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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, August 13, 2009


    Wife Lisa Cuckolding Me on Vacation


    My wife, Lisa loves the beach. Something about the sun, the sand and the sea seems to appeal to her sensual nature. Her affinity for the ocean led us to develop a routine of spending a few weeks each year in the tropics. It was during one such annual pilgrimage that she had one of her most intense sexual encounters with another man.

    Lisa had picked a wonderful little hotel resort by the sea for us that year. I had initially cringed at the cost of a two-week stay there but all my worries disappeared as soon as we arrived.

    Our room was good and the hotel bar was not crawling with tourists. There was a large pool in the back of the hotel and the beach out front was white against the blue of the sea. Lisa and I were very happy.

    As always, however, there was a glitch in my schedule. We were only a few days into our vacation when my boss’ secretary called to say I was needed back at the office to handle a work-related emergency. I hated it, but I knew I had to go.

    Lisa and I talked my predicament over and agreed that I should fly back alone and do what I had to do in two days. I would then take a return flight so we could enjoy the rest of our vacation together. I took a flight back home the next morning, arrived stateside where I immediately arranged for a return ticket.

    As expected, it took me two full days of hard work to rectify what was actually someone else’s blunder. I then I boarded a red-eye flight to rejoin Lisa on our holiday. In all, my vacation was interrupted for a brief four days, including travel time.

    Lisa was not in our room when I arrived at the hotel. I had decided to go down to the beach for a swim when I bumped into her out in the hall. She was in her skimpy white bikini, with a towel draped over her shoulder.

    I asked whether she wanted to join me and she said yes. The beach was great and Lisa looked ravishing. She has one of those bodies that are meant to wear tiny bikinis and she attracted male attention wherever she went.

    Lisa had by then been going to bed with other men for some months and it was around that time that I began to be convinced that her extra-marital adventures had a direct correlation to her actual physical appearance.

    She had somehow become more attractive. Her mouth acquired a richer, brighter flush of red. Her light brown eyes were brighter, larger, and more articulated. Her curves became ever more accentuated, and her skin was smoother, and at times appeared luminous.

    She also started to fetch more catcalls and wolf whistles in the street. It had, in truth, become more and more difficult for me to avoid the occasional brawl. I had a broken a broken nose, a dislocated wrist, and two lost teeth as proof.

    In any case, the fact that she had begun to attract more attention from other guys got me to thinking whether anything had happened during my absence. She sometimes held back on me a while before finally revealing that she had been with someone else.

    She said it was because she was worried I would be hurt and felt she had to gauge my mood before saying anything. I understood completely as I also felt the same way about asking her pointblank about it.

    I was nonetheless excited to find out. But I had managed to wait until we were back in our room before I casually asked her whether she had been with someone else while I was away. “Yes, I was,” she said, smiling as she sat beside me on the bed. “I was a bad, bad girl while you were gone.”

    She said she had been checking out a lot of guys at the beach and in the hotel. I knew this for a fact as I remember that, at one point, I had become annoyed by it and had actually snapped at her.

    She admitted that she began noticing one particular guy almost immediately after we first arrived. We were billeted in one arm of the U-shaped hotel building. Each room had glass sliding doors that opened out onto individual terraces. She said the guy she liked occupied the room exactly opposite ours in the other arm of the building.

    She was lounging out on the terrace of our room in her bikini one afternoon when she noticed him watching her from the opposite terrace. “I liked that he was well-built with a well-toned muscular body. I could tell he took good care of himself,” she told me.

    She said she pretended not to notice that she was being watched. This seemed to add to her excitement as she said she was instantly wet. Wanting to keep the guy’s attention a little longer, she sat up on the lounge chair to rub moisturizer on her body.

    She let the top of her bikini drop to the floor when she applied moisturizing lotion on her breasts. She said the guy watched every move she made intently from the opposite terrace.

    “I saw him again in the hotel restaurant the morning after you left,” she told me. “He was with his girlfriend and they were with a large group of friends.” Lisa was wearing a very short pair of cut-off jeans, a small T-shirt, and slip-ons with high heels that morning.

    She said she purposefully chose a table that allowed the guy a good view of her legs, which she parted for his benefit. She was not wearing panties.

