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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, August 30, 2009


    My Wife & Our Best Friend

    My Wife and I have been married for almost 6 years and have lived together for 16 years. I love my wife more than I love anything in the world.

    My Wife and I have been through many difficult times. From our impoverished early days to our current success, we have been through a lot. I say this so that you might be less likely to jump to conclusions as you read this. We have not always liked each other, but we always loved each other.

    My Wife is, by no means, daring individual. She is, in fact, quite conservative. We were both rowdy partying kids when we met. However, at heart My Wife is very shy and is now an average suburban wife.

    But, is she?

    We had lived together for no more than 5 years, when we were visited at our loft apartment by our hometown friend, Russ. We both had partied with Russ a great deal as kids and having him as a guest in our apartment was something we were both looking forward to.

    He had been staying with us for less than a week when the three of us ended up in bed together. It took a lot of reassuring but My Wife finally said she was ok with the idea. I suppose you can say that I talked her into it, but I was there and I can swear on my mother's life that My Wife did nothing against her will.

    Our first threesome happened on a Friday night, with My Wife between Russ and myself on the couch, watching TV. I had spoken to both of them separately about having a threesome on that evening, but we had not talked about it together. So everyone was a bit nervous.

    The evening, in many ways, is a blur to me. However, certain moments and events of the evening are still crystal clear. It started with My Wife sitting between us wearing a lace body suit (the kind that are cut like a gymnasts uniform and fasten in the crotch), a full length skirt over that and no stockings. I started the ball rolling by massaging her breasts through the lace material and kissing her neck and ear-lobes. She immediately turned to kiss me deeply. I could tell she was nervous and she seemed to channel that nervous energy into that kiss.

    Until then Russ seemed to be waiting for permission to join in. We continued that kiss for a few moments and when our lips finally separated, I realized that his hand was way up under her skirt ? obviously on her pussy ? and he was working on the other ear lobe. Within a couple of minutes he shifted to the floor and raised her skirt up to her waist. When he did, he exposed her pussy. He already had her body suit unsnapped at the crotch.

    My Wife's pussy was as wet and swollen as I have ever seen it. Russ immediately buried his face in her reddish pubic hair and began to lap at her wide-open pussy.

    This was the most electric moment of my life, up to that point. There were many more moments like it lying ahead. The sight of My Wife with her legs spread wide for another man; for our best friend was the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.

    I continued to kiss and caress My Wife's top half while Russ licked and sucked her pussy. My Wife began to moan that deep throaty moan that means she is in the grips of her own desire. When she starts to moan she is past the point of no return. Russ was on his knees in front of the couch. My Wife's feet were on his shoulders and Russ was holding her ass in both hands to bring her pussy up to his mouth.

    After some time at this, I whispered into My Wife's ear, "I think you should suck his cock honey." Very much in a daze she nodded her head.

    When I stood up to take my clothes off Russ did the same. All of the sudden a new reality hit. All three of us were naked and there was no doubt what was unfolding. My sweet My Wife was going to be fucked by two men.

    At this point I should stop and make one point very clear. As I said in the opening paragraph of this journal, everything within is factual. I am embellishing nothing as I write this story. I do not have to.

    When Russ stood before My Wife, who was still seated on the couch, she saw for the first time what I had seen many times when I was growing up. Russ has an incredible penis. It is probably 8"-9" long and is thicker than my wrist. Even hanging flaccid, as it was at that point, it was obviously huge. And even though I had told My Wife about it you could see the surprise in her eyes - The delight.

    My Wife slid from the couch onto her knees and slid her hands around the shaft of his limp cock and cupped his balls. She put the huge mushroom-shaped head up to her lips and kissed it and ran her tongue all over it. My Wife is an artist when it comes to sucking a cock and I was in heaven, just watching. I lit a cigarette and sat at our family-room bar to watch them make their art.

    Every detail seemed so vivid as it was happening. I noticed how incredibly wide My Wife opened her mouth to accommodate the huge cock. I remember thinking how smooth and soft it appeared to be. My Wife didn't even seem to be aware that I was in the room at that point. She was enthralled in the cock that she was sucking. Being nervous, Russ took a while to get hard. My Wife did not give up, however and soon blood began to swell into it, making it stand out straight aiming straight into her mouth. She could no longer fit more than the head and an inch or two of the shaft into her mouth, but she put all the passion that she had into pleasuring those few inches. I cannot describe how much it turned me on.

    The couch had a fold out bed, so we didn't have to move the party to the bedroom. We put on some Steely Dan, dimmed some lights, lit some candles and got lost in our pleasure.

    After My Wife had sucked Russ's cock to a hard throbbing mass it was time for our guest to sink it into my future-wife. She laid on her back on the foldout bed and raised her knees up to her hard nipples. When she did that it made her pussy open even wider. It looked so wanton. I watched as he positioned himself on his knees and nudged his cock-head up against her wet and swollen pussy-lips. I was behind Russ, so I could watch his huge cock enter the pussy that had been only mine.

