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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, August 20, 2009


    She Cucked Me in College & is Now My Wife

    Jason and I became friends when we showed up to college and were assigned to be roommates. We got along great, enjoyed going to the sporting events, hanging out with others in the dorm, and messing around on the computer. It became obvious that we were definitely different when it came to the coeds. It seemed nearly every weekend, I was having to leave the room so Jason and his newest "girlfriend" could have some privacy. It was like a revolving door with him. Where I was looking for that one special girl, Jason apparently was going for quantity. I asked him about this one time, and he just told me, hey most of these girls understand, this is just going to be sex, nothing more, and with only a couple exceptions, the girls never seemed to call back or drop by.

    Finally, my luck changed and I found "the" girl for me (we're married now). Now Jason and I had to give each other privacy with the room. Jen, would hang out with us at times, and got along with Jason as well. I had told her pretty quickly the type of guy Jason was with the coeds, and she said she already knew of him, as he had been with one of her friends. She said, it didn't bother her, as Jason wasn't the only guy like that walking around campus, and she liked the person Jason was. That was a relief to me, as Jason was my closest friend at school, and I didn't want to become like some guys we knew, that suddenly wasn't around anymore once they had a girlfriend.

    Then one weekend all of us were at a party, and I saw Jason dancing and talking with Lisa, a girlfriend of a friend of ours, Mike. Well, after a while I was into Jen, so I didn't notice anything else that may have went on. We did talk a bit about Jason, and I told her I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up nailing Lisa tonight. Jen couldn't believe it, knowing about Mike. But, I told her, Jason has a way with words, and when that doesn't work, he'll just make shit up, because I've heard him do it. Jen was really drinking up a storm that night, and by 1, she was so drunk I just made sure she got back to her room, and then headed for mine.

    As I entered the room, right there with the lights on is Jason fucking Lisa doggy style on the floor. They both turn to see it's me, and he's just smiling from ear to ear. She just slurs, shut the door, you're letting in the cold, obviously drunk as a skunk. I look at Jason, and he justs shrugs and nods his head to come in. I probably should have left, but being a horny freshman, I came in and just watched them. I couldn't believe some of the stuff he'd say to her, and she just seemed to eat it up. He started really pushing the fact that he was black, starting to make every comment have something to do with that or her being white. Asking if she liked his big black dick, how tight her white pussy is, etc.

    At one point, he made the comment to her about how he loved stretching white chicks like her out! Then she shocked me by replying, yeah stretch it out for me Mike. It was about then that I could tell by his pace that he must be getting close and I wondered if he was going to finish like he claimed to be doing to all these girls. Sure enough, he soon pulled out, and turned her around. Here was Lisa on her knees, and Jason looking down at her stroking his dick. Then he grabbed hold of it with one hand and the top of her head with the other, aimed it right for her face and began to cum all over her. She just stayed still and took it all. When he was finished, he let his dick rest on the top of her head. Then he looked over at me almost laughing, motioning to take a picture. I just shook my head no, and he faked like he was disappointed. He went over got a towel and gave it to her to clean herself up. She quickly got dressed and then he walked her out of our dorm.

    After she left, we talked for a bit, and he said that was the best fuck he's had and he was going to keep doing that from now on. I thought he was referring to Lisa, but he said, hell no, I'm going to start going after chicks that have boyfriends, fiances and shit. I asked if he would feel guilty about it, especially in this case with Mike being our buddy, and he said he wouldn't. And then it started happening.

    Now it wasn't quite as frequent before, but I don't think he went over 3 weeks without finding some attached girl that was willing to cheat with him. And I have to admit, it was sort of funny the way Jason would be the "gentleman" and walk these girls to the door. What they didn't realize, is everyone on the floor by that point knew what Jason's rep was, and most likely they were just his latest addition to his list. We would talk about his "fun" every once in a while, and he finally told me exactly what it was that he loved so much about it. It was the fact that in probably the next 5 - 10 years, the majority of these girls he had fucked would be married, and that most of those husbands would have no clue what he had done with their wives. He said how he loved seeing these girls afterwards, walking around campus, holding their boyfriend or fiance's hand, and thinking to himself, hey dude, I fucking blew my nuts all over you bitch's face!

