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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, July 30, 2009


    My Wife and Her Past

    Hello Fellow Cuckolds,

    When my wife and I were dating (we have been married 2 years now) we would often roleplay with toys thinking of another guy fucking her wonderfully tight pussy while dildoing her ass or vice versa.

    Sucking my cock actually makes her pussy wet and while giving head I would finger fuck or dildo her pussy and drive her wild. Sucking her tits while fucking her would drive her crazy too.

    So it would seem she had all the right turn ons to be shared, but never did go it. Although she did have affairs with a few other guys and one in particular we discussed details of their sex and once in awhile I was in another room with another lady at the beginning of our courting. I watched her through the hallway with this guy. I walked in and half ass tried to join in but he got huffy so I backed off. Wish I had that moment to do again ,he would have accepted it and liked it or left.

    She is different now so it's out the door with the kinky stuff, but hopefully I can have a day alone when I can take the time to share some of our escapades with you.

    We used to get really high and I would then seduce her into sharing her sexual experiences with me and I do like to eat creampies after I have fucked her or while fucking her, but haven't never tried it right after someone else has fucked her, but would be willing to try if givin a chance.

    We used to go to motels for uninterupted sex. I did this because I would spend hours, sometimes days getting her hot enough to confess her inner desires and fantsy sex we would have.

    Drop some acid, smoke some weed and plenty of booze for her, LOL. When I would feel the acid taking effect I would start with long sensual kisses, gently kissing and sucking her lips and deep tounging. Holding back contact with her body till she ached for it. Then massaging her from head to toe, careful to avoid direct contact with her Tits. Yes her tits, they are great, all natural, nice pillowy tits with big puffy light pink nipples That develop into rigid little pink rose bullets when fully aroused. Avoiding contact with her ass, an ass to die for, not fat not boney, just right, and when she is on her knees she arches her back donward that thrust her lovely butt upwards with a fuck me look if I ever saw one.

    Careful not to touch her pussy, sometimes a very hairy delight that trails clean to her delightful butthole, sometimes cleanly shaved displaying a gourgeous plump lipped pussy with the tinniest fuck hole. After massaging her from head to toe avoiding contact with these delights, she is arching and aching for attention to her sex. Then I slowly stroke the side bellies of her breasts circling to the top center of her chests and running my hands between her delightful mounds slowly circling into her puffy nipples, gently touching them with my finger tips, circling them lightly with my palm, watching as the start to raise into puffy nubbind then move to her thighs, long beutiful legs, stroking, massaging till my finger tips brush the outside of her pussy lips, tracing up and down them, slipping lightly through the crack of her ass back to the top of her pussy now gently opening her lips, circling her love button with my thumb, she is moaning, "Oh baby, oooh" Then going back to kissing her, she kisses so good, long beautiful neck that drives her wild to have kissed and sucked, kissing her shoulders, while gently slipping my finger up and down her slit, now kissing the outside bellies of her breast, slowly sucking in flesh till I suck her nipples between my lips, sucking them in and out of lips, careful not to rake them with my teeth, all the while circling her nipples with my tounge.

    "Oh god honey you suck my titties so good, mmmph" Pussy now getting wet enough to probe, probing gently making sure to contact her clit with the upper part of my finger. Kissing across her flat belly, down to her partially shaven pussy, nuzzling my nose and face into her hair acting like another guy would eat her, looking at her lips opening around my finger as I pull out they cling to it and roll back in as I slide it back into her tight pussy, it is hugging my finger incrediblly tight, it's hard to believe she has had so many men fuck her gourgeous body. Now I start to lick around her clit as I twist and turn my finger in and out of her pussy, looking at the wettness on my finger, smelling her, she always smells so delightful, licking and sucking her nubbin between my lips. "Move up her honey so I can suck your cock " moving my hips over her face she doesn't even look at me, slips the fleshy head between her lips and licks all around the head, sucking the bulb in and out between her lips, then sliding a inch or two into her mouth, god she is incedible, looking back at her pussy I dive into it tougne fucking it deeply, burrying my face into it reaching under pulling her ass cheeks apart to get my face in as deep as possible.