    My heart raced as fast as if I had run a mile. My cock throbbed with each beat and it dripped an endless supply of pre-cum.

    Russ used his saliva to further-lubricate My Wife's pussy. She has always had a nice tight pussy but I am sure that to Russ it was almost too tight. Several times, he spit on his fingers and wiped it around his dick and her lips to aid his penetration of her pussy.

    Finally I could see that his cock was glistening with My Wife's wetness and she seemed to be getting used to the enormous size of it. I could tell that it was becoming easier and easier for him to slide it in and out. My Wife's moans turned into heavy and halted breathing with an occasional grunt mixed in. It was obvious that her sexual excitement was increasing. Her face was flushed and her eyes had a glazed look to them.

    Russ was enjoying himself to. Still on his knees, he would bury his cock, up to the balls, in My Wife's pussy. Then, he would grind his hips in a circular motion. This drove My Wife crazy. They continued to slowly fuck and kiss each other with true lovers' passion right in front of me.

    I couldn't stand it any more, so I took my place in the threesome again. I kneeled on the bed, right beside My Wife's head and waited for their mouths to separate, when they did My Wife turned her head to me and began to suck my cock while Russ continued to grind his cock deeply and slowly into her sweet pussy. I leaned forward and ended up on all fours and began to fuck My Wife's mouth with the same rhythm Russ was using on her pussy. She sucked my cock like she never had before.

    At one point, I raised myself up off of my hands. Kneeling upright, I held her head so that she could continue sucking my cock without straining. As Russ masterfully fucked my wife I looked over at him and we caught each other's eye. Up until that moment I was not sure what my relationship with him would be like after this orgy. But, he looked me in the eye and smiled an appreciative smile, and then he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder.

    "Man, thank you," was all he said.

    My Wife's first orgasm of the evening came while Russ fucked her pussy and I fucked her mouth. We built to a fast and relentless rhythm and finally her whole body went rigid and her eyes locked on mine. I stopped fucking her mouth, leaving only the head in her lips. With her eyes still on me and with my cock still in her mouth, she started to cry out and then scream out her ecstasy. Russ kept pounding his pelvis into hers. Her eyes finally left me and rolled back in her head as the orgasm took every last part of her away.

    That was her first orgasm. We quickly lost count. And Russ acted as though he could go forever.

    Every time that I felt my balls tighten with a nearing orgasm I would pull my cock away from My Wife and try to hold it off. I wanted this night to last forever. And Russ was performing magic. When I would stop and just watch with a cigarette or something to drink, I could see that her pussy was now very well adjusted to his size and her moans, grunts and screams made it clear that she was in heaven. And as I watched this other man take her there without any help from me, my insides felt like they were exploding... with lust and jealousy, love and hate, complete pleasure and total agony. Every emotion exploded at the same time and all I could do was watch and listen. I had never felt so alive.

    When Russ was ready to take a voyeuristic break he withdrew his solid and swollen cock from the woman that I love. He said that it was my turn and we traded places. He still hadn't cum yet.

    Instead of plunging my smaller cock into her, I decided to slow things down a bit by licking first. My mouth found incredible and delicious tastes and my nose found intoxicating smells inside of My Wife's wet and open pussy.

    As usual, having her pussy and ass tongued evoked good reactions from My Wife. But I couldn't help noticing that I was comparing the sighs and moans that Russ brought out of her to those brought out by myself. Immediately I seemed to notice that Russ was getting the bigger moans. I felt the first pangs of jealousy. I was still incredibly turned on but I was also envious of Russ's big dick and the way he used it. It took me several months, if not years to put everything into perspective. The loudness of a woman's moans is not an indicator of her love for the man or woman causing her to moan. They are just manifestations of pleasure, and that's why we were all together in the first place.

    My Wife came many times throughout the evening. Once, she came while sitting on Russ's cock while he was sitting crossed-legged. With her feet hooked behind him she was impaled on him. His hands cupped her beautiful ass and he lifted her up and down as if she were a pillow. Her arms wrapped around his neck and locked their bodies firmly together. As My Wife neared her orgasm they locked their mouths together and kissed like long-lost lovers. I sat and watched this beautiful scene and felt as if I was watching a film. For several minutes they seemed to forget that I was even there.

    Still locked in their kiss, Russ began to sink his index finger into her tight ass. The reaction was incredible. She loved it. My Wife sunk her pussy down as far as she could on his cock and groaned and then screamed. The veins in her neck bulged and her sounds of passion escalated but were muted by the kiss.

    To this day it is one of the most intense orgasms I believe My Wife has ever had.

    My Wife rarely had an opportunity to rest that evening. Once in a while she would smoke a joint or a cigarette and have a sip of her Pepsi, but otherwise My Wife fucked all night long.

    Steely Dan gave way to David Sanbourn, David gave way to John Coltrain, and then we played Steely Dan again. We had nervously started this evening around 10:00pm and at 4:00am we were still fucking. As soon as one of us would cum, the other would slip inside her and fuck her again. This picture is of him saying goodbye to her on the last day. - HubbySurrendered

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