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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, January 29, 2009


    Submissive Hubby (Me)

    I was always a submissive person, bullied at school, my boss would make unreasonable demands. I guess ive always known it, I am a cuckold. I had become a regular reader of this blog quite a while ago, I had mentioned the idea to my wife a couple of times but she always refused to. I kept coming online here, reading the storys, etc.

    One day I arrived home from work at 5pm, it was summer and a lovely day, I got my keys out of my jacket pocket, opened the door and went into the hallway. Shutting the door behind me I heard my wife call my name from upstairs, as I took off my jacket and put my briefcase down on the floor I hurried up the stairs. As I opened the door, I could see her , she looked as good as she had ever done, black Basque and knickers and black stockings with suspenders.

    I thought I knew what was coming, she said, 'tonight im going to make every fantasy of yours come true'. impossible I thought, she didn't know about my cuckold fantasies, she told me to strip. I did quickly and at this point I was rock hard (only 5 inches). 'Lay yourself down on the bed and close your eyes' I did what I was told, then I felt something grab my arm and clamp around my wrist. I opened my eyes to see my wife securing a set of restraints to the bedpost. Mmm, a night of kinky sex, great. She straddled me and got out another restraint and attached my other wrist to the other bed post.

    After my arms were secure she got of me, my cock was solid at that point and was really looking forward to seeing her bounce up and down on it for the evening, she crouched under the bed and took out another set of restraints, this time for my ankles. As this was going on, not a word was said. She secured my ankles to the bars at the end of the bed, then winked at me. This is going to be great as she got a pair of knickers out of the washing basket, straddled me again, and gagged me with them.

    It was at this point I noticed an unusual smell and taste. Thinking, is that cum, it smells like it. My wife got off me and strangely picked up the remote control for the TV and DVD player. I had decided 3 months previously that we needed a big plasma screen for the bedroom, after around 9 in the evening we watched most TV in bed, so as I lay facing the screen I caught my wife smirking as she pressed play on the dvd.

    For a minute I just couldn't believe what I saw, she was sat on the bed staring into the camera in the same lingerie she was wearing now, only there were 2 very big muscular black men, one sat either side of her, they were both naked and had huge cocks of around 9 inches, my wife had them in each hand, wanking them slowly., she spoke to the camera. ' hey darling found out what you were looking at on the computer on that blog, isn't this how you wanted it?'. I couldn't believe it I froze, didn't know what to do, but looking at my restraints told me I was here for the long haul.

    I watched the video go on, lots of talking about how I couldn't satisfy her. Then the scene cut and she had a cock in her mouth and more surprisingly for me one in her arse. Anal was a no-go area for me, I couldn't believe that this hung fucker was getting anal off my wife when I couldn't get it, my wife stopped sucking face the camera and said that's right hunny, men like Darren can get anal off me, but tiny wimp dicks like you are never going to get it. It was then to my horror that I noticed the camera was shaking, fuck, someone else is in the room.

    A quick camera cut and my worst fears were realized, the camera man wasn't a man, it was a woman, it was my boss, she laughed at the camera. My wife must have gone through my private journals online too! I was horrified, these guys were doing stuff to my wife that I would never get away with. They came on her face and then into a glass, I knew what was coming. My wife took the glass out form under the bed and poured it all over my face, took the panties out my mouth, and poured what remained into my mouth. She put the panties straight back in my mouth and forcefully said 'swallow'. which I did. My boss was also collecting it in a glass, she faced the camera and said .'tom, you know that coffee I bought you today at 3 o'clock, did it taste funny' she winked at the camera and my wife laughed.

    At this point my wife spoke, she came up close to my ears and whispered, im off out now babe, but don't worry, its on a loop so you get to watch it again and again. With that she left an my home and work life were never the same. This is her picture as her face can't be shown. - Tommy


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