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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, August 30, 2009


    My Wife & Our Best Friend

    My Wife and I have been married for almost 6 years and have lived together for 16 years. I love my wife more than I love anything in the world.

    My Wife and I have been through many difficult times. From our impoverished early days to our current success, we have been through a lot. I say this so that you might be less likely to jump to conclusions as you read this. We have not always liked each other, but we always loved each other.

    My Wife is, by no means, daring individual. She is, in fact, quite conservative. We were both rowdy partying kids when we met. However, at heart My Wife is very shy and is now an average suburban wife.

    But, is she?

    We had lived together for no more than 5 years, when we were visited at our loft apartment by our hometown friend, Russ. We both had partied with Russ a great deal as kids and having him as a guest in our apartment was something we were both looking forward to.

    He had been staying with us for less than a week when the three of us ended up in bed together. It took a lot of reassuring but My Wife finally said she was ok with the idea. I suppose you can say that I talked her into it, but I was there and I can swear on my mother's life that My Wife did nothing against her will.

    Our first threesome happened on a Friday night, with My Wife between Russ and myself on the couch, watching TV. I had spoken to both of them separately about having a threesome on that evening, but we had not talked about it together. So everyone was a bit nervous.

    The evening, in many ways, is a blur to me. However, certain moments and events of the evening are still crystal clear. It started with My Wife sitting between us wearing a lace body suit (the kind that are cut like a gymnasts uniform and fasten in the crotch), a full length skirt over that and no stockings. I started the ball rolling by massaging her breasts through the lace material and kissing her neck and ear-lobes. She immediately turned to kiss me deeply. I could tell she was nervous and she seemed to channel that nervous energy into that kiss.

    Until then Russ seemed to be waiting for permission to join in. We continued that kiss for a few moments and when our lips finally separated, I realized that his hand was way up under her skirt ? obviously on her pussy ? and he was working on the other ear lobe. Within a couple of minutes he shifted to the floor and raised her skirt up to her waist. When he did, he exposed her pussy. He already had her body suit unsnapped at the crotch.

    My Wife's pussy was as wet and swollen as I have ever seen it. Russ immediately buried his face in her reddish pubic hair and began to lap at her wide-open pussy.

    This was the most electric moment of my life, up to that point. There were many more moments like it lying ahead. The sight of My Wife with her legs spread wide for another man; for our best friend was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.

    I continued to kiss and caress My Wife's top half while Russ licked and sucked her pussy. My Wife began to moan that deep throaty moan that means she is in the grips of her own desire. When she starts to moan she is past the point of no return. Russ was on his knees in front of the couch. My Wife's feet were on his shoulders and Russ was holding her ass in both hands to bring her pussy up to his mouth.

    After some time at this, I whispered into My Wife's ear, "I think you should suck his cock honey." Very much in a daze she nodded her head.

    When I stood up to take my clothes off Russ did the same. All of the sudden a new reality hit. All three of us were naked and there was no doubt what was unfolding. My sweet My Wife was going to be fucked by two men.

    At this point I should stop and make one point very clear. As I said in the opening paragraph of this journal, everything within is factual. I am embellishing nothing as I write this story. I do not have to.

    When Russ stood before My Wife, who was still seated on the couch, she saw for the first time what I had seen many times when I was growing up. Russ has an incredible penis. It is probably 8"-9" long and is thicker than my wrist. Even hanging flaccid, as it was at that point, it was obviously huge. And even though I had told My Wife about it you could see the surprise in her eyes - The delight.

    My Wife slid from the couch onto her knees and slid her hands around the shaft of his limp cock and cupped his balls. She put the huge mushroom-shaped head up to her lips and kissed it and ran her tongue all over it. My Wife is an artist when it comes to sucking a cock and I was in heaven, just watching. I lit a cigarette and sat at our family-room bar to watch them make their art.

    Every detail seemed so vivid as it was happening. I noticed how incredibly wide My Wife opened her mouth to accommodate the huge cock. I remember thinking how smooth and soft it appeared to be. My Wife didn't even seem to be aware that I was in the room at that point. She was enthralled in the cock that she was sucking. Being nervous, Russ took a while to get hard. My Wife did not give up, however and soon blood began to swell into it, making it stand out straight aiming straight into her mouth. She could no longer fit more than the head and an inch or two of the shaft into her mouth, but she put all the passion that she had into pleasuring those few inches. I cannot describe how much it turned me on.

    The couch had a fold out bed, so we didn't have to move the party to the bedroom. We put on some Steely Dan, dimmed some lights, lit some candles and got lost in our pleasure.

    After My Wife had sucked Russ's cock to a hard throbbing mass it was time for our guest to sink it into my future-wife. She laid on her back on the foldout bed and raised her knees up to her hard nipples. When she did that it made her pussy open even wider. It looked so wanton. I watched as he positioned himself on his knees and nudged his cock-head up against her wet and swollen pussy-lips. I was behind Russ, so I could watch his huge cock enter the pussy that had been only mine.

    My heart raced as fast as if I had run a mile. My cock throbbed with each beat and it dripped an endless supply of pre-cum.

    Russ used his saliva to further-lubricate My Wife's pussy. She has always had a nice tight pussy but I am sure that to Russ it was almost too tight. Several times, he spit on his fingers and wiped it around his dick and her lips to aid his penetration of her pussy.

    Finally I could see that his cock was glistening with My Wife's wetness and she seemed to be getting used to the enormous size of it. I could tell that it was becoming easier and easier for him to slide it in and out. My Wife's moans turned into heavy and halted breathing with an occasional grunt mixed in. It was obvious that her sexual excitement was increasing. Her face was flushed and her eyes had a glazed look to them.

    Russ was enjoying himself to. Still on his knees, he would bury his cock, up to the balls, in My Wife's pussy. Then, he would grind his hips in a circular motion. This drove My Wife crazy. They continued to slowly fuck and kiss each other with true lovers' passion right in front of me.

    I couldn't stand it any more, so I took my place in the threesome again. I kneeled on the bed, right beside My Wife's head and waited for their mouths to separate, when they did My Wife turned her head to me and began to suck my cock while Russ continued to grind his cock deeply and slowly into her sweet pussy. I leaned forward and ended up on all fours and began to fuck My Wife's mouth with the same rhythm Russ was using on her pussy. She sucked my cock like she never had before.

    At one point, I raised myself up off of my hands. Kneeling upright, I held her head so that she could continue sucking my cock without straining. As Russ masterfully fucked my wife I looked over at him and we caught each other's eye. Up until that moment I was not sure what my relationship with him would be like after this orgy. But, he looked me in the eye and smiled an appreciative smile, and then he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder.

    "Man, thank you," was all he said.

    My Wife's first orgasm of the evening came while Russ fucked her pussy and I fucked her mouth. We built to a fast and relentless rhythm and finally her whole body went rigid and her eyes locked on mine. I stopped fucking her mouth, leaving only the head in her lips. With her eyes still on me and with my cock still in her mouth, she started to cry out and then scream out her ecstasy. Russ kept pounding his pelvis into hers. Her eyes finally left me and rolled back in her head as the orgasm took every last part of her away.

    That was her first orgasm. We quickly lost count. And Russ acted as though he could go forever.

    Every time that I felt my balls tighten with a nearing orgasm I would pull my cock away from My Wife and try to hold it off. I wanted this night to last forever. And Russ was performing magic. When I would stop and just watch with a cigarette or something to drink, I could see that her pussy was now very well adjusted to his size and her moans, grunts and screams made it clear that she was in heaven. And as I watched this other man take her there without any help from me, my insides felt like they were exploding... with lust and jealousy, love and hate, complete pleasure and total agony. Every emotion exploded at the same time and all I could do was watch and listen. I had never felt so alive.