    Tounging her fuck hole running my tounge up and down her puffy lips circling her clit, sucking it in, she is moaning and gulping swallowing the entire length of my dick, sucking hungrily, putting her heel on my head directing my head back towards her pussy. I then tell her to call out a name, any name just for fun and she calls out "Jim, oh Jim!" and it drives her wild, over the edge as I dive in and put my full attention to her climaxing, and climax she does, brutally pushing her pussy into my face holding tightly to her ass so as to be relentless with the tounging and sucking, she is going crazy, bucking and sucking my cock like a mad woman yelling his name, this guy I don't even know but am sure she does.

    Finally she gushes, and I lick and suck as my life depends on it, she has now released my cock and moaning "Oh God yes, eat my pussy, eat my Pussy, OOOh God OOh God I;m comming, I'm commimg Oh God Jimmmmmmmmm!" As she settles down into ripples of the body I continue suking and licking at a more relaxed rate, her ass Is soaked, my face is wet from my eyebrows to my neck, juice and salavia is smeared all over ass, her asshole is soaking wet, as I deviously eye it. I raise up looking at her in her splendor, tits heaving still lightly fingering her she looks at me and says, "oh honey you drive me crazy" I respond " Yeah baby you drive me crazy too, god your so delicious " "Oh honey your the one that's delicious, let me suck your cock some more and think of Jim'

    I raise straddling her beautiful tits, feeling them against my thighs and ass cheeks, so soft as she starts sucking the head of my cock into her mouth thinking of her past lover or present? ... quickily swallowing more and more of the shaft, pulling it back out to tounge the head, " you sure ar one great cocksucker honey" Her face blushes a little with a slight smile, "I don't know who taught you suck cock, but he taught you well" She looks into my eyes, knowing where this is leading, meanwhile I am fingering her cunt, so slippery now raising to fuck her face, burying the whole 7 inches to the hilt, in and out, God what a cocksucker she is, "Sucking cock gets you hot doesn't it baby ?" She replies, "I love sucking your cock, honey, it makes me crazy when you eat my pussy like that and I'm sucking your cock"

    "How did you learn, I mean did someone instruct you what to do to him, or just experience ?" Sucking and smiling, no answer, "Well I don't know how you learned, but I'm glad you did, you sure suck a mean cock " Looking up, "it doesn't bother you ?" "Hell no, I love the way you make love, I never understood the fascination of a virgin anyways, I like em hot and educated " LOL, "Your crazy " she says "craxy about you, what's the biggest cock you ever had ?" "Blushing, "I don't know !" "Yes you do, you can tell me, I like talking about your past lovers, you know I always fantissize about two of us fucking you "

    Well once I was on a date with a guy who had on shorts slightly above his knees and we where riding around getting high and he was checking out my tits as I had a lowcut top on, and I noticed that the head of his cock was peeping out below the hem of his shorts " I said " your shitting me " "No'. giglling, "well was you able to take it ?" "Oh no, He wasn't tearing my pussy up with that thing"

    "Bullshit, you know curiosity had to get the best of you, especially the way you like to suck cock" " Honey!" "Come on now, you no you had to check him out " Smiling, not looking me in the eye " well I did paly around a little " "Play ?" " Yes we parked and I started licking around the head, God it was huge, I could barely get it into my mouth " "I bet that pussy was saoked sucking that thing ?" "Honey!" " Well was it ?" "Yes but I wasn't letting him fuck me with it " "You mean you didn't even try to see if you could take it ?" "nope, just sucked him off while he fingered me and played with my tits " " God I don't know how he stood that ' Giggling, " Well he begged, but I was afraid too, and you are right about one thing ... I was soaked through and through, it even stained the car seat, I wanted to try but was afraid. I have never been that wet in my life just from sucking cock, but we never did it" "I find that hard to believe " I said. Now going back to sucking me, "squeeze my tits honey" Laughing, "got you hot thinking about that big ole cock didn't iy LOL " Smacking my thigh but never releasing my cock from her mouth, now slipping my finger into her swollen cunt, WET WET WET which tells me she was turned on thinking of it as I was kneeding her fleshy breasts, her tempo already picking up.

    I am about typed out for now, but this is an actual account of one of our many sessions. I think I am winning her back. I am purposely leaving our typed out stories on my computer and know she reads them when I am away as the screen is not in the same position it was when I left it. Our sex has also gotten spicier so slowly but surely she'll be back! - KD


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