his eager cock inside her previously monogamous pussy. I was so turned on to see my wife, the mother of our child, naked in bed with another man, legs wide open as she welcomed him into her pussy, panting, screaming and fucking him with the urgency of a virgin having sex for the first time.

    Since May, my sexy wife has been fucked by eight men--all younger than she--and each time she has had incredibly intense orgasms, often multiple ones. So have the men, further proof that my wife is indeed a hot wife who is adept at making other men cum.

    For my part I love seeing my wife of 19 years in a passionate embrace with another man. I love the squishy sounds her cunt makes because she is so aroused. I love seeing her totally focused on her own pleasure. Showing by her actions that she needs to have a variety of men taking possession of her hot, slutty pussy, reveling in the fact that she is a married woman, giving her pussy to other men, having some of the most intense sex she has had in a long time. She is truly most beautiful when she is like this, focusing completely on the pleasure she is feeling and smug in her confidence that she absolutely deserves to have this kind of pleasure.

    My wife demands that I not have sex with anyone else but her and I gladly comply. I think she loves the sexual control she has over me. This is an area in which she is the boss, the dominant one, loving that she can both have sex with whomever she wants and still demand that I be faithful to her. And to be honest, I love submitting to her in this way. I like that she has me where she wants me. That she is, by her actions and demands, putting me in my place is sexually.
    I may be her number one but on some level I am also just one of many men whose job is to (sexually) serve her. She has played with this a little, doing things like telling me before a session that I couldn’t caress her breasts because they were first for her lover; asking me to get her something to drink while she’s naked, laying in bed with a lover; tossing me her panties and teddy to fold and hold while a lover undresses her. I love when she flaunts herself in this way. It makes me even more horny for her hot pussy.
    A horniness I show when we get back home: making love to her freshly fucked pussy with my mouth and cock, making her cum one more time. I only wish that she would explore this even more fully and even make more demands of me. I know she would be pleasantly surprised by both my eager response as well as how much she likes it.

    We love one another and are not into abuse or humiliation, at least not the kind you read about on the web. We just love that we have this secret, that my serious absolutely normal wife fucks other men like a tigress and flaunts it in front of me. And that I, opinionated assertive person that I am, willingly submit to my very hot wife’s sexual needs with a great deal of dedication and even reverence. It surely works for us!

    --> I have attached our story (in word) along with a picture. I will also put the story in the body of this email below. I hope you'll put it up on your sexy site. You can include this e-mail gina19602 @

    The Husband


    Sunday, January 11, 2009


    It Happened to Me !

    My wife and I have been out of the lifestyle for quite some time, but I still look upon our experiences fondly. I am certain that it would be quite easy to ease her back into it, but I'd have to get her drunk, and that would cause more problems than it's worth.

    One of my favorite experiences to recall is the time we visited a friend of mine at a hotel. My friend would rent a room on the weekend sometimes to get away from his family, and my wife and I dropped in to see him one evening on our way to the club.

    I'm not much for the club scene, so whenever I took her out, I would make sure she dressed as slutty as possible so that I could enjoy all the looks from the other bar patrons. This night, she looked great in her black mini that barely covered her butt, hose with no panties and a tight fitting shirt with no bra that showed off her ample breasts.

    As we sat in the room talking to my friend and having a few drinks, I could tell that she was getting tipsy already and to be honest, so was I.

    That was the reason my friend suggested that we just get a room next door and party with him. Lori said that this sounded like fun, and asked me to go and get a room, so I did, leaving them there to talk. It worked out so that I got the room right next door to my friend.

    When I got back from the office, instead of going straight in, I peeked into the window through the blinds to see if anything might be happening. I saw my wife sitting in her chair with her legs slightly spread and my friend was on the bed across from her, doing his best to get a peek as they talked. He was paying close attention to her, and she was loving it.

    I decided to go ahead and go back in, and when I got there Lori asked me if I was disapponted that we weren't going to get to go to the club. This was my chance, and I took it. "Well, to be honest, I was looking forward to watching the show," I said. My wife smiled, and said that if it was a show I wanted, then I would get one. At this, she slowly raised her shirt, spilling out her massively large breasts which were always a show stopper. They popped out and bounced a little and her ample nipples were hard. "Whoah!" my friend gasped, "I like the looks of that!" I thought you might, I said. "Have you seen her pussy yet?"
    He said he hadn't, and Lori told him that he might be in for a surprise yet if she could get another drink. I volunteered to make it.

    As I mixed the Tom Collins, Lori began to slowly gyrate in front of my friend and walked up to him and shoved her breasts in his face. He looked over at me, unsure what to think, and I just shrugged and said "When she gets like this, there's only one thing you can do." So he did. He pushed her back slightly and cupped both breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples. She moaned, and I brought her the drink.

