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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, January 04, 2009


    Our Cucking

    We have been "swinging" for a few years but lately I have become a cuckold and found that I love the humiliation.

    It started when we met Paul through an online ad, I could see that he and my wife Susan were attracted to each other right away.

    We met in a hotel car park and Susan suggested I have a drink in hotel bar while they chatted in the car. Up until then I had always been included in our threesomes and I felt a little disappointed as I sat in the bar. After about an hour I decided to go back to the car and as I opened the door it was obvious from Susan's ruffled hair that they had been kissing. We arranged to meet up the following weekend for an overnighter and Susan and I left for home.

    When we were in bed later that night Susan suggested that I book a country cottage as it would give us more privacy than an hotel. I got hard at the thought of this and tried to slip her panties off but she said she was too tired. When I persisted she told me to stop and admitted that the reason that she was tired was that Paul has fucked her silly in the car for 45 minutes.

    Apparently, as soon as I left he had her skirt round her waist and her panties off, he the took out his cock and, at over 9 inches, it was the biggest she had ever seen.
    She sucked him for a while and he reclined her seat and got on top of her and fucked her energetically for 45 minutes. She came loads but he was able to hold off, a fact which really impressed her. I had been playing with my dick while she told me this and I shot my load beneath the sheets when I heard this.

    I booked the cottage and the following Saturday we watched Paul's car pull in to the drive about 4pm. As soon as he entered the room Susan asked me to drive back home and return about 10pm as she wanted some time alone with Paul.

    I reluctantly did as she asked and when I pulled up at 10pm the lights were on in the living room and one of the bedrooms.

    I looked through the glass panel of the front door just as he led her out of the bedroom hand in hand. He was naked and his heavy cock swung from side to side as he walked and she had a sexy red teddy on.

    I let myself in and they were side by side on the couch kissing while she held his cock which by now was hard again. I got a can of beer and sat in an armchair and we chatted while Susan sucked his cock. Unable to stop himself he laid her on the couch and plunged his rod into her willing pussy and I was finally able to watch this master cocksman give my wife the ride of her life. With her long legs over his shoulders and her tits bobbing as her hammered his tool into her Susan was in sluts heaven as she was fucked for a good 20 minutes.

    "Lets go to bed, I want to do you properly," he said, as he slipped his still hard cock out of her dripping pussy.

    "You go ahead, Ill be there in just a minute", she said before kissing him. When he left the room she filled me in on all the details.WIFE

    "This will be the fifth time he has ridden me today," she gushed, like a child let loose in a sweet shop." He hasn't even come yet, he wanted to save it until you could watch him pump it up into me," isn't that considerate of him"?

    I nodded in admiration and watched her sexy ass sway as she walked down to the bedroom. After a few minutes, unable to wait any longer, I slipped my clothes off and entered the bedroom. They were doing it doggy style, which is Susan's favourite position and as I listened to her scream everytime she came I was greatful we had booked a secluded cottage in the country. As Paul drove his cock in to her from behind her tits swung back and forth and he slipped a finger in to her ass which drove her even wilder.

    "I'm gonna come now", he grunted and reached forward to cup a breast in each hand as he fucked her even faster." Do it, put it in me," she gasped. Suddenly both their bodies tensed as he released his seed deep in her womb and Susan had an orgasm that seemed to last forever.

    Shattered, they collapsed on the bed and I was amazed to see that his cock was still rigid even though he had come.

    After a few minutes they had recovered and I was treated to the sight of my wife cleaning his cock with her mouth." Come over here and help me lick him clean," she ordered and I was happy to be included.

    I had sucked her one of her lover's cocks once before but none as big as this and had never had my mouth fucked while my wife watched and giggled. "Stop Paul, if your going to come do it in me, not in Terry," she protested. "Terry, your bag is in the bedroom beside the bathroom, why don't you go there because we want to go to bed," she suggested.

    I woke several times during the course of the night, twice because of the noise they were making fucking and once when Susan took Paul into my room to tell me they were going to do it in the shower and I could watch if I liked. Which I did.

    The next morning she made us breakfast and said she would be ready to leave in about 2 hours. With that they went back to the bedroom and I soon heard the sounds of them fucking again. Unable to resist I went down to watch and took my cock out to play with while I watched their naked bodies.

    Suddenly Susan rolled off him and beckoned me over to the bed. "Put it in me," she whispered, "Paul wants to watch us riding".

    Unable to believe my luck I pulled my jeans down and shuffled across the bed. Susan lay on her back and spread her legs as I got between them. As I slipped up her pussy I realized I could hardly feel it because she was so wet and, when she whispered in my ear, "put your little boy cock in my pussy", I came straight away. "Has he come already," Paul asked shaking his head in disbelief.

    Ashamed I pulled my jeans back up and watched as he turned her on her side and started to ride her from behind. "Why don't you go for a walk sweetheart," she said as yet another orgasm shook her. I leaned over and kissed her, then went outside. Instead of going for a walk I stood outside their window and listened as she told him to come in her and give her a baby. Later, they got dressed and I almost had to carry her to the car since she was weak as a kitten after the fucking she had received.

    She told me they had done it 11 times and she had to see him again as soon as possible and I was to arrange it for them.

    This was the first of many experiences of the cuckold lifestyle for us in Ireland and I have included a few pictures of Susan to give all a visual of what Paul had taken from me. - Terry


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