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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, July 30, 2009


    My Wife and Her Past

    Hello Fellow Cuckolds,

    When my wife and I were dating (we have been married 2 years now) we would often roleplay with toys thinking of another guy fucking her wonderfully tight pussy while dildoing her ass or vice versa.

    Sucking my cock actually makes her pussy wet and while giving head I would finger fuck or dildo her pussy and drive her wild. Sucking her tits while fucking her would drive her crazy too.

    So it would seem she had all the right turn ons to be shared, but never did go it. Although she did have affairs with a few other guys and one in particular we discussed details of their sex and once in awhile I was in another room with another lady at the beginning of our courting. I watched her through the hallway with this guy. I walked in and half ass tried to join in but he got huffy so I backed off. Wish I had that moment to do again ,he would have accepted it and liked it or left.

    She is different now so it's out the door with the kinky stuff, but hopefully I can have a day alone when I can take the time to share some of our escapades with you.

    We used to get really high and I would then seduce her into sharing her sexual experiences with me and I do like to eat creampies after I have fucked her or while fucking her, but haven't never tried it right after someone else has fucked her, but would be willing to try if givin a chance.

    We used to go to motels for uninterupted sex. I did this because I would spend hours, sometimes days getting her hot enough to confess her inner desires and fantsy sex we would have.

    Drop some acid, smoke some weed and plenty of booze for her, LOL. When I would feel the acid taking effect I would start with long sensual kisses, gently kissing and sucking her lips and deep tounging. Holding back contact with her body till she ached for it. Then massaging her from head to toe, careful to avoid direct contact with her Tits. Yes her tits, they are great, all natural, nice pillowy tits with big puffy light pink nipples That develop into rigid little pink rose bullets when fully aroused. Avoiding contact with her ass, an ass to die for, not fat not boney, just right, and when she is on her knees she arches her back donward that thrust her lovely butt upwards with a fuck me look if I ever saw one.

    Careful not to touch her pussy, sometimes a very hairy delight that trails clean to her delightful butthole, sometimes cleanly shaved displaying a gourgeous plump lipped pussy with the tinniest fuck hole. After massaging her from head to toe avoiding contact with these delights, she is arching and aching for attention to her sex. Then I slowly stroke the side bellies of her breasts circling to the top center of her chests and running my hands between her delightful mounds slowly circling into her puffy nipples, gently touching them with my finger tips, circling them lightly with my palm, watching as the start to raise into puffy nubbind then move to her thighs, long beutiful legs, stroking, massaging till my finger tips brush the outside of her pussy lips, tracing up and down them, slipping lightly through the crack of her ass back to the top of her pussy now gently opening her lips, circling her love button with my thumb, she is moaning, "Oh baby, oooh" Then going back to kissing her, she kisses so good, long beautiful neck that drives her wild to have kissed and sucked, kissing her shoulders, while gently slipping my finger up and down her slit, now kissing the outside bellies of her breast, slowly sucking in flesh till I suck her nipples between my lips, sucking them in and out of lips, careful not to rake them with my teeth, all the while circling her nipples with my tounge.

    "Oh god honey you suck my titties so good, mmmph" Pussy now getting wet enough to probe, probing gently making sure to contact her clit with the upper part of my finger. Kissing across her flat belly, down to her partially shaven pussy, nuzzling my nose and face into her hair acting like another guy would eat her, looking at her lips opening around my finger as I pull out they cling to it and roll back in as I slide it back into her tight pussy, it is hugging my finger incrediblly tight, it's hard to believe she has had so many men fuck her gourgeous body. Now I start to lick around her clit as I twist and turn my finger in and out of her pussy, looking at the wettness on my finger, smelling her, she always smells so delightful, licking and sucking her nubbin between my lips. "Move up her honey so I can suck your cock " moving my hips over her face she doesn't even look at me, slips the fleshy head between her lips and licks all around the head, sucking the bulb in and out between her lips, then sliding a inch or two into her mouth, god she is incedible, looking back at her pussy I dive into it tougne fucking it deeply, burrying my face into it reaching under pulling her ass cheeks apart to get my face in as deep as possible.

    Tounging her fuck hole running my tounge up and down her puffy lips circling her clit, sucking it in, she is moaning and gulping swallowing the entire length of my dick, sucking hungrily, putting her heel on my head directing my head back towards her pussy. I then tell her to call out a name, any name just for fun and she calls out "Jim, oh Jim!" and it drives her wild, over the edge as I dive in and put my full attention to her climaxing, and climax she does, brutally pushing her pussy into my face holding tightly to her ass so as to be relentless with the tounging and sucking, she is going crazy, bucking and sucking my cock like a mad woman yelling his name, this guy I don't even know but am sure she does.

    Finally she gushes, and I lick and suck as my life depends on it, she has now released my cock and moaning "Oh God yes, eat my pussy, eat my Pussy, OOOh God OOh God I;m comming, I'm commimg Oh God Jimmmmmmmmm!" As she settles down into ripples of the body I continue suking and licking at a more relaxed rate, her ass Is soaked, my face is wet from my eyebrows to my neck, juice and salavia is smeared all over ass, her asshole is soaking wet, as I deviously eye it. I raise up looking at her in her splendor, tits heaving still lightly fingering her she looks at me and says, "oh honey you drive me crazy" I respond " Yeah baby you drive me crazy too, god your so delicious " "Oh honey your the one that's delicious, let me suck your cock some more and think of Jim'

    I raise straddling her beautiful tits, feeling them against my thighs and ass cheeks, so soft as she starts sucking the head of my cock into her mouth thinking of her past lover or present? ... quickily swallowing more and more of the shaft, pulling it back out to tounge the head, " you sure ar one great cocksucker honey" Her face blushes a little with a slight smile, "I don't know who taught you suck cock, but he taught you well" She looks into my eyes, knowing where this is leading, meanwhile I am fingering her cunt, so slippery now raising to fuck her face, burying the whole 7 inches to the hilt, in and out, God what a cocksucker she is, "Sucking cock gets you hot doesn't it baby ?" She replies, "I love sucking your cock, honey, it makes me crazy when you eat my pussy like that and I'm sucking your cock"

    "How did you learn, I mean did someone instruct you what to do to him, or just experience ?" Sucking and smiling, no answer, "Well I don't know how you learned, but I'm glad you did, you sure suck a mean cock " Looking up, "it doesn't bother you ?" "Hell no, I love the way you make love, I never understood the fascination of a virgin anyways, I like em hot and educated " LOL, "Your crazy " she says "craxy about you, what's the biggest cock you ever had ?" "Blushing, "I don't know !" "Yes you do, you can tell me, I like talking about your past lovers, you know I always fantissize about two of us fucking you "

    Well once I was on a date with a guy who had on shorts slightly above his knees and we where riding around getting high and he was checking out my tits as I had a lowcut top on, and I noticed that the head of his cock was peeping out below the hem of his shorts " I said " your shitting me " "No'. giglling, "well was you able to take it ?" "Oh no, He wasn't tearing my pussy up with that thing"

    "Bullshit, you know curiosity had to get the best of you, especially the way you like to suck cock" " Honey!" "Come on now, you no you had to check him out " Smiling, not looking me in the eye " well I did paly around a little " "Play ?" " Yes we parked and I started licking around the head, God it was huge, I could barely get it into my mouth " "I bet that pussy was saoked sucking that thing ?" "Honey!" " Well was it ?" "Yes but I wasn't letting him fuck me with it " "You mean you didn't even try to see if you could take it ?" "nope, just sucked him off while he fingered me and played with my tits " " God I don't know how he stood that ' Giggling, " Well he begged, but I was afraid too, and you are right about one thing ... I was soaked through and through, it even stained the car seat, I wanted to try but was afraid. I have never been that wet in my life just from sucking cock, but we never did it" "I find that hard to believe " I said. Now going back to sucking me, "squeeze my tits honey" Laughing, "got you hot thinking about that big ole cock didn't iy LOL " Smacking my thigh but never releasing my cock from her mouth, now slipping my finger into her swollen cunt, WET WET WET which tells me she was turned on thinking of it as I was kneeding her fleshy breasts, her tempo already picking up.

