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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, January 11, 2009


    It Happened to Me !

    My wife and I have been out of the lifestyle for quite some time, but I still look upon our experiences fondly. I am certain that it would be quite easy to ease her back into it, but I'd have to get her drunk, and that would cause more problems than it's worth.

    One of my favorite experiences to recall is the time we visited a friend of mine at a hotel. My friend would rent a room on the weekend sometimes to get away from his family, and my wife and I dropped in to see him one evening on our way to the club.

    I'm not much for the club scene, so whenever I took her out, I would make sure she dressed as slutty as possible so that I could enjoy all the looks from the other bar patrons. This night, she looked great in her black mini that barely covered her butt, hose with no panties and a tight fitting shirt with no bra that showed off her ample breasts.

    As we sat in the room talking to my friend and having a few drinks, I could tell that she was getting tipsy already and to be honest, so was I.

    That was the reason my friend suggested that we just get a room next door and party with him. Lori said that this sounded like fun, and asked me to go and get a room, so I did, leaving them there to talk. It worked out so that I got the room right next door to my friend.

    When I got back from the office, instead of going straight in, I peeked into the window through the blinds to see if anything might be happening. I saw my wife sitting in her chair with her legs slightly spread and my friend was on the bed across from her, doing his best to get a peek as they talked. He was paying close attention to her, and she was loving it.

    I decided to go ahead and go back in, and when I got there Lori asked me if I was disapponted that we weren't going to get to go to the club. This was my chance, and I took it. "Well, to be honest, I was looking forward to watching the show," I said. My wife smiled, and said that if it was a show I wanted, then I would get one. At this, she slowly raised her shirt, spilling out her massively large breasts which were always a show stopper. They popped out and bounced a little and her ample nipples were hard. "Whoah!" my friend gasped, "I like the looks of that!" I thought you might, I said. "Have you seen her pussy yet?"
    He said he hadn't, and Lori told him that he might be in for a surprise yet if she could get another drink. I volunteered to make it.

    As I mixed the Tom Collins, Lori began to slowly gyrate in front of my friend and walked up to him and shoved her breasts in his face. He looked over at me, unsure what to think, and I just shrugged and said "When she gets like this, there's only one thing you can do." So he did. He pushed her back slightly and cupped both breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples. She moaned, and I brought her the drink.

    She downed the drink pretty quick, and put the glass on the little round table by the window. By this time, my heart was beating pretty fast as I anticipated what was to come. I didn't have to wait long. Her drink was beginning to take hold, and I pretended to be drunker than I was and said I needed to go to the bathroom. While I was in there was when she had apparently convinced him that his cock needed a good sucking, because that's exactly what was happening when I came out. She was kneeling in front of the bed with her tits hanging out and her naked, wet pussy showing from underneath the skirt that was hitched up to where her entire ass was visible.

    Flabbergasted and excited, I slowly moved in for a closer look as her head bobbed up and down his shaft, her tongue flicking around the tip occasionally when she came up for air.

    He bent down and whispered something in her ear, and she looked at me for a moment and smiled with his cock still in her mouth. She sucked for a couple more minutes, and that's when it happened. "Why don't you go back to our room and let me finish this up," she said. "You watching is making him nervous."

    I have to say that I had mixed emotions about this, since watching was what I liked to do. I didn't much care for the idea of leaving her alone in there, and I said so. "I've already started, and I can't leave him here like go on and I'll be there in a few minutes." "I'm not going to fuck him, anyway." She said. At this, I went ahead and agreed.

    In the next room, I sat on the bed wondering exactly how I had let this happen, my wife and my friend in the next room having sex. Thinking about it made me angry, but strangely, was turning me on. I took a water glass from the sink, and placed it against the wall. At first, nothing. Just some faint mumbling from him occasionally. What could they be doing? I wondered. Then it became apparent. She was breaking her promise.

    In the next room, I could hear the bed squeaking in rhythm, and her moans of pleasure. "oooooh," she cried, louder and louder as the squeaking got faster. "ooooooh, Daddy...that feels so good!" What? She was calling him daddy? I listened to them fuck for somewhere in the neigbborhood of two hours, having dirty, kinky fantasy sex in which he was apparently her daddy and she was loving it. All I could do was listen through the wall.

    When they were done, she came back into the room, but I pretended to be asleep. I did peek as she got ready for bed, though and I caught a glimpse of her pussy, dripping cum. I didn't get any that night. - Baal


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