    When Russ was ready to take a voyeuristic break he withdrew his solid and swollen cock from the woman that I love. He said that it was my turn and we traded places. He still hadn't cum yet.

    Instead of plunging my smaller cock into her, I decided to slow things down a bit by licking first. My mouth found incredible and delicious tastes and my nose found intoxicating smells inside of My Wife's wet and open pussy.

    As usual, having her pussy and ass tongued evoked good reactions from My Wife. But I couldn't help noticing that I was comparing the sighs and moans that Russ brought out of her to those brought out by myself. Immediately I seemed to notice that Russ was getting the bigger moans. I felt the first pangs of jealousy. I was still incredibly turned on but I was also envious of Russ's big dick and the way he used it. It took me several months, if not years to put everything into perspective. The loudness of a woman's moans is not an indicator of her love for the man or woman causing her to moan. They are just manifestations of pleasure, and that's why we were all together in the first place.

    My Wife came many times throughout the evening. Once, she came while sitting on Russ's cock while he was sitting crossed-legged. With her feet hooked behind him she was impaled on him. His hands cupped her beautiful ass and he lifted her up and down as if she were a pillow. Her arms wrapped around his neck and locked their bodies firmly together. As My Wife neared her orgasm they locked their mouths together and kissed like long-lost lovers. I sat and watched this beautiful scene and felt as if I was watching a film. For several minutes they seemed to forget that I was even there.

    Still locked in their kiss, Russ began to sink his index finger into her tight ass. The reaction was incredible. She loved it. My Wife sunk her pussy down as far as she could on his cock and groaned and then screamed. The veins in her neck bulged and her sounds of passion escalated but were muted by the kiss.

    To this day it is one of the most intense orgasms I believe My Wife has ever had.

    My Wife rarely had an opportunity to rest that evening. Once in a while she would smoke a joint or a cigarette and have a sip of her Pepsi, but otherwise My Wife fucked all night long.

    Steely Dan gave way to David Sanbourn, David gave way to John Coltrain, and then we played Steely Dan again. We had nervously started this evening around 10:00pm and at 4:00am we were still fucking. As soon as one of us would cum, the other would slip inside her and fuck her again. This picture is of him saying goodbye to her on the last day. - HubbySurrendered

    Thursday, August 27, 2009


    Our First Time Cuckolding Experience

    I have been fantasizing about my wife taking a big dick in her tight pussy for the longest time.

    We have been happily married for 8 years, but I never got a chance to share this fantasy of mine for obvious reasons. My way of dealing with this fantasy was to buy her sexy clothes, thong bikinis which 99% of the time she was dismissing the idea or wearing them even just for me inside the house.

    This past summer, we were enjoying a vacation all alone.

    When we went to the beach the first day I convinced my wife to go topless, she did and she loved the attention she was receiving without admiting it to me, but I could tell from her responsiveness when it came to sex.

    Couple of days into the vacation I convinced her to wear her sexy thong bikini which you can see in the picture, we strategically positioned ourselves, towards the end of the beach so we can get some privacy and she did, she was so sexy and so horny at the same time.

    Later that afternoon, I convinced my wife to simply try a nude beach the day after, she refused, and I proceded telling her that since everyone on the beach has seen her firm ass and boobs, it would not be such of a deal if they happen to see her pussy, and this would be only for couple of seconds, since most of the times she likes to lay on her stomach while sunbathing. It took quite a few margaritas for her to agree with me, but she set her rules, she told me that we would go early on the beach so we can find a corner for us to hide, and that if she felt uncomfortable we would leave without further explanation on her part.

    I was the happiest man of all. That night, my wife, wore a tiny skirt with no panties on, as a preparation for our adventures the next morning. In the night club she was dancing seductively with me, and she was rubbing my cock.

    Next morning we got up and off to the beach, when we went there, it was totally empty and I was getting dissapointed a bit. About an hour went by and some couples start showing up, Jessica felt a little uncomfortable but she did notice that there was more respect for privacy in the nude beach people were not staring like they did in the public beach, I guess just because it is expected to be nude on a nude beach.

    Later that afternoon I kept the drinks flowing, and Jessica was getting pretty tipsy, and very comfortable with her body.

    At some point I asked Jessica if she would like to pose for me so I can capture some pictures. She agreed and we went to the end of the beach where there were some rocks, and the scenery was so much better, in the middle of me taking pictures of my lovely wife, we were interupted by a young gentleman who came by and offered to take pictures of the both of us. I immediately agreed and Jessica was turning red from embarassement, it was the first time we interacted with someone, and Jessica did not expect that.

    While this guy was taking pictures of us, his dick kept growing and growing, he was considerably larger and thicker than I was, and I measure a descent 7.1/2 inches.

    Jessica whispered in my ear, if I had noticed his dick, and I said I did, and I aksed her what she thought of it. She simply said that it is huge and we left it at that.

    After this guy took some more pictures of us, invited him to our area so I can offer him a drink, he glagly accepted and my wife asked me why I was doing that, and I simply told her that he has seen her nude and there is nothing else for him to see, and on top of everything else, this is a nude beach.

    While we were drinking it was obvious that this guy wanted to have his time with my wife, he kept staring at her breasts and her totally shaved pussy. I also noticed that Jessica occasionaly was stealing looks for his dick.

    After a while Jessica got up and went to swim, this was my opportunity to share with him my biggest fantasy, I told him that I would like him to fuck my wife, mercefully, but I also told him that my wife knows nothing about this fantasy of mine. He liked my fantasy since he would be the one to get the benefit, and he promised to do anything he can to help me out.

    When Jessica came back I excused myself to the bathroom, so I can give them some moment together.

    I took my time, and I could tell that Jessica was getting very horny by the size of his dick. After I came back Jessica told me the truth that she could not resist but stare at his dick, well at this point it is good to know that we are both billingual and that helped in that case.

    I told her that it is ok if she would like to enjoy herself with this young man.

    We were interrupted by the gentleman when he asked Jessica if she would like to swim with him, Jessica looked puzzled and in despatation for my response, I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself.

    While they were swimming, they kept getting closer towards the place where we took some pictures, before.

    After a while they were lost and nowhere to be found, I was suspicious that they were fucking but I wanted to get a chance to see my wife's lustfull face while she is getting it by a huge dick. The only way I could go by the place where they were hidden was to swim and then climb some rocks. I did it and when I found them I was astounded, my wife was on all fours, and she was getting it doggy style and screaming by the intention of this guys dick in my wife's tight pussy, he kept calling her names and he was asking her to talk dirty to him, at that point I was cumming all over my hands, she was telling him to fuck her harder, and that she has never felt so full in her life, and that she would like to taste his hot sperm, deep inside her thight pussy.

    At that point was the time that I decided to join the action, when my wife saw me she was shocked she did not expect to see me there, and she immediately asked me if I like it, my response was to give her my dick to suck on. After that we both fucked Jessica our entire stay in the island and Jessica had became our total slut for 10 days in total, there has been a countless number of times, that Jessica was fucking this guy in front of my eyes, and every single moment was unique, and exciting.