    I am about typed out for now, but this is an actual account of one of our many sessions. I think I am winning her back. I am purposely leaving our typed out stories on my computer and know she reads them when I am away as the screen is not in the same position it was when I left it. Our sex has also gotten spicier so slowly but surely she'll be back! - KD


    Sunday, July 26, 2009


    My Gf Sarah ...

    I met Sarah at a singles night. We seemed to hit it off pretty well right away and it seemed easy to be open with each other. It turned out we'd both been married twice before and both had a fair amount of 'baggage'.

    Because of that we both agreed that we would take things nice and slow, really get to know each other and that's exactly what we did. For three months we went out four or five times a week, we chatted for hours at a time and were never shy in what we talked about - we really did both want to get everything out in the open. The subject of sex came up frequently and I certainly found it tricky to talk so openly, hear all about what she liked and what her skills were only to have to settle for a kiss goodnight and never sex.

    Sarah was 27 at the time and I was 33, she was slim build and always dressed sexy too.

    We really did cover everything in our conversations, she knew all about my failed marriages and I'd admitted that the size of my cock and my low skill level in the bedroom department probably played a big part in things falling apart and both my ex-wives being unfaithful to me. She didn't seem too worried about my cock size which was reassuring to me.

    I did however have some concerns because both of her previous marriages had ended because of her infidelity. She admitted she loved sex and loved the variety of men. But she'd had therapy and councilling and was actually avoiding having sex for a few months as part of that therapy. Again I felt reassured about dating her all this time with no sex although it didn't make going home and having to jack off knowing that my girlfriend was hot and a sex addict.

    Because of our open discussions about our fetishes I also ended up telling her about the cuckold sites and other sex sites I visited on the internet. She took everything as if it was perfectly normal and we continued to date.

    We'd been dating six months, still not had sex, we hadn't even tried mutual masterbation. I'd not seen her even semi-naked (although she wore a lot of revealing clothes). She suddenly announced one day that she had completed the therapy she'd been having and that she was ready to have sex. The instant bulge in my pants must have been obvious despite my lack of size. Then she hit me with something I found hard but at the same time aroused me big time.

    "You know I love you so very much Andy, but you've told me yourself that you have a small penis and I don't want the first sex I have in six months to be anything less than amazing - and small dicks have never done anything for me."

    I didn't know what to say, I sat there speechless. But she must have expected that and she seemed to have things worked out...

    "I've done a lot of thinking over the past few weeks, I've thought about everything we've ever discussed, and I've researched some of the adult sites that you've told me about. I came to the conclusion that we really are perfect for each other. I've had failed marriages because I long for the variety of different cocks and you fantasize about your partner fucking other guys and are worried that your small cock will lead to another relationship break up. We can solve both problems with one solution."

    She went on to explain how if she fulfilled her sexual desires with other men that my fantasy would come true, I wouldn't have the worry about not satisfying her with my undersized cock and she wouldn't have to worry about being unfaithful because how could she be unfaithful if I know all about it.

    It was bizarre, one part of me wanted to say "no way", but the way she explained it and the way she reassured me that she loved me and that she saw love and sex and very different things left me convinced the idea made sense.

    Every question I asked she could give an answer that made it seem like the best idea in the world. But then I asked one which gave an answer I wasn't expecting... "And will we make love often?"

    She just smiled and said "don't you see, that's the best part - you never have to worry about your sexual performance honey, because we're not going to have intercourse."

    I tried to reply "but, but, but... er... but what, but.."

    She just gently pressed her finger to my lips and said "shhhhhhh, let me explain my love."

    "If we have sex you are never going to satisfy me, especially if I'm getting regularly satisfied by some well hung studs and you won't want the stress of knowing how you've left me frustrated. Plus it will help keep our love strong if we totally seperate love and sex. And don't worry you'll get to masturbate as often as you want and I'll give you hand jobs on special occasions too. I'll even pose provocativly on the bed while you pleasure yourself."

    I asked where she was going to find these 'studs' and she just laughed, stood up and turned around to show off her stunning figure, then flashed her stocking tops at me and said "do you really think I'm going to find it hard to find guys that are up to the job?" I had to admit she had a point.

    In the end I agreed and although I was really unsure to begin with the relationship has worked out amazingly well. We are totally in love with each other and we have friends who envy us because the strong bond we obviously have.

    We sleep in the same bed, we cuddle and kiss and do loads of 'couples' things together, if anyone saw us together they'd not suspect a thing, in fact most of my friends make comments to me about what a lucky guy I am and often ask how I managed to end up with such a prime piece of pussy (their words) - if only they knew! My friends all think I am some kind of God because I've got such a hot girlfriend.

    Sarah has a number of sexual partners and always seems very happy. I've never been allowed to watch her having sex. In fact I've not actually seen her naked, she's been careful about that, always making sure she as at least wearing lingerie when I am about and always slips in and out of her night clothes in the bathroom. When I asked her why that was and if I was allowed to see her in the nude she just replied "admit it Andy, it drives you crazy that you've not seen me naked doesn't it? - in fact that helps keep you heavily aroused and makes your orgasms stronger doesn't it?". I had to admit she was right once more and she's done amazingly well at keeping her assets at least partially covered when I'm about. In fact, this picture is about as revealing as she gets with me and one I use often while she is with her studs.

    Sarah often tells me about her sexual exploits while I jack off, I rarely last more than a few minutes and never last to the end of a story.

    It's two and a half years since we first met, we've lived together for 1 year and 9 months and we're both very happy. It's 3 and a half years since I've had sexual intercourse as I'd not been with anyone for a year before I met Sarah and I know that as long as our relationship works out I'll never actually have sex again. That bothered me a little at first but I've come to feel secure knowing that I'm under no pressure to perform and satisfy my woman and there's never a day goes by where I'm not totally turned on by my situation.

    We're now planning to get married and Sarah has already begun laying down the ground rules for our wedding, etc. Once again all of them make sense - maybe I'll share that with you all another time. - Andy


    Thursday, July 23, 2009


    Cucked By a Black Man

    This experience happend in July 2006 and is the about the first person Sarah, my wife, had sex with since we were married in December.

    Prior to our visit to a well known swingers club in the midlands I had arranged for a black guy from a swingers site to try and get off with my wife. The idea being that Steve the black guy would ask her for a dance. On the day in question I e-mailed Steve a photo of the dress my wife would be wearing. Along with a few other photos of Sarah - this one included- my wife.

    When we got to the club we sat at the bar and I spotted Steve stood near the gents toilets. After a while Sarah had to nip to the loo and as she past by Steve he smiled at her and said that he liked her dress.

    Later on the slow songs were being played and when this happens a curtain comes down around the dance floor so the couples dancing have a pit of fun in private. Steve came over and asked if he could take Sarah for a dance. I told Sarah that I did not mind and off they went with several people watching as they entered the curtained off dance floor.

    After a few minutes I noticed that I could see Sarah's stiletto shoes underneath the bottom of the curtain as they danced. They were slowly moving around and then stopped after about five minutes. I hoped something was happening but of course did not know if it was. They then started to dance again but only for a short while before stopping for the second time. This time I noticed that Sarah's feet where at an angle as if she was almost kneeling. I had to find out if she was doing what I hoped she was. I looked though the curtain and could see Sarah's head bobbing up and down.

    After the dance Steve brought Sarah back and she later told me what happened. The first time they stopped Steve was fingering my wife. And loved the fact that she was shaved. I already knew that she had giving him a blow job but found out that he had lifted her up and fucked her on the dance floor.

    Later that night we invited Steve up to one of the pigeon hole rooms at the top of the club. After we had all stripped off Steve went down on Sarah while she started sucking me off. He then moved up Sarah's body and she started to suck him. I moved closer for a better look and as I did Steve grabbed Sarah's hair and held her head as if to fuck her mouth. Which looked quite stretched as she was sucking on Steve's black cock.

