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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Thursday, July 09, 2009


    My Latina Wife Cucked Me

    Here is a picture of my sexy Latina wife. She has fucked her ex-boyfriend (Will) many times since we have been married, and this is a picture of her getting ready for him to enter her. We have been married for ten years and she has only been with him and me. It started out after we had been married about two years, we went out to dinner and ran into him, so I asked him if he wanted to have dinner with us. She was shocked when I asked him, and she gave me look. As the glasses of wine started flowing I could tell that both of them were flirting, and I was getting turned on.

    After dinner I said lets go back to our house and continue talking. On the way home with him following behind us, my wife kept telling me she felt like the two of them were on a date again, and she was getting wet that I was there with them, and I told her I was hard too. She reached over and started to give me a blowjob, and I came quick in her mouth, imagining what they used to do on their dates.

    When we got home she went to change into something more comfortable, as I made drinks for us. She came back in a pair of short tight shorts and a tight halter top with no bra. Both of us made a comment on hot she looked, and she said that both of us know how she looks with nothing on. Will said how much he missed looking at her. She sat between both of us on the couch as we drank and talked. I left the two of them alone when I got up to use the bathroom. When I returned I found both of them talking with their hands were wandering over each other bodies. I said I was going to go change my clothes, next thing I know my wife comes in and says how horny she was.

    I told her that I didn't get her that way; he did, so go tell him about it. She gave me that look, like OK, just remember you said that. When I came out, they were still talking, so I sat down on the chair and listened to them. She looked over at me and gave me that same look, and I just smiled.

    She started kissing him, and rubbing his dick through his pants. Will looked over at me, I said no worries. She said not to worry about me; she had already blown me in the car on the way home. I said they had had sex before, so I didn’t really have a problem with it. Once I said that he relaxed and started to get in it. She undid his pants and started to give him a blowjob, and he started to take off her clothes. As soon as he had all of her clothes off, he said he was about to cum. She took it out of her mouth and started stroking it until he came all over himself.

    As we sat there, she said that she was upset, she had made both of us cum, but neither one of us had even touched her. He and I looked at each other, and said let’s give her what she asked for. He pushed her down on her back and spread her legs and started eating her pussy. I was sucking on her nipples, making them hard. Then I moved to her neck, and I whispered into her ear how much I was enjoying this. She said imagine how much she was enjoying this, and then she started to cum all over his face.

    After she came back down from her orgasm, she said she was exhausted and needed to go to bed, and nothing else was going too happened tonight. Will and I litterly sat there on the couch where she had blown him, and he had eaten her, with our rock hard dicks in our hands. He said he really shouldn’t drive, so I said just stay on the couch, and let’s see what happens tomorrow.

    The next morning we just lounged around the house naked, and talking about things. Around lunch time she said she was getting hungry, and she was in the mood for “hotdogs”. She walked up to both of us and started to stroke us as we were sitting on the couch. Both of us were hard in a matter of seconds. I asked Will if he wanted to fuck her like he used to. He wasted no time and laid her down on the couch, pulled on a condom and started to fuck her.

    I had always fantasized about watching her fuck another man, but never would I had thought it would have been her ex. Watching her go crazy as he was pushing his dick in and out of her wet pussy drove me crazy. Her ankles in the air, was a sight!! Will flipped her over and started to fuck her doggy style, I put my dick in front of her face waiting for her to start sucking it. She sucked me like she never has. She loved it. He kept telling her much he missed her pussy. I kept watching him fuck her from behind. He would fuck her slow, then she would beg him to fuck her hard. He lasted about eight minutes when he said he was going to cum, my wife kept pushing her pussy back into him, and the next thing I know both of them are moaning as he is cumming in her.

    I couldn’t believe this. As he pulled out of her, I decided I wanted a piece of her used pussy, so I climbed in between her legs and easily slipped into her well lubricated pussy. I lasted about five minutes, until I pulled my dick out of her and came all over her ass. The three of us collapsed on to the couch for about half an hour.

    As Will left, I told him he could come back and fuck her anytime he wanted. For the past eight years he comes over and fucks her at least once a month. This picture was of a weekend we spent together, as she was teasing us with her ass.

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