    Since then our life together has only grown to be better and better. - JP

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009


    A Fan of this site - Hotwife JinxyPie

    jinxypie From Webmaster:

    Unlike many porn sites 'pretending' to have real hotwives and cucks, jinxypie is the real deal. She is a real hotwife cuckoldress who lives in N.C and cuckolds her husband regularly. She has her own website where she chronicles all of her cuckolding adventures. Her husband knows what's going on and encourages it. Most of the guys she gets ......


    Sunday, August 23, 2009


    My Wife Fantasizes About Another Man

    A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night, I took my wife to the drive-in movies. We typically try to go out on a date at least once every three months. I thought I drive-in movie would be cool since neither one of us had been to one in over a decade and a half. Unfortunately, there aren't many around anymore. But I was able to find a drive-in theater in the town where my wife graduated from high school.

    So we went to the movies. About half way through the movie, my wife decided that she wanted to get some popcorn. So she took off to the concession stand. It took her a while to get back... I just figured there was a line. About 15 minutes later, she returned with a guy. It was a friend from high school that she had graduated with. I got out of the car to meet him. His name was Brian and he was a fairly good looking tall guy. As we were all talking, I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his shorts. I don't think he was even 30% hard and he was huge. And if I noticed it, then I know my wife noticed it.

    Eventually, we parted ways and my wife and I enjoyed the rest of the movie. When we got home, we went straight up to bed because it was rather late. I was anticipating going to sleep, but when my wife came in she immediately ripped off my boxers and started sucking me without warning. She was being extremely aggressive and it felt great.

    Before I knew it, she was on top of me riding me harder than she ever has. It was extremely difficult to control myself because everything happened so quick that I hadn't had the chance to put on a condom. And since she isn't on birth control... she always remembers the condom.

    About 20 minutes went by of her riding me when she flipped over on her back and told me she wanted to be fucked really hard. I asked if I should put on a condom and she answered, "No, I'm enjoying the excitement". So I got on top of her and started pounding her. It seemed with every other entry, she was telling me "Harder... Harder"! While I was screwing her, her friend's name Brian came out of her mouth. I didn't stop because I thought I had just misunderstood what she said.

    As I came close to cumming, she told me to pull out. She immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking furiously again. She took it out for a short time and stroked it by saying, "I want you to cum all over me". This was new... she had never allowed me to do this before. Right before she put me back in her mouth she said it again, but only used her friend's name... Brian. "I want you to cum all over me Brian". I knew at that time she was imagining herself with him. It turned me on so much that I suddenly exploded and my seed went everywhere.

    It seemed like she really had enjoyed herself. And I didn't bring up the name thing. It's hasn't happened since... but I really got off knowing that as we were having sex, she was thinking about another man. I am hoping to try to get her to do this again but this time I'll bring it up and talk more about him/guys while we are doing it. This may lead somewhere if I just play it right. - HardCuck


    Thursday, August 20, 2009


    She Cucked Me in College & is Now My Wife

    Jason and I became friends when we showed up to college and were assigned to be roommates. We got along great, enjoyed going to the sporting events, hanging out with others in the dorm, and messing around on the computer. It became obvious that we were definitely different when it came to the coeds. It seemed nearly every weekend, I was having to leave the room so Jason and his newest "girlfriend" could have some privacy. It was like a revolving door with him. Where I was looking for that one special girl, Jason apparently was going for quantity. I asked him about this one time, and he just told me, hey most of these girls understand, this is just going to be sex, nothing more, and with only a couple exceptions, the girls never seemed to call back or drop by.

    Finally, my luck changed and I found "the" girl for me (we're married now). Now Jason and I had to give each other privacy with the room. Jen, would hang out with us at times, and got along with Jason as well. I had told her pretty quickly the type of guy Jason was with the coeds, and she said she already knew of him, as he had been with one of her friends. She said, it didn't bother her, as Jason wasn't the only guy like that walking around campus, and she liked the person Jason was. That was a relief to me, as Jason was my closest friend at school, and I didn't want to become like some guys we knew, that suddenly wasn't around anymore once they had a girlfriend.

    Then one weekend all of us were at a party, and I saw Jason dancing and talking with Lisa, a girlfriend of a friend of ours, Mike. Well, after a while I was into Jen, so I didn't notice anything else that may have went on. We did talk a bit about Jason, and I told her I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up nailing Lisa tonight. Jen couldn't believe it, knowing about Mike. But, I told her, Jason has a way with words, and when that doesn't work, he'll just make shit up, because I've heard him do it. Jen was really drinking up a storm that night, and by 1, she was so drunk I just made sure she got back to her room, and then headed for mine.

    As I entered the room, right there with the lights on is Jason fucking Lisa doggy style on the floor. They both turn to see it's me, and he's just smiling from ear to ear. She just slurs, shut the door, you're letting in the cold, obviously drunk as a skunk. I look at Jason, and he justs shrugs and nods his head to come in. I probably should have left, but being a horny freshman, I came in and just watched them. I couldn't believe some of the stuff he'd say to her, and she just seemed to eat it up. He started really pushing the fact that he was black, starting to make every comment have something to do with that or her being white. Asking if she liked his big black dick, how tight her white pussy is, etc.

    At one point, he made the comment to her about how he loved stretching white chicks like her out! Then she shocked me by replying, yeah stretch it out for me Mike. It was about then that I could tell by his pace that he must be getting close and I wondered if he was going to finish like he claimed to be doing to all these girls. Sure enough, he soon pulled out, and turned her around. Here was Lisa on her knees, and Jason looking down at her stroking his dick. Then he grabbed hold of it with one hand and the top of her head with the other, aimed it right for her face and began to cum all over her. She just stayed still and took it all. When he was finished, he let his dick rest on the top of her head. Then he looked over at me almost laughing, motioning to take a picture. I just shook my head no, and he faked like he was disappointed. He went over got a towel and gave it to her to clean herself up. She quickly got dressed and then he walked her out of our dorm.

    After she left, we talked for a bit, and he said that was the best fuck he's had and he was going to keep doing that from now on. I thought he was referring to Lisa, but he said, hell no, I'm going to start going after chicks that have boyfriends, fiances and shit. I asked if he would feel guilty about it, especially in this case with Mike being our buddy, and he said he wouldn't. And then it started happening.

    Now it wasn't quite as frequent before, but I don't think he went over 3 weeks without finding some attached girl that was willing to cheat with him. And I have to admit, it was sort of funny the way Jason would be the "gentleman" and walk these girls to the door. What they didn't realize, is everyone on the floor by that point knew what Jason's rep was, and most likely they were just his latest addition to his list. We would talk about his "fun" every once in a while, and he finally told me exactly what it was that he loved so much about it. It was the fact that in probably the next 5 - 10 years, the majority of these girls he had fucked would be married, and that most of those husbands would have no clue what he had done with their wives. He said how he loved seeing these girls afterwards, walking around campus, holding their boyfriend or fiance's hand, and thinking to himself, hey dude, I fucking blew my nuts all over you bitch's face!

    It was a few months later when Jen told me there was something she needed to ask me. I told her to go ahead, and she asked if I had cheated on her? NO! Absolutely not, why did she ask? That's what I thought was all she said and looked down. I asked her what the problem was and she wanted to know if I really loved her. Of course I said, just tell me what's the matter? Well, you remember when you went home that weekend in March and forgot to tell me? Yes, and I told you I was sorry I forgot to call you. Well, I went to the party that weekend, and was drinking with some friends, and I was sort of pissed at you for not being there. So after a while Kristy told me I should go over to surprise you.

