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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
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    Sunday, July 05, 2009


    Alyssa's Update


    I have recieved several requests to send in updates on how we are doing so since Mike has agreed that its ok, I am forwarding you this email to update you all on where James and I are in our new life style.

    If I recall correctly, the last we had mentioned was that Mike had ordered me to come visit for the weekend. I left leaving a very horny and unhappy husband behind. He had planned a hot weekend for us and I was walking out the door on him. I could not help it, I have to do what Mike asks, he makes me feel so good. I cant help it.

    Anyway, I arrived thursday night and Lacey and I spent most of the day Friday shopping and getting ready for our night out on the town. Mike had told us that he was taking us out for some dancing and a show. When Mike got home from work, Lacey and I were all ready for the night. Lacey had on a very tiny black cocktail dress that showed her very long legs. Underneith she had a black lace bra and panty set with matching garter and fishnet stockings. This was topped of with 3 inch spiked heals. She looked stunning. I was in a short navy blue dress with lace trim down the front showing off my cleavage and open sides. I had a new black embroidered bra and panty set with matching garter and stockings as well. I had never worn anything like this out in public before and felt very erotic as we left.

    It took about 45 minutes to arrive at the casino where the show was being held. During the ride, Lacey and I took turns making out with Mike to kick start the night. Needless to say we were all fired up and ready to go by the time we got there. We started by sitting down to dinner together. We were sitting where we could see the show while we ate, it was a great time. As the show wrapped up, Lacey and I were anxious to go down and go dancing. Mike did not want to right away so Lacey and I went by our selves first. We danced with each other for a while when a couple of guys came up to us and asked if they could join. I agreed, but Lacey looked for Mike to approve. He was no where to be found so she said ok. We danced very close and when the slow dance came on, even closer. Troy, the guy I was dancing with held me close and gently whispered in my ear as he hands explored all over. I was getting very hot.

    After a while, it was time for a break and Lacey and I went to finD Mike. We found him in the casino playing some poker with a few other guys. We watched over his shoulder as they played a few more hands. About this time, Troy the guy I was dancing with, and Anthony the guy Lacey was dancing with walked up and was talking with one of the other players. When the hand was over, Tre, the other player invited us up to their suite for some drinks, dancing and a private game of poker. We all headed up.

    When we got to their room, it was amazing. It had four different bedrooms with a main room, a loft and a huge balcony over looking the town. About 5 minutes later, room service delivered several bottles of wine and champaign. Mike, Tre and most of the guys went up to the loft to play poker. Troy offered me a glass of wine and Lacey got her glass of champaign from Anthony. We drank a little, then turned the music on for some dancing. I was getting very excited as the night moved on. As Troy held me closer and moved his hands over my body, I could feel myself getting wetter. This was fairly unusual for me as I had never really been attracted to a black guy before, but there was something about him that was so hot. Even Lacey had said she had never really thought about black men before, but she too was getting turned on.

    As the night went on, the dancing became more like making out while we stood. Troy kissed me deep as we ran each others hands over our bodies. He would reach down and run his hand over my soft skin above my stocking and then grab my butt hard and tight and pull me near where I could feel his excitement. I ran my hands over his broad strong shoulders and arms. He was over 6' tall and had nearly no body fat on him anywhere. Anthony was about the same, only he was a bit shorter than Troy. Both Lacey and I enjoyed this new experience, especially when we took a break from dancing and sat on opposite ends of the couch with the guys on top of us rubbing and stroking us. Melissa, Tre's wife interupted for a second when she asked if we wanted more wine. She was hot as well. She had on a tight little dress that showed off her tight waist and her large breasts.

    We turned down her offer and returned to our kissing and rubbing. About this time, Troy slide his hand into my dress and took my breast in his hand. I moaned and laid my head back as it felt so good. He massaged it and kissed my now exposed neck gently. I was so horny I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He began humping me through our close. I could not believe how big he felt through his pants. It felt so good against my wet lips I could not help but let out a moan. He then began undoing the buttons on my dress. I tried to stop him but everytime I reached for him he would stroke against my lips and I could not stop. Before long I was laying there in front of everyone with my dress open. Then he undid my bra and began kissing and sucking on my nipples. I knew at that point I was not going to be able to say no. I looked over to Lacey to see if she could help, but found a huge surprise. Anthony had unzipped his pants and had moved up on the couch and she was sucking the biggest Penis I had ever seen in my life as he fondled her exposed breasts.

    I could not help it any more, I reached down and began stroking his penis through his pants and then quickly undid his belt and pants. He stood and let them drop to the floor revealing another huge penis. I could never have imagined them so big. I began to worry it might hurt. Then Troy reached down and began to kiss my nipples and pull on them. I let out a moan as he kissed his way down and nibbled on my panties pulling them down. By now, I could not help it. I begged him to enter me. I wanted it so bad. I did not care that I had never met him and that I was in a strange room with strange people getting more and more naked. All I wanted was him inside me. I was so wet that he slid the tip in easily. He slowly slid more and more in, till it went in all the way. It stretched me but it did not hurt. He was so deep, I came nearly instantly. I shook and screamed as the orgasm washed over me. He began to pound me harder and harder, till finally he came deep inside of me. I fell limp onto the couch.

