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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, January 22, 2009


    Third Cuckold Surprise

    Ron came down again to see Ann, she opened the door wearing a dressing gown which unknown to ron was all she had on. Ann sat on the settee and Ron sat next to her I was on the other settee giving me a good view of what was to come. Ron said that he had missed Ann and leaned over to kiss her, Ann put her arms around hs neck and they began kissing slowly but very quickly the tempo changed and the kissing got very passionate, Ron put his hand inside Anns gown and felt her breast, he realised she was naked underneath her robe and quickly undone the belt stood Ann up and pulled the robe off.

    Ann stood naked and she looked so sexy her lovely bald pussy was just starting to open in anticipation, Ron sat Ann back down knelt betwen her legs and started to rub his hand over her pussy and leaned forward to suck her nipples. I sat and watched as Anns pussy opened further the more Ron stroked it and when he knew it was ready he slowly inserted his index finger deep into my wifes wet vagina, Anns legs opened a bit wider Ron knew she wanted more and slowly added two more fingers to the one already entering Anns pussy.

    Ann had her head thrown back and was giving out low moans of pleasure as Ron slowly but firmly drove three fingers in and out of Anns wide wet pussy, Rons fingers moved faster and harder Anns breathing got faster and shallower, then her body stiffened, she let out a low deep moan and had what was obviously a really strong orgasm. Ron pulled his fingers out lowered his head into Anns groin and started to lick Anns juices from her pussy.cuck

    Ron stood up to take his clothes off and I took the opportunity to kneel between Anns legs to get a taste of her juices, when Ron was naked I moved away and again was surprised at the size of his cock Ron had told Ann it was just over eight inches long and at the thickest part was over six inches in girth, looking at it standing erect I had no reason to doubt the dimensions. Ron pulled Ann up and lay her on the floor, he tipped baby oil all over her body then began massaging the oil into her breasts, Ron massaged slowly down Anns body until he came to her groin, then he put pressure on the inside of Anns thigh Ann understood what he wanted and opened her legs wide Ron tipped more oil onto Anns pubic bone and slowly rubbed it all over her groin finally entering three oil soaked fingers deep into her pussy.

    Ann was loving everything Ron was doing to her, Ron withdrew his fingers and lay full length on top of Ann and started to kiss her slowly and gently, Ron was rotating his hips rythmically and Ann was moaning and had her hands on the back of Rons head rubbing him while they were kissing, I moved to sit at Rons feet and was amazed at what i saw Rons big fat cock was embedded fully into my wifes vagina, the first time Ron had entered Ann (see previous story ) he had to go very slowly due to his size.

    Ann obviously loved the size and was now relaxed enough for Ron to enter her in one thrust. I watched as Ron used the full length of his cock to pleasure my wife, Ann knew I enjoyed watching Ron fuck her and she just relaxed and enjoyed every deep thrust, Ron withdrew his cock and rolled ann over lifted her hips and entered her pussy in one long stroke giving her the full length doggy style, Ann came again as Ron thrust quite hard and deep, Ron fucked Ann doggy style for quite a while before withdrawing from Anns pussy.ann

    I moved into position and slid my cock into my wife I didnt take long to leave my seed deep in Anns pussy I pulled my cock out and Ann lay on her side, Ron reached for her uppermost leg and lifted it up until her knee was nearly touching her nipple putting her in the prone position he the straddled her bottom leg held his stiff cock rubbed the tip of his cock around Anns pussy then drove the full length of his cock into Anns vagina.

    Ann let out a loud squeal as Ron entered her fully Ron held his cock fully in Ann and gave a series of short jabbing thrusts to ram his cock fully home, each thrust brought a loud gasp from Ann, Ron then started to fuck ann fast and hard, the noise coming from Ann could only be described as animal as Ron thrust hard and fast, Ron stopped pulled out of Ann leaned over her body and ejaculated over her face Ann turned round greedily grabbed Rons cock put as much of it into her mouth she could and gently stroked the rest of his seed from his cock.

    The next time Ann and Ron meet will be at Rons house I will not be there, but Ron will phone me while they are having sex and will be taking pictures of the action. I hope all the English readers enjoy this Blog. I will write again after Ann and Ron's next visit.

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