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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, August 09, 2009


    My Wife Cheating Online and Her Affair

    I am a cuck, this much is true, I love it! I walk around horny all the time. I have posted several times on different sites (not cuck sites though) and recently am finding out that they are more of a swingers place rather than a cuck place. This is her getting ready for one of her 'outings' as she calls it.

    My Wife has been cucking me for the last 10 years off and on, Last year, she restarted after a several year break, and had three men in the year, she was bouncing from bed to bed or should I say from ouside in parks, to hotels, to bf houses... LOL.....

    Earlier this year I found out that she had taken one of her relationships to a cheating level, she was having an online affair with a guy that had left and went over seas, things were rough for us as I looked at this as cheating not cucking... there were some lost days I still dont know what went on, she denies seeing him just says it was an online thing. Long story short, We were on the brink of a divorce when one Saturday afternoon after a day of fighting, she comes in the living room and says, Im going out!! Can I check the peter meter. Of coarse I was instantly hard.

    Later that evening, we text several times, I called her around 2:30 am, She said she was talking to the waitress and leaving now. When she walked in the door, she came up and gave me a big kiss and said, I just gave the bartender a blow job, and man does he have a big one. I cant wait to have him... Well, she has been uncontrolable since. And yes she has had him, over the pool table right in the bar.... Wish I could have seen that.

    She has been doing a show at a local meet this week, for weeks leading up to it she has been talking about finding someone to, well, Hump....! she has had a guy in a booth next to them talking with her all week. Two nights ago, she was to afraid to ask him to get a drink. She had borrowed my hot rod eirlier that day so she could take him for a "ride".. She is dying to fuck someone in my car when i'm not around. HELL, she likes to fuck others without me around who am i kidding. She stopped at the local bar and ended up giving the bartender another blow job, but he wouldnt go any further.. She hasn't given me any this week, just shoves her pussy in my face and says "You can cum, in your hand, I need to save my pussy so i can stay cock hungry" Gotta love that.....

    Last night She wouldn't answer my text as normally as she does, so i know something is up. She calls me when she is done, and says, i'm following him to his hotel to see if he wants a "Ride".. Hope you don't mind. 20 minutes later she calls me again, and says, im here in the hotel, gonna have a drink with him... Ill call you.... 2hours later, she calls me, things are heating up. I informed her of the time, she appologized and said what do i do.. I told her to go in there and tell him lets go to your room for some fun.... 2 hours later I call her. No answer..... 4 min. later at 3:30 in the morning , she calls. Hi hunny, im walking down the hall back to the car... I wonder if anyone knows i just got fucked.... LOL..... when she got home of coarse, right on my face and says, brought something home for you.... We talked the rest of this morning away about different scenario's for today... I think she is going to his hotel room this morning to fuck him before they go to the meet.. She loves to walk around all day smelling like another man, and carrying his cum around in her pussy.... She wants him to be all hands today in front of her co workers and coyly deny anything is going on.... she hopes he takes her home tonight and fucks her again.. She is dying to cum on his cock.... O by the way..... Today is our anniversary.... WOW!!!!!

    Next Email -

    Well, she actually didn't get back together with that guy again. She tried the next two nights to get him again, but he was to chicken. She said he told her he was separated. I told her he was feeling guilty for cheating and they weren't separated.

    Anyway. Saturday night, she packed an overnight bag and said she was going to stay with him all night if he was up for it. At 1 she called me and said he was heading out of town. She was really bummed and said she was on her way home.

    I talked to her on her cell all the way home in to town, she was driving by the bar and said, im gonna stop for a drink. I ll call you in a little bit. 30 min went by and my phone rang. She said giggling. Im following Rob the guy that was jealous the other night when you were sitting in between Amy and I at the bar and he said you were sitting between the two best looking chicks at the bar. I said yea, where you following him to. She said well, you know, since the bar was closing he wanted to know if i would go out of town a little ways and drink a beer or two with him. I told him i would. So here I am... I asked her if she was going to let him fuck her and she blurted out. Yes, that's why im following him. Ill talk to you latter, i'm gonna get laid in your car.

    Two hours latter she finally calls, giggling, hi, im on my way home.. I asked what went on, she said oh, just talked, ALOT, about what his fantasys are and mine. Oh i said. She said, yea, he would like to fuck me in the jc pennies changing room and make me walk around with my pussy dripping. she went on to talk about what else they talked about. I asked her again, so what else.. Oh, ive been naked in the car with my feet on your ceiling getting fucked... He wasn't very hard and didnt cum, but his cock was in me. Ive been naughty this week haven't I.........

    Well, there is my story up to now. Lots of other things go on... I am really jealous that she gets to fuck any one any time and I can't, but i guess that's what you get when you ask your woman to fuck someone else.......



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