    I then lay down and Sarah climbed on top of me and we started to make love. I then felt that Steve had put a finger up Sarah's arse as I could feel it rubbing near to my cock. Sarah has never tried anal and I later found out in an e-mail from Steve that he had three fingers up her arse. Sarah for her part was too drunk to notice or so she said.

    I felt myself getting near to coming and decided that I had better stop as I did not want to come too soon.

    Sarah then laid down and Steve positioned himself ready to fuck her. He did try to fuck her arse first but she said no he then put it into her waiting pussy. They started having sex while Sarah held my hand. Steve then lifted Sarah's legs up and pushed them back as far as he could so that he could get all his cock into her as far as possible. He then started to say a few things including where did she want his black man's cum. She did not answer but did start to shout out 'Fuck me' several times. Steve did not last long after this and emptied his cum into my wife.

    I asked my wife if she wanted me to clean her up to which she replied yes. So I went down and had my first though hopefully not my last taste of cream pie. Both me and Steve are now hoping that he is going to come over to our house and fuck my wife again. This time while she is wearing her wedding dress and I take a few photos.

    Since this happened my wife has not been with any other men. If it was up to me she would have a new cock every night. Steve has recently been in touch though and asked her out for a drink. If anything comes of it I'll let you know. Just wish my wife would give herself to other men more often. - LCucked


    Sunday, July 19, 2009


    My Wife at the Video Store

    On Monday 4 June the wife and I were out and about running a few errands. We had talked about trying the local adult video place to see if we could find a guy for us to share. (Don't think I really qualify as a Cuck but am very Bi and I think you might like the story) She changed into a very short black lace skirt, thigh hi stockings, thigh hi leather boots, bustier and a short black jacket as we drove toward the video place.

    After we had pulled into the parking lot she reached under her skirt and slipped off the G-string she had been wearing. As she got out of the car and walked into the store, I couldn't stop staring at her sweet little ass that was barely covered by the really short skirt.

    I bought two tickets to the theater and she decided to look at the assortment of toys before we went in. (We had packed some toys in her purse before leaving home) After browsing and discussing which toys we each liked, we went into the theater area. (The Theater is a large room, very dimmly lit, with a few chairs, couches, tables and a large screen TV. It also has private rooms off to the side for a bit more privacy.)

    We sat on a small sofa in the main room watching the video that was playing so we could see all the guys going in and out of the place. I started slowly playing with her clit as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. A couple of guys walked through the room in front of us several times but were too shy to even look at us. The wife wasn't the least interested in them anyway.

    We had been there for over an hour and were getting ready to try the gloryholes when a businessman came in and sat on the sofa next to ours. So we decided to stay and I started fingering her soaking wet cunt. The business man would sneek a glance from time to time.

    I locked eyes with him and asked if he would like to join us. He slid over beside us and slipped a finger inside her, drew it out, tasted it and smiled as he said "wonderful". I asked if he would like to join us in a private room and he almost jumped off the couch.

    We went into the room and as he and I were stripping down I stated that I am Bi and he stated he was passively Bi. The wife and I had him sit on the sofa in the private room and we both started working on his cock. Almost as long as my 7 inch cock but much thicker. When he got very hard he said he wanted a taste of that wet pussy and Dee lay back on the sofa and spread her legs, pulling what little skirt there was out of the way showing her beautiful pussy with the pierced hood ring glistening from the juices. Lew went down on her and before very long she was bucking and moaning, she has always been very loud when she gets excited.

    She came a time or two and Lew said he wanted to slip inside. Dee was ready so Lew Lay on the sofa and She mounted his cock. I grabbed a medium sized vibrating buttplug from her bag and as he slid in and out I moistend her asshole with my tongue and slipped the toy all the way into her ass. This was more than Lew could take and he groaned I'm going to explode and came inside her very hot cunt. When I realised his cock had slipped out of her I grabbed his hand and put it on the butplug and grabed his cock and sucked him into my mouth. I love the taste of Dee's juices mingled with cum.

    After I cleaned him, Dee rolled off of him and spread her legs in the air and pulled my head to her dripping pussy and said "I love it when you lick me clean." I did exactly that, slipping two fingers into her cunt to get every drop of their combined cum.

    After I was done she pushed me back and sucked my cock til I was rock hard and had me enter her from behind. We fucked for a while as she sucked Lew's cock, and she came four or five times. I could see that she was over heated and slipped my cock out of her and asked if she would like a little break. I slipped my jeans and shirt on, she straightened her skirt and we slipped ffrom the room to go to the restroom. I noticed as we started to leave that our Private room wasn't as private as I had thought. There was a hole in the wall where several guys had been watching us . Made it even hotter.

    We returned from the rest room and Lew was ready to go, so he had Dee kneel on the couch and he slipped it into her from behind. She got very excited and was pushing back with each thrust of his cock. She has always been very vocal and this time was no exception.

    She was telling Lew to fuck her harder and almost convulsing as she came over and over. When Lew came she had me sit on the edge of the couch and sat on my cock and rode me for all it was worth. She started sucking Lew's cock and in no time came all over mine. She slipped off my cock and said, "I want to taste me on you" and proceeded to go down on me licking every drop of her and Lew's juices off of me. Lew put his cock in my face and I deep throated him taking him almost to the balls. I noticed the guys looking through the hole in the wall and told Dee to hike up her skirt so they could see. Not only did she hike her skirt but she spread her cunt wide and started fingering he wet swollen cunt.

    When Lew was hard again he had her resume her kneeling position on the couch. He tried to enter her but with her swelling he had trouble getting it in so with one hand a ns a little syliva I moistened her hole and with the other I grabbed Lew's cock at the base squeezing the two veins to harden him up . I smiled and said, "I'll be your cock ring" and he responded by swelling hard almost immediately. I helped him slip into her swollen pussy and held the base of his cock until he was hard enough to go without me. After several minutes the pounding got very intense and Dee screamed for him to fuck her hard and came several times before Lew grunted and came inside her for the third time.

    Dee rolled over spreading her legs and said, "Lick my cunt clean" which I gladly did. Very gently as she was very swollen and tender. Sliding two fingers into her to make sure I got every Drop of Lew's cum.

    We all got dressed and I asked Dee if this was something she would like to do again. She purred, "Yes, indeed". So we Walked out with Lew. As we passed through the main room of the theatre there were six or seven guys just starring at Dee. On older gentleman was grinning ear to ear and let out a sigh as Dee passed him, as if to say, Wish it were me."

    Lew is in town about every two weeks and we exchanged numbers and will be getting together when he is in town.

    When Dee and I got home we went straight to the bedroom and fucked for hours and I came very hard and we collapsed in a heap.

    Looking forward to the next round. - MTS Payne


    Thursday, July 16, 2009


    Lisa's Night Out


    I had written to this site before about my wife, Lisa, and the sexual adventures she had embarked on a few years back.

    As Lisa became more and more used to living out her fantasies, her exploits began to take on an element of risk which at times had caught me completely by surprise.

    One evening she came home from work with a shopping bag full of new clothes. I was out on the balcony finishing off a bottle of beer and she joined me for some small talk about things that had happened at work that day.

    After a minute or two, she said she wanted to show off her new clothes to me. I said sure. “But you are not to come into the bedroom until I call for you,” she grinned. I smiled and nodded in agreement.

    I drained two more bottles of beer, waiting alone on the balcony, before Lisa called out to me from the bedroom. I got an instant hard on as soon as I entered.

    Lisa was wearing a kinky little schoolgirl outfit, with bare mid-rift, matching checkered skirt and tie, and black high heeled shoes. I had to pause and gaze at her for a while. The skirt was so deliciously short I could see her panties when she moved around.

    “You’re leering!” she laughed. I told her I could not help myself. She said she had happened by a novelty shop earlier in the day and thought the outfit would make for a nice surprise.

    The following afternoon Lisa called me at work and said I should go ahead and eat dinner without her that evening as she would be late. “It’s this damned mid-year report I’m working on. The numbers don’t add up,” she said. She asked whether I could drive out to pick her up when she finished. I said it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Lisa called at around 11 o’clock that evening. I could hear very loud rap music in the background and I asked her where she was.