    Lisa said she bumped into the guy once more in the hallway leading to the pool the following day. She said she lowered her sunglasses and looked him straight in the eye when they met.

    To her surprise, he gazed right back at her, smiling as though they shared a secret together. “Something about the way he smiled at me turned me on and I realized that I was again very wet,” she said.

    The guy was also on his way to the pool. Lisa swam a few laps before laying on one of the lounge chairs arranged around the pool.

    The guy was sipping a drink at the bar by the pool and she said she could feel his eyes moving up and down her body all the while. “I felt warm and tingly, like he was caressing me all over with his eyes,” she told me.

    She met him again on her way to the poolside showers an hour or two later. She said he had brushed past her and, for a brief moment, their arms had touched. She said the sensation had sent the nerve ends throughout her body buzzing like bees.

    By that evening, Lisa was good and ready to take things a notch higher. As she expected to get a chance to furtively interact with her admirer during dinner at the restaurant, she dolled herself up, put on some perfume, and wore her short little sun dress and a pair of high-heeled shoes for the occasion.

    She waited until 8:30 in the evening before going down to the hotel restaurant and, when she did, she found the place packed. Her heart leapt when she spotted her admirer checking her out from one of the occupied tables. He was surrounded by the same circle of friends. His girlfriend was sitting right beside him.

    The waiter arranged a nice table for Lisa not far from where her admirer sat and she ordered a vodka and tonic. She glanced across the crowded room and saw that the guy was still watching her. This time it was her turn to return his gaze and smile. He smiled back. She said none the guy’s friends seemed to notice what was going on.

    After a while, Lisa got up to use the ladies’ room. It was empty. She was checking her make-up in front of the mirror when she heard someone else enter the room. She looked up at the mirror and was astonished to see her admirer standing a few feet behind her.

    Not missing a beat, Lisa went on fixing her mascara. “The men’s room is across the hall,” she said. Her heart was racing and she said it took some effort to keep her voice calm and even. The guy took a step toward her. “I’m going to scream,” she told him quietly.

    “No you’re not,” he replied, taking another step toward her. Lisa said she did not turn around or move from where she was standing. Instead, she went on pretending to busy herself with her make-up. She said her hands were shaking with excitement.

    She soon felt him pressing against her from behind. She said he smelled good and his hands, which began touching the inside of her thighs and squeezing her buttocks, were warm and strong.

    “He then grabbed me by the shoulders, spun me around, and kissed me in the mouth,” she said. “My knees went suddenly weak and I opened my mouth for his tongue.”

    The guy reached under her dress and began massaging her pussy through her panties. She told him to stop. “No, I won’t,” he said with a tone of finality. “You don’t really want me to stop, do you?”

    Lisa said his resolve turned her on even more and she lifted one leg up around the guy’s waist and pushed against him as he pressed closer and lifted her up on the sink. Just then they both heard the door open.

    The guy leapt away from Lisa and quickly disappeared into one of the bathroom stalls, closing the door shut behind him.

    Lisa jumped down from the sink, straightened up her dress, shoved her make-up kit into her purse and looked up at the mirror to see who had just come in. It was the guy’s girlfriend.

    Now, other women would have found that situation at a little too much to handle. But to Lisa, it was an irresistible sexual challenge. She said the guy’s girlfriend stood in front of the mirror, applying rouge to her lips, just three steps away from her.

    “I felt a hot, wet rush between my legs,” she told me. Determined to have her way, she picked up her purse and followed the guy into the stall.

    The guy was, of course, shocked. She said there was a look of panic in his eyes. She said she raised a finger to her lips, motioning him to stay quiet, and then got on her knees to undo his pants. He was already hard when she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

    Lisa said she then heard the guy’s girlfriend moving around outside the door of the stall. She said the fear of being caught was enough to make her sick to her stomach but her lust was so fierce she could barely control herself. She kept on sucking on the guy’s cock.

    Then she heard a tapping on the stall door. She said she pulled herself away from the guy and looked down. The door of the stall was raised about six inches off the floor and she could see the girlfriend’s shadow on the tiles.