    So I went to your room and went in and you weren't there. So I just sat for a while, getting more and more upset. Then Jason came in and asked why I was there. I told him I was looking for you. He told me he didn't know where you were, but seemed to be hiding something, so I asked where you were, again. He said, don't tell him I told you, because I think you should know, he went home to see his old high school girlfriend. I didn't want to believe him, but he convinced me, telling me that you told him all about this girl and how you were sleeping with her whenever you went back home.

    She said she started crying, and Jason sat down next to her. He began telling her that she was too special to have to put up with that. With those few words she caved and looked at him, and they kissed. She started to quiet up, so I persisted that she tell me all that happened, and she said I didn't want to know. I told her to tell me, otherwise, knowing Jason, I was probably going to assume too much. So she just broke down and started telling me the details. How Jason stood up before her, and she dropped to her knees in front of him.

    How she unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob. Then she laid on the floor to let him eat her out. Then at that point they both were so ready to go, but she wanted him to use a rubber. He said he didn't like them, and didn't use them. But she insisted that they do use one. Jen went to my drawers and took one out for him, but he talked her into letting him go bare for just a little bit, and she allowed him to. As she was telling him it was enough, he asked if they could just try one more thing before putting the rubber on. What he asked was that he just be able to put the tip of his dick inside her ass. I asked if she let him, and she said, he just barely did it and that was it, that she was so mad at me, that she wasn't really thinking straight, but more with revenge.

    I told her why he did that. He had told me about one girl that let him fuck her that way, and I told him how I was trying to figure out a way to ask Jen to do that, but hadn't gotten the courage yet. I said, Jason did that just so he could lay claim to being the first to do it to you. So did you, I asked? Yes. After that I made him put on the condom, and we started to have sex. She told me how he put her on her back first and sort of pinned her down and started to talk nasty to her about his black dick. But when he told her how he loved stretching her white pussy, she told him to stop it.

    I asked if they did, and she said no, then he told me to think about you with that girl back home. Then he told her, don't you think it odd that he left that box of rubbers here? Jason then said, don't you want to do it the same way they are? At the time it made sense, not even thinking, even if you were cheating on me, you probably would have bought rubbers back home. But being upset and weak, I let him pull the rubber off, and enter me again.

    Jason then turned her over onto all 4's, and I knew what this meant. Jason had told me time and time again, he "loves mounting the bitches doggy". He started up with the talk again, and she admitted to talk back to him now. It wasn't too long after they started their doggy that she could feel him begin to tense up, and thought she felt a twitch, and then he quickly pushed her down and before she knew it he was straddling her face with her shoulders pinned beneath his legs. She knew then what was going to happen and just closed her eyes as she saw him aiming his dick at her face.

    She said he came all over her face and called her a white slut. I asked if that was it, and she said no, he said I looked pretty with all his black babies on my chin. After that he went for the towel, helped her clean up and get dressed. Then he walked her down the hall to the doors. I told her that was "the walk". And she looked puzzled. I said, all the guys know Jason's fucking chicks all the time, and when he walks a girl to the door, that let's everyone know that you were his latest conquest. Guys are calling it the "walk of shame" with some, because the girls look like they're thinking of what they just did. Jason calls it his "walk of claim" though. She asked, so all those guys that waived to me with smiles, weren't just being nice? No Jen, they weren't, they knew what you had just done.

    Jen said she was so sorry for what she had done, and that it wouldn't happen again. Knowing Jason's MO, I knew it wouldn't with him. I told her, he's just tickled because he was just your first bare, first anal, first facial, and perhaps first internal. At least I was still your first. With that comment, she just smiled, and said, perhaps, with an evil little grin. - CuckMe

    cocks for my wife

    The Old DC is all about pure cuckolding from personal ads to discussions to forums and other people's experiences. Go inside! and enter the Dark Cavern of Cuckolding

    Sunday, August 16, 2009


    My Hot Slut Girlfriend

    cum slut
    I am a very open minded person and I recently told my girlfriend that I wanted her to be completley free to think do have or say anything she wants in our relationship. Including sexually.

    It took her a little while to fully appreciate what that actually meant but since then she has taken the idea and run with it.

    It then took no time for this sweet basicaly innocent ( relativley inexperienced sexually ) but very hot and sexy woman turn into a complete self confessed dirty slut. Well cum slut is what she often says.

    She now craves cock and dreams every day of fulfilling her fantasies and becoming a hot slut girlfriend. Or my hot slut girlfriend as she likes to say. We sent a picture of us in the first email we'd like included in the blog.

    It's taken a matter of weeks for her to go from wanting a 3 way to wanting to be gang fucked and covered in cum while I watch. She wants to suck black cocks while I watch. She wants to go out by herself and fuck strangers and film it for me. She has lately been saying that She wants me to get her ready, pick her clothes and take her to another guys place where him and his mate will fuck the shit out of her while I wait at home for her to return.

    Things seem to have taken quite a turn for her lately after a particular incident. One morning after one of her usually filthy dreams she felt the need to email me all the details because it was so incredibly hot. The trouble is she not only sent it to me but she sent it to her boss also. The thing that makes it even more interesting is that he is also my boss. So now I am not the only one at work who knows she is a cum slut.

    The following is an excerpt from the email about her dream.

    "No I did not flinch. I was sitting on the floor in between your legs in my knickers and heels and you asked me to get the door and I just walked over and answered it. As I got there I looked back at you and you gave me this awesome look just hot that I had done it.

    I was not just topless I was naked except a pair of lace knickers. I did not say anything just walked back in, they stood there and I got on my knees, un-did their flies. I got these huge cocks out looked at you and started sucking on them. They did not say anything.

    They just held onto my hair and pulled me from one to the other, dirty hot! It felt hot and I was so excited to finally have these black cocks and you were so turned on to finally see it happen and to give me what I wanted. I was so turned on and loving it so when you said "have you had enough" I was like Hell no!

    Not thinking that you had more for me, just that you meant have I had enough of what was there then 2 more came in and I was like fuck yeah, you are so fucking hot to do this for me and you were like you are such a slut to suck all those cocks but you could not get enough either and that's why they kept coming in. You were as hot for it as I was. I kept looking at you while they were shoving their cocks deep in my mouth and you were hard as fuck and wanting me and gave me the hottest looks when you called me a whore or a slut it was fucking hot!!!

    I was just being pulled from one to the other and then I would have 2 or 3 shoved in my face. When they were cumming I was still on my knees, holding my tits with my mouth open and they were all tossing themselves off in my mouth and on my Face.

    I was covered and then I started sucking all the cum off their cocks. Each and every one of them until I got the last drop. Then with my face and body covered in cum I crawled over to you. Lowered myself on to your cock slowly, looking at you with my cum covered face and it was so intense and then I started riding you while I rubbed all the cum in my body and mouth. Dirty dirty hot dream and just makes the real thing so much more exciting !!!"

    So that is the email she sent to our boss and me. She has since written some even filthier stuff about what she wants to do but she has to write it as a letter now. I am curious as to why she also sent it to our boss. I'm not sure I can look him in the eye when I go back to work tomorrow but she seems to think it's hot. I don't know. - KH


    Thursday, August 13, 2009


    Wife Lisa Cuckolding Me on Vacation


    My wife, Lisa loves the beach. Something about the sun, the sand and the sea seems to appeal to her sensual nature. Her affinity for the ocean led us to develop a routine of spending a few weeks each year in the tropics. It was during one such annual pilgrimage that she had one of her most intense sexual encounters with another man.