    I looked over towards Lacey who was getting her turn at the same time, only she was taking hers from behind. When Anthony finished with her, she fell to the couch laying over the end of it. With his penis still soaked from her juice joined with his, he walked over to me. I looked at him. He smiled and gently lowered himself onto me. I tried to tell him no but before I could, he had my mouth filled with his tongue and my lips filled with his penis. He was not as big, but he sure went deeper. He was hitting all the right spot even though he had just cum. He pounded on me more and more. All of a sudden I felt something on my shoulder. I would turn to find another penis stroking my shoulder. When I turned, my face was forced onto it and it slid into my mouth. I had never before, and could not figure out what I was doing, but it was hot. Anthony finally came, filling me with even more cum and coating my lips and belly as well.

    It was about 2 in the morning when I tried to get up and find my glass of wine. All I had on was my garter and stockings, and of course coated in cum from the waist down. Lacey was in the same shape. We got our drinks and chatted about with the guys when Lacey asked where Mike was. Tre said he had won a treat with Melissa and said they had gone to the other room. We walked over to see what was happening. When we opened the door, we got a shock. It was not Mike doing the pounding on Melissa, but it was Melissa wearing a toy of some sort sliding it in and out of Mikes behind. Lacey gasp and I was in shock as we heard him beg her for more. She grabbed his hips and condinued her working on him. He was moaning louder and louder as we closed the door.

    When Lacey and I turned around, the guys had a funny look in their eyes. Troy and Anthony grabbed us again and began kissing and massaging again. We moved to another bedroom and they laid us down on the bed. They stroked our hair, then kissed their way down our bodies to our lips. They stroked our clits and slid their fingers inside. I was so wet I could barely feel him. THen he slid more fingers inside till finally I was cumming again. Troy turned around to Tre and said he thought I was ready. Lacey and I looked at each other and said, Ready for what? In came this huge guy. Was way taller than either of our husbands. He stood in front of my legs spread wide apart and began to undo his pants. When he dropped them, he would pull out the biggest and fattest penis. He put the tip on my lips and began to rub it around. Lacey could only watch as he saw how huge this guy was. I could do nothing as he began stroking it up and down my lips and against my clit.

    I was moaning louder and louder when he gently slid the tip into my lips. I gasp and could barely breath as he gently slid it inside of me. It hurt a bit, but felt so good at the same time. He began to work it in and out, getting it deeper and deeper. It only took a few more strokes before I began to cum on this huge penis. I twitched and flinched uncontrolably as he slid it deeper and deeper inside of me. I was cumming again and again when suddenly I felt someting so deep inside of me. I hear a gasp from Lacey as she said she could not believe I had taken it all in. He began stroking it in and out in the longest strokes. He moved faster and faster as my juices lubricated it. Then it got very stiff and hard and he began pounding me harder and harder. I came one more time before he began pounding so hard it hurt. I moaned and squeeled and grunted as he pounded for what seemed like hours when all of a sudden he let out a groan. I felt him stiffen again and suddenly he was shooting inside of me like nothing I had ever felt. He filled me instantly and pulled it out. As he did I could not help but reach down and stroke it. He came more and more. He coverd my lips, and shot cum clear up to my nipples. I never really like the feeling of cum on my body much, but this was so hot as it hit my skin I wanted more and more. I began begging him for more. I stroked harder and faster and all of a sudden he came again shooting all of it this time on to my chest and partly on my face.

    I collapsed totally exausted onto the bed. I recall the hour on the clock being about 4 or so. Lacey would wake me up several hours later. I was laying stark naked, faced down in the middle of the bed with my legs spread wide apart. I had cum stuck to my chest and all over my butt and back. My lips and mucsles were so sore I could barely move. I asked where Mike was. Lacey said he was recooperating in the other room. Apparenly Melissa had worked him over for most of the night. Lacey helped me get into the shower before I realized that none of the guys were around. I asked about them and she said she did not know. She said she woke up in on the couch naked as well.

    It was one hell of a night. We asked Mike if he actually planned that. He said all he wanted was to go out and come home for a nice hot weekend of sex. He had never met those guys before or Melissa, but it was very wild. It took us all the whole rest of the day to recover. Mike told me that once again, I was not to tell James what had happened, but it has become very evident that I am not the same. I am horny all the time now. I have to cum 2-3 times a day now or I can't stand it. I have even masterbated for the first time in my life to try and fulfill my needs. It wasnt until I went and bough my first sex toy that I realized. I am no longer just a cuckold wife any more. I am a slut. I want sex all the time and will take it from anyone, well, accept for my husband. He still gets Lacey for now. I cant help but wonder if this is what James had in mind.

    As always, comments are welcome.

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