    She said she and the some friends from the office had decided to blow off steam in a bar somewhere in the downtown area. “Come pick me up, quick. This looks like it may turn out to be an all-nighter and I’m just too tired,” she said. She gave me the name of the bar, along with precise directions as to its location.

    I threw on a shirt and a pair of jeans and headed downstairs for the car. The drive took about forty-five minutes. Lisa had sent me two text messages along the way, asking me to hurry up.

    I got to the downtown area and followed the directions she had provided. I soon saw the big pink neon sign announcing the bar’s name. I found a place to park a little down the street.

    As I walked toward the bar, it became increasingly clear that the establishment was actually a high-end strip club. I remember I found it very odd that Lisa and her friends would choose such a venue to blow off steam. But then perhaps they had opted for something a little more adventurous than their usual girl’s night out.

    I paid the price of admission at the door and walked through a narrow corridor to what I had been informed was “the play room”. The music, the hum of the crowd, and the combined smell of sweat, urine, tobacco smoke and liquor hit me all at once.

    It was a Friday and the place was just about packed. The lights on the crowd surrounding the small, raised stage were dim, but up on the stage itself – where a good-looking girl was dancing topless -- they burned brightly. I could not see Lisa, or any of her friends from work, anywhere.

    After a while, I decided to take a table in a corner and ordered a double shot of whiskey. I texted Lisa, telling her I had arrived to pick her up. “You’re just in time. I’ll be with you in a second,” she texted back. The music faded out and the lights dimmed as the girl on stage made her exit to a round of applause.

    I drank my whiskey, wondering where Lisa was. I was just about to send her another text message when the rap music started again. There were a few hoots and applause from the crowd. I looked toward the stage, where the lights were again blazing, and I almost fell off my seat in shock.

    There was Lisa, taking to the stage in her schoolgirl outfit. For a split second, I did not recognize her. It was if my brain, in an instinctive effort to protect me against imminent cardiac arrest, had refused to absorb the information that my eyes were taking in.

    Lisa loves to dance and has admitted to a few stripper fantasies. She is a talented dancer and has, on occasion, given me lap dances, which I enjoyed immensely. But I was caught completely off guard and, consequently, was very worried that someone we knew would see her.

    The situation was obviously not something we could easily explain to our friends and relations, some of whom were very conservative. At the same time, however, I could not deny the fact that I was utterly turned on. Lisa looked spectacular. She was all dolled up and incredibly sexy, and the crowd loved her.

    She moved like a pro on stage, swaying her hips and winking at her audience as she dipped and gyrated close to the floor. It was clear that she was enjoying herself and I soon found myself nursing a terrific hard on.

    Toward the middle of the song, Lisa began to unbutton her schoolgirl blouse and I swear the entire room shook as the hoots and thumping applause became louder and more rowdy.

    My wife had total command of her audience, the members of which were either leering with gaped mouths or stomping their feet in time with Lisa’s sexually-charged performance. The collective lust in the room was so powerful it was like a physical presence.lisa

    At one point, Lisa had made her way off the stage to do a lap dance for two guys seated around a nearby table. She had by then shed her top. She mounted one guy’s lap and began shoving her breasts into his mouth, all the while grinding her pussy against his thigh. She did all this in perfect time with the music.

    When she returned to the stage I saw she was wet through her panties. I am sure everybody in the crowd had seen it, as well, as again the uproar in the room rose to an almost thunderous level. It was a surreal turn-on. Lisa was bringing the house down with every little gesture she made.

    My wife danced through four tunes. By the end of her set, she was almost completely naked. The only thing she had left on was the tie and her tiny pair of panties –and guys kept slipping bills into it all throughout her set.

    I sent Lisa a quick text message as soon as she exited the stage. I then set my cellphone to vibrate before putting it back into my pocket. It took her a while to get back to me. “Did you like my set?” her message said. I answered yes.

    Lisa replied that she had done three sets in all that night and was now done. She apologized for tricking me to the club. She knew I would not like the risks involved. I said it was all right and told her where I was parked. I said I would wait for her in the car.

    I was already in the car when I received Lisa’s next message. She said it would be better if I waited for her in a room she had already paid for in a nearby hotel. She gave me the room number and said I need only to tell the front desk my name and they would give me the key. I got excited thinking about spending the night fucking Lisa’s brains out.

    I drove to the hotel and waited for Lisa up in the room. I noticed the door to an adjoining room but found that it was locked. I took a quick shower and plopped down in front of the TV.

    It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning and I was tired. In spite of my excitement, I soon dozed off, having consumed a good deal of alcohol back at the strip joint.

    I woke half-an-hour later to the sound of voices in the adjoining room. I immediately recognized Lisa’s voice. She was with a man. I turned the lights off and slid down to the carpet to check whether I could see through the wooden slats of the small ventilator window just above the bottom rail of the adjoining door.

    The lights were on in the next room and I saw Lisa moving around in there before settling on the bed with her legs crossed. I could tell she was a little drunk. Her companion continued to ply her with alcohol nonetheless, offering her a glass of wine which she readily accepted.

    Through the slats, I could see they had situated themselves close together at the edge of the bed, kissing and giggling quietly. I could not hear what they were saying. Lisa was now in street clothes, of course: a very short denim skirt, a blouse of black lace, and her high heel shoes. Even then, she looked absolutely amazing.

    A little while passed and there was a knock on the door. Lisa’s friend got up to answer it. When he returned, he was followed by a second guy, who took a seat at the small table opposite the bed. I soon realized that these were the same two fellows whom Lisa had treated to a lap dance back at the strip club.

    I was excited. My heart was racing and I felt my prick stir inside my pants. But I was also very much afraid for Lisa as both men were clearly drunk. I was worried they would hurt her. So I prepared myself for a fight in case I needed to bust in and rescue my wife.

    She did not, however, look like she needed rescuing. After a few more glasses of wine, she was making out with apparent pleasure with the first guy, flicking her tongue into his mouth and kissing him deeply as he pawed her thighs and breasts. Lisa moaned when he slid his hand up between her legs.

    This again came as a surprise to me as there was a second guy in the room, watching. I had half-expected her to offer some kind of protest at the prospect of a threesome with two complete strangers. But she went along willingly with what was happening.

    It only took a few minutes before Lisa’s blouse, bra and skirt were off. She sighed and moaned loudly when the guy took her breasts into his mouth. He then ordered her to suck his cock.

    I had to bite back hard on my anger as I did not appreciate the tone he had used. Watching Lisa during her adventures, or listening to her recount the details of her sexual liaisons with other men, produced in me a confusing mixture of arousal and bitter resentment. I struggled with that confusion all through the four years that Lisa indulged in extra-marital sex. I never mastered it.

    Lisa nevertheless obediently unbuckled the guy’s belt, unzipped his pants, and coaxed him to lie on his back on the bed. She made slurping sounds as she took him into her mouth. She then withdrew and gave his cock a quick spit before sliding her lips back around him again. The guy told her she was really good at sucking cock.

    Lisa was on all fours on the bed with her buttocks up in the air, taking in as much of the first guy’s cock as she could in her mouth. Every now and then she would move up so she could lightly run his cock gently between her breasts.

    The second guy, who had watched everything from a chair in a corner of the room, now stood up and dropped his pants. He put on a condom, moved into position behind Lisa, and pulled her panties down to her thighs. He then spat on his fingers, and began rubbing her pussy from behind.

    Lisa purred as the second guy slid his cock into her from behind and began to slowly pump away. She swayed and pushed against him, signaling that she wanted to be fucked harder and faster while she sucked on the first guy’s cock.

    I watched all this through the slats of the small window at the bottom of the adjoining door, lying on my side on the carpet. My neck and back began to feel a little stiff and cramped and I could not see too much, but I was excited enough not to mind. I love to hear Lisa moan and she is always a pleasure to watch.

