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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, July 19, 2009


    My Wife at the Video Store

    On Monday 4 June the wife and I were out and about running a few errands. We had talked about trying the local adult video place to see if we could find a guy for us to share. (Don't think I really qualify as a Cuck but am very Bi and I think you might like the story) She changed into a very short black lace skirt, thigh hi stockings, thigh hi leather boots, bustier and a short black jacket as we drove toward the video place.

    After we had pulled into the parking lot she reached under her skirt and slipped off the G-string she had been wearing. As she got out of the car and walked into the store, I couldn't stop staring at her sweet little ass that was barely covered by the really short skirt.

    I bought two tickets to the theater and she decided to look at the assortment of toys before we went in. (We had packed some toys in her purse before leaving home) After browsing and discussing which toys we each liked, we went into the theater area. (The Theater is a large room, very dimmly lit, with a few chairs, couches, tables and a large screen TV. It also has private rooms off to the side for a bit more privacy.)

    We sat on a small sofa in the main room watching the video that was playing so we could see all the guys going in and out of the place. I started slowly playing with her clit as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. A couple of guys walked through the room in front of us several times but were too shy to even look at us. The wife wasn't the least interested in them anyway.

    We had been there for over an hour and were getting ready to try the gloryholes when a businessman came in and sat on the sofa next to ours. So we decided to stay and I started fingering her soaking wet cunt. The business man would sneek a glance from time to time.

    I locked eyes with him and asked if he would like to join us. He slid over beside us and slipped a finger inside her, drew it out, tasted it and smiled as he said "wonderful". I asked if he would like to join us in a private room and he almost jumped off the couch.

    We went into the room and as he and I were stripping down I stated that I am Bi and he stated he was passively Bi. The wife and I had him sit on the sofa in the private room and we both started working on his cock. Almost as long as my 7 inch cock but much thicker. When he got very hard he said he wanted a taste of that wet pussy and Dee lay back on the sofa and spread her legs, pulling what little skirt there was out of the way showing her beautiful pussy with the pierced hood ring glistening from the juices. Lew went down on her and before very long she was bucking and moaning, she has always been very loud when she gets excited.

    She came a time or two and Lew said he wanted to slip inside. Dee was ready so Lew Lay on the sofa and She mounted his cock. I grabbed a medium sized vibrating buttplug from her bag and as he slid in and out I moistend her asshole with my tongue and slipped the toy all the way into her ass. This was more than Lew could take and he groaned I'm going to explode and came inside her very hot cunt. When I realised his cock had slipped out of her I grabbed his hand and put it on the butplug and grabed his cock and sucked him into my mouth. I love the taste of Dee's juices mingled with cum.

    After I cleaned him, Dee rolled off of him and spread her legs in the air and pulled my head to her dripping pussy and said "I love it when you lick me clean." I did exactly that, slipping two fingers into her cunt to get every drop of their combined cum.

    After I was done she pushed me back and sucked my cock til I was rock hard and had me enter her from behind. We fucked for a while as she sucked Lew's cock, and she came four or five times. I could see that she was over heated and slipped my cock out of her and asked if she would like a little break. I slipped my jeans and shirt on, she straightened her skirt and we slipped ffrom the room to go to the restroom. I noticed as we started to leave that our Private room wasn't as private as I had thought. There was a hole in the wall where several guys had been watching us . Made it even hotter.

    We returned from the rest room and Lew was ready to go, so he had Dee kneel on the couch and he slipped it into her from behind. She got very excited and was pushing back with each thrust of his cock. She has always been very vocal and this time was no exception.

    She was telling Lew to fuck her harder and almost convulsing as she came over and over. When Lew came she had me sit on the edge of the couch and sat on my cock and rode me for all it was worth. She started sucking Lew's cock and in no time came all over mine. She slipped off my cock and said, "I want to taste me on you" and proceeded to go down on me licking every drop of her and Lew's juices off of me. Lew put his cock in my face and I deep throated him taking him almost to the balls. I noticed the guys looking through the hole in the wall and told Dee to hike up her skirt so they could see. Not only did she hike her skirt but she spread her cunt wide and started fingering he wet swollen cunt.

    When Lew was hard again he had her resume her kneeling position on the couch. He tried to enter her but with her swelling he had trouble getting it in so with one hand a ns a little syliva I moistened her hole and with the other I grabbed Lew's cock at the base squeezing the two veins to harden him up . I smiled and said, "I'll be your cock ring" and he responded by swelling hard almost immediately. I helped him slip into her swollen pussy and held the base of his cock until he was hard enough to go without me. After several minutes the pounding got very intense and Dee screamed for him to fuck her hard and came several times before Lew grunted and came inside her for the third time.

    Dee rolled over spreading her legs and said, "Lick my cunt clean" which I gladly did. Very gently as she was very swollen and tender. Sliding two fingers into her to make sure I got every Drop of Lew's cum.

    We all got dressed and I asked Dee if this was something she would like to do again. She purred, "Yes, indeed". So we Walked out with Lew. As we passed through the main room of the theatre there were six or seven guys just starring at Dee. On older gentleman was grinning ear to ear and let out a sigh as Dee passed him, as if to say, Wish it were me."

    Lew is in town about every two weeks and we exchanged numbers and will be getting together when he is in town.

    When Dee and I got home we went straight to the bedroom and fucked for hours and I came very hard and we collapsed in a heap.

    Looking forward to the next round. - MTS Payne


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