    “Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you,” the girlfriend said from the other side of the door, “but it seems the stalls have run of toilet paper and I was wondering whether you had some tissue paper to spare.” Incredibly enough, the girl had no idea her boyfriend was in the stall with Lisa.

    “Sure,” Lisa calmly replied. She reached down to retrieve the box of tissue paper from her purse with one hand while the other hand slid up and down the guy’s rock hard shaft. She slid the box under the door.

    The girlfriend thanked Lisa, who looked up and winked at the guy. This seemed to rev him up and he reached down with both hands and began to touch Lisa’s breasts. Lisa, in turn, gave his cock a quick spit before resuming her blowjob.

    The guy’s girlfriend entered the next stall just as he was pulling Lisa up to her feet. He reached up Lisa’s dress to insert his fingers into her pussy. She said she heard a snap as the guy ripped the strings of her panties. She felt his heart beating fast against her breasts.

    “He began fingering me fast and hard,” she told me. “It was incredible. The fact that his girlfriend was in the next stall increased the pleasure and excitement of it, and we were soon fucking like crazy.”

    Lisa said the guy sucked on her breasts as he thrust into her. She was breathing hard into his ear. “Fuck me,” she whispered as the guy kissed her mouth and began pumping even harder and faster into her. He grabbed a bunch of her hair, gathered it around his fist, and yanked her head back violently.

    He then wrapped his other hand around her throat tight enough to be a bit uncomfortable, and started fucking her with a steady, pounding rhythm. Lisa said she was worried the girlfriend would sense that something was going on in the next stall but she could no longer help herself. She cupped her hands on the guy’s buttocks and pushed him deeper into her.

    Lisa said they both froze when the guy’s girlfriend again tapped on the stall door. “Hey, thanks again,” she said, sliding the box of tissue paper through the gap under the door.

    She and the guy remained motionless until they were sure his girlfriend had exited the room. When they heard the door shut behind her, they commenced to fuck even more furiously.

    It was then that Lisa realized two things: she didn’t know the guy’s name; and he was not wearing a condom. “But I was going insane with lust and I didn’t want him to stop,” she told me.

    I was, I admit, taken aback. Lisa had always been very careful never to engage in sex with other men without the use of condoms. But I said nothing. I was very much aroused and wanted to hear the rest of her account. (My wife has a clever way with words. She tells you a story and you actually see it happening in your head.)

    Lisa said he withdrew, gripped her by the shoulders and roughly flung her around so that her back was to him. “Bend over,” he ordered. She complied, raising the hem of her dress for him.

    She said she was surprised at how loudly she moaned when he re-entered. She splayed her hands against the stall’s wooden divider to brace against his pounding, but he grabbed her wrists and twisted her arm behind her back as he plowed into her.

    Lisa said her shoulders banged against the divider each time he slammed into her. “But the discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure of feeling him hit that same deliciously excruciating spot inside me, again and again and again,” she said.

    It was at this point that the guy told her he was about to cum inside her. She pushed herself against him, driving him deeper into her, and then said, “Go!”

    She said she felt a spasm in her thighs, and then her entire body shook with anticipation as she readied herself to burst. They both gasped. “It was as if my lungs were reaching desperately for air in the frenzy of it,” she told me.

    He came, filling her with hot, oozing liquid. She followed soon after. “It was like being consumed by an explosion of pleasure, over and over again” she told me, rolling her eyes. I was so aroused I began to rub myself. She found this amusing and she chuckled, winking.

    Lisa said she could feel him oozing out of her as she stepped out of the stall and fixed herself before the mirror. The guy followed her out, quickly pulling his pants up as he did. He said his name was Greg and that he was actually engaged to be married in a few months. They exchanged mobile numbers and agreed that they should hook up again soon.

    Greg, his girlfriend, and their friends checked out and left the following day. He called Lisa to say good-bye before leaving. “He said he wished he didn’t have to leave so soon and that we should have hooked up earlier,” Lisa told me.

    Lisa and I enjoyed the rest of our vacation together in peace. She eventually had herself checked when we got home and it all came out fine. We were both so relieved we laughed about all that had happened. She and Greg hooked up a couple of times more before he finally married his girlfriend
    . –

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