    After about ten minutes, the first guy, who had been enjoying Lisa’s blow job, said he wanted a taste of her pussy. Rolling a condom on, he commanded her to shift her position so he could enter her. She complied, mounting him reverse cowgirl so she could suck the second guy’s cock while the first one had his turn at her pussy.

    This went on into the early hours of the morning, with the two guys switching positions, taking her doggy style, or asking her to suck on their cocks. Lisa was obviously having a good time, rolling around in bed with her legs up in the air while her two friends groped, sucked and fucked her hard.

    During breaks, they would sit around drinking and smoking and the two guys would remark how hot Lisa was. “One fine piece of ass,” one guy said. Lisa thanked him by getting down on her knees and sucking him off until he blasted his juices all over her breasts.

    Lisa climaxed a number of times that night, as well. She was often bathed in cum, and had to get up frequently to go to the bathroom and clean herself up. Once, as she stepped out of the bathroom, one of the guys took her standing up, lifting her so she could wrap her legs around him while he rested his back against the wall to fuck her.

    As this happened, the second guy again came up from behind and began to kiss Lisa’s neck and shoulders. She soon became, in a way, the meat and mayo inside an upright sandwich of sex, moaning and pleasure.

    All three of them began pumping and grinding in rhythm and, after a while, Lisa began to shake and quiver all over. She screamed so loud when she climaxed I was worried the other guests in the hotel would think she was being butchered.

    At dawn, the two guys got dressed and left. Lisa was exhausted, and had fallen asleep on the bed about twenty minutes earlier. I was still very much aroused, but I was by then so tired I did not have the strength to do anything about it.

    I fell asleep on the carpet by the adjoining door, not having the energy to get up from the spot I had occupied for most of the previous night. Lisa woke me up about two hours later. I noticed bruises on her thighs and knees. “Don’t worry. It was rough, yes, but you know very well that’s how I like it,” she said with a grin.

    On the drive home, Lisa revealed to me that the guy who was with her first in the room was Eric, a friend of hers about whom I had previously written to this site. She said she had told Eric all her stripper fantasies and he had encouraged her to live at least one of them out. The schoolgirl outfit was his idea.

    She said Eric knew the club’s owner and had made arrangements for her to perform there. She had actually gone in for an audition three days prior, and had even rehearsed with some of the girls in the establishment. “It was all a cinch,” she said.

    Lisa said she had arranged for two rooms with an adjoining door at the hotel so I could watch the going-on from an unseen vantage point. She said it always turned her on to know that I was watching.

    The second guy in the room was Rob, a friend of Eric’s from out of town. She said Rob had no idea who she was. “We made him believe I was a real stripper and that Eric had paid me for a threesome,” Lisa said, laughing. “Now that was an added turn on,” she chuckled.

    Lisa and I fucked, gorged ourselves on leftovers, and slept through most of that day. In the late afternoon, we sat together out on the balcony of our flat, sharing a six pack of cold beer and a few laughs.

    She never did go back to that strip club again. But I still enjoy the benefits of a private show from time to time.

    baileyhammond85 @


    Monday, July 13, 2009


    Hot Wife Gina - Anniversary

    “Oh God. Your dick feels great!”

    Moaned my wife as Ken mounted her once more and slipped his cock deep inside her pussy, just the way she wanted it. Ken moaned in response and continued to fuck her with long strokes while she moved her hips up to meet his deep thrusts.

    “MMM…I’m gonna cum again.”

    Wifey held onto Ken’s ass with both hands while he slowly but urgently pumped into her. She wore her wedding ring while she gripped her lover’s ass coaxing him, helping him establish the right rhythm in which to fuck her. She was a sight to behold: chest heaving, nipples sticking out and her toes curled--evidence that my wife was enjoying every inch of Ken’s dick. He leaned down to kiss her and she opened her mouth to suck on his tongue, the same way that her pussy was eagerly sucking in his cock. Judging by his moans Ken was also loving every slippery inch of my wife’s hot pussy. There they were in our bed, the same bed I woke up in that morning, and my wife was fucking Ken with the energy of a teenager. She had already had two screaming orgasm—one from the tongue she was now sucking on and one on the end of his dick. She was quickly moving toward her third.

    I moved around our bedroom, trusty camera in hand, while clicking pictures of the intense fucking my very hot wife was both giving and getting. My cock was as hard as a rock and why shouldn’t it be? Here was my wife of 19 years, lying in our marital bed, legs wide open and drawn up while a man was fucking her with an energy and desire that one can have only when you’re fucking another man’s wife, in front of him. His long cock was giving her enormous pleasure and she was letting him know: a hot wife in every sense of the term.

    What made this even more exciting was that this day was our anniversary, 19 years to the day since my wife said “I do”. Nineteen years later and Wifey was still saying: “I do” but in response to a completely different set of rules. From the looks of it my Wifey was “doing” very well! She had me so aroused I couldn’t wait until they were done and he left and I could (finally) have a turn.

    But we had our rules: Wifey fucks and I watch and then when her lover leaves I have my chance. I do not fuck other women because she doesn’t allow me to. That’s correct, ALLOW. Wifey is after all a Hotwife and I am her cuckold. She calls the shots in the bedroom and her rules say that hotwives get to fuck whomever they want, as many times as they want. Cuckolds don’t. Wifey has complete ownership of her pussy and she shares it with men, including me. I’ve learned to appreciate the excitement of stepping aside while another man has first shot of my wife. Wifey also has complete ownership of my cock and in my case she has decided that she will be the only person with whom I’m allowed to cum. That’s part of the excitement.

    My job to find the men she will fuck from various adult websites, to show their pictures to her and, if she approves, to set up the meeting. I’m allowed to be present when she gives them her pussy, a pussy that’s supposed to be exclusively mine but that she eagerly makes available to a variety of men. In fact, Wifey demands I be there. She loves to have me witness my cuckolding, loves to show me how promiscuous she is, how much she wants other men’s cocks and how much other men want her. And these young men really want my wife’s pussy because it’s attached to a hot, married woman. Sometimes I take pictures, sometimes I watch. On occasion I join in so that my wife can have an MFM experience, but only if Wifey wants it. Afterward she lets me eat her well-fucked pussy while she moans and tells me how good her lover fucked her. I then fuck her to a final orgasm of the night.

    She especially loves for me to eat her pussy after another man has fucked her. What’s not to love? She’s just fucked another man under the watchful and approving gaze of her husband. She’s had at least one, and up to three orgasms from this man. He’s tasted her pussy and she’s tasted his cock, sometimes even eagerly swallowed his cum. Now he’s left and she’s lying in bed, naked, satisfied and her pussy absolutely soaked from the fun and her husband gets between her legs, lovingly kisses her thighs and begins to feast on her used pussy. It makes her feel that she is in charge and that she’s being worshipped for being a hot slutty wife.

    I love it too. Her pussy tastes extra sweet after she’s been fucked, as if her sex juices have been fully released. It’s an extra-heady aroma that makes me want to eat her more and more. We don’t do the “creampie” thing, as all her lovers must wear condoms for safety reasons. I just get to taste how excited my sexy wife has gotten from another man’s cock and the taste of her sex is incredible.

    It all began about 15 months ago when my wife and I met her first extra-marital lover. She went to this meeting not sure if she would go through with it and left wanting for more. Since then she has had fourteen lovers who have all been greatly satisfied and have satisfied her in return. Now it was Ken’s turn.

    “Oh God, I’m going to cum again” she moaned while she frantically fucked back against Ken’s dick. He began to fuck her even more furiously, causing her to have her third screaming, arms flailing orgasm of the night. She was spent but Ken wasn’t. She wasn’t going to leave him hanging.

    “Here, lets get this off” she said while gently removing the condom from his stiff dick “let’s see if you like this”

    She practically swallowed this young man’s cock.

    Ken began to moan with pleasure and gently stroked her hair while she gave him the blowjob of his life.

    “Oh, don’t stop…so good” he said while she made love to his dick with her hot mouth.

    Wifey began to alternate between licking his balls and sucking on the head of his cock. It was too much for him as he began to stiffen. She quickly clamped her lips around his cock and began to suck him deep into her mouth. Ken couldn’t hold back any longer and he exploded in her mouth. My hot wife swallowed every last drop.