    Lisa had picked a wonderful little hotel resort by the sea for us that year. I had initially cringed at the cost of a two-week stay there but all my worries disappeared as soon as we arrived.

    Our room was good and the hotel bar was not crawling with tourists. There was a large pool in the back of the hotel and the beach out front was white against the blue of the sea. Lisa and I were very happy.

    As always, however, there was a glitch in my schedule. We were only a few days into our vacation when my boss’ secretary called to say I was needed back at the office to handle a work-related emergency. I hated it, but I knew I had to go.

    Lisa and I talked my predicament over and agreed that I should fly back alone and do what I had to do in two days. I would then take a return flight so we could enjoy the rest of our vacation together. I took a flight back home the next morning, arrived stateside where I immediately arranged for a return ticket.

    As expected, it took me two full days of hard work to rectify what was actually someone else’s blunder. I then I boarded a red-eye flight to rejoin Lisa on our holiday. In all, my vacation was interrupted for a brief four days, including travel time.

    Lisa was not in our room when I arrived at the hotel. I had decided to go down to the beach for a swim when I bumped into her out in the hall. She was in her skimpy white bikini, with a towel draped over her shoulder.

    I asked whether she wanted to join me and she said yes. The beach was great and Lisa looked ravishing. She has one of those bodies that are meant to wear tiny bikinis and she attracted male attention wherever she went.

    Lisa had by then been going to bed with other men for some months and it was around that time that I began to be convinced that her extra-marital adventures had a direct correlation to her actual physical appearance.

    She had somehow become more attractive. Her mouth acquired a richer, brighter flush of red. Her light brown eyes were brighter, larger, and more articulated. Her curves became ever more accentuated, and her skin was smoother, and at times appeared luminous.

    She also started to fetch more catcalls and wolf whistles in the street. It had, in truth, become more and more difficult for me to avoid the occasional brawl. I had a broken a broken nose, a dislocated wrist, and two lost teeth as proof.

    In any case, the fact that she had begun to attract more attention from other guys got me to thinking whether anything had happened during my absence. She sometimes held back on me a while before finally revealing that she had been with someone else.

    She said it was because she was worried I would be hurt and felt she had to gauge my mood before saying anything. I understood completely as I also felt the same way about asking her pointblank about it.

    I was nonetheless excited to find out. But I had managed to wait until we were back in our room before I casually asked her whether she had been with someone else while I was away. “Yes, I was,” she said, smiling as she sat beside me on the bed. “I was a bad, bad girl while you were gone.”

    She said she had been checking out a lot of guys at the beach and in the hotel. I knew this for a fact as I remember that, at one point, I had become annoyed by it and had actually snapped at her.

    She admitted that she began noticing one particular guy almost immediately after we first arrived. We were billeted in one arm of the U-shaped hotel building. Each room had glass sliding doors that opened out onto individual terraces. She said the guy she liked occupied the room exactly opposite ours in the other arm of the building.

    She was lounging out on the terrace of our room in her bikini one afternoon when she noticed him watching her from the opposite terrace. “I liked that he was well-built with a well-toned muscular body. I could tell he took good care of himself,” she told me.

    She said she pretended not to notice that she was being watched. This seemed to add to her excitement as she said she was instantly wet. Wanting to keep the guy’s attention a little longer, she sat up on the lounge chair to rub moisturizer on her body.

    She let the top of her bikini drop to the floor when she applied moisturizing lotion on her breasts. She said the guy watched every move she made intently from the opposite terrace.

    “I saw him again in the hotel restaurant the morning after you left,” she told me. “He was with his girlfriend and they were with a large group of friends.” Lisa was wearing a very short pair of cut-off jeans, a small T-shirt, and slip-ons with high heels that morning.

    She said she purposefully chose a table that allowed the guy a good view of her legs, which she parted for his benefit. She was not wearing panties.

    Lisa said she bumped into the guy once more in the hallway leading to the pool the following day. She said she lowered her sunglasses and looked him straight in the eye when they met.

    To her surprise, he gazed right back at her, smiling as though they shared a secret together. “Something about the way he smiled at me turned me on and I realized that I was again very wet,” she said.

    The guy was also on his way to the pool. Lisa swam a few laps before laying on one of the lounge chairs arranged around the pool.

    The guy was sipping a drink at the bar by the pool and she said she could feel his eyes moving up and down her body all the while. “I felt warm and tingly, like he was caressing me all over with his eyes,” she told me.

    She met him again on her way to the poolside showers an hour or two later. She said he had brushed past her and, for a brief moment, their arms had touched. She said the sensation had sent the nerve ends throughout her body buzzing like bees.

    By that evening, Lisa was good and ready to take things a notch higher. As she expected to get a chance to furtively interact with her admirer during dinner at the restaurant, she dolled herself up, put on some perfume, and wore her short little sun dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes for the occasion.

    She waited until 8:30 in the evening before going down to the hotel restaurant and, when she did, she found the place packed. Her heart leapt when she spotted her admirer checking her out from one of the occupied tables. He was surrounded by the same circle of friends. His girlfriend was sitting right beside him.

    The waiter arranged a nice table for Lisa not far from where her admirer sat and she ordered a vodka and tonic. She glanced across the crowded room and saw that the guy was still watching her. This time it was her turn to return his gaze and smile. He smiled back. She said none the guy’s friends seemed to notice what was going on.

    After a while, Lisa got up to use the ladies’ room. It was empty. She was checking her make-up in front of the mirror when she heard someone else enter the room. She looked up at the mirror and was astonished to see her admirer standing a few feet behind her.

    Not missing a beat, Lisa went on fixing her mascara. “The men’s room is across the hall,” she said. Her heart was racing and she said it took some effort to keep her voice calm and even. The guy took a step toward her. “I’m going to scream,” she told him quietly.

    “No you’re not,” he replied, taking another step toward her. Lisa said she did not turn around or move from where she was standing. Instead, she went on pretending to busy herself with her make-up. She said her hands were shaking with excitement.

    She soon felt him pressing against her from behind. She said he smelled good and his hands, which began touching the inside of her thighs and squeezing her buttocks, were warm and strong.

    “He then grabbed me by the shoulders, spun me around, and kissed me in the mouth,” she said. “My knees went suddenly weak and I opened my mouth for his tongue.”

    The guy reached under her dress and began massaging her pussy through her panties. She told him to stop. “No, I won’t,” he said with a tone of finality. “You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

    Lisa said his resolve turned her on even more and she lifted one leg up around the guy’s waist and pushed against him as he pressed closer and lifted her up on the sink. Just then they both heard the door open.

    The guy leapt away from Lisa and quickly disappeared into one of the bathroom stalls, closing the door shut behind him.

    Lisa jumped down from the sink, straightened up her dress, shoved her make-up kit into her purse and looked up at the mirror to see who had just come in. It was the guy’s girlfriend.

    Now, other women would have found that situation at a little too much to handle. But to Lisa, it was an irresistible sexual challenge. She said the guy’s girlfriend stood in front of the mirror, applying rouge to her lips, just three steps away from her.

    “I felt a hot, wet rush between my legs,” she told me. Determined to have her way, she picked up her purse and followed the guy into the stall.

    The guy was, of course, shocked. She said there was a look of panic in his eyes. She said she raised a finger to her lips, motioning him to stay quiet, and then got on her knees to undo his pants. He was already hard when she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

    Lisa said she then heard the guy’s girlfriend moving around outside the door of the stall. She said the fear of being caught was enough to make her sick to her stomach but her lust was so fierce she could barely control herself. She kept on sucking on the guy’s cock.

