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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, January 15, 2009


    My Wife Loves Men

    My wife loves men.

    She loves working with them, talking with them, laughing with them, arguing with them, flirting with them.

    She also loves being fucked by them, a lot. And I love that she does.

    You see, my serious, mature, professional, and sexy spouse is a Hotwife and I’m her excited and willing cuckold.

    This wasn’t the case for most of our married life. We’ve been married for 19 years and during the first 18 she was completely monogamous as was I (and I continue to be).

    I always suspected a depth of sexuality in my wife that she had never fully explored and perhaps even avoided. I began to slowly explore this with her over the years through reading erotica, watching erotic movies and fantasy play with sex toys that became increasingly more realistic.

    Then this past May, after a number of years of fantasy and role-play, we agreed to meet with a man twenty years her junior at a bar. We chatted, laughed, and had a few drinks. Then we went to his apartment where we chatted some more.

    After a while he took my wife--a woman who had been faithful to me for 18 years—by the hand and laid her down on his bed. He slowly undressed her and sucked on her hard nipples and then ate her pussy and fucked her to two intense orgasms. It was amazing. From the moment this young man made her moan when he began to suck on her incredibly aroused nipples, to when he made her scream as he began to lick her clit, to when she shook with orgasm as he pumped his eager cock inside her previously monogamous pussy. I was so turned on to see my wife, the mother of our child, naked in bed with another man, legs wide open as she welcomed him into her pussy, panting, screaming and fucking him with the urgency of a virgin having sex for the first time.

    Since May, my sexy wife has been fucked by eight men--all younger than she--and each time she has had incredibly intense orgasms, often multiple ones. So have the men, further proof that my wife is indeed a hot wife who is adept at making other men cum.

    For my part I love seeing my wife of 19 years in a passionate embrace with another man. I love the squishy sounds her cunt makes because she is so aroused. I love seeing her totally focused on her own pleasure. Showing by her actions that she needs to have a variety of men taking possession of her hot, slutty pussy, reveling in the fact that she is a married woman, giving her pussy to other men, having some of the most intense sex she has had in a long time. She is truly most beautiful when she is like this, focusing completely on the pleasure she is feeling and smug in her confidence that she absolutely deserves to have this kind of pleasure.

    My wife demands that I not have sex with anyone else but her and I gladly comply. I think she loves the sexual control she has over me. This is an area in which she is the boss, the dominant one, loving that she can both have sex with whomever she wants and still demand that I be faithful to her. And to be honest, I love submitting to her in this way. I like that she has me where she wants me. That she is, by her actions and demands, putting me in my place is sexually.
    I may be her number one but on some level I am also just one of many men whose job is to (sexually) serve her. She has played with this a little, doing things like telling me before a session that I couldn’t caress her breasts because they were first for her lover; asking me to get her something to drink while she’s naked, laying in bed with a lover; tossing me her panties and teddy to fold and hold while a lover undresses her. I love when she flaunts herself in this way. It makes me even more horny for her hot pussy.
    A horniness I show when we get back home: making love to her freshly fucked pussy with my mouth and cock, making her cum one more time. I only wish that she would explore this even more fully and even make more demands of me. I know she would be pleasantly surprised by both my eager response as well as how much she likes it.

    We love one another and are not into abuse or humiliation, at least not the kind you read about on the web. We just love that we have this secret, that my serious absolutely normal wife fucks other men like a tigress and flaunts it in front of me. And that I, opinionated assertive person that I am, willingly submit to my very hot wife’s sexual needs with a great deal of dedication and even reverence. It surely works for us!

    --> I have attached our story (in word) along with a picture. I will also put the story in the body of this email below. I hope you'll put it up on your sexy site. You can include this e-mail gina19602 @

    The Husband


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