    After Ken left it was my turn. I climbed between her legs and began to feast on her pussy causing her to let out a low moan.

    “Happy Anniversary” I whispered to her as she held the back of my head and I lovingly licked and drank the juices that were freely flowing from her naughty cunt, a cunt that has been filled with so many different cocks. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Wifey wore one of those self-satisfied smiles of a woman who has her man under control. She does. I felt privileged to be tasting her hot pussy, grateful to have a wife who beds so many men and who does it so well. But most of all I feel an absolute need to please this woman who has the freedom to fuck whomever she wants whenever she wants. I’m grateful to be able to share her hot pussy with her many lovers and I know I’ll continue to please her in as many ways as I can.

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    Thursday, July 09, 2009


    My Latina Wife Cucked Me

    Here is a picture of my sexy Latina wife. She has fucked her ex-boyfriend (Will) many times since we have been married, and this is a picture of her getting ready for him to enter her. We have been married for ten years and she has only been with him and me. It started out after we had been married about two years, we went out to dinner and ran into him, so I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with us. She was shocked when I asked him, and she gave me look. As the glasses of wine started flowing I could tell that both of them were flirting, and I was getting turned on.

    After dinner I said lets go back to our house and continue talking. On the way home with him following behind us, my wife kept telling me she felt like the two of them were on a date again, and she was getting wet that I was there with them, and I told her I was hard too. She reached over and started to give me a blowjob, and I came quick in her mouth, imagining what they used to do on their dates.

    When we got home she went to change into something more comfortable, as I made drinks for us. She came back in a pair of short tight shorts and a tight halter top with no bra. Both of us made a comment on hot she looked, and she said that both of us know how she looks with nothing on. Will said how much he missed looking at her. She sat between both of us on the couch as we drank and talked. I left the two of them alone when I got up to use the bathroom. When I returned I found both of them talking with their hands were wandering over each other bodies. I said I was going to go change my clothes, next thing I know my wife comes in and says how horny she was.

    I told her that I didn't get her that way; he did, so go tell him about it. She gave me that look, like OK, just remember you said that. When I came out, they were still talking, so I sat down on the chair and listened to them. She looked over at me and gave me that same look, and I just smiled.

    She started kissing him, and rubbing his dick through his pants. Will looked over at me, I said no worries. She said not to worry about me; she had already blown me in the car on the way home. I said they had had sex before, so I didn’t really have a problem with it. Once I said that he relaxed and started to get in it. She undid his pants and started to give him a blowjob, and he started to take off her clothes. As soon as he had all of her clothes off, he said he was about to cum. She took it out of her mouth and started stroking it until he came all over himself.

    As we sat there, she said that she was upset, she had made both of us cum, but neither one of us had even touched her. He and I looked at each other, and said let’s give her what she asked for. He pushed her down on her back and spread her legs and started eating her pussy. I was sucking on her nipples, making them hard. Then I moved to her neck, and I whispered into her ear how much I was enjoying this. She said imagine how much she was enjoying this, and then she started to cum all over his face.

    After she came back down from her orgasm, she said she was exhausted and needed to go to bed, and nothing else was going too happened tonight. Will and I litterly sat there on the couch where she had blown him, and he had eaten her, with our rock hard dicks in our hands. He said he really shouldn’t drive, so I said just stay on the couch, and let’s see what happens tomorrow.

    The next morning we just lounged around the house naked, and talking about things. Around lunch time she said she was getting hungry, and she was in the mood for “hotdogs”. She walked up to both of us and started to stroke us as we were sitting on the couch. Both of us were hard in a matter of seconds. I asked Will if he wanted to fuck her like he used to. He wasted no time and laid her down on the couch, pulled on a condom and started to fuck her.

    I had always fantasized about watching her fuck another man, but never would I had thought it would have been her ex. Watching her go crazy as he was pushing his dick in and out of her wet pussy drove me crazy. Her ankles in the air, was a sight!! Will flipped her over and started to fuck her doggy style, I put my dick in front of her face waiting for her to start sucking it. She sucked me like she never has. She loved it. He kept telling her much he missed her pussy. I kept watching him fuck her from behind. He would fuck her slow, then she would beg him to fuck her hard. He lasted about eight minutes when he said he was going to cum, my wife kept pushing her pussy back into him, and the next thing I know both of them are moaning as he is cumming in her.

    I couldn’t believe this. As he pulled out of her, I decided I wanted a piece of her used pussy, so I climbed in between her legs and easily slipped into her well lubricated pussy. I lasted about five minutes, until I pulled my dick out of her and came all over her ass. The three of us collapsed on to the couch for about half an hour.

    As Will left, I told him he could come back and fuck her anytime he wanted. For the past eight years he comes over and fucks her at least once a month. This picture was of a weekend we spent together, as she was teasing us with her ass.

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    Sunday, July 05, 2009


    Alyssa's Update


    I have recieved several requests to send in updates on how we are doing so since Mike has agreed that its ok, I am forwarding you this email to update you all on where James and I are in our new life style.

    If I recall correctly, the last we had mentioned was that Mike had ordered me to come visit for the weekend. I left leaving a very horny and unhappy husband behind. He had planned a hot weekend for us and I was walking out the door on him. I could not help it, I have to do what Mike asks, he makes me feel so good. I cant help it.

    Anyway, I arrived thursday night and Lacey and I spent most of the day Friday shopping and getting ready for our night out on the town. Mike had told us that he was taking us out for some dancing and a show. When Mike got home from work, Lacey and I were all ready for the night. Lacey had on a very tiny black cocktail dress that showed her very long legs. Underneith she had a black lace bra and panty set with matching garter and fishnet stockings. This was topped of with 3 inch spiked heals. She looked stunning. I was in a short navy blue dress with lace trim down the front showing off my cleavage and open sides. I had a new black embroidered bra and panty set with matching garter and stockings as well. I had never worn anything like this out in public before and felt very erotic as we left.

    It took about 45 minutes to arrive at the casino where the show was being held. During the ride, Lacey and I took turns making out with Mike to kick start the night. Needless to say we were all fired up and ready to go by the time we got there. We started by sitting down to dinner together. We were sitting where we could see the show while we ate, it was a great time. As the show wrapped up, Lacey and I were anxious to go down and go dancing. Mike did not want to right away so Lacey and I went by our selves first. We danced with each other for a while when a couple of guys came up to us and asked if they could join. I agreed, but Lacey looked for Mike to approve. He was no where to be found so she said ok. We danced very close and when the slow dance came on, even closer. Troy, the guy I was dancing with held me close and gently whispered in my ear as he hands explored all over. I was getting very hot.

    After a while, it was time for a break and Lacey and I went to finD Mike. We found him in the casino playing some poker with a few other guys. We watched over his shoulder as they played a few more hands. About this time, Troy the guy I was dancing with, and Anthony the guy Lacey was dancing with walked up and was talking with one of the other players. When the hand was over, Tre, the other player invited us up to their suite for some drinks, dancing and a private game of poker. We all headed up.

    When we got to their room, it was amazing. It had four different bedrooms with a main room, a loft and a huge balcony over looking the town. About 5 minutes later, room service delivered several bottles of wine and champaign. Mike, Tre and most of the guys went up to the loft to play poker. Troy offered me a glass of wine and Lacey got her glass of champaign from Anthony. We drank a little, then turned the music on for some dancing. I was getting very excited as the night moved on. As Troy held me closer and moved his hands over my body, I could feel myself getting wetter. This was fairly unusual for me as I had never really been attracted to a black guy before, but there was something about him that was so hot. Even Lacey had said she had never really thought about black men before, but she too was getting turned on.