    Then she heard a tapping on the stall door. She said she pulled herself away from the guy and looked down. The door of the stall was raised about six inches off the floor and she could see the girlfriend’s shadow on the tiles.

    “Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you,” the girlfriend said from the other side of the door, “but it seems the stalls have run of toilet paper and I was wondering whether you had some tissue paper to spare.” Incredibly enough, the girl had no idea her boyfriend was in the stall with Lisa.

    “Sure,” Lisa calmly replied. She reached down to retrieve the box of tissue paper from her purse with one hand while the other hand slid up and down the guy’s rock hard shaft. She slid the box under the door.

    The girlfriend thanked Lisa, who looked up and winked at the guy. This seemed to rev him up and he reached down with both hands and began to touch Lisa’s breasts. Lisa, in turn, gave his cock a quick spit before resuming her blowjob.

    The guy’s girlfriend entered the next stall just as he was pulling Lisa up to her feet. He reached up Lisa’s dress to insert his fingers into her pussy. She said she heard a snap as the guy ripped the strings of her panties. She felt his heart beating fast against her breasts.

    “He began fingering me fast and hard,” she told me. “It was incredible. The fact that his girlfriend was in the next stall increased the pleasure and excitement of it, and we were soon fucking like crazy.”

    Lisa said the guy sucked on her breasts as he thrust into her. She was breathing hard into his ear. “Fuck me,” she whispered as the guy kissed her mouth and began pumping even harder and faster into her. He grabbed a bunch of her hair, gathered it around his fist, and yanked her head back violently.

    He then wrapped his other hand around her throat tight enough to be a bit uncomfortable, and started fucking her with a steady, pounding rhythm. Lisa said she was worried the girlfriend would sense that something was going on in the next stall but she could no longer help herself. She cupped her hands on the guy’s buttocks and pushed him deeper into her.

    Lisa said they both froze when the guy’s girlfriend again tapped on the stall door. “Hey, thanks again,” she said, sliding the box of tissue paper through the gap under the door.

    She and the guy remained motionless until they were sure his girlfriend had exited the room. When they heard the door shut behind her, they commenced to fuck even more furiously.

    It was then that Lisa realized two things: she didn’t know the guy’s name; and he was not wearing a condom. “But I was going insane with lust and I didn’t want him to stop,” she told me.

    I was, I admit, taken aback. Lisa had always been very careful never to engage in sex with other men without the use of condoms. But I said nothing. I was very much aroused and wanted to hear the rest of her account. (My wife has a clever way with words. She tells you a story and you actually see it happening in your head.)

    Lisa said he withdrew, gripped her by the shoulders and roughly flung her around so that her back was to him. “Bend over,” he ordered. She complied, raising the hem of her dress for him.

    She said she was surprised at how loudly she moaned when he re-entered. She splayed her hands against the stall’s wooden divider to brace against his pounding, but he grabbed her wrists and twisted her arm behind her back as he plowed into her.

    Lisa said her shoulders banged against the divider each time he slammed into her. “But the discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure of feeling him hit that same deliciously excruciating spot inside me, again and again and again,” she said.

    It was at this point that the guy told her he was about to cum inside her. She pushed herself against him, driving him deeper into her, and then said, “Go!”

    She said she felt a spasm in her thighs, and then her entire body shook with anticipation as she readied herself to burst. They both gasped. “It was as if my lungs were reaching desperately for air in the frenzy of it,” she told me.

    He came, filling her with hot, oozing liquid. She followed soon after. “It was like being consumed by an explosion of pleasure, over and over again” she told me, rolling her eyes. I was so aroused I began to rub myself. She found this amusing and she chuckled, winking.

    Lisa said she could feel him oozing out of her as she stepped out of the stall and fixed herself before the mirror. The guy followed her out, quickly pulling his pants up as he did. He said his name was Greg and that he was actually engaged to be married in a few months. They exchanged mobile numbers and agreed that they should hook up again soon.

    Greg, his girlfriend, and their friends checked out and left the following day. He called Lisa to say good-bye before leaving. “He said he wished he didn’t have to leave so soon and that we should have hooked up earlier,” Lisa told me.

    Lisa and I enjoyed the rest of our vacation together in peace. She eventually had herself checked when we got home and it all came out fine. We were both so relieved we laughed about all that had happened. She and Greg hooked up a couple of times more before he finally married his girlfriend
    . –

    baileyhammond85 @


    Sunday, August 09, 2009


    My Wife Cheating Online and Her Affair

    I am a cuck, this much is true, I love it! I walk around horny all the time. I have posted several times on different sites (not cuck sites though) and recently am finding out that they are more of a swingers place rather than a cuck place. This is her getting ready for one of her 'outings' as she calls it.

    My Wife has been cucking me for the last 10 years off and on, Last year, she restarted after a several year break, and had three men in the year, she was bouncing from bed to bed or should I say from ouside in parks, to hotels, to bf houses... LOL.....

    Earlier this year I found out that she had taken one of her relationships to a cheating level, she was having an online affair with a guy that had left and went over seas, things were rough for us as I looked at this as cheating not cucking... there were some lost days I still dont know what went on, she denies seeing him just says it was an online thing. Long story short, We were on the brink of a divorce when one Saturday afternoon after a day of fighting, she comes in the living room and says, Im going out!! Can I check the peter meter. Of coarse I was instantly hard.

    Later that evening, we text several times, I called her around 2:30 am, She said she was talking to the waitress and leaving now. When she walked in the door, she came up and gave me a big kiss and said, I just gave the bartender a blow job, and man does he have a big one. I cant wait to have him... Well, she has been uncontrolable since. And yes she has had him, over the pool table right in the bar.... Wish I could have seen that.

    She has been doing a show at a local meet this week, for weeks leading up to it she has been talking about finding someone to, well, Hump....! she has had a guy in a booth next to them talking with her all week. Two nights ago, she was to afraid to ask him to get a drink. She had borrowed my hot rod eirlier that day so she could take him for a "ride".. She is dying to fuck someone in my car when i'm not around. HELL, she likes to fuck others without me around who am i kidding. She stopped at the local bar and ended up giving the bartender another blow job, but he wouldnt go any further.. She hasn't given me any this week, just shoves her pussy in my face and says "You can cum, in your hand, I need to save my pussy so i can stay cock hungry" Gotta love that.....

    Last night She wouldn't answer my text as normally as she does, so i know something is up. She calls me when she is done, and says, i'm following him to his hotel to see if he wants a "Ride".. Hope you don't mind. 20 minutes later she calls me again, and says, im here in the hotel, gonna have a drink with him... Ill call you.... 2hours later, she calls me, things are heating up. I informed her of the time, she appologized and said what do i do.. I told her to go in there and tell him lets go to your room for some fun.... 2 hours later I call her. No answer..... 4 min. later at 3:30 in the morning , she calls. Hi hunny, im walking down the hall back to the car... I wonder if anyone knows i just got fucked.... LOL..... when she got home of coarse, right on my face and says, brought something home for you.... We talked the rest of this morning away about different scenario's for today... I think she is going to his hotel room this morning to fuck him before they go to the meet.. She loves to walk around all day smelling like another man, and carrying his cum around in her pussy.... She wants him to be all hands today in front of her co workers and coyly deny anything is going on.... she hopes he takes her home tonight and fucks her again.. She is dying to cum on his cock.... O by the way..... Today is our anniversary.... WOW!!!!!

