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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Friday, August 07, 2009


    My Goddess Wife Makes me her Cuckold Slave

    I am stretched out on the bed waiting patiently but just slightly impatiently for my Goddess to arrive home. My cock has been rock hard for hours. I am dying to rub it and cum all over the place but my Goddess has forbid it so for now I can only wait...

    Earlier in the evening...

    I am laying on the bed watching tv. I can hear the shower running and see the steam coming from the master bath. My thoughts drift to my Goddess's naked soapy body, I can almost see through the steam as she washes every inch of her perfect body. My cock starts to move in anticipation of what lies ahead. I hear the shower turn off and sounds of a soft towel caressing my Goddess's sweet body.

    She comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I see a cheshire cat smile on her face as she says, "Have you thought of what I should wear?" Damn that gets my cock moving again. I point her to the outfit I had picked out laying on the bed. She smiles approvingly as she finishes drying off from the shower. I get some peeks at her gorgeous body and I cannot take my eyes off of her.

    Slowly and seductively she starts to dress. I pretend to watch tv but every chance I get I steal a glance at her body. She starts with the lace topped thigh highs, pulling them slowly over her sexy feet and up her perfect legs. Next comes the skirt, short and black it barely covers the lower curve of her delicious ass. The sight of her with no shirt and pink nipples is more than I can handle. She glances at my rock hard cock and smiles that cheshire smile again. "Do you remember what we talked about?" she says. My head turns away, "Yes Goddess." She turns my head back toward her, "Tell me again." My cock is throbbing as I say, "I am not allowed to touch my cock until my Goddess gives me permission."

    Smiling she continues to dress. Her sexy bra is next. The way it grabs her tits and pulls them into a perfect cleavage V is striking. Next is the shirt. It is tight and lacy barely covering the bra. It is short at the bottom so her perfect white stomach is visible.

    She sits on the chair opposite the bed to carefully put on her heels. As she finishes the first shoe she looks up at me, "Can you see my pussy like this?" With her legs spread I have a full on view of her pink pussy. "Yes Goddess." She smiles and says "perfect." Finishing her shoes she stands and twirls in front of the full length mirror admiring herself. She looks over at my hard cock and seems to get an idea.

    "I'm almost ready to go but first a treat for you." She walks up onto the bed heels and all until she is standing over me and I have a perfect view up her skirt. As she comes down she says, "Here is a taste of whats to come now lick my pussy and make sure it's clean" as she is almost to my face she stops and pulls up slightly looking down at me she says "Don't forget my ass, it needs a good licking." With that she buries her pussy on my face. I am helpless but to do as she says. I ravenously lick her pussy and stick my tongue deep inside it. She is grinding into my face when she shifts positions so I can get to her ass. The smell and taste of her sweet ass is incredible. She pulls up slightly and says, "Do you like this?" I can only nod with her pussy and ass juice all over my mouth and chin. She smiles, "Good, lick my fucking ass!" and she grinds her ass into my face.wife

    With my tongue buried in her ass and my cock stiff as rock she pulls away and gets off the bed. "I have to finish getting ready thanks for the cleaning..." She moves back to the bathroom and starts her hair and make up. For the next half hour I can only stare as she goes from beautiful to perfection. After a few minutes working the fine details she reaches for her perfume and sprays a cloud of it in front of her as she walks through it.

    She comes strutting out in front of me does a couple twirls and says with a smile, "How do I look?" I am almost speechless but get out the words "Perfect Goddess." She smiles again and approaches the bed. She reaches for my still hard cock, grips it in her hand and swallows it deep in her mouth going straight down until I am buried in her mouth. She pulls up and looks up at me. It is everything I have not to cum. She looks excited and a bit scared as she says, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" For a second the doubts and fears almost win over. But she still has her hand around my cock as I say, "I want to please my Goddess and if this is what she wants then she will have it." The cheshire smile turns to an evil grin. "Good! Now remember you are not to cum until I say so and that includes after I get home, if you are good I may let you cum tonight."

    She gets her purse and a few final things then strolls over to the bed, she kisses my cheek which is still wet from her pussy juice and says "I'm off, remember you are to be waiting naked on the bed for me when I arrive home with your surprise!!!" She puts her hand around my throat and squeezes, " you do want your surprise right?" My eyes close in ecstasy from her hands on my throat and I can only nod. The shock of her hand across my face opens my eyes... " I asked you a fucking question and I expect an audible answer" Another slap... "Yes my sweet Goddess I cannot wait for you to come home with my surprise!!!"