    As the night went on, the dancing became more like making out while we stood. Troy kissed me deep as we ran each others hands over our bodies. He would reach down and run his hand over my soft skin above my stocking and then grab my butt hard and tight and pull me near where I could feel his excitement. I ran my hands over his broad strong shoulders and arms. He was over 6' tall and had nearly no body fat on him anywhere. Anthony was about the same, only he was a bit shorter than Troy. Both Lacey and I enjoyed this new experience, especially when we took a break from dancing and sat on opposite ends of the couch with the guys on top of us rubbing and stroking us. Melissa, Tre's wife interupted for a second when she asked if we wanted more wine. She was hot as well. She had on a tight little dress that showed off her tight waist and her large breasts.

    We turned down her offer and returned to our kissing and rubbing. About this time, Troy slide his hand into my dress and took my breast in his hand. I moaned and laid my head back as it felt so good. He massaged it and kissed my now exposed neck gently. I was so horny I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He began humping me through our close. I could not believe how big he felt through his pants. It felt so good against my wet lips I could not help but let out a moan. He then began undoing the buttons on my dress. I tried to stop him but everytime I reached for him he would stroke against my lips and I could not stop. Before long I was laying there in front of everyone with my dress open. Then he undid my bra and began kissing and sucking on my nipples. I knew at that point I was not going to be able to say no. I looked over to Lacey to see if she could help, but found a huge surprise. Anthony had unzipped his pants and had moved up on the couch and she was sucking the biggest Penis I had ever seen in my life as he fondled her exposed breasts.

    I could not help it any more, I reached down and began stroking his penis through his pants and then quickly undid his belt and pants. He stood and let them drop to the floor revealing another huge penis. I could never have imagined them so big. I began to worry it might hurt. Then Troy reached down and began to kiss my nipples and pull on them. I let out a moan as he kissed his way down and nibbled on my panties pulling them down. By now, I could not help it. I begged him to enter me. I wanted it so bad. I did not care that I had never met him and that I was in a strange room with strange people getting more and more naked. All I wanted was him inside me. I was so wet that he slid the tip in easily. He slowly slid more and more in, till it went in all the way. It stretched me but it did not hurt. He was so deep, I came nearly instantly. I shook and screamed as the orgasm washed over me. He began to pound me harder and harder, till finally he came deep inside of me. I fell limp onto the couch.

    I looked over towards Lacey who was getting her turn at the same time, only she was taking hers from behind. When Anthony finished with her, she fell to the couch laying over the end of it. With his penis still soaked from her juice joined with his, he walked over to me. I looked at him. He smiled and gently lowered himself onto me. I tried to tell him no but before I could, he had my mouth filled with his tongue and my lips filled with his penis. He was not as big, but he sure went deeper. He was hitting all the right spot even though he had just cum. He pounded on me more and more. All of a sudden I felt something on my shoulder. I would turn to find another penis stroking my shoulder. When I turned, my face was forced onto it and it slid into my mouth. I had never before, and could not figure out what I was doing, but it was hot. Anthony finally came, filling me with even more cum and coating my lips and belly as well.

    It was about 2 in the morning when I tried to get up and find my glass of wine. All I had on was my garter and stockings, and of course coated in cum from the waist down. Lacey was in the same shape. We got our drinks and chatted about with the guys when Lacey asked where Mike was. Tre said he had won a treat with Melissa and said they had gone to the other room. We walked over to see what was happening. When we opened the door, we got a shock. It was not Mike doing the pounding on Melissa, but it was Melissa wearing a toy of some sort sliding it in and out of Mikes behind. Lacey gasp and I was in shock as we heard him beg her for more. She grabbed his hips and condinued her working on him. He was moaning louder and louder as we closed the door.

    When Lacey and I turned around, the guys had a funny look in their eyes. Troy and Anthony grabbed us again and began kissing and massaging again. We moved to another bedroom and they laid us down on the bed. They stroked our hair, then kissed their way down our bodies to our lips. They stroked our clits and slid their fingers inside. I was so wet I could barely feel him. THen he slid more fingers inside till finally I was cumming again. Troy turned around to Tre and said he thought I was ready. Lacey and I looked at each other and said, Ready for what? In came this huge guy. Was way taller than either of our husbands. He stood in front of my legs spread wide apart and began to undo his pants. When he dropped them, he would pull out the biggest and fattest penis. He put the tip on my lips and began to rub it around. Lacey could only watch as he saw how huge this guy was. I could do nothing as he began stroking it up and down my lips and against my clit.

    I was moaning louder and louder when he gently slid the tip into my lips. I gasp and could barely breath as he gently slid it inside of me. It hurt a bit, but felt so good at the same time. He began to work it in and out, getting it deeper and deeper. It only took a few more strokes before I began to cum on this huge penis. I twitched and flinched uncontrolably as he slid it deeper and deeper inside of me. I was cumming again and again when suddenly I felt someting so deep inside of me. I hear a gasp from Lacey as she said she could not believe I had taken it all in. He began stroking it in and out in the longest strokes. He moved faster and faster as my juices lubricated it. Then it got very stiff and hard and he began pounding me harder and harder. I came one more time before he began pounding so hard it hurt. I moaned and squeeled and grunted as he pounded for what seemed like hours when all of a sudden he let out a groan. I felt him stiffen again and suddenly he was shooting inside of me like nothing I had ever felt. He filled me instantly and pulled it out. As he did I could not help but reach down and stroke it. He came more and more. He coverd my lips, and shot cum clear up to my nipples. I never really like the feeling of cum on my body much, but this was so hot as it hit my skin I wanted more and more. I began begging him for more. I stroked harder and faster and all of a sudden he came again shooting all of it this time on to my chest and partly on my face.

    I collapsed totally exausted onto the bed. I recall the hour on the clock being about 4 or so. Lacey would wake me up several hours later. I was laying stark naked, faced down in the middle of the bed with my legs spread wide apart. I had cum stuck to my chest and all over my butt and back. My lips and mucsles were so sore I could barely move. I asked where Mike was. Lacey said he was recooperating in the other room. Apparenly Melissa had worked him over for most of the night. Lacey helped me get into the shower before I realized that none of the guys were around. I asked about them and she said she did not know. She said she woke up in on the couch naked as well.

    It was one hell of a night. We asked Mike if he actually planned that. He said all he wanted was to go out and come home for a nice hot weekend of sex. He had never met those guys before or Melissa, but it was very wild. It took us all the whole rest of the day to recover. Mike told me that once again, I was not to tell James what had happened, but it has become very evident that I am not the same. I am horny all the time now. I have to cum 2-3 times a day now or I can't stand it. I have even masterbated for the first time in my life to try and fulfill my needs. It wasnt until I went and bough my first sex toy that I realized. I am no longer just a cuckold wife any more. I am a slut. I want sex all the time and will take it from anyone, well, accept for my husband. He still gets Lacey for now. I cant help but wonder if this is what James had in mind.

    As always, comments are welcome.

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    Thursday, July 02, 2009


    My Wife Surprised Me

    My name is Neil and I've been married to Chris for nearly 20 years. I am 43 and she is 45, over the years things have got a little stale and I've suggested all sorts of things to spice things up all of which Chris has dismissed as she's not into kinky stuff as she put it. I'd resigned myself to sex every few months and regular wanking till Last weekend when things changed dramatically. Sorry this is so long but this is what happened.

    Over the last couple of years sex has reduced to 3 or 4 times a year then it was a quickie when we were pissed, Chris has put a bit of weight on as have I but still a good looking woman. Over the last couple of years I've suggested she dress sexier, shorter skirts stockings etc, that we try a bit of sub Dom stuff or that she tries spanking me or dressing me in women's clothes to see if we could spice it up, but she wouldn't try it. So I was reduced to dressing in her clothes and masturbating whilst looking of pictures on the net.

    It was of between Christmas and new year whilst she had to go into work so I took the chance to dress up and have a play. To cut a long story short she came home early and caught me with a solid 5 inches and dressed in stockings and heels playing with myself and all hell let loose!! It ended up in a blazing row and me telling her to look elsewhere if she wasn't happy.

    Things died down and seemed forgotten about till last weekend, Chris was in town shopping with friends and having her hair done, I was at home doing jobs and tidying up. She called me at lunch time and said she'd been thinking about 'us' and decided to give me a surprise, she said I should dress in my girlie things and if I did as I was told I'd be in for a treat tonight, she'd be home for 6pm.