    Next Email -

    Well, she actually didn't get back together with that guy again. She tried the next two nights to get him again, but he was to chicken. She said he told her he was separated. I told her he was feeling guilty for cheating and they weren't separated.

    Anyway. Saturday night, she packed an overnight bag and said she was going to stay with him all night if he was up for it. At 1 she called me and said he was heading out of town. She was really bummed and said she was on her way home.

    I talked to her on her cell all the way home in to town, she was driving by the bar and said, im gonna stop for a drink. I ll call you in a little bit. 30 min went by and my phone rang. She said giggling. Im following Rob the guy that was jealous the other night when you were sitting in between Amy and I at the bar and he said you were sitting between the two best looking chicks at the bar. I said yea, where you following him to. She said well, you know, since the bar was closing he wanted to know if i would go out of town a little ways and drink a beer or two with him. I told him i would. So here I am... I asked her if she was going to let him fuck her and she blurted out. Yes, that's why im following him. Ill talk to you latter, i'm gonna get laid in your car.

    Two hours latter she finally calls, giggling, hi, im on my way home.. I asked what went on, she said oh, just talked, ALOT, about what his fantasys are and mine. Oh i said. She said, yea, he would like to fuck me in the jc pennies changing room and make me walk around with my pussy dripping. she went on to talk about what else they talked about. I asked her again, so what else.. Oh, ive been naked in the car with my feet on your ceiling getting fucked... He wasn't very hard and didnt cum, but his cock was in me. Ive been naughty this week haven't I.........

    Well, there is my story up to now. Lots of other things go on... I am really jealous that she gets to fuck any one any time and I can't, but i guess that's what you get when you ask your woman to fuck someone else.......



    Friday, August 07, 2009


    My Goddess Wife Makes me her Cuckold Slave

    I am stretched out on the bed waiting patiently but just slightly impatiently for my Goddess to arrive home. My cock has been rock hard for hours. I am dying to rub it and cum all over the place but my Goddess has forbid it so for now I can only wait...

    Earlier in the evening...

    I am laying on the bed watching tv. I can hear the shower running and see the steam coming from the master bath. My thoughts drift to my Goddess's naked soapy body, I can almost see through the steam as she washes every inch of her perfect body. My cock starts to move in anticipation of what lies ahead. I hear the shower turn off and sounds of a soft towel caressing my Goddess's sweet body.

    She comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I see a cheshire cat smile on her face as she says, "Have you thought of what I should wear?" Damn that gets my cock moving again. I point her to the outfit I had picked out laying on the bed. She smiles approvingly as she finishes drying off from the shower. I get some peeks at her gorgeous body and I cannot take my eyes off of her.

    Slowly and seductively she starts to dress. I pretend to watch tv but every chance I get I steal a glance at her body. She starts with the lace topped thigh highs, pulling them slowly over her sexy feet and up her perfect legs. Next comes the skirt, short and black it barely covers the lower curve of her delicious ass. The sight of her with no shirt and pink nipples is more than I can handle. She glances at my rock hard cock and smiles that cheshire smile again. "Do you remember what we talked about?" she says. My head turns away, "Yes Goddess." She turns my head back toward her, "Tell me again." My cock is throbbing as I say, "I am not allowed to touch my cock until my Goddess gives me permission."

    Smiling she continues to dress. Her sexy bra is next. The way it grabs her tits and pulls them into a perfect cleavage V is striking. Next is the shirt. It is tight and lacy barely covering the bra. It is short at the bottom so her perfect white stomach is visible.

    She sits on the chair opposite the bed to carefully put on her heels. As she finishes the first shoe she looks up at me, "Can you see my pussy like this?" With her legs spread I have a full on view of her pink pussy. "Yes Goddess." She smiles and says "perfect." Finishing her shoes she stands and twirls in front of the full length mirror admiring herself. She looks over at my hard cock and seems to get an idea.

    "I'm almost ready to go but first a treat for you." She walks up onto the bed heels and all until she is standing over me and I have a perfect view up her skirt. As she comes down she says, "Here is a taste of whats to come now lick my pussy and make sure it's clean" as she is almost to my face she stops and pulls up slightly looking down at me she says "Don't forget my ass, it needs a good licking." With that she buries her pussy on my face. I am helpless but to do as she says. I ravenously lick her pussy and stick my tongue deep inside it. She is grinding into my face when she shifts positions so I can get to her ass. The smell and taste of her sweet ass is incredible. She pulls up slightly and says, "Do you like this?" I can only nod with her pussy and ass juice all over my mouth and chin. She smiles, "Good, lick my fucking ass!" and she grinds her ass into my face.wife

    With my tongue buried in her ass and my cock stiff as rock she pulls away and gets off the bed. "I have to finish getting ready thanks for the cleaning..." She moves back to the bathroom and starts her hair and make up. For the next half hour I can only stare as she goes from beautiful to perfection. After a few minutes working the fine details she reaches for her perfume and sprays a cloud of it in front of her as she walks through it.

    She comes strutting out in front of me does a couple twirls and says with a smile, "How do I look?" I am almost speechless but get out the words "Perfect Goddess." She smiles again and approaches the bed. She reaches for my still hard cock, grips it in her hand and swallows it deep in her mouth going straight down until I am buried in her mouth. She pulls up and looks up at me. It is everything I have not to cum. She looks excited and a bit scared as she says, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" For a second the doubts and fears almost win over. But she still has her hand around my cock as I say, "I want to please my Goddess and if this is what she wants then she will have it." The cheshire smile turns to an evil grin. "Good! Now remember you are not to cum until I say so and that includes after I get home, if you are good I may let you cum tonight."

    She gets her purse and a few final things then strolls over to the bed, she kisses my cheek which is still wet from her pussy juice and says "I'm off, remember you are to be waiting naked on the bed for me when I arrive home with your surprise!!!" She puts her hand around my throat and squeezes, " you do want your surprise right?" My eyes close in ecstasy from her hands on my throat and I can only nod. The shock of her hand across my face opens my eyes... " I asked you a fucking question and I expect an audible answer" Another slap... "Yes my sweet Goddess I cannot wait for you to come home with my surprise!!!"

    She turns and walks out of the room. The heels, thigh highs, short skirt, god I can almost cum right then....

    Time drags by... I cannot put clothes on as my cock has been rock hard for hours. I am nervous, excited, embarrassed, horny, willing, accepting, and wanting all at the same time.

    Finally her headlights in the driveway... The excitement is killing me as I lay spread eagle, naked on the bed as she commanded. I am afraid I will cum when she walks in the door and that will piss her off. My cock is throbbing and rock hard.

    She comes into the house and I hear some noise in the living room. I have the bedroom door closed as she commands so I can get the full effect as she comes in. I wait in anticipation. Finally the door opens and she walks in... I see an evil grin on her face. She is disheveled, heels, thigh highs and bra in her hand. Her skirt is barely covering her pussy and her tits are freely bouncing in her shirt.

    She looks at my hard cock then up at my face. Her hair is a mess and her make up long gone. She says in a whisper "Oh God baby are you ready?" Her heels and clothes drop from her hand and she pulls her shirt off over her head. I can see her nipples are red and hard. She crawls up on the bed, skirt still on. She stops and swallows my cock only once in and out. She continues crawling up me. She stops her face near mine and asks "did you cum while I was gone?" "No Goddess of course not."

