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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, January 02, 2009


    My Wife and I

    My wife and I take a different approach to cuckolding than many on this blog and I am sure that many too enjoy the same angle to cuckolding as us. As I post this, she is with one of her lovers getting stuffed by his thick cock, bareback, and I wait for her to bring his cum home. All of what I state is true.

    First, my wife and I are completely in love and we do not get off on the humiliation aspect of cuckolding. Instead she is a complete slut that I effectively control. She is allowed to fuck other men to please me and for her lust of cock. By doing so, she is my wifeslut. We have tried swinging with other couples once for only oral play, but she is concerned about the jealous feelings when I am with another woman. We both get off on her being with other men, so we have limited our encounters to MFM threesomes or her going out on dates with lovers. To date, she has fucked 10 other men since we have gotten married and she never fucked another man other than me before we married.

    The first time consisted of her going off with another man on a date. They ended up at a hotel where she sucked his cock and had him fuck her tits. He wanted to fuck her pussy, but our agreement was that she would not do this. At the time, she was very concerned about STD's (not pregnancy because she was on the pill), so with him it did not escalate to intercourse.

    She sucked off multiple men in front of me and meeting with them without me being present. Eventually, she decided that if someone would get a recent AIDS test, she would fuck them with a condom. (I had posted recently in another thread that this is a difficult feat to find a guy that will get an AIDS test as many guys just want the quick fuck and claim to be clean, but won't go through getting a test.)

    Eventually we found a guy that would get an AIDS test. He got the test, but while waiting for the results, he came over one night for some oral play. She sucked his cock sucked while I fucked her from behind. A week later he showed her the results and fucked her harder than I had ever fucked her. His dick was at least 7.5 inches to my 6.5, although it was thinner. I could not get enough! Two times after that she went to meet with him at his house and he fucked her. Both times she came home and let me know all the details while I fucked her wet pussy.

    Over the past few years she has had other men (all with condoms), but recently she found a guy that she has had a long term relationship with. She goes to his house (I have never met him) and has fucked him almost every week for the past 3 months. Each time he fucks her at least 3 times, all with a condom. His cock she describes is a little longer than mine, and twice as thick--the fattest dick she has ever fucked.

    Recently I started asking her to fuck him without a condom. Since she has been fairly certain he has not fucked any other women since she has met him, she agreed that it could be a great fantasy of mine to fulfill, but she was still nervous about STD's other than AIDS. I told her I wanted her to fuck him bareback and be the perfect wifeslut for me. He had expressed interest in fucking without a condom but she had told him she was scared and didn't think it would happen. She never said she would absolutely do it, but I gave her the option to let him cum in her pussy if she and he would want.

    Last Thursday, he was pounding her pussy and the condom broke right before he cummed. He tried to pull out, but some cum did get into her pussy. Since some cum did enter her pussy, she decided then that if he wanted he could fuck her the third time without a condom, telling him that I wanted her to do it. He was hard in minutes and about 15 minutes later he was pushing his hard cock deep into her pussy, without a condom.

    When she came home, hair messed up and clothes wrinkled, she told me about the condom breakage and the aftermath. My cock was hard and I told her how she was now the perfect wifeslut. We went upstairs and for the first time, I fucked her while another man's seed filled her pussy. I cummed more than I probably have ever cummed in my life.

    I told her, despite her being scared that I wanted her next time with him to be completely without condoms. The last time was almost accidental and I wanted her to be his slut the entire time with a cummy pussy. Since it was recently my birthday, she decided to give me that as a birthday present. As I type right now, she is off at his house fucking him without a condom. I cannot wait for my slut to return, full of at least three loads of cum. I won't eat out her pussy (as I said, I am not into that type of humilation), but I will fuck her and feel the other man's sperm that resulted from their sex.

    I plan on checking her panties and her pussy to make sure it is full of cum. I know that my cock will know, but to see that, another man's sperm that has built up over the week since she has last fucked him, will be the ultimate pleasure.

    My wife is my slut and I will have her cummy pussy soon. I can't wait. Since this blog requires a picture I have sent one of her without her face showing. - Ben


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