    I was shocked and excited in one go but couldn't believe my luck. I finished my jobs off and went and showered and shaved paying special attention to my cock and balls. I had quiet a selection of my own girly stuff by now and dressed in tan tights with white hold up stockings a denim mini skirt and 4 inch heels with a Basque top and blonde bob wig, I made up and painted nails etc and felt incredibly sexy. By 5:45 I was ready and waiting with butterflies in my stomach and a hard cock.

    I heard Chris's car pull on the drive at 6 and the door go then in she walked bags in hand. I have to say she looked good in her jeans an boots and her hair was stunning ... she'd had it dyed blonder with highlights and straightened.

    She looked at me and smiled, putting down her bags. She came to me and asked if I was going to be a good girl I said yes I was. She said I should call her Miss and started stroking my legs up my skirt, she asked me what my 'name ' was. Nicki Miss I replied. Well nicki she said if you want your treat go and fetch me a chair fom the dining room and put it in the corner of the lounge. Yes Miss I replied and did as she said, I couldn't believe she was doing this.

    I came back with the chair and put it were she had told me, she was getting things out of one of her bags. Sit on it nicki she said so I did. She went behind me and took my hands and fastened them behind my back with a pair of steel handcuffs then took each of my stockinged ankles and tied them to the chair legs she pulled up my skirt and exposed my cock throbbing in the tights and oozing pre cum she ripped the gusset and pulled my cock and balls out commenting on how nice and smooth they were, she tied a piece of cord around my balls and pulled it of the front of the seat and underneath to tie it to my cuffed wrists. She told me to wait there while she went and changed, like I had a choice, then left me. I heard the shower running and her moving about upstairs while I was tied there waiting.

    About an hour later I heard Chris coming down the stairs when she entered the lounge I was stunned, she looked amazing. She was dressed in a short leather mini skirt about 4 inches above her knee, she hadn't worn anything that short in years. She had white microfishnets on her legs and a pair of 5 inch heel black patent shoes that fastened around the ankle with a little strap. Above the waist she wore a tight fiting basque top that pulled her tummy in and pushed her tits up. This was topped off with quiet heavy make up and painted nails topped with her new hair-do. All I could say was WOW!

    She checked herself in the mirror and walked over to me, asking how nicki was, I mumbled something like great as she lifted my skirt and played with my stiff 5 inches. She looked me in the face and said well nicki, I think a real woman needs more than little nicki has don't you' Yes Miss was all I could say as she squeezed my cold balls.She stood up and strutted up and down nervously I was wondering what to say when the door bell rang.

    Chris checked herself in the mirror and left the room. I was terrified not knowing who it was. I heard the door open and a strange voice speak to Chris. Hi hon your looking good, you sure you want this' I heard a male voice ask her. Yes Karl she replied I want to teach him a lesson, show him what a real man can do. Then she led him into the lounge, I was stunned, Karl was about 6 feet tall and quite muscular and black as the ace of spades! I was speechless.

    He glared at me and laughed, so this is your useless wanker of a husband, ever likely you asked me to look after you hon. He turned his attention to Chris, well hon you want some real cock tonight he asked' Yes Karl she replied putting her arms around his neck. He pushed her arms off, well chrissy if you want more of my big black cock you gotta earn it and that starts by calling me Sir you got that, she stepped back and looked at him answering yes Sir I understand, this was my wife, I was dumbstruck.

    I see you did your hair like I said Chrissy, you shaved your little white cunt too' Yes Sir she answered and he told her to pull up her skirt and show him. She pulled the hem of her skirt up over her stocking tops and around her waist, open your legs cunt he ordered her and pushed his big black hand between them, nice and smooth just like I told you, you make a good slut Chrissy he grinned, you been fingering it your wet' He asked accusingly. Yes Sir a little I was so horny dressing for you. She told him. I'll punish you for that later slut he told her pulling his hand away, time to suck dick now on your knees bitch, she dropped to her knees and started unzipping him. She udid him and pulled out the biggest cock I'd ever seen it must have been 6 inches and it wasn't even hard! Suck it slut he ordered her and she worked hard on it getting as much in her mouth as she could, he was forcing it into her throat making her gag but she kept sucking and licking.

    After a while he pushed her off and onto the floor 'you want this cock Chrissy' he asked. Yes Sir she answered open your legs and show me where you want it tell me slut.

    She spread her legs I want it here Sir she said pointing at her wet pussy, where slut tell me he demanded. In my tight white cunt , I want your big black cock in my white cunt Sir she panted. Finger it slut show me you can take it he ordered her. She sat there legs open pushing her fingers inside herself I could hear her squelching.

    He knelt above her, open your cunt slut he demanded and she pulled herself open begging for his cock. He put her legs on his shoulders and drove hard into her fucking her mercilessly she was going wild, ... god knows how many times she came. I could see her tight pussy lips being stretched around his huge black shaft. He kept on pounding into her for ages. Then he asked her if she was ready for his cum, you want my cum slut you want it, yes she begged, you gonna be my fuck slut Chrissy, you wanna be my white whore, Yes Sir Yes was all she could manage make me your slut cum up me. He shot his load deep inside her but there was so much it was soon running out.

    Karl lay back on the floor, you better suck my cock clean cunt if you want to keep getting more cock, Yes Sir she replied and obediently set to work between his legs, sucking his and her juices of his semi hard cock, after a while he was clean and hard again I was amazed it takes me much longer to recover. Go check on wanker over there he ordered. Chris came to me and lifted my skirt I was aching to cum watching the display she'd put on. You want to play with that little thing nicki she smirked, Yes Miss was all I could manage I so wanted to touch it. With that she undid 1 of my hands fastening the other back behind the chair. Play with yourself nicki, you know I don't want that now don't you, Yes Miss I replied.

    Karl stood up and spoke to Chris, bend over Chrissy put your hands on 'nicki's' knees. Yes Sir she said and obeyed. He made her spread her legs and rubbed her wet pussy. You like being my fuck toy chrissy he asked Yes Sir she said you want to keep my cock happy don't you' Yes Sir You must be obedient Chrissy will you be obedient' Yes Sir anything to keep your cock. Then first I'm going to punish you for playing with yourself without permission, would you like that' Yes Sir punish me she begged, I couldn't believe it. He started smacking her bottom and thighs fingering her in between smacks and she was starting to pant and get aroused again.

    You need this don't you Slut he demanded. Yes Sir she said smacking her more and fingering her more aggressively, you want me to hurt you don't you Chrissy' Yes Sir hurt me I'm a worthless slut, you want more cock' Yes SIR I need it. He pulled her Basque top down her boobs spilling out. What about these Chrissy, should I punish them' Please fuck me she was begging you have to earn it my piece of fuck meat do you want me to punish them' Yes Sir Please but fuck me.

    He started slapping her hanging tits marking them red I could see the tears in her eyes and hear the slap so hard, then he knelt her on the floor in front of me you want it slut' Yes Sir please fuck me he was fingering her again and this time pushing a wet finger in her tight arse, You ready for this Chrissy' I'm gonna stretch your white trash arse out' With that he nudged the tip of his huge black cock up my wife's virgin arse. Chris screamed out and he stopped, You want me to stop Slut, you can go back to nicki's little thing'

    NO Sir please take me Please with that he started fucking her arse deeper with every stroke, He was swearing at her calling her names. Don't you cum slut I haven't given you permission, No Sir she panted he fucked her harder and harder for about 20 minuets she was panting begging to cum, he was reaching around slapping her hanging tits Yes Yes she kept shouting. He pulled out of her and spun her over now wank your cunt your dirty white slut make yourself cum, she did thanking him and sobbing as she came.

    He straddled her chest and took a handful of her hair making her suck him clean till he shot spurt after spurt of his hot sticky cum in her face and hair. He sat there looking at her that what you wanted cunt you happy now you my 3 hole white slut. Yes Sir she smiles.

    I'd cum all over my stockings, I ached. I spent that night in the guest room while Karl slept in my bed with my slut wife. - N


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