    She downed the drink pretty quick, and put the glass on the little round table by the window. By this time, my heart was beating pretty fast as I anticipated what was to come. I didn't have to wait long. Her drink was beginning to take hold, and I pretended to be drunker than I was and said I needed to go to the bathroom. While I was in there was when she had apparently convinced him that his cock needed a good sucking, because that's exactly what was happening when I came out. She was kneeling in front of the bed with her tits hanging out and her naked, wet pussy showing from underneath the skirt that was hitched up to where her entire ass was visible.

    Flabbergasted and excited, I slowly moved in for a closer look as her head bobbed up and down his shaft, her tongue flicking around the tip occasionally when she came up for air.

    He bent down and whispered something in her ear, and she looked at me for a moment and smiled with his cock still in her mouth. She sucked for a couple more minutes, and that's when it happened. "Why don't you go back to our room and let me finish this up," she said. "You watching is making him nervous."

    I have to say that I had mixed emotions about this, since watching was what I liked to do. I didn't much care for the idea of leaving her alone in there, and I said so. "I've already started, and I can't leave him here like go on and I'll be there in a few minutes." "I'm not going to fuck him, anyway." She said. At this, I went ahead and agreed.

    In the next room, I sat on the bed wondering exactly how I had let this happen, my wife and my friend in the next room having sex. Thinking about it made me angry, but strangely, was turning me on. I took a water glass from the sink, and placed it against the wall. At first, nothing. Just some faint mumbling from him occasionally. What could they be doing? I wondered. Then it became apparent. She was breaking her promise.

    In the next room, I could hear the bed squeaking in rhythm, and her moans of pleasure. "oooooh," she cried, louder and louder as the squeaking got faster. "ooooooh, Daddy...that feels so good!" What? She was calling him daddy? I listened to them fuck for somewhere in the neigbborhood of two hours, having dirty, kinky fantasy sex in which he was apparently her daddy and she was loving it. All I could do was listen through the wall.

    When they were done, she came back into the room, but I pretended to be asleep. I did peek as she got ready for bed, though and I caught a glimpse of her pussy, dripping cum. I didn't get any that night. - Baal


    Friday, January 09, 2009


    While Hubby is Away - 4

    We have received numerous requests for more stories. Since I’ve had no time for tricks I thought I’d share the details of my favorite sexual experience. Years ago, there was a man that served as a close friend to my husband and an occasional lover to me. In fact, he was the first man my husband shared me with. He had come to our home town to work for one month.

    Every chance we got, we would get together to try new things. At the end of our month, we agreed that each of us should have a night that was solely designed for the pleasure of one of us. I planned my husband’s night.

    My husband knew it was his night so he was alive with nervous anticipation. We walked into our friend’s room and I escorted my husband to a chair next to the bed. Our friend tied my husband’s hands behind his back while I placed a blind fold over his eyes. He was going to have to use his other senses to know what was going on.

    Our friend called me to him. We were inches away from my husband. He told me how delicious I looked. We started kissing – but only for a moment. We wanted our mouths available to tell my husband what was happening and how good it felt. He took off his shirt and I ran my nails down his back and around to his chest where a paused to playfully pinch his nipples. He groaned. His cock was already hard and straining against his jeans. I told my husband how hard his friend was and how I couldn’t wait to have that big cock inside me.

    Our friend said “not yet. I want to taste her first”. He slowly undressed me, telling my husband how he liked different parts of my body. He would pause to pay special attention to those areas he truly loved to explore. Then he told me to lie back on his bed, knees bent and spread. He licked my thighs, sucked on my lips and flicked my clit with his tongue. I’d moan and both of their cocks would react. He told me husband how good I tasted and even soaked one of his fingers with my juices and put it on his lips to taste.

    It was my turn. I stripped our friend of his jeans and took his fat cock into my mouth. He took a deep breath and began telling my husband how he loved the way I sucked his cock. He wanted to cum. His eyes were beginning to glaze over so I stopped. I crawled over to my husband and kissed him. I asked if he liked the taste of cock in my mouth. He was so hard. He asked if we would take off his blindfold. We refused.

    Then I sat on my husband’s lap facing our friend. He dropped to his knees, cock in hand, and said “I’m going to fuck your wife. I’m going to slowly enter her and you are going to listen to her squeals of delight to receive my cock”. My husband’s cock was pressing against my ass as I leaned back into his chest, head turned toward his ear so he could feel my breath quicken and hear every little moan.

    He was rubbing my clit and my husband was huskily asking how good it felt and so I came first. I cried out in ecstasy and writhed about in my husband’s lap. I don’t know how he managed not to cum in his pants. But he would be free soon enough as our friend was nearing his climax. I stroked his nipples with my finger nails. He grabbed the chair for support and pumped his load into my swollen pussy.