    In one quick motion she is straddling my face. Her skirt is still on but her tits are hanging loose. Her hand is covering her pussy but I can smell the sweet smell of sex. She pulls back a bit and leans down to my ear. She whispers in her raspy quiet voice "Baby.... He fucked me so hard, his cock was huge and stretched my pussy wide." I am writhing in excitement under her. She continues to whisper in my ear "Hours baby, he fucked me in every position then he made me beg for his cum. I begged him to cum in my pussy. He said he wanted to cum on my face but if I begged enough he would cum in my pussy" With every word I feel like I will cum...

    "Are you ready for your surprise?" I can barely get words out "Yes Goddess I have been waiting all night." She brings her pussy back to my face hand still covering it. My cock is rock hard and my tongue is out and waiting. As she moves her hand away I can see her pussy is swollen, red and stretched out. She is looking down at me as she says "He came so hard baby do you want to taste it?" I am thinking that I have never wanted anything so bad but all I can say is "Yes Goddess!!" I see her eyes close and can see the whiteness begin to drip from her pussy.

    My tongue is out as a sweet glob drips into my mouth. It tastes like her pussy but mixed with a different taste I have not tasted before. I see her pushing it out of her pussy. It drips on my tongue and my chin. There is so much I don't know how she kept it all in there. "Don't you dare fucking swallow that!!" I obey and keep it all in my mouth. She shoves her wet pussy in my face. "Make sure you get all that cum out of my cunt. You better clean me up good." The cum is almost more then I can hold in my mouth.

    She pulls back and sits me up and says "Give it to me." With that she kisses me deeply and takes the cum into her mouth. She stares at me and through her cum filled mouth asks if I want it back. I nod and lie back down. Slowly she comes over my face and seductively drips the cum back into my mouth. She grabs my throat aggressively and says "Don't you swallow that until I say so!!! Show it to me." With her hand on my throat I open my mouth with the cum on my tongue.

    "Good... now you may swallow it" As I swallow her pussy comes back to my face. "I don't think you got it all. His fingers were in my ass too so make sure you clean that good!!" She is shoving her pussy and ass so hard into my face I can barely breathe, my cock is throbbing. As she keeps grinding on my face she repeats over and over, "Clean my fucking cunt, clean my fucking cunt!!!!"

    After a few more minutes she pulls off and comes down and kisses me deep and hard. Then she pulls her head back and looks deep into my eyes staring for the longest time. She puts her hands on both my cheeks and leans down whispering in my ear "Did you like that?" I am still writhing in ecstasy as I can only say "Yes Goddess." She grabs my throat and says "Tell me what you liked!!!!" With her squeezing my throat I say "Goddess, I loved licking the cum out of your sweet wet used pussy"

    "Good that's what I wanted to hear..." She leans down and whispers in my ear, " I am going to make you my little cumslut and you will take all the cum from my pussy whenever I ask. You will lick it and swallow it and clean every drop from my pussy and if you are good I will let you lick it from my ass when he cums in it..." With that it is all I can take and I beg my Goddess to let me cum... She smiles for a second and says go ahead baby.... Without even touching it my cum spurts out all over the place....

    Dave SL - Fort Worth


    Sunday, August 02, 2009


    I Was Cucked

    I'll start by saying that this may be long, and full of details. For me, the details are the hottest part, what makes it real. So I'm not really writing for anyone, just like the idea of putting my true story out.

    I've been lurking for awhile and decided it was time to share my story. I'm 28 and my gf is 24. For awhile I looked around on sex dating sites and starting having a strange desire to show off my girl. I guess a few guys kind of dominated me, having me show them her pics and even getting me to start wearing her panties and having phone sex...the door was opened.

    My girl and I started talking about our future and talked around the idea of each having one last encounter before marriage. Nothing happened for awhile and it was mostly hot pillow talk. Then one weekend while I was out of town I told her this would be a good time for her to go for it. She was shy, so I posted an ad for her. As her in box got flooded she started to warm to the idea, literally. One guy in particular, Craig caught her attention and they began to email daily. Unfortunately, Craig had a gf so getting together was tough, but they began to make arrangements.

    The emails, which I saw later, were quite steamy. They included discussions of what they would do, how turned on they were getting and even that she would imagine him while fucking me.

    The day finally came and I was freaked out, stomach turning, and of course turned on. I had expected this to be something that happened quickly one night while I was out of town, but it turned into a week of emails and she was going to his place during the day.

    She tried to sneak out of bed in the morning and was in the bathroom with her laptop making final preparations with him. She wanted to meet somewhere public, but he convinced her to come to his place...her sexual desire (and her desire to be slutty, which I've known about) was overwhelming her reason.

    I got up to find her getting ready. She was shaving her hot pussy and putting on some new sexy panties she had bought for the occasion. I was shocked that she had spent the night before at Victoria's Secret buying these panties for another guy. I started begging her not to go, but she ultimately said she was going to do this with or without my approval. She basically was saying we could either break up and she'd see him, or stay together. Like a true cuckold, I took the second option, and just kept telling her to wear a condom...she promised.

    She left at 10am and I heard nothing for hours. By 1 I was a bit worried and called. By 2 I was freaking out and leaving texts and voicemails nonstop. Finally, at 4:30 she called and said she was on her way.

    When she got home she was a bit teary-eyed. Of course, I launched in with the questions. She said she actually wasn't that into him, he didn't look much like his pic and that they mostly just talked. As I pressed she admitted that they made out and he felt her up.girlfriend

    We started kissing and ended up in the bedroom and I went down on her though she protested. She said she didn't want to fuck, so she gave me a blowjob, which was very rare and not usually her favorite.

    I kept asking more questions, and especially was wondering why it took so long just to make out. The more she offered up excuses "it took awhile to get there," "We just talked for a long time," "I felt bad and went to talk to my friend." At this point I knew I wasn't getting the truth. I pressed and pressed and finally she admitted, they made out, he went down on her, they fucked.

    Once I got over my shock, I just wanted the details:

    Did they kiss a lot?
    -Yes, we made out for close to an hour
    Did she get turned on and wet?
    -Yes, insanely wet, like I used to with you.
    What about his cock?
    -It wasn't huge, but it was the thickest I've ever seen
    Did she suck it?
    He go down on her?
    -Yes, he kept begging to and I finally let him. It felt amazing
    How did you start fucking?
    -He didn't want to, felt guilty, but I was naked and he was on me. I kept begging him to fuck me with his fat cock. I told him to go slow because he was so much bigger than you. He was excited and sweating like crazy and I just kept asking, "Please." Finally, I took his cock and rubbed it against my pussy lips. He opened them with his cock and slid in. I let out a moan in pain and pleasure.
    How did you fuck?
    -He started on top, then he was behind me, then we switched to him on top. He had my legs spread wide and was filling me up with his thick cock while I rubbed my clit. I came like crazy.
    Was he wearing a condom?

    Immediately we were in the bedroom. I had her put the same panties back on that she wore with him. They were sticky with her wetness fromt he day before. This is where it crossed from her fucking, to her cucking. I fucked her with the panties on and immediately could feel a difference. She was stretched like never before and could barely feel me (I'm about 4in, close to 5 on a good day) However, she fingered her clit like mad and came reliving the previous day in her mind. I kept asking her to tell me how big he was, how much bigger than me he was, and she was loving it. She loved being his slut, and loved feeling a real cock after all these years. We both came and she assured me she loved me so much.

    A few days later it came out that in fact they didn't use a condom. He looked for one, but couldn't find it. Even though he was reluctant, she just kept begging. She was truly his slut and against all her better judgement was begging for his unprotected cock. Suddenly, I remembered eating her out when she got home...I had been cucked. - Norm


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