    It was a few months later when Jen told me there was something she needed to ask me. I told her to go ahead, and she asked if I had cheated on her? NO! Absolutely not, why did she ask? That's what I thought was all she said and looked down. I asked her what the problem was and she wanted to know if I really loved her. Of course I said, just tell me what's the matter? Well, you remember when you went home that weekend in March and forgot to tell me? Yes, and I told you I was sorry I forgot to call you. Well, I went to the party that weekend, and was drinking with some friends, and I was sort of pissed at you for not being there. So after a while Kristy told me I should go over to surprise you.

    So I went to your room and went in and you weren't there. So I just sat for a while, getting more and more upset. Then Jason came in and asked why I was there. I told him I was looking for you. He told me he didn't know where you were, but seemed to be hiding something, so I asked where you were, again. He said, don't tell him I told you, because I think you should know, he went home to see his old high school girlfriend. I didn't want to believe him, but he convinced me, telling me that you told him all about this girl and how you were sleeping with her whenever you went back home.

    She said she started crying, and Jason sat down next to her. He began telling her that she was too special to have to put up with that. With those few words she caved and looked at him, and they kissed. She started to quiet up, so I persisted that she tell me all that happened, and she said I didn't want to know. I told her to tell me, otherwise, knowing Jason, I was probably going to assume too much. So she just broke down and started telling me the details. How Jason stood up before her, and she dropped to her knees in front of him.

    How she unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob. Then she laid on the floor to let him eat her out. Then at that point they both were so ready to go, but she wanted him to use a rubber. He said he didn't like them, and didn't use them. But she insisted that they do use one. Jen went to my drawers and took one out for him, but he talked her into letting him go bare for just a little bit, and she allowed him to. As she was telling him it was enough, he asked if they could just try one more thing before putting the rubber on. What he asked was that he just be able to put the tip of his dick inside her ass. I asked if she let him, and she said, he just barely did it and that was it, that she was so mad at me, that she wasn't really thinking straight, but more with revenge.

    I told her why he did that. He had told me about one girl that let him fuck her that way, and I told him how I was trying to figure out a way to ask Jen to do that, but hadn't gotten the courage yet. I said, Jason did that just so he could lay claim to being the first to do it to you. So did you, I asked? Yes. After that I made him put on the condom, and we started to have sex. She told me how he put her on her back first and sort of pinned her down and started to talk nasty to her about his black dick. But when he told her how he loved stretching her white pussy, she told him to stop it.

    I asked if they did, and she said no, then he told me to think about you with that girl back home. Then he told her, don't you think it odd that he left that box of rubbers here? Jason then said, don't you want to do it the same way they are? At the time it made sense, not even thinking, even if you were cheating on me, you probably would have bought rubbers back home. But being upset and weak, I let him pull the rubber off, and enter me again.

    Jason then turned her over onto all 4's, and I knew what this meant. Jason had told me time and time again, he "loves mounting the bitches doggy". He started up with the talk again, and she admitted to talk back to him now. It wasn't too long after they started their doggy that she could feel him begin to tense up, and thought she felt a twitch, and then he quickly pushed her down and before she knew it he was straddling her face with her shoulders pinned beneath his legs. She knew then what was going to happen and just closed her eyes as she saw him aiming his dick at her face.

    She said he came all over her face and called her a white slut. I asked if that was it, and she said no, he said I looked pretty with all his black babies on my chin. After that he went for the towel, helped her clean up and get dressed. Then he walked her down the hall to the doors. I told her that was "the walk". And she looked puzzled. I said, all the guys know Jason's fucking chicks all the time, and when he walks a girl to the door, that let's everyone know that you were his latest conquest. Guys are calling it the "walk of shame" with some, because the girls look like they're thinking of what they just did. Jason calls it his "walk of claim" though. She asked, so all those guys that waived to me with smiles, weren't just being nice? No Jen, they weren't, they knew what you had just done.

    Jen said she was so sorry for what she had done, and that it wouldn't happen again. Knowing Jason's MO, I knew it wouldn't with him. I told her, he's just tickled because he was just your first bare, first anal, first facial, and perhaps first internal. At least I was still your first. With that comment, she just smiled, and said, perhaps, with an evil little grin. - CuckMe

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