    With cum running down my legs, I untied my husband. As he got himself undressed, I positioned myself on all fours. His cock was almost purple. He managed to fuck me for a few minutes before he called out in a giant orgasmic fit. I guess there is something to be said for sloppy seconds.

    pittsbghcpl @


    Sunday, January 04, 2009


    Our Cucking

    We have been "swinging" for a few years but lately I have become a cuckold and found that I love the humiliation.

    It started when we met Paul through an online ad, I could see that he and my wife Susan were attracted to each other right away.

    We met in a hotel car park and Susan suggested I have a drink in hotel bar while they chatted in the car. Up until then I had always been included in our threesomes and I felt a little disappointed as I sat in the bar. After about an hour I decided to go back to the car and as I opened the door it was obvious from Susan's ruffled hair that they had been kissing. We arranged to meet up the following weekend for an overnighter and Susan and I left for home.

    When we were in bed later that night Susan suggested that I book a country cottage as it would give us more privacy than an hotel. I got hard at the thought of this and tried to slip her panties off but she said she was too tired. When I persisted she told me to stop and admitted that the reason that she was tired was that Paul has fucked her silly in the car for 45 minutes.

    Apparently, as soon as I left he had her skirt round her waist and her panties off, he the took out his cock and, at over 9 inches, it was the biggest she had ever seen.
    She sucked him for a while and he reclined her seat and got on top of her and fucked her energetically for 45 minutes. She came loads but he was able to hold off, a fact which really impressed her. I had been playing with my dick while she told me this and I shot my load beneath the sheets when I heard this.

    I booked the cottage and the following Saturday we watched Paul's car pull in to the drive about 4pm. As soon as he entered the room Susan asked me to drive back home and return about 10pm as she wanted some time alone with Paul.

    I reluctantly did as she asked and when I pulled up at 10pm the lights were on in the living room and one of the bedrooms.

    I looked through the glass panel of the front door just as he led her out of the bedroom hand in hand. He was naked and his heavy cock swung from side to side as he walked and she had a sexy red teddy on.

    I let myself in and they were side by side on the couch kissing while she held his cock which by now was hard again. I got a can of beer and sat in an armchair and we chatted while Susan sucked his cock. Unable to stop himself he laid her on the couch and plunged his rod into her willing pussy and I was finally able to watch this master cocksman give my wife the ride of her life. With her long legs over his shoulders and her tits bobbing as her hammered his tool into her Susan was in sluts heaven as she was fucked for a good 20 minutes.

    "Lets go to bed, I want to do you properly," he said, as he slipped his still hard cock out of her dripping pussy.

    "You go ahead, Ill be there in just a minute", she said before kissing him. When he left the room she filled me in on all the details.WIFE

    "This will be the fifth time he has ridden me today," she gushed, like a child let loose in a sweet shop." He hasn't even come yet, he wanted to save it until you could watch him pump it up into me," isn't that considerate of him"?

    I nodded in admiration and watched her sexy ass sway as she walked down to the bedroom. After a few minutes, unable to wait any longer, I slipped my clothes off and entered the bedroom. They were doing it doggy style, which is Susan's favourite position and as I listened to her scream everytime she came I was greatful we had booked a secluded cottage in the country. As Paul drove his cock in to her from behind her tits swung back and forth and he slipped a finger in to her ass which drove her even wilder.

    "I'm gonna come now", he grunted and reached forward to cup a breast in each hand as he fucked her even faster." Do it, put it in me," she gasped. Suddenly both their bodies tensed as he released his seed deep in her womb and Susan had an orgasm that seemed to last forever.

    Shattered, they collapsed on the bed and I was amazed to see that his cock was still rigid even though he had come.

    After a few minutes they had recovered and I was treated to the sight of my wife cleaning his cock with her mouth." Come over here and help me lick him clean," she ordered and I was happy to be included.

    I had sucked her one of her lover's cocks once before but none as big as this and had never had my mouth fucked while my wife watched and giggled. "Stop Paul, if your going to come do it in me, not in Terry," she protested. "Terry, your bag is in the bedroom beside the bathroom, why don't you go there because we want to go to bed," she suggested.

    I woke several times during the course of the night, twice because of the noise they were making fucking and once when Susan took Paul into my room to tell me they were going to do it in the shower and I could watch if I liked. Which I did.

    The next morning she made us breakfast and said she would be ready to leave in about 2 hours. With that they went back to the bedroom and I soon heard the sounds of them fucking again. Unable to resist I went down to watch and took my cock out to play with while I watched their naked bodies.

    Suddenly Susan rolled off him and beckoned me over to the bed. "Put it in me," she whispered, "Paul wants to watch us riding".

    Unable to believe my luck I pulled my jeans down and shuffled across the bed. Susan lay on her back and spread her legs as I got between them. As I slipped up her pussy I realized I could hardly feel it because she was so wet and, when she whispered in my ear, "put your little boy cock in my pussy", I came straight away. "Has he come already," Paul asked shaking his head in disbelief.