    She turns and walks out of the room. The heels, thigh highs, short skirt, god I can almost cum right then....

    Time drags by... I cannot put clothes on as my cock has been rock hard for hours. I am nervous, excited, embarrassed, horny, willing, accepting, and wanting all at the same time.

    Finally her headlights in the driveway... The excitement is killing me as I lay spread eagle, naked on the bed as she commanded. I am afraid I will cum when she walks in the door and that will piss her off. My cock is throbbing and rock hard.

    She comes into the house and I hear some noise in the living room. I have the bedroom door closed as she commands so I can get the full effect as she comes in. I wait in anticipation. Finally the door opens and she walks in... I see an evil grin on her face. She is disheveled, heels, thigh highs and bra in her hand. Her skirt is barely covering her pussy and her tits are freely bouncing in her shirt.

    She looks at my hard cock then up at my face. Her hair is a mess and her make up long gone. She says in a whisper "Oh God baby are you ready?" Her heels and clothes drop from her hand and she pulls her shirt off over her head. I can see her nipples are red and hard. She crawls up on the bed, skirt still on. She stops and swallows my cock only once in and out. She continues crawling up me. She stops her face near mine and asks "did you cum while I was gone?" "No Goddess of course not."

    In one quick motion she is straddling my face. Her skirt is still on but her tits are hanging loose. Her hand is covering her pussy but I can smell the sweet smell of sex. She pulls back a bit and leans down to my ear. She whispers in her raspy quiet voice "Baby.... He fucked me so hard, his cock was huge and stretched my pussy wide." I am writhing in excitement under her. She continues to whisper in my ear "Hours baby, he fucked me in every position then he made me beg for his cum. I begged him to cum in my pussy. He said he wanted to cum on my face but if I begged enough he would cum in my pussy" With every word I feel like I will cum...

    "Are you ready for your surprise?" I can barely get words out "Yes Goddess I have been waiting all night." She brings her pussy back to my face hand still covering it. My cock is rock hard and my tongue is out and waiting. As she moves her hand away I can see her pussy is swollen, red and stretched out. She is looking down at me as she says "He came so hard baby do you want to taste it?" I am thinking that I have never wanted anything so bad but all I can say is "Yes Goddess!!" I see her eyes close and can see the whiteness begin to drip from her pussy.

    My tongue is out as a sweet glob drips into my mouth. It tastes like her pussy but mixed with a different taste I have not tasted before. I see her pushing it out of her pussy. It drips on my tongue and my chin. There is so much I don't know how she kept it all in there. "Don't you dare fucking swallow that!!" I obey and keep it all in my mouth. She shoves her wet pussy in my face. "Make sure you get all that cum out of my cunt. You better clean me up good." The cum is almost more then I can hold in my mouth.

    She pulls back and sits me up and says "Give it to me." With that she kisses me deeply and takes the cum into her mouth. She stares at me and through her cum filled mouth asks if I want it back. I nod and lie back down. Slowly she comes over my face and seductively drips the cum back into my mouth. She grabs my throat aggressively and says "Don't you swallow that until I say so!!! Show it to me." With her hand on my throat I open my mouth with the cum on my tongue.

    "Good... now you may swallow it" As I swallow her pussy comes back to my face. "I don't think you got it all. His fingers were in my ass too so make sure you clean that good!!" She is shoving her pussy and ass so hard into my face I can barely breathe, my cock is throbbing. As she keeps grinding on my face she repeats over and over, "Clean my fucking cunt, clean my fucking cunt!!!!"

    After a few more minutes she pulls off and comes down and kisses me deep and hard. Then she pulls her head back and looks deep into my eyes staring for the longest time. She puts her hands on both my cheeks and leans down whispering in my ear "Did you like that?" I am still writhing in ecstasy as I can only say "Yes Goddess." She grabs my throat and says "Tell me what you liked!!!!" With her squeezing my throat I say "Goddess, I loved licking the cum out of your sweet wet used pussy"

    "Good that's what I wanted to hear..." She leans down and whispers in my ear, " I am going to make you my little cumslut and you will take all the cum from my pussy whenever I ask. You will lick it and swallow it and clean every drop from my pussy and if you are good I will let you lick it from my ass when he cums in it..." With that it is all I can take and I beg my Goddess to let me cum... She smiles for a second and says go ahead baby.... Without even touching it my cum spurts out all over the place....

    Dave SL - Fort Worth


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