    Ashamed I pulled my jeans back up and watched as he turned her on her side and started to ride her from behind. "Why don't you go for a walk sweetheart," she said as yet another orgasm shook her. I leaned over and kissed her, then went outside. Instead of going for a walk I stood outside their window and listened as she told him to come in her and give her a baby. Later, they got dressed and I almost had to carry her to the car since she was weak as a kitten after the fucking she had received.

    She told me they had done it 11 times and she had to see him again as soon as possible and I was to arrange it for them.

    This was the first of many experiences of the cuckold lifestyle for us in Ireland and I have included a few pictures of Susan to give all a visual of what Paul had taken from me. - Terry


    Friday, January 02, 2009


    My Wife and I

    My wife and I take a different approach to cuckolding than many on this blog and I am sure that many too enjoy the same angle to cuckolding as us. As I post this, she is with one of her lovers getting stuffed by his thick cock, bareback, and I wait for her to bring his cum home. All of what I state is true.

    First, my wife and I are completely in love and we do not get off on the humiliation aspect of cuckolding. Instead she is a complete slut that I effectively control. She is allowed to fuck other men to please me and for her lust of cock. By doing so, she is my wifeslut. We have tried swinging with other couples once for only oral play, but she is concerned about the jealous feelings when I am with another woman. We both get off on her being with other men, so we have limited our encounters to MFM threesomes or her going out on dates with lovers. To date, she has fucked 10 other men since we have gotten married and she never fucked another man other than me before we married.

    The first time consisted of her going off with another man on a date. They ended up at a hotel where she sucked his cock and had him fuck her tits. He wanted to fuck her pussy, but our agreement was that she would not do this. At the time, she was very concerned about STD's (not pregnancy because she was on the pill), so with him it did not escalate to intercourse.

    She sucked off multiple men in front of me and meeting with them without me being present. Eventually, she decided that if someone would get a recent AIDS test, she would fuck them with a condom. (I had posted recently in another thread that this is a difficult feat to find a guy that will get an AIDS test as many guys just want the quick fuck and claim to be clean, but won't go through getting a test.)

    Eventually we found a guy that would get an AIDS test. He got the test, but while waiting for the results, he came over one night for some oral play. She sucked his cock sucked while I fucked her from behind. A week later he showed her the results and fucked her harder than I had ever fucked her. His dick was at least 7.5 inches to my 6.5, although it was thinner. I could not get enough! Two times after that she went to meet with him at his house and he fucked her. Both times she came home and let me know all the details while I fucked her wet pussy.

    Over the past few years she has had other men (all with condoms), but recently she found a guy that she has had a long term relationship with. She goes to his house (I have never met him) and has fucked him almost every week for the past 3 months. Each time he fucks her at least 3 times, all with a condom. His cock she describes is a little longer than mine, and twice as thick--the fattest dick she has ever fucked.

    Recently I started asking her to fuck him without a condom. Since she has been fairly certain he has not fucked any other women since she has met him, she agreed that it could be a great fantasy of mine to fulfill, but she was still nervous about STD's other than AIDS. I told her I wanted her to fuck him bareback and be the perfect wifeslut for me. He had expressed interest in fucking without a condom but she had told him she was scared and didn't think it would happen. She never said she would absolutely do it, but I gave her the option to let him cum in her pussy if she and he would want.

    Last Thursday, he was pounding her pussy and the condom broke right before he cummed. He tried to pull out, but some cum did get into her pussy. Since some cum did enter her pussy, she decided then that if he wanted he could fuck her the third time without a condom, telling him that I wanted her to do it. He was hard in minutes and about 15 minutes later he was pushing his hard cock deep into her pussy, without a condom.

    When she came home, hair messed up and clothes wrinkled, she told me about the condom breakage and the aftermath. My cock was hard and I told her how she was now the perfect wifeslut. We went upstairs and for the first time, I fucked her while another man's seed filled her pussy. I cummed more than I probably have ever cummed in my life.

    I told her, despite her being scared that I wanted her next time with him to be completely without condoms. The last time was almost accidental and I wanted her to be his slut the entire time with a cummy pussy. Since it was recently my birthday, she decided to give me that as a birthday present. As I type right now, she is off at his house fucking him without a condom. I cannot wait for my slut to return, full of at least three loads of cum. I won't eat out her pussy (as I said, I am not into that type of humilation), but I will fuck her and feel the other man's sperm that resulted from their sex.

    I plan on checking her panties and her pussy to make sure it is full of cum. I know that my cock will know, but to see that, another man's sperm that has built up over the week since she has last fucked him, will be the ultimate pleasure.

    My wife is my slut and I will have her cummy pussy soon. I can't wait. Since this blog requires a picture I have sent one of her without her face showing. - Ben


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